How to kiss a guy: rules and cool tips

For girls with no romantic experience, the first kiss is very exciting. So that everything goes perfectly and looks beautiful from the outside, and this kiss was also pleasant for the partner, you should pay attention not only to your actions, but also to the environment, the willingness of the partner, oral hygiene and other factors. If you do everything in stages and try to avoid the most common mistakes, then the couple will remember the first kiss as a bright and romantic event and the second time the young people will no longer experience awkwardness in contact.

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In no case can you ignore the preparation for a kiss. The process itself largely depends on it. It is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  1. 1. Dry and peeling lips. It is required to moisturize the skin on the lips in advance, using hygienic lipstick, so that the partner is pleased to tactfully contact the girl.
  2. 2. Profuse salivation. It is advisable to pay attention to this factor immediately before the kiss. It’s not worth focusing on this either, the main thing is to take this into account at the moment when the young man reaches for the girl’s lips.
  3. 3. The presence of odors from the oral cavity. You should use aromatic spray, a refreshing breath, peppermint candies or chewing gum. You also need to brush your teeth before a kiss, because not all of the above products completely remove the unpleasant odor.

The girl should not eat right in front of the kiss. Especially food with a pronounced taste. After eating, at least 15-20 minutes should pass.

You should also give up smoking during a date. Not all young people can easily tolerate the smell of tobacco, sometimes it can cause disgust at the partner. And even if the guy has the same addiction, you should not smoke before the kiss.

It’s easy to kiss a guy correctly so that it looks beautiful from the side. To do this, it is necessary to act in stages. It is also worth paying attention to the behavior of the partner and assessing the situation as a whole.

Improvisation plays an important role: sometimes a girl has to tilt her head to the side, hug a young man in the process, pat him on the head. This should not be done on purpose, but if the girl felt that she wanted to do something, then she should not be shy.

The technique of a step-by-step kiss will depend on its type. In French, maximum contact with a partner is assumed - contact with languages.

If young people are not ready to kiss the tongue, then it is advisable to do this in the usual way. And if all goes well, then the second time the kiss will be French.

A girl must perform two sequential actions:

  1. 1. Draw your lips to the lips of a guy and touch him. The young man should be as relaxed as possible, and his mouth will be slightly ajar.
  2. 2. Gently grab one of the partner's lips with his lips.

The guy in response easily compresses his lips, grabbing the lips of his girlfriend. It looks like a kiss without the participation of the tongue.

All movements should be very soft and unhurried. Any inadvertent rudeness and harshness can ruin the impression.

A kiss in French is a little more complicated, as its scheme involves a greater number of steps:

  1. 1. The girl and the young man are drawn to each other, after which one of them grabs one lip of the partner with his lips.
  2. 2. The lips should be slightly extended, but at the same time as relaxed as possible. It is advisable to close your eyes, but do not squint.
  3. 3. If a guy begins to take the initiative, then you should relax and act on feelings. And if he is shy and not very active, then you need to carefully touch his lips with his tongue.
  4. 4. All actions of the couple should be alternate. First, the guy kisses one girl’s lip, and then vice versa. After that, one of the young people can touch their tongue to the tip of their partner's tongue. But not abruptly or unexpectedly. All movements should be performed as softly and gently as possible.

No need to tighten the French kiss, an average of 10-12 seconds is enough. If kissing for too long, the salivary glands will begin to work more actively, which will entail not very pleasant sensations.

An important final point is the look. You should not hide your eyes from a partner after a kiss. Few people pay attention to this nuance, considering it insignificant. But in the end, young people should look at each other.

In the process of kissing, one should not be nervous and worried. You need to try to have fun and deliver it to your partner.

For a young girl, a first kiss can seem like a daunting task. But in fact, there are no rules that can help you learn to kiss guys. No matter what the kiss will be, everything will happen intuitively.

Nevertheless, you need to monitor your behavior and avoid common mistakes:

  1. 1. Do not make any sounds during the kiss. The girl can involuntarily break out moans - from an overabundance of emotions. This must be avoided. You also do not have to try to say something to your partner until he moves away from the girl.
  2. 2. Do not abruptly finish the kiss if the guy is trying to touch the tongue or lips of his girlfriend. Also, there is no need to delay the process too much. It will end naturally, intuitively.
  3. 3. It is advisable to ensure that at the most crucial moment the eyes do not open. Let them be a little closed. It is important not to look at the partner, as this will create some awkwardness.
  4. 4. Do not close your lips too much, bite your partner or sharply connect your tongue. All actions of the girl should be soft, gentle and neat. Do not deeply promote the language at the first French kiss - the guy may not like this.

It is necessary to refuse contact if the girl has some health problems, for example, the presence of ulcers, inflammation, infection. You can infect a partner, as well as sneeze or cough in the process, get very excited, which will also ruin the impression of the first kiss.

It is important to remember that a young person should be no less pleasant. So the girl needs to follow the reaction of the partner. Whether he liked it or not, it will become clear from his behavior afterwards.

You should not worry, since any girl is capable of learning how to kiss a man correctly. The main thing is to be consistent and perform all movements smoothly.

How to kiss a man: 10 basic rules

Men and women are very different. Sometimes you need to do not what you like, but what your loved one will like. In relationships with women, kisses play an almost decisive role.

Difficulties arise not only in childhood, when boys are afraid that they will not be able to kiss correctly. Fear of failure in men is always above all. This leads to the fact that the man listens to other people's advice and opinions, forgetting about the sincerity, which is most important. Having matured, a man may begin to think that everything is correct in his actions with kisses, but this is not so.

Rule one: do not listen to other people's advice

The exception is our article. Do not ask your fathers and especially mothers about how to kiss properly. You can ask your friends for help, but that will not help you very well either. There is a good option - ask a friend of your girlfriend, but here you risk losing, not winning, because each lady has her own vision of a perfect kiss. Moreover, no one can say that a lady will not deceive you. Here it is worth relying on something else.

Rule Two: Only Own Experience

Most men understand the secrets of women only when communicating with them. In the beginning, everyone makes mistakes, so you need to come to terms with this. Then you will become a guru in the matter of kisses, relationships, intimacy. If you feel that there are problems at the stage of kisses, then only practice will help. Meet, kiss, try, learn from mistakes. Only in this way men are made real pros. You should not rely on books or films, although some films about the psychology of love may very well give you some good tips on how to kiss.

Rule three: do not ask your girlfriend for permission

Many are lost already at the very beginning, when a girl or woman seems to be ready for a kiss, but a man is not sure whether to start. Do not ask, but do it. This is the only way to act, because women expect action from men. There are those who want to take the initiative on their own, but there are quite a few of them. Good luck will be with you if you yourself begin to act. If you ask: “May I kiss you?”, Then most likely you will get a strictly negative answer.

Rule Four: Love

If you just like a girl, then the kiss itself will not be so gentle. Women know how to diagnose pretense and lies, so a man in love will always show his best side in this regard. You need to really fall in love in order to impress a lady with a kiss. If you have an easy hobby instead of love, then a passionate kiss is unlikely to succeed, unless, of course, a woman or girl is deeply in love with you.

Rule Five: Use Your Hands

Hands are given to you for a reason. A kiss is a complex action that gives a lot of pleasure to a lady if you learn how to work with your hands. Stroke a woman's neck or grab her by the waist. At the first kiss, it will be necessary to exercise caution, but then you can give free rein to emotions and feelings, touching initially forbidden parts of the body.

Rule six: do not rush

The rhythm of the kiss is very important, so you, as a man, better to adapt to the lady. Better, of course, not to rush. It is absolutely always necessary to start, in any situation, slowly. Further, if a woman shows you that you can increase pressure and pressure, you can do it. It is impossible to learn this, you need to feel it, but the golden rule will remain unchanged - take your time.

Rule Seven: Don't Be Rude

This, again, concerns the tempo of the kiss and the intensity. “Rough” kisses are characteristic of couples who have long met or even live together, and then only in a fit of passion can you afford it. If you just met, being on the first or second date is better not to do anything like that. Not all ladies love vulgar kisses, rather a minority.

Rule eight: do not focus on the language

If it so happened that you already know how to kiss, then too much confidence can play a cruel joke with you. You can feel like a male, having started a kiss too wet. Again, not all girls like this. You will definitely come to this if you are not in a hurry. Perhaps the lady does not like to kiss in French at all. It is better to be restrained, but firm, than untied and deprived of all respect. It’s not even the fact of the language itself, but that you are careless. Because of this, most men fail even at the stage of kisses, not to mention even more.

Rule Nine: Watch Yourself

A lady will want to kiss a man only if he has no bad breath and if he looks pleasant. Appearance, perfume - everything should be pleasant and unobtrusive. Take care of your health and body so that everything is at the highest level. The fight against complexes begins with work on oneself. Become better by playing sports and going to the doctor on time. Everything will work out.

Rule ten: be friendly and make contact with touch

The kiss is preceded by a pleasant conversation, closeness with respect to each other. That is why it is necessary to “grope” a partner, having previously made physical contact with hand touches, for example. Be relaxed, speak on pleasant topics. Look into the eyes of a girl or woman, do not embarrass her. Touch should be the norm for her. Only after this can you begin to kiss.

Remember the most important point: everything should be consistent. Sometimes this is barely noticeable, but in most cases everything happens according to the same pattern. Real machos are in no hurry - this is a truth that is hidden from inexperienced men.

Be yourself. Anxiety here is your direct enemy. In the end, if you are so worried, tell the lady honestly - she can appreciate it. Indeed, honesty often requires a lot of courage. Good luck on the love front and big victories to you. Success, and do not forget to click on the buttons and

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First stage

1. The first thing to do is prepare your lips. Lips are our main tool that we use to kiss. Therefore, they should be pleasant and relaxed. To make lips pleasant, you should avoid their chapping and moisturize if necessary, there are many different ways.

2. I think that this is understandable to everyone, but you can still recall! Both from the mouth and from the body should not be an unpleasant odor. If you miss this moment, then most likely you will be left without a kiss.

3. With all appearance you should show your friendliness, openness. Your gestures should be smooth, your body should be without contraction, completely relaxed. Hands and feet, under any circumstances, should not be crossed. You need to smile more and look in the face of your chosen one, and never show negative emotions on your own face.

4. Now move on to subtle maneuvers! You need to pass the barrier of touch. That is, to make sure that your touches are familiar to your partner, and do not cause him any embarrassment. This process should be gradual, first gently touch the hand, then you can acquire. This should be done calmly and not to focus on this extra attention. Here you can turn on your imagination, and come up with your own methods of overcoming this barrier.

Second phase

1. Now let's talk about the process itself! When you have chosen the time and place, then proceed. Slowly tilt your head towards your partner, so that in the end your lips touch. At the same time, stretch your lips forward a little, as long as they remain relaxed. At the first touch of your lips, close your eyes and turn your attention only to the sensations associated with the lips.

2. Now gently and slowly, with your two lips, kiss any lip of your chosen one. After this kiss, which should last from two to four seconds, lean back so that between your lips there is a gap of three to four centimeters.

3. After you lean back, gently open your eyes and look into the eyes of your partner. This is a very important point! Looking in the face, you must determine whether to move on, or to pause. How to determine this? If your partner liked everything, then on his face there may be a smile, or a straightforward look, as if passing through you. He can turn his head and eyes away from embarrassment - this is normal. If the face began to twist, have a displeased look, then you need to stop.

4. If you see from the previous step that everything is going fine, then go again to the kiss of one of the partner’s lips. Kiss the upper lip and the lower one in turn, while giving the opportunity to kiss your lips.This alternation of kisses on the lips is the classic version of a kiss. From time to time, keep an eye on your partner’s reactions, which will tell you when to stop. If you want something more, then you can put into battle a French kiss, which is done using the language. How to do it correctly, you can read in our article, entitled "How to Kiss with the Language", this article you will find in our side menu.

So it’s like we sorted out the basic rules in order to know how to kiss properly.

How to learn to kiss correctly

Talk about "adult" kisses. Agree, you always want to stand in front of your partner in the best possible light, show what you are capable of, sometimes even surprise you. After all, if experienced Casanovs always try to hone their skills, what can we say about us, about mortals and ordinary people, longing for tenderness and affection, or about those who have not yet experienced this dizzying “kiss” of pleasure?

Most likely, none of you ever paid attention that we used to kiss several times a day. From early childhood to the very end of life, we kiss our parents, children, loved ones and even our beloved animals. With a kiss, you can express your love, passion, affection, tenderness, gratitude, express your consent, declare a truce, in general, a lot of different feelings.

MirSovetov offers to talk about "adult" kisses. Agree, you always want to stand in front of your partner in the best possible light, show what you are capable of, sometimes even surprise you. After all, if experienced Casanovs always try to hone their skills, what can we say about us, about mortals and ordinary people, longing for tenderness and affection, or about those who have not yet experienced this dizzying “kiss” of pleasure? People tend to learn how to kiss in order to satisfy their natural need. This need is as real as the need for food, drink, love, a constant connection to the Internet ...

This need for passion and the need to touch someone, to embrace your beloved person usually leads two people to each other. The desire for human contact occurs at the behest of instinct, it comes naturally, and cannot be explained. Despite this, the kissing technique can be explained. And everyone can learn to kiss.

The art of kiss

So, what to do so that the first “adult” kiss will be remembered by you and your chosen one forever?

Do not be shy. The fact that you, perhaps, have never had to kiss, still does not mean anything. Believe me, that your head is spinning, your knees are trembling and your palms are suddenly sweating - these are just signs that you are really in love. This is nothing compared to the emotional and physical pleasure you get from the first kiss.

If possible, make the surroundings intimate and romantic. Candles or dim lamps are perfect.

Do not forget about your breath. Bad breath can discourage any girl from kissing. If you do not have time to brush your teeth, chewing gum, an apple or several sprigs of parsley will come to your aid.

During a kiss, do not freeze in one pose. Gently run a hand through the partner’s hair, touch his ears, stroke his shoulders, back.

Do not be silent. If you kiss, this does not mean that you should be silent like a fish. Tell your lover (or beloved) something gentle and pleasant.

Do not strain, be relaxed. Tight lips can, on the contrary, push your partner away, or he will think that he is giving you any inconvenience.

Do not stop at one kind of kiss. Many men prefer a "French" kiss, or as it is also called a "wet" kiss. Believe me, gentle biting and sucking on the lips of a partner can make him even more excited than just “communicating” with your tongue.

How to understand that the girl is already "ripe" for a kiss? You may not believe it, but more often than not, she burns with impatience and waits for her chosen one to finally dare to kiss her first? Usually this happens because a guy can not take courage for a very long time, putting himself in this for some time frame, and creating uncomfortable situations. If a girl looks you in the eye, and does not try to look away - she makes you clear that she is ready to kiss, and should not pull anymore.

Women, which, by the way, are not always true, believe that with a kiss from a man you can determine what kind of character he has, how suitable he is and whether he is worthy to go into a more intimate relationship with him. But you are not afraid to show yourself, open your beloved.

How can I determine if you can kiss well?

The most important thing is to monitor the response of the partner. Most likely, this excites more men than women. If a woman moans softly or with pleasure is carried away into the abyss of your boundless kiss - this is immediately noticeable, and you will certainly understand that you didn’t get into a mess. If your partner looks as if she is sitting at a lecture on philosophy - think about what to do to start it? Remember, there is nothing better than achieving the desired result by trial and error, the same applies to the question of how to learn to kiss. Today, maybe you didn’t get a beautiful kiss, but tomorrow, taking into account all the nuances, you kiss your beloved so that she will be ready to explode with pleasure ... Women can pretend and cheat, but during the kiss, they usually forget about their abilities, and do not hide their feelings.

MirSovetov advises you to pay attention to some "signs" that will clearly tell you that you should learn a little kissing. For example, if a girl closes her mouth, gets distracted, looks away, or, God forbid, falls asleep all in your saliva, then this is the first sign that you are doing something wrong. If she immediately after the kiss asks about the latest political news reports, or says something unpleasant, letting you know that you as a “kisser” are not interested in her - go ahead, include all your imagination and go to victory - practice, practice and practice again !

The biggest mistake with a kiss

You forgot about your partner. You want to kiss only for yourself, getting great pleasure, and you think that since you like this kiss, your partner will love it too. But MirSovetov would like to remind you that she also has preferences, feelings, expectations, and you will do very wrong if you ignore them.

If you think that your wide open mouth will overshadow all the expectations of your lover, then again, you are deeply mistaken. Of course, you shouldn’t squeeze your lips, as if you are a partisan, and you won’t tell anyone - try to find a compromise, your partner will definitely show how she likes to kiss. Reciprocate, and she, in turn, will answer you.

How to learn to kiss better?

Practice. Train. All comes with experience. The best way to learn how to kiss is through your own imagination. Your fantasy can sometimes do such that you do not even immediately realize that these passionate kisses are not stunning reality, but just your imagination.

So, sit back and relax. Imagine the subject of your adoration. Imagine how you approach her, run your hand into her hair, as you begin to kiss gently. The main thing is to invest more emotions and feelings in such a fantasy. The brighter the picture - the better for you, since you did not spend time rehearsing in vain.

And, finally, MirSovetov will talk about one important point! Learning to kiss only on the lips is not enough. In individuals of the weaker sex, there are a lot of erogenous zones. Thanks to our ubiquitous sociological researchers, it is known that 97 percent of women from a kiss on the neck are excited instantly, and sometimes almost reach orgasm. All in all, it’s worth it that you approach your beloved, hug tightly from behind, push her hair back and kiss her gently. When a girl feels hot male breathing on her neck, his nibbles and kisses - she is simply ready to dissolve in her arms!

A kiss is bliss, during which the souls of lovers unite. Do not be afraid to experiment. Kiss your lover as your heart tells you. You will always keep in memory the memories of such kisses.

Video! The dry theory “How to learn to kiss” will never give you the opportunity to feel all the joy and excitement that is transmitted when the kiss is brought to life. You can see how to kiss, see a pretty clear example of a tender and simply beautiful kiss (which, by the way, lasts for two and a half minutes) in the video “Demon vs Heartbreaker - You are my high”.

How to kiss? Learning to kiss passionately (+ video)

What is a kiss? Much has been said and shown about the kiss as such. In movies and in life, in novels and in magazines - everywhere people kiss. This phenomenon is understandable, because a kiss, like nothing else, is able to express the affection and attitude of people to each other. But, you see, a kiss is a kiss of discord, and, of course, a platonic kiss is different from a passionate one.

Below we will tell (and show - at the end of the article are demo videos), how to kiss correctly and for what cases this or that type of kiss is suitable. Learning to kiss is very simple!

Before the kiss

To kiss left only pleasant and exciting memories, you must follow simple rules.

Prepare your lips for a kiss. Your sponges should be smooth and pleasant. Indeed, you must admit that weathered and parched lips look unpleasant and cause nothing but disgust. Therefore, both men and women need to care for their lips, making them attractive. Here are just a few ways to prepare your lips for a kiss:

make a peeling or lip scrub using brown sugar,

moisturize your lips with a special lip balm,

relax and part your lips before a direct kiss.

Look friendly and seductive. Sometimes our gestures and facial expressions can say even more than words. Therefore, try not to cross your arms, do not touch your face, look only in the eye and smile. At the same time, be careful - catch the partner’s body language, listen more and speak less, and then you will probably understand whether he likes you or not.

Overcome the barrier of touch. During communication, you can, as if by chance, touch the hand or shoulder of a partner. Learn to do it gently. The ideal way is to hold hands, as many couples do. If everything goes well, kiss your partner on the cheek. If your lips are closer to your ear, continue to kiss and follow the reaction of your partner.

Look at the partner’s lips. To maintain eye contact, look not only at the eyes, but also at the partner’s lips. Remember to smile while radiating friendliness. It is advisable to do this discreetly and sincerely, because it is not a fact that your partner has not read a similar article.

Get closer to your partner. All you need to do is relax and bow your head slightly. Do it smoothly, unobtrusively, position yourself to it so that both of you are comfortable. And do not forget to look in the eyes!

Tender kiss

He is unusually sensual and romantic, and allows you to understand and feel each other better than any other type of kisses. Below, even in theory, we will tell you how to learn how to kiss correctly, giving pleasure to ourselves and our partner. You just have to check it in practice! So let's get started:

In contact with the partner, slightly extend your lips and cover your eyes. Do not strain your lips or stretch them too far. In this case, they will become tense, which corresponds to a platonic, and not a sensual kiss.

Gently touch the partner’s upper or lower lip. Then you can lean back, but not more than 3 cm.

Open your eyes and smile. Only in this way will your views meet, and you will understand whether it is worth continuing or enough for today. If you still have to continue, go to the next step.

Kiss the partner’s lower or upper lip again. Try to make the partner’s lip between your lips and squeeze your lips a little. Not sure how to kiss a guy? Right now you can work out on your index finger: squeeze your index finger with your lips - this way you not only determine the compression force, but you can also train the muscles of the lips so that both of you feel good.

Go to the other lip. If you kissed the lower lip, then you can proceed to the upper. The principle is the same - grab the lips of a partner with your lips and gently, as if sucking, kiss them.

French or love kiss passionately

This is a sensual deep kiss when one of the partners touches the language of the other with his tongue. Such a kiss stimulates the lips and tongue, as well as the entire oral cavity as a whole - all these zones are very sensitive to touch. Below we will tell you in detail how to kiss the tongue correctly.

Touching your lips, try to touch them and tongue. Obviously, it will become clear to him that you are hinting at a French kiss. If the partner didn’t understand this, then the desire to try a French kiss is worth leaving for better times.

Open your mouth and try to push your tongue into your partner's mouth. The ends of your tongues should meet and rub against each other. After that, you can take the language aside.

Proceed to the next stage of the kiss. Open your mouth again, but this time try to push the tongue as deep as possible so that the large surface of the tongue is in contact.

Touch your hands to his face while holding your fingers in his hair. Take a deep breath, and then kiss his lips suckling as if you were very thirsty and you couldn’t get enough - you need to kiss the sucker correctly that way. Continue sucking and biting his lips. Learn to do it naturally without replaying.

Finish the kiss with gentle touches. Continue to kiss, but gently - so as to leave some understatement and desire to kiss you again.

Below you can watch a video on how to kiss sucking properly.

Platonic kiss

This is a kiss of affection. It should not be as deep as French, and as romantic as tender. So:

Tilt your head slightly and get closer. Turn in the direction you want to kiss your partner.

Pull out your lips. The lips should be pulled out much stronger than with a gentle romantic kiss. How do you know what you are doing right? Try to kiss the air. Did you hear the sound? So here, when you kiss your partner’s lips or cheek, you should hear a sonorous and non-binding “smack”.

Do not linger. A platonic kiss should not last long. Otherwise, this is not a platonic kiss at all. Learn to feel the ideal duration for such a kiss: it should last as long as the same “smack” is heard. Moreover, in some cases it is possible not to touch the partner’s skin, but to imitate a kiss.

Problems with kisses, and who does not have them?

Bad kisses. Yes, it happens. Kind, attentive, sociable, but does not know how to kiss. Dont be upset. Once you did not know how to kiss, but somehow you learned to kiss correctly! Unskillful ones will eventually learn to kiss at least suckily, but you will have to show maximum tact and patience.

He is taller or shorter. Does the neck ache from having to constantly lift up your head or, conversely, lower it? These problems can be solved. You can kiss while sitting or, for example, lying down.

Useful Tips

Be here now. A kiss is not a pleasure if you are busy with something else. Leave for a while the questions: “how do I look”, “didn’t the mascara flow”, “what is he thinking about now”, “does he like”, “do I do everything right”. Do not poke around in yourself, but simply enjoy the moment.

Do not rush things. If you are dating not so long ago, then do not rush to kiss passionately with your tongue. Follow the facial expressions and wishes of the partner, perhaps from not yet ready for such kisses.

Practice. Do not doubt your ability to kiss. Kiss as you know how, only with practice can you learn to kiss and suck and "in the usual way."

And finally: do not abuse the language and do not force it into the partner’s mouth, especially if you have been familiar for so long. After all, some are unpleasant when kissing "too much language."

Kissing correctly: video

First, a video on how NOT to kiss. The video is in English, but here everything is clear and without words!

Great video showing both ordinary gentle kisses and passionate kisses sucking:

Moral training i

What the kiss will be: passionate or tender, oriental or French - doesn't really matter. People who are in a relationship do not think about how to kiss a guy correctly - they just kiss. And this is the first thought that needs to be learned and kept in mind. No need to be afraid of mistakes or “wrong language movements”. It is fear that fetters a person and prevents a sensual, mutually desired kiss from happening.

A very good tactic before a kiss is honesty. A girl can safely tell her young man that she never kissed or simply does not know how to do it. There is nothing shameful in such confessions. They are absolutely normal, because people are not required to meet some kind of "international standards of the first kiss" (and they simply do not exist).

If a guy does not suffer a mild degree of dementia, then he will by no means make fun of a girl for innocence. Moreover, a standing man will always support his beloved and teach her everything that she wants - whether it be fishing or passionate kisses.

There are some basic tips regarding moral preparation:

  • tell the guy in advance about your inexperience,
  • relax as much as possible
  • concentrate on your own feelings.

In some cases, fear cannot be overcome because of deep moral discomfort. But most people just need to talk frankly with their soul mate and after that everything will go “like clockwork”.

Appearance preparation 2

The guy will not look at his lover's millimeter pimple during their first kiss. But girls, unfortunately, it is impossible to prove this. Even those ladies who understand that they are worried in vain can not cope with their emotions.

Therefore, before a kiss, you need to prepare so that in the end you feel comfortable and confident. The most important area is the face. Since the girl will experience maximum discomfort due to the fact that the guy can see some kind of "problem" near. Of course, he will not pay attention to this with a probability of 99.99%, but it is better to play it safe.

What factors of appearance are worth paying attention to:

  • Lips. If they are peeling and cracked, then kissing will simply be unpleasant. In this case, both participants in the kiss will experience discomfort. Therefore, before the “moment X” you need to scrub and moisturize your lips. Scrub can be made independently from sugar and honey, as a moisturizer use ordinary hygiene.
  • Leather. Another important point for girls. In order to feel confident, you should paint over the bruises under the eyes, apply concealer on pimples or age spots. The whole face can be covered with a thin layer of foundation. The product must have a matte or semi-matte finish, as otherwise it can be imprinted on the guy’s face (it’s better to check this factor in advance by attaching a telephone to your face). In general, it is desirable that the skin tone is even. If a person is already in excellent condition, then nothing needs to be done with him.
  • Eyebrows. It is enough to simply pluck them. Here, again, a funny moment, because the guy will not notice the small hairs, but the girl will constantly think about them. For the same reason, it is worth getting rid of the antennae, especially if because of them the lady is periodically confused with Mikhail Boyarsky.

In more detail about how to kiss the language correctly, in our article follow the link.

Do not put on your face everything that is not glued to a cosmetic bag. Much more would a guy not like the fact that his once young and beautiful companion looked like an aging transvestite than that she had an uneven skin tone or unpainted eyelashes.

Important! No lipstick. Even if it is a super-fashionable matte product that does not print at all and sits on its lips so that it cannot even be wiped off with a grater for dishes. It will be uncomfortable for the guy to spoil the makeup of his girlfriend (and he will also be afraid that the lipstick will creep onto his lips). And of course, after the first kiss, a second, third one will happen, and by the end of the evening the girl will see the Joker in the mirror instead of her reflection.

Another point that cannot be ignored is the smell. The deodorant should be used at least from good human motives. From excitement, the girl is likely to sweat, and when she understands this, she will begin to sweat even more. Then it’s unlikely that it will reach the kiss - a maximum run to the nearest toilet cubicle and an attempt to dry the armpits with a hand dryer.

Before kissing, it is advisable not to eat something that can provoke the occurrence of halitosis. If a good mother offers to eat her signature borsch with garlic, then you should refuse. Even chewing gum will not interrupt the smell and aftertaste, so the kiss will turn out unpleasant.

Do not get involved in carbonated drinks. The girls, of course, are princesses, but the desire to burp due to the accumulated gases inside has not bypassed any royal dynasty. Belching during a kiss clearly discourages the moral attitude towards romance.

Atmosphere for the first kiss 3

Many girls wonder when, where and how to kiss a guy best. If this is the first kiss, it is best to choose a secluded setting. It is not necessary that someone distract from the responsible process. Therefore, a kiss in a noisy company (especially an argument) is an option to embarrass rather than enjoy the intimacy.

Places for the first kiss:

  1. The apartment is a guy or girl. It is undesirable for parents to be present in the apartment at this time. They can knock and, as usually happens according to the law of meanness, they will do it at the most piquant moment. If both partners live with relatives and are not at home alone, it is best not to stint and rent an inexpensive hotel room. This is especially true if the couple is mentally prepared to continue the kiss.
  2. Park in the evening. Do not force a guy into a dark space by force. You need to make an appointment in the park in advance and choose the most quiet and secluded place. As romantic as possible, you can kiss near the fountain, under the lamp and in any other atmospheric corner. The main thing is that there should be a minimum of people (and especially screaming curious children) nearby.
  3. Motor ship. This is a very romantic place, but, unfortunately, it is difficult to find a nook on the boat. Still worth a try. Also, a bridge and generally any place near a river or lake is suitable. Of course, points far from the city should not be visited with a hardly familiar guy, but if the partner is constant and time-tested, then why not.

Any "street" option can be safely thrown aside, if the street is winter and -30. Kissing during a snowfall is undeniably romantic, but you need to do this quickly and in warm down jackets. It often turns out that the love moment is more like a clumsy dance of two frosty snowmen.

But, again, it is worth remembering that all the described "rules" are very conditional. If you want to kiss on a crowded avenue at noon, then why not do it. Sometimes the “same” moment can be missed while waiting for the “suitable” one.

Several kissing techniques 4

All kisses can be divided into 3 categories: quick, gentle, romantic and passionately erotic. There is still the category of “clumsy”, but everyone is usually afraid of it.

Quick kisses are the easiest to perform. It is enough to literally touch your lips with strangers, perform certain manipulations (it is quite possible without a tongue), and with a sense of accomplishment, move away from the face of the partner. Manipulations can be anything. You can bite your lip, but it is very important to do it as softly and gently as possible. You can still squeeze the same lip between your lips, gently hold it with the tip of your tongue. A quick kiss can easily turn into a romantic or passionate. Naturally, if desired by both partners.

Many people wonder how to learn to kiss tomatoes. The answer is no way. This is something from the series “How to Learn to Blow a Banana”. But with bananas, at least it’s clear - they are similar in shape. Unfortunately or fortunately, the human body is different from vegetables and fruits. It is at least mobile.

A partner is unlikely to show equanimity of a tomato or a banana extract when a girl bites his lip (or what is more terrible).

The kiss should be natural. No need to think about it, about the movements of your tongue or lips, you just have to surrender to emotions and your own feelings. The only thing that is important is mobility and lack of uniformity in movements (if it comes to a long kiss).

Tender romantic kiss 5

For such a kiss you need to have the appropriate mood. It is highly desirable to be inspired by your partner, to be inspired by his words and deeds. To convey tenderness with your touch. All touches should be soft, smooth. Before a kiss, you can touch your hair, take your boyfriend's hands in yours, hug him. For starters, you can kiss on the cheek or nose in order to express a desire for intimacy.

Probably, the guy himself will take the liberty and be the first to reach the lips of his lover. The girl’s task in this case is to answer the kiss and duplicate his movements. If a guy kisses only with his lips (without a tongue), then there is no need to rush and try to show him the skills gained on tomatoes.

A girl may well take the initiative on her own. To do this, reach for your lips, hug at the neck or at the waist. The first touch should be soft and airy. Then you can show assertiveness, but you do not need to overdo it. At some point, the tongue should be connected to the lips. This becomes appropriate as soon as an ordinary kiss begins to bother. The language needs to be touched on the language of the partner, but without enthusiasm. The ideal option is smooth, sliding movements.

Important! In no case should you try to shove your tongue as deep as possible into the oral cavity - this is unpleasant.

Passionate erotic kiss 6

This option is suitable for girls who, despite their inexperience, have a passionate temperament. A passionate erotic kiss, like sex, requires foreplay. The partner needs to be touched: gently, but excitingly. Before a kiss, you can caress his neck with lips and tongue, touch his abs, stroke his hands. The girl’s body, her appearance, mood - everything should show moderate eroticism and playfulness.

A kiss can be initially jerky. That is, you need to touch your lips to the lips of a partner, and then step back. This is an exciting game that makes a person perceive a kiss as something that excites the consciousness. Even if the girl does not know how to kiss at all, she should not be afraid and embarrassed of herself. In passion, the main touch, sensuality and bestowal of a partner. If a guy shares this passion, then everything will surely work out.

You can connect the language at any time. It is necessary to lick the lips, then run the tongue into the mouth and begin to "explore" the oral cavity, without climbing too deep. In such a kiss, it is appropriate to bite your lip. The girl does not need to be afraid to touch her partner everywhere if she wants to continue and is ready for a more intimate relationship.

Important! You can alternately kiss the upper or lower lip of the guy, and then lick them and bite them slightly. It is very exciting.

And, of course, you should close your eyes during the kiss. It really helps to listen to your own emotions and understand how to kiss a guy correctly.

How to Kiss: Best Kissing Tips for Guys and Girls


Since a kiss is a type of contact, through which feelings and emotions are expressed, it is worthwhile to understand that ordinary dexterity and skills are not enough. Before kissing, it’s important for you to determine whether you want to. If this advice is neglected, the kiss will be devoid of sensual pleasure, it will be artificial.


Before kissing, make sure your breath is fresh. Even if you did not eat before, did not smoke or brush your teeth, it is recommended to have a special freshener or chewing gum on hand.

When kissing a guy, the pose also plays an important role. Do not stand, like a pillar, touch his face and hair, stroke his neck, back, ears, shoulders.


Kisses are known for their variety. Therefore, do not dwell on any one form. Experiment. For example, biting and sucking lips can also be considered one of the options for a kiss, which is sure to give the young man a lot of pleasure and new sensations.


If this kiss becomes the first in your life, the main thing is not to worry and not to be shy. Try to relax and enjoy the new sensations!

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with kisses. Be confident in yourself and then you will surely succeed! Good luck!

Watch the video: HOW TO KISS! TUTORIAL (April 2020).