How to take selfies that not only you like

I have long wanted to write a manual for all the girls on how to take a selfie. I have not met a single female representative who would not try to capture herself. However, making a high-quality selfie is not so easy - if you have already tried and were not too pleased with the result, then this instruction is especially for you. And if you successfully take selfies, but want to diversify your Instagram or social media page with original pictures, then I have prepared something special for you.

What is it all about

Selfie is a newfangled current that has captured the whole world. Nowadays, practically everyone does selfies - politicians, movie and show business stars, public figures and, of course, ordinary people. This is a self-made self-portrait. What are the advantages of such a picture:

  • you can do it yourself - no need to ask friends or relatives,
  • it is absolutely appropriate in any situation,
  • You can control the quality of the picture.
This is a good way to take beautiful pictures with yourself on your own phone. There are some secrets on how to take a selfie, and I’ll talk about them.

Important Rules

Usually, a selfie is taken on the phone using the front camera, but, of course, you can use anything - an ordinary camera in a mobile, compact camera, a good webcam and even your favorite SLR camera. It is important that the photo was taken by you (otherwise it is simply not a selfie), and that you like it.

    Try to treat yourself with humor. This is a great way to cheer up your subscribers and get a good shot, and you also need to take into account the fact that a funny selfie is evaluated according to completely different rules - composition is not important here, and light does not play a big role, only the idea of ​​a picture.

Take selfies in different places. Yes, most of the picture is taken by your face, but the background plays a very big role - remember the selfies of popular ruffers, and you will understand what is at stake. Take pictures at home, in your own bed, in a cafe and at work, on travel and on vacation.

Always take a large number of shots, changing the shooting angle, the position of the face and body, the angle and settings of the phone. So you can get a lot of material with which you can work and choose the best selfie.

Shoot yourself in a non-glossy format. Yes, many girls like good makeup and lips with ducks, but you must admit, sometimes it’s so nice to see photos with a person in kind - without makeup, tired, angry, tearful. Any such picture is a fixation of your life, a reminder that anything is possible.

Tired of selfies? Take a selfie! This idea belongs to Irish farmers who were the first to promote a new trend on Instagram - photos with animals. Do you have a picture where you hug a horse? That's it!

  • Do not try to look too seductive in the photo. Erotic selfie has become obsolete as a genre, and you will not be able to charm anyone with your duck face, and you won’t even put a sexy photo on it.
  • Now you know how to take selfies for girls, and we gradually move on to practice.

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    Learn beautiful selfie poses from photos and videos. Do not forget that in a good photo there must certainly be dynamics, the viewer's eyes should move. When taking a picture, be sure to take it from several angles, for example, it can be:

    • front view
    • view from above,
    • at an angle of 35 degrees.
    How to make a successful selfie? Remember that the best weapon for a successful selfie is sincerity and naturalness. You should not chase super sexy images, try to look like a glamorous fifa if you are tired after training in the gym - take an honest shot on one of the simulators or with a sports equipment, hug your trainer for photography - you will be honest, and it always has .

    Want a highlight and don't know how to make an original selfie? Find a cool idea. What can be interesting in a selfie:

    • face and makeup, human image,
    • neighborhood with friends, passers-by, stars,
    • background,
    • idea of ​​a snapshot.


    The first thing to think about is light. It’s best to shoot during the day, as twilight eats half of the flowers.

    Try to keep the light source in front of you, above the line of the eyes. If the sun is too bright, hang a thin curtain to scatter the rays. In such lighting, the lines of the face are softer and smoother.

    If natural light is not enough, you can use artificial light to fill the shadows. Beware of the flash: it distorts the features and contributes to the effect of “red eyes”.

    Right angle

    Do not take off your face in full view, leave it for photos on documents. Experiment: it is best to turn your face 30 - 45 ° to the side. So the frame looks more voluminous, and the line of the chin does not merge with the neck.

    Where to turn depends on your features. The half faces of each person are different. Take a picture of yourself with your right, and then with your left hand, compare the result. So you know which side is more photogenic.

    You can take a selfie by lifting the camera above you - you will see not only your face, but also the surroundings. In addition, this angle visually increases the eyes, and the chin does already.

    Facial expression

    A smile conveys a positive attitude and makes any person prettier. Of course, the best emotions are natural. How to cheer yourself? Call for help imagination.

    Charming smile

    It is enough to recall a funny moment that you laughed at for a long time about your favorite people or pets. Turn to the memories and a smile will appear on your face.

    If you need other facial expressions - solemnity, sadness, fear - fantasy will help again. Wake up the actor in yourself, and internal feelings will be reflected on the face.

    Shooting process

    Despite the convenience, do not use the front camera if it takes a low-quality photo. Yes, you have to deploy the gadget, but you can set the timer for 2-3 seconds to take a natural pose and smile.

    Do not use a mirror - this way the smartphone will be visible, not comme il faut. If you feel this is uncomfortable, try the CamMe gesture-driven app.

    This is cooler than a timer: install the phone a few meters away from you and tune as much as you like. When you're ready, just open it and then squeeze your palm. The camera responds to this gesture, and voila - a full-length selfie without a mirror.

    Guide from supermodels

    Here is a short instruction from world-famous models: Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio and Dautzen Croesus.

    Surely you noticed that these girls do not disdain the order of the annoyed dacface. It is not a fact that such a photograph does not provoke sarcasm from friends. Decide for yourself.

    Beautiful places

    In any area there are amazing views. The sunset sky, sprawling trees, colorful flowers - all this is fascinating. Nature is an endless storehouse of selfie backgrounds.

    Well, if you travel, there will be no problems with the backgrounds at all - starting from shots on a train and plane, ending with the beach and ancient architecture.

    Celebrity Photos

    If you are close to a famous person, you can’t find the best opportunity for a successful selfie.

    Spoiled selfie with baby

    Even the pope agreed to take pictures with teenagers. What to say about the stars, which are not alien to the pleasure of their fame. But, of course, do not forget about personal boundaries. Celebrities are people too.

    Selfie with the pope

    Unusual situations

    The danger excites. If during extreme sports or while the elements are raging, it will come to your mind to take a selfie, success is guaranteed. Especially if you can not break the smartphone and not kill yourself.


    By the way, the first time the word selfie was mentioned by an Australian who had his lip drunk. He took it off, laid it out and signed: “Sorry for the trick, it was a selfie.”

    Pictures with animals

    Our smaller brothers are exceptionally photogenic. So taking a selfie with dogs, cats, parrots, and other furry and not very guys is a great idea.

    The best photo of the contest "Selfie with animals"

    Prohibited Tricks

    Selfies at serious ceremonies, such as funerals or religious rites, are bad form. Probably, many have heard about the epic fails of Barack Obama, David Cameron and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who made a funny picture at the memorial service of South African President Nelson Mandela.

    Epic Fail Barack Obama

    Although you don’t have to follow your image so carefully, you shouldn’t do it anyway.

    Photo processing

    When you stop grabbing the standard Instagram filters, you can pick up applications for processing.

    If true photos are not your thing, download Facetune. In it, you can retouch the skin, whiten your teeth, remove bags under the eyes. True, beauty requires sacrifice: for the iPhone, the application is paid, and Android users are harassed by annoying ads that turn off only for money.

    Pose number 1

    Put on your best leggings / shorts / underpants and stand in front of a large mirror (full length). Pull out the thigh, put your foot on the toe - the leg in this case seems longer, and the protruding hip creates a relief - and now the silhouette is much more seductive.

    So does Emily Louise Her motto is simple: turn to the camera so that you can see less bulges and more cavities. If you don’t show your sides to anyone, nobody will know about them.

    Or just set your hip back as far as the joints allow. The effect is amazing!

    Pose number 2

    To make the legs in the photo look thinner and longer, and the buttocks convex, there is a technique that girls often use. You need to come close to the mirror, as if to “push” the phone forward and tilt it a bit - the legs in the photo instantly become infinite and graceful, with a tap, in short - success.

    Pose number 4

    The most profitable selfies are obtained in side light. It well “bumps” the body of even those who have just hinted at muscles. For example, learn from Lucy Baker!

    Lucy mastered all the life hacks of cheating on social networks: she pulls in her stomach, sets the right light and takes a long time to choose the angle. But he can afford a healthy bun for breakfast.

    Pose number 5

    Exercise "Vacuum" is often used for selfies. His chip is that you must first completely release the air, and then draw in the stomach. The waist is obtained aspen. Therefore, the photo is usually all with complex faces. But how can one relax here: the stomach is pulled in, the breath is held, the ass / legs / arms are squeezed? No matter what happens from overvoltage 😉

    Life example: the motivation of many novice athletes Kristina believes that everyone should admit to herself: the glossy ideal is unattainable. She herself did not dry her body to an unhealthy state, and on advertising photos she simply draws her stomach in more forcefully.

    Pose number 6

    Take pictures on the pump or at the time of the exercise. Roughly speaking, this is when, after training, the blood rushed to all the muscles of the legs and they became one and a half times larger. This is especially true of the buttocks and hip biceps. So, during or immediately after training, the best time to take a selfie is because the relief is visible best.

    Proper lighting

    The first thing to take care of is good lighting. The best shots are taken in the daytime, as Twilight absorbs most of the shades. During shooting, you must strive to ensure that the light source is located at eye level or slightly higher.

    Excessive illumination must be avoided. If the sun is shining through the window, hang the curtain to achieve a diffuse effect, then the facial features will become soft and smooth.

    Natural light is considered a priority, but if it is not enough, you can use artificial light sources. This will help fill the shadows. And it is better to refuse a flash - it distorts facial features and creates a red-eye effect.

    Shooting angle

    Taking pictures full-face as a passport is a bad idea. The correct shooting angle is experienced. To give the frame volume and prevent the visual fusion of the chin with the neck, you need to turn your head 30-40 ° away from the camera. The faces of all people are asymmetric, the “working” sides are different, so you need to individually choose which way to turn. You need to try different angles and compare the results.

    You can take pictures by lifting the camera and look at the phone from the bottom up, so that not only the face, but also the surroundings are captured on the picture. This shooting angle has an advantage - the eyes in the photo will look larger, and the chin is narrower.

    Facial emotions

    A smile makes any person more attractive, but the emotion should look natural. To cause a natural smile, you need to connect a fantasy: you can recall a funny story, funny moments that cause a smile.

    Thus, other emotions can also be caused:

    You need to awaken the actor in yourself, relive the situation, and all the feelings reflected on the face will be natural.

    How to shoot

    The front camera is convenient for taking a selfie, but it “eats” the quality of the picture, so it’s better to use the main camera for spectacular images. For the convenience of shooting, set the timer to manage to take a natural pose and give the face the desired expression.

    Also, applications that allow you to control the camera using gestures are suitable for this. Such programs are better than a timer - you can take your time in choosing a position, and as you are ready, just squeeze and open your palm. After that, after 3 seconds, the camera will take a picture.

    Comic situations

    On a selfie you can capture a fun moment, the public likes these photos.

    For example, the first time the word “selfie” was uttered by an Australian resident who, while intoxicated, broke his lip, took a picture of himself and signed the frame: “Sorry for the trick, it was a selfie.”

    Tips from experienced photographers for successful selfies

    1. Need a quality camera in your smartphone. When choosing a phone, evaluate not only the number of pixels, but also optics, flash, autofocus and shooting speed. In gadgets, white balance is set and exposure is set, which will give high-quality images. Therefore, for those who like to take beautiful selfies, it is important to own a technological device.
    2. If the horizon is in the frame, then it should be located at the level of the chest or neck. It is important that he does not split the picture in half.
    3. Try to find a frame for the frame. It can be a door, an arch or a window - this technique will add a selfie of depth.
    4. Make an image for a photo. Photography is a form of art in which everything should be harmonious. Work on a hairstyle, makeup, outfit that will be in harmony with the background. As the latter, you can choose non-standard places, for example, an expensive restaurant, a beautiful landscape, a bewitching sunset, etc.
    5. Photographers argue that the less self-image, stupidity and stereotyping in the process of photographing, the better the selfie.
    6. Shadows spoil the quality of the photo and can “present” bags under the eyes, so they should be avoided.
    7. The ideal distance for a successful selfie is an outstretched arm. Do not reach close or move the camera away. This advice will be useful for those who consider themselves non-photogenic.

    Beautiful landscapes

    Lush trees and shrubs, vast flower beds, fountains, etc. are suitable as a background. Nature is an inexhaustible source of pictures for selfies, so travelers will not have any difficulties with this. But at the same time, you need to remember your own image, which should be in harmony with what is around.

    Texture backdrop

    In order not to travel specifically somewhere for the sake of the picture, you can use a special background, well, if there are several of them. Show your imagination and make a backdrop on your own:

    • you can hang homemade chain garlands of colored paper,
    • set the frame with flowers,
    • to make curtains from New Year's tinsel, etc.

    It all depends on your skill and mood.

    Selfies for women

    It is important for girls to look attractive in photographs, and the best way to do this is to emphasize their femininity. To this end, you can wear a tight-fitting top that will open your shoulders and emphasize the bust.

    If your hands are full, you should choose sweaters with a free sleeve длиной long. Turtlenecks and blouses fastened to the throat are best avoided.

    To look slimmer in the photo, you do not need to pull your head in your shoulders and photograph yourself from the bottom up. Lift the phone higher, then the chest and eyes will visually become larger, the chin is narrower, and the legs are slimmer.

    You can improve your figure with the help of a pose with a slight tilt to one side and a hand on the belt. The legs will look longer if you stand on your toes or wear heels.

    If you take a selfie in the mirror, at full height, then you can adjust the volume of the hips if you turn your knees a little inward - they will become slimmer.

    Selfies for men

    To create interesting pictures, men need to avoid banal plots, for example, “It's me with friends at a pajama party”, etc. Like women, guys need to look in accordance with the background - for example, if there is a sports car behind, light shaving on the face, trousers and a half-open shirt will be appropriate.

    No need to take elegant poses at home, when everything is conducive to relaxation.

    Self Etiquette

    When taking a selfie, there are rules of etiquette, for example:

    • it’s considered indecent to take a photo in the restroom,
    • it’s better not to take pictures in a crowd of strangers, because strangers don’t want to be in the picture,
    • no need to take selfies during mourning rituals, funerals and in churches,
    • away you can take photos only with the permission of the owners,
    • being in the company of friends, you first need to take a group picture, and only then take a picture of yourself.

    Image Processing Rules

    A picture can be taken better using special processing. A quick way to decorate your photo is to use light filters such as Sepia or Black and White. You can use others, which are many in modern smartphones. With their help, they take pictures in retrostyle and select a color solution suitable for the format for the frame.

    In the photo, you can impose thematic labels, stickers, make collages. But to create spectacular shots, you need to know how to take selfies and process photos so that the image remains natural and attractive.


    This tool can be called differently, but use it to correct the figure. With it, buttocks are made more rounded, the waist is thinner, and the chest is more magnificent. But an attempt to make adjustments to the anatomy often results in a distortion of the background space, for example, a “floating” door jamb or a “swollen” tile. Such a photo will be an occasion for ridicule, not admiration.

    Plastic is good to use in places where no one will notice. For example, you can accurately correct a person’s figure if it is photographed against a plain background. It is also possible to improve the appearance of hair, the silhouette of clothes without visible consequences.

    Eye treatment

    To spoil a picture and make your eyes look abnormal is simple - you need to overdo it with sharpness and make the whites of the eyes brighter. It will appear as if a lamp is in the head. This zone must be handled carefully, creating minimal glare and accurate lightening, then everything will look natural.

    Is it worth it to take extreme selfies

    You can’t risk your life for a spectacular shot. But if extreme sport is a hobby, then you can take advantage of the situation. The main thing is that during shooting the concentration of attention does not decrease. So, for example, it is better to refuse a photo shoot during a parachute jump or descent along a mountain river, especially for beginners. Soberly assess the situation, potential danger and do not take risks for the sake of the picture.

    Observing all of the above tips and rules, you can learn how to take a selfie beautifully and correctly, to emphasize your advantages and create an interesting shot. But even knowing how to create perfect photos, you do not need to get too carried away with this occupation. It’s better to please your subscribers less often with a new snapshot so that they languish in anticipation.

    8 secrets of a successful selfie. Stars do it too.

    Today, photography has become a way of presenting and promoting yourself, your creativity or business. We take pictures to capture moments from life or develop our business, but in many situations it is easier and faster to photograph ourselves without any help. Who better than you yourself knows how to shoot you especially if you use all the tricks of a successful selfie. So, what are these secrets that will help you look beautiful in the photo?

    1. Light

    Correct light is no less than 60% success. In good light, your face looks best and the image quality is as good as possible. Perfect light - moderately bright and diffused. At home, it’s best to take pictures by facing the window. If on this day the scorching sun, you can curtain the window with a light tulle, which will soften the rays. Outdoor photos are best taken on a bright but cloudy day. The clouds scatter light according to the same principle as tulle. Indoors, it’s good when the light source is slightly on the side and above eye level, but the electric lighting is less natural.

    Of course, you need to build on your appearance. Perhaps you have long noticed when you get the best. If not, try shooting yourself, changing the position of your face a little with each shot. In most cases, the most successful angles are considered to be turning the head 3/4 and shooting from above or slightly above, i.e. the phone should be above eye level. Be sure to catch the light and do not turn against it. Many studies of facial asymmetries have revealed that the left side often looks fresher and younger. Check which side of your face is "working." Better not take off yourself from below. The risk of getting a second chin and a wide face is too great. You can get a very good shot by tilting the phone itself to one side. Thus, you will direct the viewer's eye on the picture in a slightly different way, which can play into your hands.

    Be sure to mask minor skin imperfections and bruises under the eyes. Usually the camera of the phone betrayed them treacherously. Beautiful skin best creates a pleasant photo experience. Ideally, you can do a full makeover. It is good to highlight the skin with a concealer or highlighter. So that the face does not look flat, cheekbones can be distinguished. Very effective shots are obtained if you focus on the lips, choosing a bright lipstick. Too lazy to be painted? Put on beautiful sunglasses that fit your shape and accentuate your lips.

    It’s good if you are remembered by some detail. Earrings, necklaces, glasses and other accessories can make very stylish selfies. Jessica Alba, for example, is very fond of taking photos in hats.

    5. Facial expression

    It’s better to forget about the dacface and smile pleasantly. Even when you don’t smile with your mouth, use the Tyra Banks trick and smile with your eyes. The emotion in the picture makes it very attractive. Take a selfie when you are in the mood. So the photos will be as natural as possible.

    Avoid frames with clutter in the background, gloomy passers-by and just those who want to ruin your photo. If something like this happened, and there’s no way to take a photo again, treat it with humor and write something funny under the photo. It’s even good if your outstretched arm doesn’t fall into the frame. In most cases, this does not look appropriate.

    7. Filters and retouching

    The better the picture (see paragraph 1), the more opportunities to process it. Very often in the process of processing the photo loses quality and the initially weak frame does not get better after retouching. Filters are more efficient. You can highlight a face or add an interesting effect. With a high-quality image, you can do everything in combination, successfully retouch and add a filter.

    8. More views and likes

    If you want to get more likes and views, publication time matters. Usually, activity spikes occur around 7-9 a.m., when users wake up and check the phone, 11-13, during work breaks and at 17-18, after the end of the working day. By uploading a photo at midnight in our time, America will be the target audience. Popular hashtags will also appeal to fans of relevant topics.

    And how often do you take a selfie? What are you doing to get good at the photo?

    By the way, in this article you can read how to get seductive in the photo.

    An open face and nothing more

    Raise your face up a little, direct the camera from above with a slight angle. Make sure that your shoulder looks natural, it is not visible that the arm is extended. Take a few frames from different angles - so you will find the one that definitely suits you. By the way, remember it: taking pictures with friends, it will turn out quickly to take a good pose, to get exactly on group pictures (which will be laid out without your knowledge).

    Direct look

    The original angles conceal a lot of dangers. You lift the camera a little higher - and now you are sending greetings to the photosets of almost a decade ago, when the girls massively took photographs from the bottom. It looked creepy, and since then nothing has changed in this.
    If the phone is a little lower, you can find a second (third, fourth ...) chin and giant cheeks. Anyway, the effect of "accidentally turning on the front camera" best describes the problem of photographing from below.

    Half turn

    Such a pose can help a lot of people - this is how you can hide the unloved shape of the face, nose. And besides, add variety to the same type of photograph. Watch carefully at what degree of rotation you should stop - half of your face, which is further from the camera, may be completely without light, and the shadow will fall so that bags under the eyes, nasolabial folds and other troubles magically appear.

    Selfie Poses in the Mirror

    If sometimes you take pictures at full height, remember the rules for selfie in the mirror.
    Standing relaxed and awkward is a bad idea. Everything is already aware that you are taking pictures, the effect of a random frame and “I didn’t want to do it at all” will not work here. Therefore, straighten up, straighten your shoulders, hold the phone just below your shoulder. Look at the phone screen - most likely, a look in the mirror in the photo will look creepy.

    Selfie Poses: Surely Against

    Avoid the hand “glued to the head” - if this looks interesting in ordinary photographs, it will be unnatural for a selfie.
    Make sure that the shoulder and the lifting hand are not visible - if you do not want to somehow beat this.
    Think through everything, to the last detail, change your poses and just enjoy the shoot, and then the selfie will bring you thousands of new “likes” every time.


    Acronym for “farmer's selfie”, but this does not mean that they are made only by farmers, although there are even specialized online communities of “selfies”. It is also photographing himself with his beloved animal - a dog, cat, lion, elephant - it does not matter.

    How to choose a perspective

    It is known that the human face is asymmetric, its right half is different from the left. Try several angles and stop at the most advantageous of them.

    The main rule - never take off yourself from below. This will provide you with a second chin, creases on the neck and a fuller face in general. Shooting from above will add you age. Try not to shoot yourself in full face. Otherwise, the camera will increase its nose, and you will get a funny, but completely ugly shot.

    The level of the camera is just above the eyes. This will emphasize their expressiveness - they will seem more open, wide open. In addition, a slight top view of the face will make its oval clearer. The head rotation in relation to the camera should be 25-40 °. From this angle, the chin line is emphasized.

    Tilt your head slightly to one side. It’s not necessary to look directly at the camera; some do not color this look. Take him a little to the side. And smile, smile! Sponges "bow" is no longer fashionable!

    The position of the camera from above allows you to capture in the frame and chest. Do you want to draw the attention of viewers to it? Press your elbows to it, this will emphasize the hollow. Success to your bust and photo as a whole is guaranteed.

    Demonstration of something new.

    Selfies are taken not only to show themselves, but also to update myself. Or a new hairstyle. Here, too, have to work hard. To focus on a new hairstyle, you again have to choose a favorable angle.

    To demonstrate new glasses you need to take a full-face photo, and to show new earrings - the view should be half-turn.

    Interesting facial expression

    Forget about static and strict expression. The pose should be lively and natural. If you're a beginner selfie photographer, practice in front of the mirror. Norma Jin would never be delicious Marilyn Monroeif I didn’t rehearse the naturalness of the pose in front of the mirror for hours. The same with facial expression. You can even learn to make funny faces.

    Selfies made with a good sense of humor are becoming increasingly popular in networks. Don't be afraid to be funny (or funny). Use fun accessories.

    To highlight one, in your opinion, the most attractive feature on your face, focus on it with cosmetics. Highlight the beautiful shape of the lips with bright lipstick, without highlighting the eyes and cheekbones. Or vice versa, if you want to highlight the eyes, apply a discreet lipstick, and emphasize the eyes with mascara and light shadows.

    Full-length photo

    Such photos are always taken from above. So the figure looks taller and slimmer. No need to stand at attention, heels together, socks apart. Take a seductive posture, slightly bending one leg. Lean slightly sideways towards the camera. Leverage the shoulder opposite the camera slightly forward. Just lower your free hand or put it in your waist. Such a pose will also make the figure slimmer. The most successful selfies in full growth are obtained in front of the mirror.

    Photos of legs and other parts of the body

    This is another “joke” among selfie fans. Here, too, have their own rules. Never remove your feet only from the ankle. Take your legs into the chamber from the middle of the thigh or from the knee. Then they will look slimmer and longer. Experiment with the position of the camera, remembering one thing - it should look straight down.

    In order to capture your own buttocks (belfi), you need to bend your back and lean forward slightly. It is better to shoot at the back and slightly from the side. Then even a not very impressive “fifth point” will look beautiful.

    Fashionable poses and stories

    Naturalness and ease are in fashion now. Welcome to the "cozy" selfie in the chair under the rug, hugging with your pet. Photos with wild animals, especially on vacation and especially with exotic ones. Photos taken as if by accident, that is, not staged.

    Selfies that convey genuine emotions. It is recommended to take such pictures when something amused you, amused you, made you laugh or, on the contrary, saddened you too.

    The latest trend in selfie is when hands are raised to the face, demonstrating impeccable manicure.

    How to shoot?

    Anything - ordinary cameras, tablets, smartphones, in a word, everything that has a camera. It is most convenient to do this with a smartphone that is equipped with two cameras - front and main. In addition, shooting on a smartphone is easier to do.It is easier to hold in one hand, this can be done very quickly, as soon as the opportunity or desire arose to photograph yourself.

    Front and rear cameras

    Typically, the front camera has a lower resolution than the main one, but it is on it that they take selfies, because it is more convenient to build a frame.

    To make satisfactory shots, a resolution of 2 MP is sufficient. Manufacturers, catching the trend, began to produce smartphones with a reinforced front widescreen camera. Moreover, recently the largest of them, for example Sony and HTC introduced selfies.

    The main camera is equipped with a flash, usually having several modes, as well as autofocus. It’s more difficult to take a selfie on it, it will require skill and experience building the composition. Usually it has a higher resolution (from 5 to 8 MP) and high-quality images are obtained.

    Selfie in the mirror

    One of the first selfie trends was photographing yourself in an elevator mirror - elevator look. It is being done now, but it is already considered boring and few people are impressive.

    But the photograph in front of the mirror is not limited only to this genre. This can be a full-length photo or only a face. There are two unshakable rules:

    • Do not block your face with your smartphone, keep it at chest level,
    • don’t look at the smartphone, look at yourself in the mirror, that’s how they will see you in the photo.

    Joint selfie

    Relfi - a photo with your loved one - is considered one of the most annoying types of selfies, but, nevertheless, one of the most popular. To get a good photo, you need to consider the following:

    • avoid accuracy in the photo,
    • make sure that the persons are at the same level (as far as possible),
    • choose a photogenic angle for faces (if you are already an experienced “selfie”, you know in which angle your face looks most attractive),
    • Before you press the shutter, make sure that the eyes of all participants are open,
    • to diversify your selfie by inviting friends,
    • remember the focus and consider the minimum shooting distance for your camera,
    • check in what form surrounding objects fall into the frame (whether branches stick out from behind the partner’s head, etc.),
    • find an interesting background.

    You do not take a photo of the public, but as a keepsake, so do not strive for high artistry. The main thing is that the photo warms your soul.

    Interference in the frame

    They can ruin any photo. If you take a selfie at home, choose a time when you can’t get in the way of small children who suddenly appear in the background. If this is not a selfie with your favorite cat, then put it out of the room at the time of shooting.

    Taking pictures on the street, choose a place where a random passer-by cannot occur. In order not to have a sports or children's playground near where the ball might come from or playful horns may arise above your head.

    Pay close attention to unwanted neighbors in the frame on vacation, especially on the beach. Otherwise, your pretty face may be in close proximity to the hairy legs of a tourist sunbathing nearby.

    Filter overlay

    You can improve the photo by applying light filters. Usually these options are already embedded in smartphones. The simplest and most common of them are Sepia and Black and white. Try an experiment and apply all the options available for this on your phone. Using a light filter, you can take a retro-style photo, play with the brightness of the image. Choose what is right for each particular shot.

    One of the powerful photo editors is Afterlight. With it, you can change the illumination, brightness, sharpness and contrast. It is perfect for fixing failed shots.


    To correct or improve the image, there are many applications. In particular, these are the programs:

      Cymera for Andro> Company Instagram released a new program for creating collages Layout. It is good because it automatically sorts the photos accumulated in the smartphone. A collage can be formed of 9 photos, and the application will offer you several options.

    Overlay effects

    Do not like boring photos and have a good sense of humor? There are several applications for you that will bring your creative ideas to life:

    • Fantasy - you can choose a fun animation effect, make a collage or video clip,
    • Cam up - you can impose funny "chips", do hairstyles and supply the picture with a variety of effects,
    • Snapdash - offers more than one and a half thousand scenarios for your photos,
    • Masquerade - This is an application that allows you to impose on the image various masks - animals, horror stories, clownish. Now in the application there are only about 15, but the developers promise more. It allows you to create animations. It is very funny to send a video message to a friend with the overlay of such an animated mask.

    Self-Etiquette Standards

    Selfie is not always appropriate. In order not to offend anyone’s feelings, remember situations when a selfie is taboo or you can do it only with permission:

    • bad shots in the toilet
    • don’t do “crossbow” surrounded by a large number of people - not everyone wants to remain in the memory of your friends, but they can accidentally get into the frame,
    • refrain from photographing during funerals, mourning ceremonies, in churches,
    • visiting - only with the permission of the owners,
    • in the company of friends, first invite everyone to participate in a selfie, and only then take an individual photo
    • And, of course, observing safety rules is important - remember how many extreme selfies you saw that ended tragically. After all, you are not taking pictures for this!

    Good luck and good stylish photos!

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