Long hair is one of the best female jewelry granted by nature itself. It’s hard to care for them, but the result is worth it, because a luxurious braid or other beautiful female hairstyle with long hair immediately attracts delighted attention to its owner.

However, some girls in their love of hair go beyond the reasonable. They grow their hair year after year to become famous, to hide any defects on the scalp or for some other reason.

We present you a photo of people with the longest hair in the world.

10. Baby Canko

Hair Length - Unknown.

This touching Japanese girl, who has over 390,000 followers on Instagram, is unique in that she was born with a luxurious “lion” mane. Usually this length and density of hair happens at a later age, but Canko was lucky.

Thanks to a mop of shiny black hair, not only ordinary people, but Pantene bosses drew attention to her. And she appeared in an advertisement along with Japanese celebrity Sato Kondo, who is aging beautifully and is not ashamed to show off her graying hair.

9. Stefania Smirnaya

Hair length - 1.1 meters.

In 2017, a small resident of Stavropol got into the Russian Book of Records as a girl with the longest hair at the age of 10. At that time, the length of her curls was 117 centimeters.

8. The Seven Sutherland Sisters

The total hair length is 14 meters (according to other sources - 11 meters).

Sometimes hair can bring wealth and glory, as seven girls born in the family of a poor priest have shown throughout America. They were given the names:

Their mother adored long hair, and regularly washed their daughters' heads with a means of their own manufacture, which was supposed to enhance the growth and density of their curls. The product smelled foul, which made peers laugh at the sisters. But it worked, and each of the girls could boast of wavy, silky and very long hair.

Already in their teens, the seven Sutherland sisters, with the blessing of their father, began performing in various freak shows, touring the United States. At the same time, they did not just show everyone their hair, but acted as singers and couplets. They became fabulously wealthy by the standards of the 19th century, and their enterprising father patented his wife's hair tonic and started selling for a lot of money.

Unfortunately, the end of the Sutherland Sisters Corporation was sad. In the 20s of the last century, short haircuts entered the American fashion, and the tonic began to bring less and less income. The head of the family passed away and the sisters, who relied on his commercial ideas, did not know what to do next. The final blow was dealt by a fire that destroyed the posh house of Sutherland. And all that remains of the once famous Rapunzel family is a photo of the longest hair in the Wild West.

7. Nilani Patel

Hair length - 1, 8 meters.

Seventeen-year-old Nilanshi Patel, nicknamed "Indian Rapunzel," has not cut her hair for 10 years. And this decision led her to the Guinness World Record: the teenager has the longest hair.

Patel, who lives in the Indian state of Gujarat, began to continuously grow her hair after an unsuccessful haircut at six.

She recalls how she cried because she was badly trimmed, and then decided that she would no longer cut her hair. Today, her thick, wavy hair reaches her ankles, and looks like a dark river flowing down her back.

Patel says that she washes her hair once a week, and, surprisingly, she only needs half an hour to dry her hair. And combing takes at least an hour.

“Mom helps me braid and comb my hair,” says Nilanshi, explaining that parents always supported her decision to grow her hair. The girl braids her hair in a long braid or puts her hair in a “bun” and claims that they do not prevent her from leading an active lifestyle and even playing sports.

6. Neither Linmei

Hair length - 2.5 meters.

Either the climate in China is conducive to hair growth, or the local cuisine, but in our selection there are just three people from the Middle Kingdom. And Nie Linmei is the shortest of them.

She has grown her hair for 14 years and is very proud of this fact. She was often offered to cut them off and make a wig for big money, but the Chinese woman always refused.

5. Asha Mandela

Hair length - 2.6 meters.

A native of Trinidad and Tobago earned the nickname "Black Rapunzel", because since 2008 she has been the holder of the Guinness World Record for "The Longest Dreadlocks in the World."

Mandela first began to grow curls at the age of about 20 years after she moved from Trinidad and Tobago to New York and thought of a more natural hairstyle.

“When I first started, it was more like a spiritual journey that had nothing to do with fashion or fame,” the International Business Times quoted Mandela as saying.

However, over the years, wearing so much hair on your head has turned into a real feat. To maintain their beautiful appearance, Asha has to wash them once a week, using up to six bottles of shampoo for one wash. And dreadlocks dry within two days.

Doctors worry about Asha’s health because she has already suffered two heart attacks, and the weight of her hair puts pressure on her head and spine, bending him. However, Mandela has no desire to cut her hair, as this would "be tantamount to suicide."

4. Tatyana Pismennaya

Hair length - 2.75 meters.

We indicated the maximum length of the braid of the longest-haired woman in Russia. However, Tatyana could not go long with hair of this length. They dragged themselves along the ground, could catch on something, and in public transport passengers stepped on them repeatedly.

Therefore, Tatyana cut her hair to two meters in length. And while they are still longer than 99% of the world's population.

3. Ake Yizheng

Hair length - 5.5 meters.

This Chinese gentleman is the visible embodiment of what will happen if you do not cut your hair for 50 years or more. According to Ake, he stopped cutting his hair at the age of 23, and that was in the late 70s of the last century. He was even offered more than three thousand yuan if he parted with excessively long vegetation on his head, but Ake refused.

However, long hair is not at all synonymous with "groomed". Twice a month, Yizheng visits a hairdresser, where his hair is washed and his hair is put in order. This takes at least three hours, and 2-3 hairdressers participate in the procedure.

It is curious that Ake Yizheng’s record is not officially registered, as well as his predecessor - a Vietnamese named Tran Van Hei. In the photo of the longest hair in the world, this elderly man is more reminiscent of a victim of a giant snake wrapped around him. The length of his hairstyle was 6 meters and weighed more than 10 kilograms.

In 2010, Tran Wang Hei died of natural causes at the age of 79.

2. Xie Qiuping

Hair length - 5.6 meters.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the longest hair in women belongs to a Chinese woman who began to grow it from 1973, from 13 years of age.

Her record was set back in 2004 and since then no owner of a long head of hair could even get closer to the length of her hair Xie Qiuping.

“This is not a problem at all. I’m used to it, ”Xie Qiuping said and added that she always has to stand straight to keep her head under the weight of her hair.

1. Savjibhai Ratva

Hair length - 15 meters.

We are used to the fact that long hair is the prerogative of women. However, as you see, in the list of the longest-haired people in the world, men successfully compete with the ladies for the palm. So a resident of India has grown the longest hair among the living men, even if this is not yet recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.

Ratva takes great care of his diet so that his hair receives the necessary nutrition and grows well. He only eats vegetarian, homemade food and tries to avoid spicy foods.

“I intend to apply for this (getting into the Guinness Book of Records) if someone calls me to help with the process,” he said. Fortunately, the local non-profit organization agreed to help him with all the documentation. If Savjibhai Ratva successfully submits an application, he has a good chance of winning the title of the man with the longest hair on Earth.


In most ordinary people, strands can grow to a maximum of 70-110 cm, even if they are never cut. This is due to the peculiarities of their life cycle: the ringlets grow most rapidly at a young age, this process gradually slows down. When the strands reach a mark of about 1 meter, their growth will almost completely stop. When the hair grows further, then we are talking about a deviation from the norm. It turns out that record long strands are a rather rare and even anomalous phenomenon.

Who has the longest hair in the world? Here is a list of famous people who became the heroes of the Guinness Book of Records.


The official record holder is a resident of China, Xie Quiping. She grows her hair almost all her life, and she did the last haircut when she was a child. Her record was recorded in the Guinness Book in 2004, and at that time her hair was 562 cm long.

According to unofficial data, the Chinese woman was overtaken by an inhabitant of one of the Indian monasteries, the hair length reaches almost 8 meters (more precisely 792 cm). However, there are no reliable and documented facts on this issue, since a woman is hiding from prying eyes behind the walls of her monastery.

Another Chinese woman became famous and got into the Guinness Book of Records thanks to her hair - this is Dai Yue Qin. A woman has been growing her hair since she was 14 years old, she began to do this in order to take part in various competitions. When the curls reached the mark of 3 meters, Dai Yue Qin began to win in national and international tournaments. In 2001, she moved to the United States, it was then that she was able to officially register and confirm her record in the Guinness Book, according to official information, her hair length was 420 cm. According to some data, today the curls have already grown to 5.6 meters.

It takes a lot of time to care for the longest curls - every day about 2 hours it takes only to comb, the washing process takes more than 5 hours, this procedure has to be done every 2 weeks.

Not just the longest hair in the world, but the longest locks braided in dreadlocks belong to American Ashe Mandela. Thanks to this fact, the woman received the nickname "Black Rapunzel". A resident of Atlanta got into the Guinness book in 2008, according to measurements made, the result was 5 m 94 cm, and one dreadlock exceeded this value by almost 3 times, its length reaches almost 17 meters (1694 cm).

Asha admits that she began to grow her hair more than 30 years ago when she moved from Latin America to New York. It is very difficult to take care of such dreadlocks, the total weight of the hairstyle is 11 kg, which is why the poor fellow even bent his spine. The record holder washes her long hair once a week, while spending 6 bottles of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner each time. Then she dries the dreadlocks, and it takes her two days. What can you do for the sake of beauty and popularity!

The story of the seven Sutherland sisters is interesting. Girls lived in the 19th century. and were considered the owners of the longest hair. They were engaged in music and in order to attract the public to their performances, they decided to grow such strands and therefore did not cut them. The total length of the curls of all the sisters reached 11 meters.

Nowadays, there is also a family of record holders - this is a resident of the United States Terelin Russell and her three daughters. The woman herself managed to grow her hair 180 cm, a little later her children repeated this record. The whole family likes to take part in all kinds of carnivals and competitions, competing with other owners of long hair.


Not only ladies manage to become famous for unusually long curls, representatives of the strong half also become champions. For example, Tran Wai Hai, a resident of Vietnam, did not cut his hair for many years, explaining that he had painful headaches during this procedure. Unfortunately, there is no official information about the exact length of his head of hair, since the Vietnamese passed away without having time to fix his result. According to various sources, the hair of the Vietnamese reached 7 meters.

Relatives of Tran Wai Hai say that he did not care for his strands at all, he simply wrapped them around his head like a Turkish turban and never washed. Perhaps such a hairstyle helped the man in his profession, giving the image a special flavor, since he was engaged in healing by non-traditional methods.

The previous and officially registered owner of the longest hair was Thai resident Hu Sateo, his hair reached a length of 579 cm. In 2001, a man died due to a stroke, according to his fellow tribesmen, he himself called for death, as he allowed numerous tourists to photograph his hair . According to the beliefs of this people, in this way a person flaunts his personal life.

The owner of the highest Iroquois in the world is a Japanese named Kazuhiro Watanabi, his hairstyle reaches a length of 113 cm. In a loose form, the hair falls below the knees. He grew his hair for more than 15 years, thanks to which he managed to break the previous record.


Natasha Moraes is a resident of Brazil who managed to grow her hair 150 cm long by the age of 12 years. She was very difficult for the girl to make hair - daily, more than 1.5 hours had to be spent on combing, and more than $ 50 a month was needed for shampoo, despite the fact that the family was pretty the poor. Another complication is that at home it was impossible to turn on the fan, as the curls could simply get confused in its blades, and in Brazil it is very hot.

As a result, Natasha nevertheless decided to cut her strands, although during the process, by her own admission, the girl sobbed. But this moment fundamentally changed the life of the whole family - they managed to sell the cut hair for $ 5,000, and a large house was built with the money raised, in which, by the way, an air conditioner was installed instead of a fan. Now Natasha spends about 5 minutes on washing her hair.

American schoolgirl Amy Chays has been growing hair since birth, and today their length exceeds a meter. The girl’s further plans are interesting - she is going to still grow her curls, and then cut them off and donate to a special fund that produces wigs for children who have lost hair for various reasons.


The longest hair in our country belongs to Tatyana Pismennaya, her locks reach a length of 270 cm.According to the woman herself, in childhood, her parents did not allow her to cut her curls, now they are children, and her husband even set an ultimatum in this case to part with her. However, the whole family helps Tatyana take care of luxurious hair, and you have to spend quite a lot of time on it - about 4 hours for washing your hair and 6-12 hours for drying your hair.

Not many people can grow long hair; for this, patience, perseverance, a lot of time and effort are needed. Becoming a record holder is even fewer people. Someone considers this to be too much, someone admires such hair, in any case, such a hairstyle will not remain without attention.

Women with the longest hair: China and India

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the longest hair in the world among women is Chinese Xie Quiping. The length of the braid of this Rapunzel from the Middle Kingdom is 563 cm. The woman grew curls for as long as 40 years.All this time, the lady never visited a hairdresser, taking on all the care of her hair.

A girl washes her hair once every 30 days, because this process takes all day. And you also need a bottle of shampoo and the same amount of conditioner.

The second record holder for hair length is an Indian nun. It is known that her braid reaches 792 centimeters. However, a woman is far from this bustling world, so neither her photo nor exact data about herself can be found on the Internet.

Finishes the top three long-haired beauties Chinese Nina Linmei. For 13 years, a woman has grown a scythe 2.5 meters long. At the same time, the girl has two young children, but motherhood did not interfere with hair regrowth.

In order to comb the curls and braid the braid, the girl has to get up on the stool, otherwise the hair will touch the ground and get dirty. Laying hair every day takes a lot of time. Neither Linmei lives in Shangxi in Taiyuan. A woman regularly receives an offer to cut her hair and sell it. But the Chinese woman does not agree.

The longest dreadlocks

Asha Mandela's hair length is 17 meters. This amazing woman lives in the USA. She is over 50 years old. Caring for such curls is a very time-consuming process, so Asha decided to make her life easier and braids her hair in dreadlocks. However, even in a braided state, curls require a lot of attention, for example, it takes to wash the head all day, and to dry - two days.

The total weight of the dreadlocks is 17 kilograms. Because of this weight, Asha's spine often hurts. Doctors strongly recommend cutting off luxurious hair. According to doctors, due to such a load on the back and neck, an intervertebral hernia may occur, which will lead to paralysis. But the woman is categorically against: hair has become her integral part.

Asha was able to save dreadlocks even in difficult times when she was undergoing chemotherapy: the girl was ill with oncology. Her hair remained with her during the rehabilitation period after two strokes and myocardial infarction.

The girl became popular in 2009. Then the Guinness Book of Records declared it as the owner of the longest hair in the world. Great interest arose in the young woman. The most rated publications wrote about it.

10. Natasha Maers - 1.5 m

Let's start our selection with Natasha, who lives in the country of carnivals - in Brazil. She grew her locks for a long time, more than 12 years. At first it was hard for her to cope with them - so that they did not touch the floor and did not collect dust, the girl had to support them.

Just imagine, combing her curls with Natasha took about 2 hours! In addition, I had to spend money on shampoo (long hair requires more shampoo. Since this girl is from a poor family, this hit income).

Interesting fact: the girl decided to cut her hair, but sobbed at the hairdresser in the process of cutting. Hair Natasha Maers sold for $ 5,000, with this money her parents began the construction of a new house.

Can hair grow throughout life

As popular wisdom says, "hair is not teeth, it will grow back." Indeed, human hair grows throughout life. In childhood, 13-14 mm per month, in an adult - 15 mm, and by old age, the growth rate decreases to 8-10 mm per month.

Note! In spring and summer, hair grows faster because heat and solar activity stimulate hair follicles.

If we take the average life expectancy, then a simple arithmetic calculation will show - you can grow hair 30 meters long. However, as practice shows, not everyone is given to grow even a meter-long hair. In the vast majority of people, hair grows up to 80-90 cm - and their growth in length stops.

There are processes that prevent the growth of that scythe, which rightfully falls into the Guinness Book of Records for the longest hair:

  • the hair bulb is aging
  • the amount of nutrients in the hair is reduced,
  • the hair follicle migrates to the upper layer of the skin and soon falls out.

It's important to know! Old hair is permanently replaced with new, so we can say that hair grows throughout life - just replacing each other quantitatively. But their growth in length will sooner or later reach its limit.

Therefore, the Guinness Book of Records the longest hair and therefore puts it on its lists, since not everyone is given to grow a braid several meters, even with all desire.

The girl with the longest hair

The child who had the longest hair on the planet lives in Brazil (the Guinness Book of Records recorded this record). Her name is Natasha. The girl grew a braid for 12 years, that is, from birth, just like the biblical hero Samson. Natasha’s hair length was 150 centimeters, and the girl’s height was 160 centimeters.

Each month, the child’s family spent $ 50 on girl’s hair care products. For parents it was a very large amount. In addition, a long braid delivered a lot of inconvenience to the child himself. The locks were constantly confused, for their washing more and more time was required.

Natasha solved the problem once and for all: she went to a beauty salon and cut her chic hair, and then sold it for 5 thousand dollars. Now the family is building a big mansion with this money. As the girl admits, at first she was sad that she was no longer Rapunzel, but over time the future lady realized that life with short hair became easier.

9. Anna Yanko - 2, 21 m

At Anna Yanko stunning blonde hair that she has been growing for 30 years. To rinse them well, Anna uses a glass of shampoo at a time somewhere, she never uses a hairdryer.

The girl set a record in Ukraine - before that everyone asked her: “Why do you need such long hair?” But after the set record, Anna stopped asking this question.

The girl has been growing hair since school years, and she never had the desire to cut it. Anna never goes to the hairdresser - she herself knows how to handle her hair better.

Guinness World Records longest hair on a woman's head

The title of women with the longest hair today is shared by two ladies, a Chinese woman and an American. In the latter, the hair is braided in dreadlocks, so the absolute length of the hair in a loose state could be more.

Guinness Book of Records - the longest hair belongs to Chinese Xie Quiping

5.9 m. And one dreadlock 16 m long!

Chinese Xie QuipingAmerican Ashu Mandela
What is the length of the Guinness World Records record for the longest hair
How many years did they grow42 years old, have never had a haircut since 13 years old30
How often do you have to wash your hair2 times a month, shampoo consumption - 4-5 bottles at a time4 times a month, hair after drying for 2 more days
Problems associated with this hair lengthDifficulties only in leavingVery heavy weight. In dry form, more than 10 kg, after washing - up to 15 kg. This creates a big burden on the upper parts of the spine, so doctors advise Ashe to get rid of the record braid.

Russian record

The owner of the longest braid lives in Volgograd. This is forty-year-old Tatyana Pismennaya. Her hair is 270 centimeters. Tatyana has not cut her hair for many years. As a child, she was not allowed to cut her curls with her mother and grandmother, and when the girl grew up, she herself did not want to part with luxurious hair.

8. None Linmei - 2.5 m

Many dream of long and luxurious hair, but Nor Linmei and you don’t have to do it, because her dream is a reality.

A native of China was repeatedly offered to cut her hair to make a wig out of them, of course, they offered good money for them, only Nie Linmei refused. And it can be understood! How can you refuse such excellent hair? In addition, she spent a lot of time growing them - more than 14 years, and is proud of her endurance.

A Chinese woman carefully monitors her hair and combes it for several hours.

Guinness Book of Records the longest hair in a man

Until 2001, Hmong Hu Sa Theo, who lived in Thailand, was the record holder for hair length. The Guinness Book of Records the longest hair of a man at that time recorded at around 5 m 79 cm! Hu Sa Theo was very proud of his hair, he was pleased to participate in television programs, photo shoots with tourists and in interviews with reporters, showing his amazing hair.

And this is precisely what, according to fellow tribesmen, misfortune came upon itself. According to the beliefs of the Hmong people, the demonstration of hair, as an intimate part of the body, attracts disease. So the champion suddenly died sixteen years ago from a stroke.

However, his record was soon broken. The first place on the podium of the Guinness Book of Records for the longest hair of a man took TranVai Hai. Vietnamese have not cut their hair for more than 30 years.

TranVai Khai, while still a young man, noticed that after cutting, he became more and more sick. As an adherent of traditional medicine (and he himself was a local healer), TranVai Hai went the most simple and acceptable way - he stopped cutting his hair at all. And so the champion’s hair has grown to 6 m 80 cm, which are still unattainable.

However, for such a long period, hair is not only an industry, but also lost any aesthetic appearance. In the absence of sufficient hygienic conditions in a distant Vietnamese village, caring for six to seven meter hair is very difficult.

The appearance of the record-holder hair began to resemble a long rope of felted felt. The Vietnamese curled hair around his head like a turban.

He would have lived in the northern latitudes, the need for a hat would have disappeared entirely. But in a humid and hot Asian country, wearing such hair was very, very difficult.

Five years ago, the champion died at the age of 70. Whether such long hair affected the deterioration of his health is unknown. But TranVai Khai still holds the palm in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest hair in men. What can I say - men rarely have such an outstanding head of hair to fall into the books of records.

7. Asha Mandela - 2, 6 m

Asha Mandela - a woman born in an island state received the nickname "Black Rapunzel", And there is an explanation for this. In 2008, a woman won the Guinness World Record for "The longest dreadlocks in the world».

She first became interested in hair regrowth at age 20 when she moved to NewYork Asha Mandela once shared with the famous newspaper: “When I started to grow my hair, it was a kind of spiritual journey, it had nothing to do with fame or fashion».

Over the years, wearing such an amazing hairstyle on your head has become a feat! To wash the hair, it took 6 bottles of shampoo at a time, and the dreadlocks dry for two days.

Guinness Book of Records the longest hair in children

The record for the longest hair in children was recorded in the recent past in Brazil. The 12-year-old girl Natasha Moraes has hair branches up to 1.5 m! For the girl, this length created constant problems in care. For their low-income families, spending a few bottles of shampoo on just one hair wash has become a very expensive item.

In addition, the hair was constantly confused, interfered with walking: with the growth of Natasha 160 cm, one and a half meter hair almost dragged along the ground. It took several hours to comb the braids. Parents could not even use a fan at home (a very important item in a tropical climate) - the hair swelled in all directions, they were confused.

In the end, the record holder and her parents made a sad, but reasonable decision - they had to cut the matchless hair. However, a magnificent braid of unprecedented length was not in vain. The Moraes family sold their hair, and with the proceeds they were able to buy a new, more comfortable housing.

Be careful and careful! Long hair in children is, without a doubt, beautiful. And many parents would like their child to be in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest hair among children.

However, with unformed physical development, several additional kilograms of fine hair weight can adversely affect the children's spine and provoke scoliosis.

6. Tatyana Pismennaya - 2.75 m

A resident of Volgograd Tatyana Pismennaya It boasts beautiful and healthy hair. In the care of the luxurious mane, the woman helped her family, because the procedures took almost half a day. Tatyana had to wash her hair thoroughly, spending at least 4 hours on it, and how much it took to comb - you can only guess ...

However, it became difficult to walk with them, so the woman cut them to a length of two meters. Even so, her hair is still longer than 99% of the world's population!

Guinness World Records longest hair in Russia

The owner of the longest Russian hair is Tatyana Pismenaya. A resident of Volgograd has a scythe 2 meters long 70 cm.

Of course, like with other record holders, hair care of such a length is a big job for Tatiana. She washes her hair for 4 hours, dries for 10 hours and combes them another half. The whole family helps her in hair care - from her husband to young children. Washing your hair in this mode is possible no more than once every 2 weeks.

At the same time, Tatyana does not want to rest on her laurels and plans to grow her hair further, and perhaps not far off, and the Guinness World record for the longest hair.

5. Ake Yizheng - 5.5 m

Ake Yizhen - A native of China, he said that he had stopped cutting his hair since he was young - from 23 years old, that is, it was in the late 70s. Over three thousand yuan were offered for his hair, but Ake did not like this idea.

Ake Yizheng carefully monitors his vegetation on his head - a couple of times a month he visits a hairdresser, where rich vegetation is washed and combed for about three hours.

Interesting fact: Ake Yizheng began to grow hair not out of a whim, but thought it was good for his health. Interestingly, according to esotericism, hair has a protective function.

4. Dai Yue Qin - 4.20 m

Hair of unimaginable length belongs to a Chinese woman, who began to grow them in her youth - from the age of 14. Thanks to her hair, the woman got into the Guinness Book of Records in 2001.

It’s scary to imagine how Dai Yue Qin walks with such long hair, because it is not safe. However, she says that her hair and caring for them have become familiar to her, but she always has to keep straight so that her head does not fall under the weight of her hair.

In general, a woman needs 7 hours to take care of her hair - 5 of them she spends on washing, and two on combing.

Guinness World Records longest hair - photo

The stories of all the champions clearly show one thing - to get into the Guinness Book of Records, having grown the longest hair in any of the categories, these are daily inconveniences in handling giant hair, exhausting work to care for it and even direct harm to health due to the mass of grown braids, which the normal human spine is not designed for!

Long hair in recent years has become one of the most relevant trends: who can, he grows them, who can’t - grows. Unfortunately, hair grows only to a fixed length, although their quantitative growth is continuous. Therefore, people whose hair is measured in meters are amazing.

This is not to say that they are lucky - care for such hair is laborious, and the weight of the hair can be harmful to health. However, their amazing result is worthy of inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records.

Guinness Book of Records - the longest hair in this video:

The longest hair in the world in this video:

3. Xie Quiping - 5.63 m

Another Chinese woman who got into the Guinness Book of Records. She refused to cut her hair and began to grow it from her youth - since 1973, at that time she was 13 years old.

According to her, she was used to such voluminous hair, but she would not advise others to experiment in a similar way.Caring for hair as long as the Chinese woman notes is not a task for the faint of heart.

Interesting fact: a life Xie Quiping it was not always cloudless - she was not hired for work because of her hair, and the suitors seemed to be more delighted with them, and not from herself. Fortunately, her life has now improved. A woman makes good money by creating calligraphy inscriptions at events.

2. Tran Wang Hai - 6.8 m

Tran Wang Hai - a resident of Vietnam, for 50 years has never touched the scissors. Not surprisingly, his hair began to resemble more a piece of a huge felt. It is easy to guess how difficult it was to keep track of such hair, but Tran Wang Hai did it himself, spending a lot of time on it.

But, despite this, the old man did not sit idle - he was engaged in alternative medicine, and he did it quite well. Tran Wai Hai did not take money for his services. The man died at the age of 79.

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