What is the dream of the tree

If the tree is dreaming? When you dream of a Christmas tree, it means that in the near future your feelings will be put on display and discussed by your enemies, and you should show great patience, because most likely, as a result of these gossip, your reputation will not be damaged.

Why dream a tree - Freud's dream book

If you see a Christmas tree in a dream, this means that you should not completely abandon your plans, but you should think carefully and, perhaps, modify them a little.

The artificial tree is dreaming, the dream announces that you are going to achieve your long-standing goal, but before you begin to act, you must remember the consequences that await you as a result.

Christmas tree branches in a dream, this is a sign that your work will bring you great satisfaction.

When you dream of felled Christmas trees, this is a signal of your subconscious that you are awkward in your actions.

The felled trees are dreaming, the dream says that you managed to beat up a pile of difficulties in acquiring family happiness and prosperity.

To plant a Christmas tree in a dream, this means that you can reconcile some conflicting interests, and after that you will have great advantages.

As interpreted by a dream book, if a New Year tree is dreamed in the fall, this is a signal from your subconscious mind that you must find another way to achieve your goal.

You are dreaming of a small tree, this dream says that you will find a pleasant surprise that you will receive from your loved one.

If you dream of a Christmas tree - Miller’s dream book

When a New Year tree is dreamed, this is a sign that you lack the closeness and tenderness of the person who is next to you.

If you decorate a Christmas tree in a dream, it means that you feel lost and alone in the situation in which you are at a given time.

A Christmas tree in a dream is a signal of your subconscious mind that you should be on your guard in the near future.

When you dream that you are buying a Christmas tree, this means that the efforts you make to develop yourself in the professional sphere will not bring you the desired results.

If you see the New Year tree burning in a dream, this is a sign that you have no hope for your friend or the person with whom you are communicating, because this is a very irresponsible and non-punctual person.

When you see how your mother puts tinsel on a Christmas tree in a dream, this promises you happiness in all the endeavors you are currently involved in.

The bright New Year tree that appears in your dream means that you will soon resume communication with a person for whom you have not been involved for many years, and you thought that your friendship was over.

In a dream he dreams of decorating a Christmas tree - Wangi’s dream book

In a dream, she dreams of decorating a Christmas tree, this is a signal from your subconscious mind that you need to pay more attention to your loved ones.

When you and your friends decorate a Christmas tree in a dream, this is a sign that you will soon lose a thing that is of great sentimental value to you.

Dressing up a Christmas tree in a dream is a signal from your subconscious, so that you show a friendly gesture to a person in your environment.

To dream that you and your parents are dressing up a Christmas tree dream says that soon a person will visit you, but his company will not make you happy.

If you are going to decorate a Christmas tree, but you are not allowed to do it, it means that you will soon go on a journey that will make you a happy person.

Opinion of the dream book of spouses Winter

Why dream of a fluffy green Christmas tree with cones? It symbolizes that things will go smoothly soon. Had a dream that you wandered into a dense forest and got lost in the Christmas trees? Dream Interpretation believes that some plans are not being implemented. Perhaps you simply chose the wrong target.

Did you see a broken Christmas tree in a dream? You are too peaceful and relaxed, and this can lead to unpredictable consequences. The dried-up tree symbolizes the losses and losses that will unsettle you. Try to devote more time to loved ones.

Green Christmas trees in a dream

  • Profit, stable income, a successful business awaits people who dreamed of a Christmas tree, and it was her the green color is remembered from this dream most clearly .
  • If on the tree there were also bumps , the dreamer is waiting for additional income.
  • Tear these bumps - get additional profit in the near future, collect with - it is better to wait for interest growth, the profit will be more solid.

But some modern dream books consider dreams with green Christmas trees a gloomy omen.

A bright green Christmas tree indicates health problems that are not yet visible. Blossoming appearance is a deception, hidden behind it is that which can cause very great pain. Take a medical examination as soon as possible, pay attention to the state of the immune system and. Do not neglect vitamins, perhaps the body is trying to suggest that you are missing them.

Worth the fear and dreams in which you got lost among the dark green firs: someone is trying to mislead you, to confuse. Do not decide on any adventures for at least a few days, take care of yourself.

Interpretation of the image according to the dream book from A to Z

What is the dream of a green tree in the forest? Wake up get the opportunity to relax and have a hearty meal. Spruce thickets in a dream prophesy emotional experiences due to a sad event.

I dreamed that you bought a Christmas tree to celebrate the New Year? Dream Interpretation predicts a happy family life and complete understanding with children. Installing a beauty and dressing her up literally means that a joyful event will come very soon.

Why dream about lighting candles or electric lights on a Christmas tree? In reality, it will be possible to bring pleasure to loved ones. Had a dream about how you removed jewelry after the holiday? Joy will be replaced by sadness. Throwing a Christmas tree in a dream from home means that you will have a harmonious life in the family.

I dreamed of buying a Christmas tree - a dream book for Hasse

I dreamed that you were buying a Christmas tree, a dream may mean that you are not able to control your anger, which some people cause you, but if you do not try to deal with this situation for a long time, then you will suffer from this anger morally.

Buying a Christmas tree in a dream is a sign that you will be associated with some illegal issues that will make you get bored quickly.

Dream about Christmas tree

Fluffy, green Christmas trees, especially with beautiful bumps: usually portend that your business will soon change for the better.

If you wandered into a dark and gloomy fir forest: this is a sign that some of your life plans are not destined to come true. Perhaps you simply got confused in life and accidentally took the wrong path.

New year tree

Decorated Christmas trees portend surprises, gifts, unexpected and pleasant guests, fun and health. Such a tree is a symbol of family peace, happiness, harmony. If this dream occurred in the summer, expect a completely unexpected gift or win.

You decorate the New Year tree - joyful events are coming in the family. Decorated tree with gifts beneath it speaks of an excellent emotional state that will last a long time.

If a Christmas tree hangs young unmarried girl , soon it will be very profitable. Married and married dream says.

Beautiful garlands with many flickering lights on the tree in your dream confirm the correctness of your chosen path. You persistently go to the goal, and it is already close!

To help decorate christmas tree - get the most pleasant news soon.

A new connection can await the one who dreamed bright garland on the christmas tree. And toys of the same color, according to dream books, speak of fidelity to a partner. A rain of foil dreams of empty talk, jewelry made of cotton wool deceives.

Psychologists interpret dreams with Christmas trees a little differently. For example, if in a dream the New Year obsessively obsesses you, a tree sparkling from toys, very bright garlands on it, then you really want to escape from problems, you need a holiday. Think it might be worth relaxing and taking a break. Or, on the contrary, finally solve the problem that does not allow you to enjoy life peacefully.

A dream in which toys falling from a Christmas tree beat does not mean anything good: a dream speaks of minor quarrels and squabbles. If the whole decorated tree falls, get ready for serious problems in the coming days. It can be high-profile scandals, revelations, unpleasant guests. Control your emotions so that everything ends as soon as possible, without irreversible consequences.

Christmas tree needles falling from the branches that you are trying to dress up also dream of minor troubles.

The Christmas tree in your house means changes in life . Remember your feelings, because what you experienced in a dream has to be experienced in reality. If you looked at the tree with joy, you liked it, then everything will change for the better. If surprised - unexpected. If the tree frightened you, if you want to throw it away, the dream speaks of unpleasant changes in life. If a Christmas tree is brought into the house, then they want to improve relations with relatives. If the dreamer does this, a dream may mean that it is time to make peace with people who are dear to him. If a tree is brought into his house, wait for reconciliation with someone from your family, friends or relatives.

Take the tree out of the house - a very bad sign. Most likely, you will find sadness and disappointment. Such a dream can also mean loss.

In a dream, did you plant a Christmas tree in your house? Soon, the financial situation will improve, family relations will improve, peace will be established after a long quarrel.

What the collection of dream books thinks

The tree, being a tree capable of purifying the air and energy, sometimes hints that it is time to cleanse the soul of doubts, fears and evil thoughts. Perhaps forget something unpleasant.

If a woman dreamed of a dried-up tree, then she will experience worries about the big loss. A man's dream book predicts success, but advises caution in business.

What else is the tree dreaming about? It symbolizes good health and pleasant emotions. If the image appears regularly or often enough in a dream, then take it as a sign: a trip to the forest will help replenish energy reserves, good mood and well-being.


You saw a Christmas tree in your dream in the alley, in the park, near the road ? This dream speaks of minor troubles that await you. If you wander around Christmas trees, you are too self-doubt, enough doubt, it's time to act. In a dream, the Christmas trees may also say that the relationship with the partner has bored you, you are subconsciously looking for new sensations. A dream warns of the likelihood of an act completely unusual for you.

If in a dream you walk through the forest, where the spruce paws bend low above you - this portends good luck and increased prosperity. What if the branches are full of cones and they hang so that you can easily tear them, a dream means a very good offer, a breakthrough in business that will give you a stable solid income.

Spruce paws shelter you , hide from prying eyes, protect from something: this dream speaks of a high-ranking patron who can provide you protection, attempts by competitors to harm will not succeed.

The protection is promised to you by the lush branches of the spruce trees, which are low and inclined towards you; the bumps on them may indicate that something completely unexpected will happen to you, similar to a miracle.

Fir cones that you collect in a dream in the forest - to wealth. If the cone breaks off the branch and hits you on the head, be careful in doing business, probably you want to take part of the profit from you.

Sometimes you dream that you plant fir cones in the forest . Such a dream also promises increased prosperity, stability.

One spruce in the forest, having a dream of a dreamer, speaks of imminent concerns.

And if you are in a dark spruce forest and you are very scared there, you are waiting for terrible events, probably you need to prepare for the attacks of enemies, for the fact that someone decides to arrange real persecution for you. Be calm and reasonable, there is a way out.

The fear that you experience in a dream can be a signal of the subconscious that need to check the heart . It is this symptom that most often becomes the first, clearly indicating a disease of the cardiovascular system.

What is the dream of a green, New Year tree dressed up with toys

Had a Christmas tree? Get ready for joyful events in the house. If it happened to see a Christmas tree without decorations, then after the holiday sadness and trouble will come. A dressed up tree symbolizes a pleasant expectation in a dream. A beautiful woman with toys predicts an acquaintance with an interesting person who will later bring many troubles.

Why dream about having to personally decorate the Christmas tree with toys? Get a cool gift or have some fun at a celebration. If the dressed-up tree fell in the night, then get ready for big problems, disappointment and a break with the chosen one.

Real and artificial spruce

Real Christmas trees in the snow dream of receiving an inheritance. If you saw in a dream a coniferous tree that grew in your yard, wait for arrival. A growing tree suggests that your life is about to begin a turbulent period full of worries.

Real withered trees predict quarrels in the family and misunderstanding. You abuse the kindness of loved ones, which is clearly hard on you.

Quarrels can be avoided if you change your attitude towards people.

It is worth being attentive to partners and colleagues if you have dreamed faux Christmas tree with needles. Such a dream warns of the proximity to you of a two-faced and very dangerous person, a hypocrite or a traitor.

In a daydream a tree in the forest, in the house, outside the window

Had a dream about a tree in a forest, on a street or in a park? Soon meet a very decent person who will support you at a difficult moment. The same image warns in a dream about a series of not particularly pleasant, but inevitable events.

A lonely tree in the forest or outside the window marks the loneliness of the dreamer. Seeing a Christmas tree with toys in nature is better. This is a sign of peace of mind and fun. The dense spruce forest marks painful emotions and troubles.

Why dream about a tree growing in a courtyard under a window? In the future you will recognize human fame and well-deserved respect. Seeing that one or more Christmas trees has grown directly in the room means that in reality you will discover unique abilities.


Pine trees dream to longevity and health . Such a dream tells a woman about a possible reunion with.

Tall, straight, beautiful tree, grown near the house , speaks of success in all endeavors. If it grew up in a house, it is a sign of a quick and serious promotion.

If in a dream someone was collecting cones, he is waiting for a love adventure and sexual pleasure, but if for needles, then only empty chores. There is needles - to big trouble.

Nothing good awaits the person who saw in their dreams dried pine : a heavy share, loneliness, illness, loss portends such a dream.

If you chop a pine in a dream, it can mean a long bout, can lead you on.

I dreamed about a tree in the snow, with cones

Why dream a beautiful tree in the snow that sparkles in the sun? Soon there will be some difficulties, but you can easily cope with them. The same plot marks a dream of inheritance and power.

If the tree in the snow appeared out of season, then there will be a big surprise in reality. Cold winters and a rather gloomy dream atmosphere hint at a cooling of relations between lovers and the need to wait indefinitely for everyone else.

Christmas tree with cones reflects unexpected happiness.However, there is a chance that an unplanned event will disrupt the unwanted meeting. Did you dream that a cone from a Christmas tree fell on your head? Expect betrayal, gossip and slander.

Ate in dream books

According to Miller's dream book smart spruce dreams of joyful events, and simple - to unpleasant events.

According to Freud , spruce dreams of those who consider sex unacceptable without a love affair unacceptable, this makes it difficult to enjoy ordinary carnal joys in general.

Orthodox dream book , describing the meaning of dreams with trees, it is the spruce branches that give the sinister interpretation: the dreamer should prepare for if he sees broken or chopped branches of the spruce.

Dmitry Zima believes that the green tree means positive changes in life.

IN dream book of Simon Canonite a dream with a green tree is interpreted as profit on the farm.

Why does the tree dream, does it mean joys and changes, or, conversely, unpleasant events are coming? Referring to the interpretation of the dream book, we can conclude that, as a rule, such a dream indicates the beginning of a new stage in a person’s life or, more obviously, the longing for the past holidays. There is also a version that the New Year tree is dreaming in a dream, symbolizing renewal, happiness and joy in the house. In order to accurately interpret the dream and understand what the tree is dreaming of, it is necessary to remember all the details of the dream. We proceed to the interpretation of dreams.

What does an artificial Christmas tree mean at night

An artificial tree, especially without decorations, in a dream symbolizes falsity, deceit, duplicity. After such a vision, try to trust not only strangers, but also close friends for a while.

If you dreamed that you had a round dance around her, then in reality it is not necessary to make efforts to achieve a certain goal. Perhaps everything will happen by itself, like a real New Year miracle.

But remember: excessive fun in a dream changes its positive meaning to the exact opposite. Simply put, the more they rejoiced and had fun at night, the worse the circumstances in the real world.

What is the New Year tree for?

In the event that a New Year tree was dreamed on New Year's Eve or Christmas and there was no remarkable dream, it is not worth deciphering it in any way. This is just part of the experience. Such a dream is empty and will not affect the future of the dreamer.

However, if a sleeping person noticed in a dream something unusual and memorable, for example, a broken toy or a needle prick, such a dream should be remembered and deciphered. As a rule, the appearance of New Year trees speaks of family happiness, future chores, the fulfillment of hopes and plans for the future, as well as the fulfillment of dreams.

Why dream of a decorated Christmas tree, if not for the upcoming joy and luck? Also, such a dream portends receiving gifts and good news from loved ones.

Christmas tree in a dream - a few examples

As in life, a forest tree is associated in a dream with holidays, pleasant emotions, joy and fun. But for a competent interpretation of sleep, it is necessary to take into account all the details.

  • chop - be careful
  • buy - improving relationships
  • sell is another's disease
  • burn - recovery
  • dressing up is hope
  • hang a garland - a new life
  • sweets - gifts
  • balls - happiness, deception
  • light candles - joy
  • dancing around - bad things
  • take off jewelry - irreparable loss
  • many Christmas trees - fulfillment of desire
  • in the house - disclosure of abilities

What is the dream of bringing the Christmas tree out of the house? Be prepared for sadness and excitement. Hacking a Christmas tree literally means that a person can suffer through your fault.

Place of the New Year tree

If a Christmas tree standing outside a house is dreamed in a sleeping person’s dream, this is a harbinger of the fact that the right person will appear in a person’s life, who in difficult life situations can provide all possible support and assistance.

They saw in a dream that they were planting a spruce in the garden - await the good news in reality. In that case, if in a dream the tree begins to grow, such a dream should be interpreted as promotion along the career ladder. Also, this dream can dream of having a baby.

The number of firs in a dream

Why do I dream of a lonely tree outside the window? Such dreams, as a rule, dream of lonely people who are disappointed in friends and have crashed in their personal lives. If, after awakening, the dreamer experiences pleasant feelings, a dream may indicate a renewed relationship with an old friend or girlfriend.

To get lost in a dream among a large number of conifers - to the loss of balance and harmony in life. The dreamer needs to reconsider his plans, otherwise the current situation may lead him to a standstill.

Who is dreaming?

A girl sees a dream in which she dresses up a Christmas tree - portends a happy family life or meeting a young man.

A woman in a Christmas tree position may dream about the birth of her daughter, who will grow up beautiful, but with a heavy character.

For women aged dreaming with a Christmas tree speaks about the imminent wedding of their daughter. If she has sons, such a dream portends the appearance of an obstinate daughter-in-law in the house.

A man has a dream in which he chooses a spruce - this is a symbol of the fact that he will soon have a new companion. The girl will be short, but smart and beautiful. To a woman, such a dream portends joy and good news.

Appearance and color of spruce

The appearance of the Christmas tree in a dream is an auspicious sign. Healthy beautiful spruce in almost all dream books is associated with the appearance of good news and good news.

To dream of a New Year tree and a holiday around - the dreamer loves entertainment and dreams that his whole life should be like a holiday.

A snow-covered tree is an indicator of a calm, protected and harmonious life.

What is the dream of the green and fluffy tree for? Such a dream foreshadows for the dreamer the rapid development of events for the better. A green New Year tree with cones in a dream - in reality, speaks of the possible appearance of gifts from fate that may appear in the near future. A fallen cone from a tree is a harbinger of possible slander.

Why is there a living tree in the snow? Such a dream prophesies to a sleeping person an unexpected gain or inheritance. A dream with the advent of a green tree should pay utmost attention to people who have not visited a doctor for a long time. Most dream books argue that one cannot ignore the signs of the subconscious. People who have health problems, remembering the dream due to the strong smell of a Christmas tree, can hope for a speedy recovery.

Little Christmas tree - portends good news. If in a dream the sleeping person sees a pot with a small tree size - to fulfill long-forgotten desires.

A dreaming blue spruce appears in a dream to people who subconsciously strive to make some choice in life.

If in a dream you see a dried coniferous plant - in reality you will experience disappointment in your personal life.

To see an artificial spruce in a dream - the dreamer is a gullible and kind person, which is often used by other people. After this dream, you need to revise your social circle and begin to trust more your own intuition.

A broken New Year's beauty in a dream should be regarded as a hint, received from the subconscious, about the development of a possible ailment or worsening of the general state of health.

Actions with a Christmas tree

To see and receive gifts while in a dream in a Christmas tree is to find love and prosperity in reality. To share New Year's gifts in a dream is a series of pleasant surprises, family happiness and, possibly, mutual love.

To hear Christmas songs is a harbinger of great happiness.

If in a dream, the sleeper sings songs - this is a sign of harmony and peace in the family.

Seeing people dancing near a green tree in a dream leads to possible injuries.

Buying a New Year's beauty for a holiday in a dream - in reality, the sleeping person makes every effort to maintain calm and peace in the house.

Selling a coniferous plant to someone in a dream - in reality, learn about the illness of a close friend or relative. Light a spruce in a dream - to the recovery of a loved one.

Why dream of decorating a Christmas tree? Such a dream symbolizes the appearance of happy changes in life. Seeing in a dream how toys are removed from the Christmas tree is an unfavorable sign foreshadowing the beginning of the black line in the life of a sleeping person.

What is the dream of a Christmas tree with toys? A beautifully dressed spruce with lots of toys and garlands is a dream for a fun event in life.

Throw a coniferous plant in a dream - to sadness and sadness.

To take the Christmas tree out of the house after a series of New Year's festivities - to maintain equilibrium in relations between relatives and close people.

Who brought the New Year tree?

A dream in which a familiar person brings spruce to the dreamer's house indicates the appearance of news from this person. How pleasant it will be or not, can be judged by the appearance of the coniferous plant. Fir tree with broken branches speaks of bad news, a thick and lush tree - promises good news.

If in a dream the household or the dreamer himself takes out the New Year's beauty from the house - this is a harbinger of a real loss. Crumbled needles near the spruce tree indicate a significant problem that will be very difficult to solve. To remove crumbling needles in a dream - perhaps the dreamer subconsciously knows how to resolve the situation.

The dream in which the dreamer carries the Christmas tree to the house on his own - indicates that the sleeper is in a hurry to solve all the problems alone. If in a dream someone else is trying to help in choosing or buying a coniferous tree - in reality one should not refuse the help of loved ones, their support is very important for you.

Why dream of Christmas trees in the house? Such a dream in dream books is associated with the relationship of the dreamer in the family. If during sleep a person feels calm and tranquility, family ties will become even stronger. Sleep with negative feelings after waking up indicates a deterioration in family relations.

If in a dream a coniferous plant is in the house, and snow flies on the street - this may indicate that the sleeping person should be more attentive to his friends and not in a hurry to make new acquaintances.

To chop or plant a spruce?

If in a dream the dreamer cuts a coniferous tree - in reality he will have a quarrel or a serious conflict, the initiator of which he will be.

What is the dream of a tree felled or torn from the roots? Such a dream speaks of solving existing problems that the dreamer finally eliminates from his life.

Planting a green tree in a dream is a favorable symbol that portends the development of a business or the solution of a long-standing issue. Also, such a dream can speak of an increase in the career ladder. Dreamers can transfer to another position or increase funding.

A dream in which the dreamer plants a spruce in his own house promises good changes regarding the material wealth of the family.


Based on most dream books, it can be concluded that the dreaming New Year's beauty is a favorable and good harbinger that promises pleasant emotions and good mood in the near future. After a dream, changes in life are also possible, but since the New Year and Christmas are considered family holidays, and the green beauty is an indispensable attribute of these holidays, a dream with a Christmas tree leads to changes in personal life (unmarried) and to changes in family relationships (married).

Particular importance should be given to the sensations after a dream, if a person wakes up with pleasant emotions - changes are coming for the better. Feelings of anxiety and fear - indicate that the dreamer should reconsider his beliefs and, perhaps, change something in the way of life.

Every dream is unique and unpredictable. Asleep, we do not even suspect that we will dream. The world of dreams is another reality that has its secrets. How do we solve them? How to understand why a tree is dreaming?

Probably, everyone has the word "Christmas tree" associated with one of the brightest holidays - New Year. Like everyone’s favorite celebration marks a change, so the “prickly beauty” that dreamed in a dream is interpreted as a kind of “revolution” in your life.

  1. If in a dream you see how to plant a Christmas tree, pleasant events will be waiting for you soon. The right actions you take will change your life. A high probability of climbing the corporate ladder and recognition of your merits by colleagues.
  2. If you dreamed that you planted a Christmas tree at home - your family relationships will soon improve, peace and comfort will come. In addition, your waiting for material well-being, which you can share with your loved ones.
  3. If you see in a dream that toys are being removed from the Christmas tree, sadness will replace joys. Domestic problems can “corner you”. However, do not rush to despair. Life is a zebra. The black stripe will be replaced by white, and everything will work out.
  4. If you had a dream about how you cut down a Christmas tree, this indicates that your actions were taken impulsively. Perhaps you should first weigh everything carefully, and only then make any decisions.
  5. If in a dream you look at a Christmas tree dotted with cones - you will find many pleasant events. Try to accept gifts of fate with gratitude.
  6. If the tree crumbles in your dream, it does not bode well. Your career will probably be undermined, and serious problems will arise in the family.
  7. The dressed up Christmas tree says that soon there will come days filled with positive and bright moments. Live freely, and shine with happiness just like the bright lights of a garland.
  8. If an unmarried girl dreams that she is rowding a Christmas tree, then in the near future there will be her life companion. If the girl already has a family, then soon she will be able to become pregnant.

How does the dream about the Christmas tree interpret the dream book of Fedorovskaya?

  • To see a Christmas tree in a dream is a high probability that in the near future one of your friends will die.
  • In your dream, you chopped a tree - you need to be on your guard, as you can cause a person to die.
  • If you dreamed that you were making a Christmas tree purchase, consult a doctor. It is likely that you have serious health problems.
  • In a dream, you sell a Christmas tree - this portends the illness of your loved ones.
  • You dreamed that you set fire to a coniferous tree - someone from the family will soon recover.
  • If you dressed up a Christmas tree in a dream - perhaps you need to change your lifestyle in order to protect yourself from serious health problems.
  • In a dream, you observe from the side how someone else rows a Christmas tree - try to be careful. Due to the carelessness of relatives, you may suffer.
  • You dreamed that you were walking near the Christmas tree - this portends bad events.
  • If in a dream you are not dancing around the tree, this is a bad sign. Your friends can get hurt.

Erotic dream book: tree

If in a dream you observe a dressed-up Christmas tree - this means that you want something unusual and not yet tried in love joys. A sexual partner will surprise you with his stormy imagination and inspiring zeal. It is also possible that a simple party or a friendly meeting will end with an unexpected change in your intimate life.

In a dream, you walk along the fir tree - sexual relations with your partner will soon cease to be interesting. You will want something diverse and unforgettable in your sensations, you will use various methods to satisfy your desires. However, after some time you will again plunge into the same sexual routine, but with more pleasure than before.

Why is the tree dreaming? Interpretation from a dream book of spouses Winter

A magnificent tree in a dream is a sign of a change in personal affairs for the better.

If in a dream you find yourself in a gloomy spruce - everything you have planned may not come true. Perhaps you have gone astray and turned “wrong” on your life path.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman: dreams about a Christmas tree

You are watching the Christmas tree - this is a good sign. He portends family well-being.

In general, a dream with a Christmas tree - life will please you with pleasant surprises, so be prepared.

If in a dream you discharge a Christmas tree - this is a harbinger of trouble. Try to be careful, and do not forget about your health.

What does the dream book from A to Z say about a dream with a Christmas tree?

If in a dream you find yourself in a spruce forest - you need a break from inner feelings, try to relax and trust the natural course of life.

In a dream, you buy a fir tree for the New Year - a good sign. Harmony and coziness will prevail in your family, as well as complete mutual understanding between its members.

Why is the tree dreaming? Health Dream Book to help you

The vision of a Christmas tree foreshadows the positive emotions received in the family circle.

If in a dream you find yourself at night in a spruce forest - this is an unfavorable sign. It is likely that you are waiting for trouble that will oppress. However, do not lose heart, at this time it will be the family that will be your support.

The answer to the dream of spruce from the East Dream Book

Did you dream of a spruce? Probably, you will inevitably find yourself alone, there will be a feeling that everyone has left you. But do not worry, this is temporary.

In the dream, the Christmas trees are interpreted in completely different ways, depending on what kind of Christmas trees you saw. After all, you can see a smartly decorated Christmas tree with toys and gifts in a dream, or you can see a dream as you wandered through a dark spruce forest, you can see a beautiful green magnificent spruce, and you can bare and dry. Agree, these are completely different dreams. Some dream books interpret the dream of a tree exclusively from the negative side, and some vice versa, from the positive. The main thing is to remember what feelings you experienced in a dream when you saw a Christmas tree and what you did while being near it. All this will affect the interpretation of sleep.

What is the dream of an ordinary tree for? This is a prediction dream, which is a symbol of lies, falsehood and negative energy. You can’t ignore such a dream, it makes it clear that you will make a rash act, which you will greatly regret, in the near future be especially careful, trust only yourself and do not participate in dubious adventurous events. You will not achieve the result, but for a long time you will ruin your reputation.

  • Why dream of a tree in the forest - fake two-faced people will deceive.
  • Why - a prediction dream - a symbol of fear, deception, darkness, obscurity.
  • Why do I dream of many Christmas trees - similarly to the spruce forest, wait for the catch from the side, do not get involved in adventures, be extremely careful at least a few days after a dream.
  • Dream Interpretation: what is the dream of a Christmas tree in the house - family comfort and harmonious relations both between parents and between children.
  • Why dream of a decorated Christmas tree at home - a symbol of calm family happiness, peace and harmony reign in the family. The Christmas tree is associated with a family holiday, all the people you love are gathering around it.
  • Why dream of a Christmas tree with toys, and beneath it there are mountains of gifts - in reality you are experiencing an emotional upsurge, what is happening now in your life is quite suitable for you.
  • What does a smart Christmas tree dream about - if it sparkles all over, too much light emanates from it, then such a dream is interpreted differently - you run away from reality, don’t want to solve accumulated problems, on a subconscious level you want celebration, fun and idleness.
  • Why dream of decorating a Christmas tree - joyful events, family well-being.
  • Why does the dressed-up Christmas tree dream? The toys crashed to smithereens — a bad sign - tomorrow or the day after tomorrow family problems will begin, misunderstandings, quarrels and scandals will heat up the situation to the limit. If you are patient, do not go about emotions, then it will end soon.
  • Why dream of an artificial Christmas tree - hopes will not come true, be careful soon you will encounter a fraud. You expect a lot from the upcoming event, but they will not live up to your expectations and will not bring any moral satisfaction.
  • Why dream of needles from a Christmas tree - you will soon plunge into chores, small, unpleasant, which will “make” a lot of nerves.
  • Why dream of a dry Christmas tree - after idly spent days there will come weekdays full of problems that you have to solve alone.
  • Why dream of Christmas tree branches - to an imminent funeral.
  • Dream Interpretation: why dream of a tree with cones - if they were big and beautiful, then a change for the better in business and in the family.
  • I had a dream of a Christmas tree in the snow - not today tomorrow you will have the chance to receive money, or an inheritance, or a win, or a bonus, or a valuable gift.
  • What a felled tree dreams about - the sad news.
  • Why the Christmas tree in a dream - you try to get closer to relatives, you will succeed.
  • Dream Interpretation: Why dream of cleaning a Christmas tree at home - if you take it away - the loss of either material values ​​or a loved one.
  • Why a big tree is dreamed in a dream - the size of the spruce, its height, whether it was fluffy or shabby, elegant or simple, does not matter for the interpretation of sleep.
  • In a dream, the Christmas trees are green - if in a dream it struck you that the trees were green, fluffy, beautiful, then this dream is interpreted as follows. Green is the color of the update, and the green tree is the cheat with the update, i.e. In appearance, you are healthy, but your body is on the verge of exhaustion, add vitamins to your diet, otherwise there will be serious complications.
  • Dream Interpretation: the Christmas tree is on - you are in a quarrel with a person you love, if you want to make peace with him, do it right now. A burning tree in a dream gives you this chance.
  • Why a man is dreaming of a Christmas tree with an ax around him is a bad sign - you don’t know how to listen to someone else’s opinion and decide matters mutually, there will be a serious quarrel with a man or guy. (cm. )
  • Why dream of planting a Christmas tree in a dream is a good sign - I can soon be promoted. Do not relax, look for new ways of development, if you have your own business, a dream portends good luck.
  • Dream Interpretation: planting a Christmas tree at home - the time for positive changes is coming, perhaps peace in the family will be restored after a quarrel, maybe the financial situation will be restored.
  • Dream Interpretation: In a dream, I just saw a Christmas tree peeling, but decorated - a bad outcome for any business that has begun at this time. You will worry, make efforts, try to do something, but all in vain, everything will be decided not in favor of you.

Why dream of a New Year tree in spring - get not what you expected, vain hopes, disappointment.

Why dream of a New Year tree in summer - the hope for the best can be justified. If you removed the toys, then you will face a serious loss.

Why dream of a New Year tree in a house in the fall - wait for a joyful event. If you removed jewelry, then you will be disappointed in something.

The dream "Christmas tree" means that you can’t build sexual relationships without love, you are romantic and therefore feelings play the most important role in sex for you. You cannot enjoy sex with someone you don’t love. It bothers you a little in life.

This dream book considers exclusively Christmas trees, dressed up and festive.

  • Dream "Christmas tree" carries the image of a holiday, joy, gifts, the beginning of a new life.
  • The “Christmas tree with inedible toys” dream says that you will encounter deceit, falsehood and duplicity.
  • To dream of a dressed-up Christmas tree and a holiday around it is a desire to change your life for the better, without putting effort into it, so that your life becomes better and more beautiful overnight. Alas, this does not happen.

Dream interpretation of Tsvetkova

Dreamed of a Christmas tree - get a gift.

Dream Interpretation: dreamed a tree in a dream - dreams come true.

  • Dream Interpretation: a tree alive in a dream - a warning about a possible fraud.
  • The dream of "Christmas tree in the house" promises a family hearth, which burns with an even calm flame.
  • Fir trees in a dream dream book - if it is a forest - you will fall into a dubious history, having chosen yourself with great difficulty, you will not be able to clear your reputation for a long time.
  • Christmas tree needles in a dream - you lose control over households, they show independence and you do not like it much.
  • Artificial Christmas tree in a dream - a person whom you trust will deceive you.
  • Dream Interpretation: artificial Christmas trees in the market (bazaar, store) - around you false hypocritical people.
  • The dream "huge tree" - if it was a gorgeous huge Christmas tree - a great happy event will turn your life upside down.
  • Why does the green tree dream - the green color is considered a symbol of renewal, your well-being worsens due to a lack of vitamin, you need to drink a course of vitamin preparations to strengthen, otherwise you will suffer a serious illness.
  • Dream Interpretation: green Christmas trees in the forest - the cry of the prayer of your body, it is exhausted and in a terrible state, help him urgently.
  • Dream interpretation: Christmas trees, felled - the loss of a friend or an extremely sad message.
  • Dreams of "Christmas tree, branches" - the loss of a loved one.
  • To plant a Christmas tree dream book - to start a business that will bring calm and happy days to life.
  • I dreamed of a Christmas tree with toys - a harbinger of a noisy holiday (unless of course this dream was dreamed on the eve or immediately after the New Year).

Dream Interpretation of medium Hasse

To see a Christmas tree in a dream - to family happiness. In a dream on a Christmas tree, light candles - bring joy to a stranger. To disassemble the tree in a dream is a calm family life.

A dream about a Christmas tree is a bad dream, foreshadowing bad news. Dream Christmas tree dressed up - gifts. In a dream, I dreamed of a tree in the forest - eat in a strange place.

I dreamed about a tree, dressed up - sensuality and sexuality. You will want new sensations in sex and tell your partner about it. You will be surprised at how readily a calm and cold partner will respond to this proposal. It will provide you with an unforgettable experience, striking the originality of its erotic fantasies. Also, this dream suggests that when you visit a party with friends, your life will suddenly begin to change.

East dream book

The Christmas tree of dreams - loneliness, for circumstances beyond your control, is glad that it is not for long.

In a dream I dreamed about a tree in the snow - an inheritance. Why dream of a Christmas tree dressed up for joyful events. Dream Interpretation: to decorate a Christmas tree in spring - dream interpretation: to see a Christmas tree out of season - events that you did not expect. (cm. )

  • Dream Interpretation: New Year's tree decorated - are constantly waiting for the upcoming event.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

This dream book, interpretation of dreams "New Year tree" gives the following:

  • The dream "decorate the Christmas tree" says that you will receive an invitation to a fun feast that will be especially pleasant to you.
  • Dressing up a Christmas tree in a dream is fun and joy.
  • The dream "we take the tree out of the house without toys" is sad news.
  • Christmas trees to cut a dream book - a loss.
  • A dream is about buying a Christmas tree - you want to establish spoiled relationships with people close to you, do it in the near future, the dream says that everything should work out for you.

Miller's dream book is a Christmas tree only. Dream Interpretation: Christmas tree with toys in the house - a gloomy weekday will be replaced by a lot of joy and fun. I dreamed about a tree without toys - if they were removed with you, then after a happy holiday sorrows will come.

Dream Interpretation of Dmitry and Hope of Winter

Seeing a green Christmas tree in a dream - the changes in your life will be only positive.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

  • A Christmas tree in a dream which means - if she stands alone in a forest or park - minor troubles due to trouble.
  • Dream Interpretation: interpretation of dreams New Year tree - home comfort, harmony between spouses, well-mannered and polite children.
  • Why dream of a Christmas tree with toys - to have fun with gifts.
  • To remove toys from a Christmas tree in a dream - fun will turn into sad.

Dream Interpretation of Birthdays of January, February, March, April

In a dream, to see a Christmas tree with toys (also see a woman in shiny jewelry, cheap, not gold) - you get absolutely not what you were waiting for.

Dream Interpretation of September, October, November, December

A dream to decorate a Christmas tree with toys - joyful events are coming.

I dreamed about a Christmas tree with toys, and I’m renting them - soon there will be a strong disappointment.

Dream Interpretation of May, June, July, August

Dream Interpretation dreamed of a Christmas tree, and I dress it up - justified expectation of the best.

Dream interpretation is a New Year tree, but I take balls and tinsel - the loss will be irreparable.

  • Dream Interpretation: a tree in the house - in the family well-being, mutual understanding.
  • Dream Interpretation: a tree dressed up - joyful fun.
  • Dream interpretation: a tree with toys - gifts.
  • Dream Interpretation: to clean the Christmas tree - achievements in the business sphere.

  • Decorated Christmas tree dream book - do not judge people by their appearance, he is deceiving. Perhaps one who was considered a friend would turn out to be a traitor.
  • Dream Interpretation: Christmas tree branches - to the death of a dear person.
  • Dream Interpretation: there are a lot of Christmas trees - cheating at work, in the family, everywhere.

In conclusion, I want to say that in most cases, a dream about a lonely spruce or Christmas tree growing in a forest or park, as well as a spruce forest, is treated as a deception, a lie and a falsity. The New Year tree is associated with joy, fulfillment of desires, fun and happiness. The main thing is that the tree was lush, green, beautiful.

The tree is a symbol of life in esotericism. The Christmas tree symbolizes the beginning of a new stage in human life. It can be characterized by both pleasant changes and unexpected losses and troubles. Famous soothsayers give various interpretations. The answer depends on the emotions and actions of the sleeper. To avoid inaccuracies in interpretation, one should recall the details of the dream: the color, appearance and condition of the tree. They will indicate the future of man.

General interpretation

In the modern dream book it is written that the spruce is dreaming of a change. A similar interpretation is due to the fact that this tree symbolizes the beginning of the New Year, which is annually celebrated throughout the world. Its significance in the dream book depends on the details of the dream. Mentally, you need to imagine a dream picture and answer the following questions:

  • Where was the tree located?
  • What condition was the tree in?
  • What actions did the dreamer perform in a dream?

If the sleeping man dreamed of a Christmas tree brought by a close friend, then in reality this person will tell him good news. Broken branches symbolize disappointment, pain and resentment. One of the family members will greatly upset the dreamer. You should not take all the events in life to heart. We must try to understand the native person and forgive. If there is a Christmas tree at home, and snow is falling outside the windows, then the dreamer will recognize his friends from a new perspective. They will demonstrate their selfishness and selfishness. Relations with them will have to end.

A dried tree reflects sexual activity. Therefore, if a man had a dream, he may have problems of an intimate nature. The dream book advises to responsibly approach the choice of a companion in life and stop promiscuous sexual intercourse.

The color of the tree plays an important role. If the dream was colored and it was possible to remember this detail, then you can find out about the information that the subconscious is trying to convey to the person. Blue spruce portends a difficult choice, before which it will be a sleeping one. To make the right decision, he will have to show endurance and ingenuity. As a result, he will make the most extraordinary, in his opinion, decision. Subsequently, it will be true and bring success to the dreamer. Seeing a green spruce in a dream is a warning that you need to be more careful about your health. If a person feels a breakdown, apathy and lethargy, you should consult a doctor. These signs can signal both vitamin deficiency and a more serious disease. The signals of the body cannot be ignored.

An artificial Christmas tree should be taken literally. She personifies the simulated, lying feelings that a person has for you. It is worth looking at your surroundings. It is possible that someone is trying to harm you.

Feeling coniferous aroma in a dream is a good sign. He promises a speedy recovery. Do not rush things, everything will happen in due time. Soon the disease will recede, and the dreamer will again heal a full life. A burning tree in a dream - to love adventures. The dreamer will experience strong emotions from meeting with an old acquaintance. Between them there will be a sympathy that will quickly grow into love. Alternative Interpretation: Acquaintance with a person who will have a strong influence on the dreamer will make him change his outlook on life.

What the ex-husband dreams of - interpretation in dream books

Christmas tree

The decorated Christmas tree symbolizes joyful events and pleasant surprises. In the life of a sleeping person, a bright streak will come. The changes will affect both personal life and professional activity. The time has come for decisive change. If the dreamer had long dreamed of having a family, then fate favors him. This is a good time for having a baby or starting your own business. Details of the dream will be discussed in detail below. They indicate the nuances of interpretation and allow a more complete understanding of the meaning of a dream.

If a sleeping man in a dream decorates a Christmas tree on his own, then in reality he will meet interesting people. Relations will develop into a strong friendship. Dream girl promises a meeting with her chosen one. It is important not to miss your chance and graciously accept the gift of fate. In addition to pleasant acquaintances, one should expect to receive financial profit. This may be an inheritance or the conclusion of a lucrative contract. For everything to turn out well, a person must act, and not sit back. Only in this case can we expect a pleasant change.

Watching someone decorate a tree or dance around it is a bad sign. Relatives, without realizing it, will harm the sleeper. It is worth being careful and not committing spontaneous acts. If an elegant tree stands in the forest, the dreamer will be able to solve all his problems and adequately get out of a difficult situation. Seeing a tree without toys is a lot of trouble.

The festive lights decorating the spruce dream of reconciliation after a quarrel. The dreamer often recalls the past and regrets that he interrupted communication with old friends. Relations between them will gradually improve. If there are a lot of lights on the tree, then the sleeping person dreams of a holiday, needs a short rest. The dream book advises to meet friends and have a good time in a fun company.

To make a purchase in a dream is a sign that peace and harmony will come to the family. It also matters how the tree looked. If it was fluffy and beautiful, family members will get closer and spend more time with each other. If the spruce tree caused unpleasant emotions, we should expect bad news. She will briefly upset the sleeper, but the support of loved ones will help restore the usual positive mood.

To remove toys from the Christmas tree is a loss. If a person throws them into the trash, then financial problems will arise. You will have to review your expenses to avoid wasting money. It is better to refrain from concluding deals with unfamiliar people, they can deceive the dreamer for their own benefit. A toy broken into small fragments - to immersion a sleeping person in domestic problems.

Interpretations of famous dream books

To find out the meaning of a dream, one dream book is not enough. Famous seers were based on various facts in the interpretation of sleep.

In the dream book of the famous seer Vanga it is indicated that to see a spruce in a dream is a good sign. The dreamer will no longer be disturbed by problems and unpleasant news. In family life and at work, his affairs will improve, success will accompany all his undertakings. A living spruce decorated with New Year's toys symbolizes a great holiday. The dreamer will receive an invitation to an event that will truly please him.

Dressing up a tree - to receive an unexpected gift or meeting with a life partner. There will be a reason for a good mood, which will not leave the sleeper for a long time.

In Miller’s dream book the following interpretations are found:

  1. 1. A tree in a dream symbolizes new acquisitions. If the dreamer has been saving money for an expensive purchase for a long time, the time has come to make it.
  2. 2. The author associates the spruce in the house with family relations. If the sleeping person feels peaceful, the family ties will be strengthened, family members will spend more time with each other.
  3. 3. Sleep warns of the celebration of the celebration, to which the sleeping person will be invited as an honored guest.

In the modern dream book, if a girl sees how needles fall from a tree, then she should think about the shortcomings of her character. It can be difficult for others to find a common language with her; conversations often end in a quarrel. Perhaps she is too frivolous and does not think about the consequences of actions. You need to look at your behavior from the outside and draw conclusions that will help change the situation for the better.

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