Nose wing piercing - Negative reviews

I did a nose piercing at a conscious age (a rush cannot be attributed to a transitional period or youthful quirks).

When I lived in my city, I did not think about such things, but at 23 I moved to the Cultural Capital, and there, in addition to the cultural side, of course, young people are more progressively developed than in the provinces.

I lived with a neighbor working in a beauty salon, a girl 4 years younger than me, she had pierced six or more ear piercings, and a nose. I liked it, she had a very good earring in her nose, but before that I had no friends with piercings and I began to wonder whether it hurts, how quickly heals, etc.

After a while, on March 8, she called me to her salon for a tanning session, and then offered to give me a nose piercing as a holiday gift.

I agreed

In this salon, a doctor worked as a cosmetologist, they put me on a chair, the girl showed me options for earrings, I chose an earring with the shape of the letter "G" with a blue stone, this is the most common form of piercing earrings. Then they rubbed my nose with an antiseptic, I began to pour questions. The doctor replied that the puncture was almost painless, it’s more painful to put the earring into the catheter. I chose the left wing of the nose.

A puncture is made with a needle inside which a catheter (hollow plastic tube) is located, it remains in the hole, then an earring is inserted into it.

Sensations during a puncture - dull pain, passes very quickly, the nose begins to burn. The doctor did not anesthetize my nose.

PThen the longest stage begins - you need to insert the earring. This is where the nose is held and the nostril is pulled and they push and push the letter G, okay, the earring would be straight, stuck it all, but there is a turn and it is most painful to push it, in fact, it all takes a couple of minutes, and all together 7 and you already with a leaky nose consider beauty in the mirror.

After the procedure, the doctor gave RECOMMENDATIONS, their essence is as follows -

1. Rinse the puncture site with the chlorhexidine solution from the mucosa

2. Apply ointment “Levomekol” to the puncture site

3. Carefully move the earring in different directions, so that the ointment gets into the channel

4. Perform these procedures 2-3 times a day (I did 5 times), for 14 days.

5. Do not remove the earring until it is completely healed - otherwise the puncture will be instantly delayed.

After a puncture, the nose swells, it’s painful to touch, swelling lasts a day or two.
Then, it is very important not to use a terry towel or to gently pat your face, it is very easy for them to pull the earring out of their nose.

I constantly washed and smeared my nose, but I know people who did not do anything and the result was no worse. In a week, everything is already normal. I was told that the nose will heal in a month, and then it will be possible to change the earring.

Sitting and fooling around, a month later I pulled the earring and it slipped out of my nose. I did not succeed in refueling it until my neighbor, taught by bitter experience, came and put everything in its place. The nose was swollen again, blood oozing, healing went in the second round.

Three more months passed, I still couldn’t take out my earring, but when I arrived in my historical homeland I decided to buy a gold earring with a fianiom.

The purchase was made the day before departure, having come home in the evening, my mother and I began to insert an earring. It was something with something.

The earring did not want to be inserted, three hours passed (it was 11am, and I had a train at 9am), I was sitting with a huge nose, like a movie about a little pig girl Penelope. Tears and (sorry) snot flowed in streams. I did everything carefully, but the inexperience of inserting such curved pieces into my nose played a bad joke with me.

In the morning I got up with a swollen, painful, bloody huge nose without an earring. I was very afraid that until I get to Peter the piercing will be delayed and I will have to do the puncture again.

In the morning, I, headlong, running into the underpass, where we sell all sorts of things, there I bought a straight earring, which is with me to this day.

After that, I did not try to insert anything else into my nose.

About three years have passed, and if they tell you that the piercing "heals" in a few months, do not believe it, I only six months ago was able to painlessly remove the earring from my nose, but it still blushes.

Do I regret piercing ?!Not. I do not regret it, but I'm going to take it off at 30. Once, I saw a nose piercing at a cashier in a supermarket, she was well over 50. It seems to me that this is somehow more for young people.

I advise you, if you decide to get a piercing, do it in the salon and at the doctor, and not at self-taught or tattooed bearded uncles.

Simple example, a friend did piercing in a dubious tattoo parlor, she was punctured at the wrong angle (the earring does not lie on the wing of the nose) constantly protrudes for everything that hurts, and does not look very beautiful.

Negative reviews

It hurts somewhere for a second or two, my friend pierced me at home ((it didn’t hurt at all, it was just unpleasant to touch my nose for a day somewhere, I walked with a pierced nose for a week and took off (because she said mch, which at that moment was in another city, and he said that he would kill me if I ruined my face), after I removed the wound, it completely passed in a week, there was not even a scar))

I had the same problem. But I revealed it at an early stage. And I hasten to share. After a puncture of the nose wing, everything had already healed, and so I bought myself a tiny earring with a white gold collar and finally put it on for a little less than a month and the puncture started to hurt, and then I discovered this keloid from it and the pain and earring shifted . In short, what I began to do I had LEVOMECOL ointment. I applied the brain with a fat dance to the puncture directly to the place where the earring and this hateful pimple all the time until you need to go out and especially at night fatter. It began to dry out and did not grow and soon the pain passed and this not pleasant keloid. But for control, I continued to process with Meromistin for another three weeks and lubricate only overnight. Now I have a beautiful, even puncture.


I will not recommend anyone but ladies, and that is within reasonable limits.


Harm to health, suppuration, holes for life.

Nothing better than piercing does not reflect the realities of the modern saying "Fashion is the concept of freaks about beauty."
The fashion industry does not spare even children.
The procedure itself is simple, but it requires an antiseptic in a large child and basic hygiene.
Among the people there are beliefs according to which people who pierced 2 ears are women. People piercing only the right ear - people of non-traditional sexual orientation (holey?)
The very procedure for piercing the earlobe is not very painful, if you want, you can just buy a special earring, which charges the puncture machine, wash your hair, buy hydrogen peroxide and pierce the ear for evil parents saving 250 rubles per puncture.
If the young intellectual is not enough to pierce the lobe, and he decides to pierce the ear cartilage. oddly enough, here things are a little different (I do not know for the worse or for the better)
The fact is that the cartilage can overgrow “on top” of the puncture, but it also has the property of deforming due to the initial earring. Running your hand over the once smooth ear, you will feel something like a subcutaneous scar left for you probably for life.
When childhood stops playing in one place and you want to remove the suspended medical metal, it suddenly turns out that dirt will remain inevitably clogged in the holes left after the punctures, small abscesses in the place of the old punctures will become something like the norm (not very noticeable if you do not touch them, but and there is no pleasant).
Fortunately, personally, my head turned on all the same, and on the above, the degradation process stopped and was turned in the opposite direction.
Having gained my mind, I think that the “norm” for piercing (for us, Europoids) will be only 2 punctures in women in the earlobe, and that as “the desire to stand out from the crowd” (not like piercing).
Take into account and make a decision.


it looks good in my opinion


when an earring clings very painfully, it’s not convenient to carry out exercises, if you cling strongly to something, it may end badly

For a very long time I wanted to get a piercing for myself, I dreamed of piercing my belly button. And so, as my friend made it, I became even more passionate and the next day I went to the tattoo parlor. It was painful enough to pierce, well, in principle, everyone has different ways, some even lose consciousness from such a process. For everything I gave 500r. At first I really liked it, I was happy, I looked in the mirror all the time. But if suddenly an earring clung to a sweater or something else, I felt a hell of pain. In addition, playing sports was not very convenient, since some exercises became impossible to perform! In general, it was pretty hard! And in the end I had to remove the earring, which I have no regrets at all. Only money, sorry, down the drain.

Neutral reviews

at 12, I wanted to pierce my nose, but was afraid of pain, as I had read a lot, and the desire somehow disappeared. later my friend pierced the nose wing and, according to her, it was not painful at all. I thought for a long time, but still decided. when I managed to persuade my parents, we signed up for a puncture to my mother’s friend. and day x came. I came, they put me on a chair and got a special gun. I was unrealistically scared, a terrible tantrum began. for about 20 minutes I roared and said that I didn’t want to. in the end, I pulled myself together and let me pierce. I can say that I was in vain nervous. it was absolutely not painful. if you evaluate on a ten-point scale, then 1/10 (it was unpleasant when the tip of the earring touched the wall of the nose). nothing hurt, I even forgot about the existence of a puncture in my nose. but everything was fine until after a month and a half I did not want to change the decoration. By the way, I had a decoration not in the form of a snail, but in the form of a stick. it was very painful to get him. I was given advice to lubricate the puncture with peach oil, which I did. with grief in half, I took out this stick after 3-4 days, but, unfortunately, I could not put another decoration in the form of a snail. I had no choice but to shove this stick again. So I went through until May (the puncture was made in April). everything just got worse: pus with blood flowed from the puncture every day. I initially scored it, but my nose began to swell a little. then I was already scared, for I read that it might come to the operation. it was decided to remove the stick and forget about the puncture. Of course, I myself was unable to take it off, so I asked my uncle to bite off the decoration with special tools. when the remaining piece of this stick flew out of my nose, I felt heavenly delight phkhah. I’ve been walking without piercing for six months now. I want to summarize:

1) if you decide to pierce your nose, then do it with the master

2) the most important point - disinfect the puncture well, preferably miramistin

3) it is also important - if you have problems with a puncture (pus flows, blood, etc.), then go to the master or remove the jewelry, as everything can be very bad and you will even have to consult a surgeon (my girlfriend had this )

so like that)



it hurts, it can harm health

I'm not particularly fond of piercings. Only ears are pierced and this is enough for me. I never understood people who pierce themselves with everything that is possible. Firstly, it is very painful, and secondly, it can be harmful to health. I just can not agree that it is beautiful. Yes, if the piercing is in moderation, then it is beautiful. I really like it when a navel is pierced, but I heard that it is insanely painful. When lips are pierced, then this is already too much.Or I don’t understand anything about beauty. I have an informal friend. He has pierced everything: ears, eyebrows, lips, tongue. It's just awful! When he goes grandmothers are baptized on benches. Well, this is not so bad, but what is he going to do when the time comes to get a job. He will not be taken for any normal work. Yes, and with my personal life it’s hard for me to come. I think it will be difficult to find a girl who agrees to such a date. Well, maybe the same :) Not only is it ugly, it can still be harmful to health. You can bring some kind of infection, or even worse, hurt the nerve and remain disabled for life. The hole after the piercing does not completely heal, it is still noticeable. And even if you come to your senses, it will be too late. I would really advise you not to get involved in piercings. In my opinion, this is a hobby for ill-thinking people. You can make a piercing, but not on the whole body :)

Positive reviews

Hello! Nose piercing is awesome, I've had it for several years. Only advice if done closer to the face (i.e., not where the skin is only, the nose wing is pierced, but where the cartilage is already beginning, or not the cartilage, but where it is thicker (I'm not strong in anatomy, hehe)) , it will be AWESOME to insert an earring. I was so pierced in the cabin (but I myself wanted it in such a place), and it was sooooo hard to withstand, but after the earring was already inserted, the pain went away almost immediately. Do it only in the salon, if you inject it yourself (or if “friends help”), it’s more likely that you will get an infection, no matter how hard you try, and then you’ll have to remove and heal everything. By the way, the puncture scar is very noticeable, although I replaced the earring set in the cabin with a thinner one in about a month. Now it’s not possible to insert a thick, salon one, but it seems to me that the scar is already quite large, and in almost all jewelry the “core” is much thinner than salon ones. The only minus is that in our city I can’t pick up a ring, because here everything is either of small diameter, or, if the diameter is suitable, all are very thick. The earring was made of honey steel, then silver can be used, it heals for a long time, sometimes it festers, but I wiped it with Septin while it was healing, and if it was festering, then iodine. Everything goes completely somewhere after 3 months, then another six months somewhere if you pull out the jewelry for 2-3 days, it overgrows. Alas, I don’t know about the price, it cost me 40 euros with decoration, but here almost all piercings, except for complex ones and ears, are worth it. I wish you good luck, but look, the scar (hole) will be visible then all your life, and a rather large one cannot be masked with a make-up.

I'm 30 years old and pierced and nose, and navel. I’m not going to shoot. and at 40, too. like to do.

I did it when I was 16, I took it off when I got a job at the bank at the age of 21, I was banned. not painful at all. no more painful than an ear puncture. first they injected a large clove. until it healed for a week I walked, then I changed it to a small gold earring. no discomfort.

The earring is especially for the nose, nothing sticks out there, so blow your nose as much as you like.

I have long dreamed of piercing the wing of the nose. The wonderful master Anna fulfilled the dream. Everything went quickly, sweetly and comfortably. One of the best salons. I’m sure I will be back here again.

The salon is just wonderful, nice atmosphere, music. The nose piercing (wing) of the master Lara was just a wonderful and pleasant girl made a puncture, it was a little painful even though I was getting ready for the worst. I got a full consultation on leaving. I also want to add that immediately after the puncture was a little swelling, but until I got home he disappeared and there were no problems with healing at all, a very light hand. I’m very glad. Thank you very much and I advise everyone Tattoo parlor Provocation.

There is no need to be afraid, bleeding is a frequent side effect, since the blood supply there is very good and the risk of damaging the vessel is very large! It also often bleeds when you accidentally "peel" the nasal mucosa (a blunt needle, pierce too "gently", pierce the mucous membrane when inserted, after anesthetization with lidocaine, as there is swelling and the risk of peeling off the mucous membrane is great, etc.). Just stop the bleeding (turunduchka, peroxide swab, hemostatic sponge, vasoconstrictor drugs, cold - it is necessary to have in your arsenal, as well as an anti-shock set.) And in preparation for the procedure, do not forget that the hemostatic "set" should be a friend! Also, before the puncture, “enlighten” the nose with a flashlight - prevention of the fact that there will not be a large vessel in the puncture zone.



It hurts, scars, healing

I have been doing piercings since I was 16, but with age, the excitement passes. The older it gets, the harder it is to stab. I don’t go to salons, I can do houses for free.



This review will focus on two types of piercings. Navel piercing and nose wing puncture.
Before taking this step, I leafed through a lot of reviews and am very grateful to all the guys who shared their experience with others.
I think you will be interested. Someone will decide what he definitely wants, and someone will, on the contrary, change their mind.
I'll start with my belly button. It was five years ago. This decision was spontaneous. Well, they all pierced and I will pierce. And then it was straight fashionable, now less and less I meet girls with a pierced navel, especially the age at which I was then. I do not know how it is now, but then the presence and consent of the parents was not necessary for this, although it was done in a good salon. I then paid about 1,500 (given the earring).
They injected lidocaine, quickly made a puncture with a needle, inserted an earring. A lidocaine injection doesn’t hurt at all, don’t be afraid. How you pierce you will not feel. But then. at that moment it seemed to me that it hurt. It was very painful, drawn, but I could calmly walk and do business. Unpleasant, but bearable. Now I’ve already survived a cesarean and I can confidently say that I’m ready to pierce my navel another hundred times without any anesthesia and it certainly won’t hurt me!
At first everything was fine. I looked after how the master said, did everything, processed. It seems like healed. Earrings often did not change, always used from medical steel. A year has passed. I started to fester, I began to process again, it didn’t hurt, but it looked so-so, it was festering constantly. I honestly didn’t understand what it was from, I didn’t even swim in the river, I didn’t do anything like that, and a year has passed! In short, it ended up with me standing and seeing an earring drop out. I thought she spun again. I lift it from the floor, and it is WHOLE, CLOSED. Oh my God. But I don’t feel any pain, there is no blood. I look with horror at the navel, and there just from one edge of the puncture a piece of skin comes off. I processed, carefully glued. Then he seemed to grow back, everything healed, but there was a scar. I wanted to pierce it again after three years, but became pregnant and thought that there was no point. Now I’m waiting for it to lose weight and I can pierce it again), but I’ll be thinking something, maybe I need some other earring.
Now the nose! It was not so long ago, a couple of months ago. I decided for a long time, I was afraid of horror. But we went with my sister. It did not hurt either her or me. Although I am usually very sensitive and terribly afraid of pain. I went first, I didn’t even really notice. I just feel that I have something in my nose, but there isn’t much pain. The earring was inserted into the nostril; the ring cannot be long at the beginning. This time my earring is made of titanium. The nose was not swollen at all, it was just a little red. My sister is doing the same. I worked well, taught by bitter experience. Yes, and I heard that the nose heals longer. My sister scored, didn’t process it properly, already changed 150 earrings and she’s doing well. Guess what happened to me? I got inflamed again! Only this time in two months! It was precisely that nonsense that many had already written about. My friend also had it, only after about 4 months. She explained to me the treatment, now I’m flying right now, it seems to go away, but it’s unpleasant. I have something that healing is so bad, I don’t understand. Very disappointing. And I didn’t like the first time, it seemed to me that somehow I imagined it to myself. Even regretted at first. And many more men tell us that this is terrible and in vain we did it. But in principle, I do not care, I did for myself, I love this style.Piercing, tattoos, bright hair (with the blonde herself without a tattoo, logic)))
So far, mixed feelings, to be honest. So, girls, measure 10 times)


Beauty, in some way self-expression


A small tumor within a few days after a puncture

I will not sign for "it hurts, it doesn’t hurt", "heals well - heals poorly." All this is individual and different for everyone. Someone feels the pain sharper and stronger, who feels it is not so acute. With improper care, even punctured earlobes can become inflamed, not to mention puncture other places. If you decide to have a piercing, it is undesirable to pierce something yourself, without having any idea about it. It is better to do in a good salon, where you will not touch any points and the capillary. You also need to provide a puncture care. Of course, for many this is quite an expensive pleasure, but, as they say, avaricious pays twice. It is better to pay once for a puncture and then not have any health problems than to run to the doctors after inflammation. Care is carried out by washing the puncture site with chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide.

Nose wing piercing I made myself in old age at 23 years old. It was a rather spontaneous decision from the category of "Why not!" If I then knew how much I would be tormented with him :)


I can’t attribute myself to lovers to pierce every millimeter of my body or cover it entirely with tattoos. But I am forty and did not want to deprive myself of the opportunity to "insert a glitter not only in my ears." But I decided only at a conscious age, when the fear “mother will kill” and “they will not hire me to a serious organization” disappeared.


I pierced my nose in a tattoo parlor near the house. There, the "master" offered two places to choose from and made a puncture, armed with a catheter. Then I didn’t really read the materiel and didn’t know that such a piercing is done with a special needle, and that there are two options for nose piercing - lower, for nostril or ringlet, and high, only for nostril (which I chose at random, although I also wanted to wear the ring. )

In general, I can’t say that it is insanely painful. The pain is more likely, dull, as if the nose is compressed very strongly at one point, you can endure.

In the end, they inserted a medical steel nostril and let me go with God.


On the advice of the same "master", I washed my nose with chlorhexidine, cranked up the nostril and smeared it with levomekol. All this could not be done, but on the third day, surprisingly, the swelling began to subside and the puncture began to heal. Perhaps there would have been no further problems if I hadn’t got a pebble from a cheap nostril in a month and had to urgently change the decoration.

Start of problems

Then I decided not to trifle and ordered a white gold piercing from Sokolov (shamrock). And again I went to the tattoo parlor. It was too early to change, and since Sokolov does not specialize in such jewelry, the nostril’s leg was not only very wide and short, but also with a breakdown! Inexpressible sensations - as if pierced again.

The nose hurt wildly all day, the piercing just drowned in a swollen nose. And a few days later a red pimple swelled next to the decoration. I began to panic, but I did not take any action other than washing with Chlorhexidine.

Another master

One day at the university, I accidentally hooked a piercing with my hand, and it flew out. I had to urgently run to rinse my nose at the medical center and look for the nearest salon so that the puncture did not have time to overgrow. Fortunately, I came across a good piercer girl, who not only was able to save the puncture (the situation was deplorable - inflammation, blood, initially crooked puncture, too small jewelry), but also picked up a quality titanium jewelry in size.

Only after this the inflammation began to pass. She gave me the right recommendations for care. I am writing them here:

  • No ointments if there is no pus! (Ointments promote the growth of microorganisms!)
  • 2 times a day to make hot baths for the nose from saline solution (sold at any pharmacy. Dip the closed ampoule in a mug of hot water, wait, pour the saline solution into a small container (I used the lid from the can), lower it there nose puncture, wait 2 minutes, wash everything off with running water)
  • You can gently moisten the puncture with Miramistin once a day, but only if there was contact with dirty hands to disinfect. This is best avoided.
  • DO NOT TOUCH the puncture. And do not scroll anything.
  • Do piercing only with a good master, with a special needle.
  • The jewelry for the first time should be made of titanium, and it is best to be as long as possible, since the nose will swell.


Now, thank God, everything is fine. The nose has not been sore for several months, you can probably already change the decoration, but I'm still afraid :)

General impressions

In general, such a piercing is quite popular, grandmothers at the entrance are already used to it. I hardly notice him anymore, but I don’t want to shoot him, I like a little informality in the image.

I began to think that the time of piercings and tunnels in my life had already sunk into oblivion, as this summer I pierced my nose wing.

Sur the situation is that I know an amazing master in piercing and bodymodification (he sewed me tunnels), but because my friend and I did the piercing together, then went to her master (which I later regretted).

A puncture is done without anesthesia. Painfully? Of course! Due to the fact that the process is fast enough, it is generally tolerable.

The girl was the master, she studies in honey (it’s not scary, because you can study there for half a life), but I didn’t like her not well-groomed hands (yes, she does the procedure with gloves, but it still repels untidiness when it comes to interfering with your skin). If it weren’t for my girlfriend, then I probably would have left this almshouse.

We have chosen a suitable earring:

- immediately dismantled the earrings by the type of nostril (curved nails), they are difficult to insert, they like to fall out and are generally obsolete (maybe they are convenient for someone from the old memory, but I decided to start with an earring that cannot fall out).

- the master refused to immediately insert the ring (in general, here the masters are divided into two types, those who are categorically against the rings immediately after the puncture, and those who are not afraid to put them immediately). Practice shows that problems can arise with a standard straight rod at the earring, and also that there will be no problems with the ring. If you want a ring right away, it’s best to check with the master first if he can insert it right away. My told me to come to her in 3 months after the ring. Because I did not like her in the end, then I definitely was not going to come to her again.

There’s another question: if you understand that this is a temporary hobby, for example, for the summer, then it’s stupid not to put a ring if you want it (you inserted it, played it, pulled it out). This is my logic. In general, there was no certainty that I would live with a nose piercing for a long time, so I was upset when I found out that the master would not insert a ring for me right away (I wanted it).

-selected the size of the ball itself, and also decided that it will be without a stone.

How to keep:

- Wipe with myromistin or chlorhexidine. The first costs an average of 300 rubles, the second 20 rubles. In a pharmacy, miromistin is positioned as a baby's tears, something that can not be compared with chlorhexidine. I used both of them, and I can say that I like chlorhexidine and is more suitable.

-exclude swimming in the pool at first, and then with caution in open water.

The first two days, everything was in order. I felt a tension in my nose, because I had a through puncture, then I think this is normal. On the third day, I pulled the piercing violently, hitting it with clothes when I dressed. It was very unpleasant, it seems to me that I lay on the sofa and did not move for about 10 minutes.

After that, a few days later I began to feel some kind of irritation at the puncture site and I had a small tumor in the form of a tubercle, bumps on my nose right next to the puncture site. This bump intensified when I moved the piercing while rubbing. It constantly changed in size: if I removed the earring in order to better clean everything, and then inserted it back, then the cone became the size of a piercing ball.

A friend asked the master if this is normal, she assured that everything is in order, you just need to treat with salicylic acid.

Here you can see a little this very tubercle, I didn’t really take a picture of it near, because he upset me a lot.

On the Internet a lot of information about the tubercle on the nose, many write that they removed the piercing because of this. However, this is not entirely true, because it indicates that there is an infection, and pulling out a piercing you block access to this infection. And also, that it may arise due to non-observance of the hygiene rules of a person or a master, and because of poor-quality material of the earrings.

As a result, it’s notable for me to start bombing like that. I followed hygiene. The master absolutely stopped impressing me and I began to hate my earring. All this continued until I lost the ball from my piercing and went for a new one.

The nose piercing is pulled together very quickly, so I had to insert the old lip piercer, which by some miracle I still have (I have not been wearing lip piercings for 10 years already). And I went on a recommendation to a good store with earrings.

There, the consultant picked up a ring of the right diameter and a classic earring for me.

I inserted the ring as I wanted, and after a week I had a bump completely! In short, now I really doubt the quality of the decoration that the master inserted to me.

By the way, my friend also periodically jumps up a lump, and I have repeatedly advised her to change the earring, but she has this problem that appears and disappears, and I had it with me for several months.

- I personally periodically wipe the earring and the puncture has to this day (more than six months have passed).

-when I go to the steam room, the piercing burns a little (such as earrings or a chain).

-Some people may come up with questions why do I need this. Although there are funny situations: right after the puncture I walked along Nevsky, a guy followed me (he seemed to be smoking something), talked about everything, and at the end I respected for piercings In St. Petersburg every second summer was pierced nose, therefore, a negative reaction is minimal.

Now everything has healed, I can easily change the ring to a classic jewelry.

Good luck and conscientious masters!


I never dreamed about an earring in my nose. My dream at the age of 14-15 was something abruptly, a la a puncture of a tongue or an eyebrow. And my parents categorically forbade this.

It was back in 2009

My girlfriend punctured her nose at a local hair salon. And on her nose flashed a small sparkling pebble. One day she came to visit me at home. And to my surprise, my parents checked out the beauty and said that if I want, I can also make myself such a piercing. I thought that I need to catch me. Not an eyebrow, then at least a nose pierce.

The next day, I ran to the same hairdresser to quickly make myself a piercing. The price of the issue was not great, about 400 rubles.

The procedure lasted a couple of minutes, they stupidly rubbed my nose with a cotton swab and alcohol and pierced my nose with a gun. It was not scary! There was no particular pain either. But one tear slid from surprise.

They said they wipe it with chlorogrexidine or peroxide twice a day. And the replacement of jewelry was allowed after two weeks.

How naive I was, I thought that everything was as it should be! Only a few years later I learned that the gun is evil. Which is not even sterilized. A decoration can only be changed after six months.

Life after the puncture has become fun! I didn’t notice my nose before. But now he reminded himself of himself at every opportunity. I went to wash in the morning, and here he hurts at any touch. He wipes himself with a towel, and then he clings and hurts again. Before, I didn’t notice how many times a day I touched my nose. But it turns out often!

I walked with this pain for a long time, since any awkward movement was inconvenient. The puncture could not heal.

Two weeks later, I was going to change the decoration in my nose. A new one has already been bought.A simple carnation with a pebble and with a small ball at the end (droplet).

A CLIP WITH A CLASP was inserted in the nose !! It was not so easy to remove it. The clasp is very tight. I took off somehow. Again, everything hurt like the first day. I inserted a new one, but it turned out to be very uncomfortable. After some time, replaced it with nostril and it became much easier. The decoration did not interfere and did not cling. The puncture healed and I forgot about it. Periodically I changed the jewelry to the same, but with a different color pebble.

Having matured, she decided what should be changed to a quality decoration. On the day when I went to pierce my lip in the studio with the master piercer, I decided to make a replacement at the same time. They started with her. And oh Lord. My puncture was narrower than a normal titanium nostril. The replacement felt more painful than the puncture once. His nose hurt for several days.

✓ Well then! If you really want to, then you need to do it. The main thing is not to spare money and make a puncture with a good master with sterile tools. He will tell you about proper care. Healing will pass faster. It is better to take jewelry in specialized stores or salons (I tried to buy a gold nostril, but it turned out to be impossible to walk with it, it turned out to be small).

You also need to carefully choose the puncture site. If you want to wear not only nostril, but also a ring, then the puncture should be done closer to the edge.

A little more about piercing:

Monroe's upper lip piercing

So. Hello!

Does everyone already understand what my review is about?

Of course, this is a nose wing piercing!

When I was 15 years old and a wind blew in my head, inspiring silly ideas, I decided to pierce my nose wing. I entrusted this action to my friend, she is a classmate. By the way, by that time I already had a lip piercing.

In general, I bought a catheter, an earring and skipping joyful and cheerful went to my girlfriend. I didn’t set up for long, but the process itself did not go smoothly ((. The catheter was stuck

As he says: "If you suffer for a long time, then something will work out!"

Yes, it turned out, they pierced the nose, inserted the earring. It was sick, there was no blood, only snot and tears by a waterfall
Well, in general, I didn’t go with him for long, because it turned out that the nose ring came out of the puncture at one end, and only half remained with the other, the mucous membrane was overgrown. I pulled out the earring and forgot.

Now I am 25 years old and it seems that there is still a wind in my head.

I decided to pierce my nose. I also bought a catheter, an earring, sat opposite the mirror, gathered my thoughts.

Although not, first I put the catheter and earring in a bowl of alcohol, put on my medical gloves, and then I sat down in the mirror.
With trembling hands, she took the needle and began to slowly insert it into her overgrown puncture.

After about 5 seconds, I realized that I had already pierced my nose !!
Apparently, the puncture is not overgrown entirely, only the mucous membrane.

Okay, I was glad that everything went so easily. She pulled out a needle, inserted an earring into a plastic tube from a catheter and began to drag it through.

ah, and bad luck!
Seryozha flew out of the tube and did not pass into the nose.

Eh. In general, the most difficult thing for me was to insert an earring into my nose.
And so and so I was picking.

As a result, holding the phone with the flashlight on in my lap, holding my nose up and to the left with one hand, I dragged the earring through the mucous membrane.

Uhhh. She breathed a sigh of relief.

After I washed my nose with chlorhexidine (you can’t do it with peroxide! An unnecessary crust will form!) And I did a good shot!
YYYY. 25 years old - no brains!
yes, yes, I also have pink hair.
Generally. I myself do not recommend piercing my nose.
The nose heals from 4-10 weeks. in the first weeks 2 will oozing.
Rinse with chlorhexidine 2 times a day. It is possible and more often.

Do not touch with dirty hands!

I hope the review will be useful to someone.
All beautiful spouts

Consequences and contraindications

As such, there are no direct contraindications to the piercing. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the speed of wound healing. The longer the puncture will heal, the higher the likelihood of infection entering the wound.This is fraught with various complications in the care and even operable interventions.

Complications after nose piercing:

  • Runny nose. Extremely unpleasant, but natural consequence. The body perceives a violation of the integrity of the mucous membrane as a viral attack. To get rid of her, he “includes” all protective processes, including a runny nose. This trouble goes away in a few days,
  • Soreness. When a septum is punctured, an unpleasant sensation of the sensitivity of the tip of the nose occurs. In fact, it is impossible to touch. Along with this, cartilage does not hurt - there are no nerve endings in it. Pain from the wing of the nose can spread to the entire half of the face with which the puncture is located. The same phenomenon is observed for those who have pierced the eyebrows,
  • Inflammation and suppuration. Naturally, if the nose was inflamed, then it was improperly looked after. But the punctures in this part of the body are very difficult to rinse - the mucosa is not visible. And suppuration in general cannot be recognized in any way until an unpleasant smell has appeared,
  • Eating problems. This happens not only after tongue or lip piercing. When chewing, the nose moves slightly, as in a conversation. Any movement in the first few weeks after the puncture will give a dull pain in the wing or tip of the nose,
  • Bulge at the piercing site. The nose turned red and a slight swelling appeared? It is better to simply remove the earring and carefully process the hole until the wing or septum is completely rotten. The same thing must be done if the earring falls through.

Earrings and jewelry for nose piercing

Earrings are divided not only by shape, but also by purpose and material from which they are made. The following materials are used to make piercing earrings:

  • Medical steel . Previously, all the salons that provided services for piercing the ears, eyebrows and nose worked only with such jewelry. But, it is important to know one thing - the term "medical steel" does not exist at all. So called the combination of steel and titanium. It does not affect the healing rate of the puncture, but does not lend itself to corrosion,
  • Plastic . It looks very unusual, in the holes it is almost not noticeable because of its low weight. Enjoys special love among informal girls. Differs in ease in leaving and stability in external negative factors. In addition, it does not freeze in cold weather,
  • Golden piercing the nose is the most expensive but the safest. The main advantages of this noble metal is that it promotes regeneration and is rarely rejected by the body,
  • Silver . Cheaper than gold, but no less popular precious metal. Suitable for almost everyone. May cause allergies only in exceptional cases.

Handling and nose care after piercing

Improper puncture care is extremely dangerous. It causes more than 90% of inflammation and suppuration.

Figure result of improper septum care

To avoid the troubles associated with piercing, you need to know the following rules:

Features and Benefits of Piercing

Piercing is perceived by many, first of all, as a way to emphasize their dissimilarity to others.

But before you really insert an earring into your nose, you need to carefully consider whether it is worth it.

First of all, remember that there are certain medical contraindications.

First of all, poor blood coagulability.

If you have such a problem, then the puncture will heal very slowly and for a long time.

The same can be said about the predisposition to keloid formations that usually appear in your wound healing area.

It is also worth remembering that if you later get a job at some serious event, then the piercing will have to be hidden by all available means.

In other cases, a piercing is a good, albeit rather unusual and causing an ambiguous reaction of society, way to decorate yourself.

Varieties of nose jewelry

A person who decides to pierce his nose should know that there is a wide variety of earrings.

The choice is not at all limited to a classic small earring or nose ring. Among the presented assortment of jewelry, you can always find the original earring for the nose, which is right for you.

First of all, earrings differ in the place of puncture. Therefore, you need to know what a certain type of earrings is called, and how to pierce them correctly.

How much does heal

Much depends on the characteristics of the body and the selected season. According to statistics, piercings and tattoos heal much more slowly in winter and in autumn than in summer. It is affected by vitamin deficiency, hypothermia and a decrease in immunity.

A navel puncture heals for at least six months, lips - 2 months. Cartilage in the septum never heals. He simply “overwrites” because of which he ceases to bother his owner. Reviews say that the piercing in the wing of the nose will be fully delayed only after 6 - 8 months.

Meaning - Which side of the piercing

Sometimes in women's forums one can find reasoning that piercing on different sides of the face carries a hidden sacred meaning. In fact, these are all stereotypes. The choice of which side of the nose to pierce is purely individual and depends only on the beauty of the chosen half of the face.

Some girls have more parting on the left side, others on the right. Similarly with punctures. To finally determine, you can try fake or magnetic piercing. Due to the fact that such an overhead puncture looks very natural, it will be an excellent experiment for the appearance, if you want to pierce the skin, but be afraid.

The photo of the nose piercing clearly shows that it looks great on both the right and left halves of the face. Moreover, not a bit vulgarizes the image, but only emphasizes the sophistication of appearance.

One of the most common face jewelry is nose piercing. He has a huge number of supporters and opponents, as evidenced by the variety of opposing reviews on the Internet, and expresses the individuality of its owner, can be done on different parts of the nose. The term "piercing" refers to both the puncture process itself and the jewelry that is inserted into the resulting hole.

Fortunatova Oksana Vasilievna

Psychologist, Psychosomatologist. Specialist from the site

olka, let’s call your mom now - he’ll give a belt. Well march learn lessons

Okay, why are you swearing at a girl)))) Olka, you buy a LARGE piercing earring MORE - after the procedure itself the tissue is slightly swollen, a small earring can “tighten” and it will pop up. Necessarily from surgical steel and MANDATORY at a surgical office or the certified salon. The piercing earring should be in the alcohol for 24 hours before the operation and brought in this alcohol / in the vial / immediately to the operator. I "gave" / paid / such a piercing to my daughter for excellent marks last year, that's why I know how and what is being done.

I myself have pierced my nose for about 5 years now, but I’ve recently taken off something tired already!

Not worth it. Itself did last spring. But not successful. The expulsion was even removed. I didn’t torment myself.

Hello! Nose piercing is awesome, I've had it for several years. Only advice if done closer to the face (i.e., not where the skin is only, the nose wing is pierced, but where the cartilage is already beginning, or not the cartilage, but where it is thicker (I'm not strong in anatomy, hehe)) , it will be AWESOME to insert an earring. I was so pierced in the cabin (but I myself wanted it in such a place), and it was sooooo hard to withstand, but after the earring was already inserted, the pain went away almost immediately. Do it only in the salon, if you inject it yourself (or if “friends help”), it’s more likely that you will get an infection, no matter how hard you try, and then you’ll have to remove and heal everything.By the way, the puncture scar is very noticeable, although I replaced the earring set in the cabin with a thinner one in about a month. Now it’s not possible to insert a thick, salon one, but it seems to me that the scar is already quite large, and in almost all jewelry the “core” is much thinner than salon ones. The only minus is that in our city I can’t pick up a ring, because here everything is either of small diameter, or, if the diameter is suitable, all are very thick. The earring was made of honey steel, then silver can be used, it heals for a long time, sometimes it festers, but I wiped it with Septin while it was healing, and if it was festering, then iodine. Everything goes completely somewhere after 3 months, then another six months somewhere if you pull out the jewelry for 2-3 days, it overgrows. Alas, I don’t know about the price, it cost me 40 euros with decoration, but here almost all piercings, except for complex ones and ears, are worth it.
I wish you good luck, but look, the scar (hole) will be visible then all your life, and a rather large one cannot be masked with a make-up.

Types of Nose Piercing

Since piercing is a puncture of the nose in a certain place and putting earrings of the desired shape into the hole, you can distinguish several options for what is called nose piercing:

  1. piercing the wing of the nose (one or both), which is also called a piercing of the nostrils or nose piercing from the side,
  2. septum is a nasal septum piercing,
  3. Septril - a puncture of the lower side of the tip of the nose, the jewelry is removed from the nasal septum in the direction of "down",
  4. a bridge is a puncture of tissues between the eyes on the nose or between the eyebrows,
  5. piercing the tip of the nose from the nostril up without damaging the nasal septum,
  6. Austin Bar (named for the first man to wear such a piercing) horizontal nose tip piercing,
  7. Nasallang - Piercing of the nasal septum and wings.

The listed types of piercings can be combined with each other, which depends on the skill level of a specialist.

nose wing piercing

in the style of Austin Bar

Piercing Earring Requirements

Earrings in the nose and other jewelry that are installed at the puncture site must necessarily meet certain requirements. This is important because they interact with the wound on the skin and are designed to reside in soft tissues or nasal cartilage.

  1. sterilization option
  2. hypoallergenic material
  3. simple removal mechanism
  4. ease of care
  5. comfort socks
  6. aesthetics of appearance.

Types of Jewelry

Jewelry for piercing in shape and material of manufacture are diverse. It can be distinguished:

  1. classic rings, often used for the wings of the nose or septum - nose piercing like a bull,
  2. nostrils for the wings of the nose,
  3. septum half rings,
  4. tunnels for the wings of the nose (round piercing) and combined piercing of the wings and septum,
  5. labret and microlabret for the wing of the nose, resembling cloves,
  6. bananas and barbells, circulars for all types of piercings.

For installation, it is first recommended to purchase jewelry made of titanium, medical steel or bioplast.

kinds of earrings for nose

earrings for nose

women's nose earrings

After the piercing channel has healed and formed, you can use a gold piercing, as well as:

Jewelry piercings can be adorned with precious or semi-precious stones (for example, diamond piercings).

ring and earrings with stones

Where to buy nose piercings?

Nose piercing can be purchased at many ordinary jewelry and online stores. It is very important to make sure of the quality of the proposed jewelry, especially if it is purchased for primary use. On precious metals, it is necessary to check the sample and the mark.

there should be a test on a silver earring

Who needs a nose piercing?

The fashion to decorate ourselves with piercings came to us from the Middle East, because Indian earrings in the nose are a thousand-year tradition. Today, some representatives of the fair sex associate the concept of beauty with a puncture of the nose, because even a small carnation gives individuality and zest to any image.It is impossible to say that piercings are selected according to the type of appearance, most likely, this happens on the basis of the girl’s style itself.

It is worth noting that experimenting in this way with your appearance is more suitable for young women up to 30 - 35 years old. After this age, you must either choose more restrained jewelry or another way of expressing yourself, although there are always lovers of shocking the audience.

Girls with nose piercings invariably attract attention. For this reason, it is worth considering whether it is permissible to decorate yourself in this way, if, for example, you have a strict dress code at work or if it involves visiting government offices.

suitable for women under 35 years old

a great way to stand out from the crowd

Piercing value

Even 4,000 years ago, Africans decorated their noses with rings, believing that this would bring them good luck. Later, only women began to wear the jewelry; it played an important role as a symbol of marriage.

Men of India always pierced only the left nostril in order to preserve masculine strength and protect themselves from impotence, and women for easy delivery without consequences. Depending on which side the nose is pierced, a conclusion is drawn about some of the qualities of a person. The pierced right nostril is a sign of the desire for narcissism and selfishness.

Hindus pierce their nose in honor of the goddess Parvati, who keeps the marriage bonds. In addition, for them it is a sign of high social status.

It’s very difficult to talk about the importance of nose piercings for a girl or a guy in the modern world, because the origins of the tradition of wearing earrings in the nose are rooted in ancient times and not only in India. Most likely, the answer can be given by people who choose this type of jewelry. In most cases, today this is done to beauty or to emphasize belonging to a particular subculture.

Currently, a puncture of the nose is not only female, but also male jewelry. Guys with nose piercings are quite common.

does not matter, just decoration

When is the best time to do piercing?

One of the most common questions is whether piercing can be done in winter. It is better to prefer the cold season for the procedure, because this will prevent many complications associated with excessive sweat, dirt and dust, etc.

In winter, you should be very careful not to touch the earring with sweaters and scarves, otherwise it will lead to a nose injury.

Needle or gun?

Many people think that a nasal puncture is done by analogy with a puncture of the ears with a special gun. This is actually not the case. It’s better to choose a needle for piercing, because a gun that easily pierces a tender lobe may not be able to cope with a sufficiently thick nose skin.

Occasionally, a nose piercing gun is used for nostrils.

The needle is not as dangerous as it seems at first glance. The piercing site is disinfected in advance, anesthetized. A puncture is done once and very quickly. In this case, you will not have time to feel almost any pain. It is important to fix the earring well so that it does not squeeze soft tissue.

Universal piercing technique

The technique for performing any puncture, followed by putting on the earring, consists of several stages in a salon:

  1. disinfection by the master of hands and tools,
  2. marking after choosing a place for decoration and processing,
  3. anesthesia (optional)
  4. the introduction of previously selected jewelry,
  5. disinfection of the puncture site.

Nose Piercing Overview

It is a type of piercing in which the nose is produced piercing for earrings. The options may be different, but the classic method is to puncture the nostrils or central nasal septum.

Piercing can be performed not for everyone, since there are certain contraindications:

  1. Epilepsy, mental disorders.
  2. Blood clotting disorder.
  3. Diabetes.
  4. Hepatitis.
  5. Malignant tumor of any localization.
  6. Congenital heart defect.
  7. Renal failure (can cause metabolic disorders, which negatively affects the healing of tissues).
  8. Bronchial asthma.
  9. Chronic diseases of the internal organs.
  10. Autoimmune pathologies.
  11. Diseases of the skin.
  12. Jewelry must comply with certain requirements:
  13. Hypoallergenicity.
  14. Convenient removal mechanism.
  15. Simple care.
  16. Comfortable to wear.
  17. Aesthetic appearance.
  18. Sterility.

Their shape may be completely different. For the wings of the nose and lower septum, classic rings or half rings are often used. Also insert cloves, tunnels. The material may also vary, but for the first installation it is better to use titanium, bioplast or medical steel. After healing, you can buy gold, silver, platinum jewelry.

The puncture technique consists of the following steps:

  1. The master disinfects hands, tools.
  2. A place is chosen for future decoration, then marking is done. There can be several points, after which they choose the most suitable place.
  3. At the request of the client, anesthesia is performed.
  4. The puncture site is cleaned with an antiseptic so as not to infect the infection.
  5. A sterile needle or gun makes a puncture, after which the earring is immediately inserted. A ball is screwed onto the opposite end as a fixing element.

Subsequent care is necessary use fundsrecommended by the master. Also, you can’t touch the piercing with dirty hands, change the earring until it is completely healed, and sleep with your face in the pillow. In addition, you should refrain from visiting pools, open water bodies.

Home piercings

At home, you can do the piercing yourself, but the place to puncture is to choose the nose wing - this is the safest option. For this, you will also need a catheter piercing needle.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. you need to disinfect the puncture site, needle, hands and earring,
  2. turn the nostril out with your hands, trying to make it as high as possible so that the clasp of the earring is not visible in the future,
  3. pierce the wing of the nose with a quick and confident movement,
  4. place the jewelry in the hole of the catheter and remove the needle,
  5. process a puncture with an earring and fix the jewelry.

Be sure to pay attention to the presence of skin irritations, moles at the puncture site. If they are, then you need to choose another option.

nose wing puncture

insertion of the ear into the wing of the nose

puncture of the wing of the nose with a special tool

Benefits of Nose Piercing

Undoubtedly, this direction has its advantages, otherwise it would not have such popularity. The benefits include the following:

  • The biggest plus, of course, is sense of inner satisfaction. Usually the desire to do a piercing arises suddenly and does not let go until it is done. Of course, you can put a "trick", but it is unlikely that you can get a feeling of complete pleasure.
  • No special facial features. Even a long nose can adorn a small ring. Moreover, the choice of punctures can be absolutely anything. This will immediately give a special zest to the image, help change the style.
  • Choice of many jewelry allows you to change a bored earring at any time. Also a great advantage is the variety of materials. Therefore, everyone will be able to choose the most suitable option for themselves, depending on their desires and preferences.
  • For many, piercing is necessary way of expression. In addition, young people say that he gives some sexuality. Self-confidence increases, which positively affects the overall self-presentation.
  • During the recovery period, the masters recommend stick to proper nutrition, drink plenty of clean water, fruits, and vegetables.This will be a pleasant bonus for the whole organism as a whole, since it will turn out not only to get enough of useful microelements, but also to reduce excess weight.
  • Is one of the few methods to stand out from the gray crowd. The pierced faces often catch the eye on the street. Therefore, those who like to draw attention to themselves will certainly be pleased.

Disadvantages of Nose Piercing

As you might guess, in addition to the positive aspects, there are disadvantages. They need to be given more detailed attention, since the risks can be great. The main disadvantages are:

  • The procedure cannot be classified as painless.. This is especially true for people with a low pain threshold. Unpleasant sensations may appear, tears go. And after a puncture, the place begins to burn and pulsate.
  • A very unpleasant moment if accidentally catch hold of clothing. Moreover, it is not always possible to control this, which is associated with movements “on the machine”. There is also the possibility of catching on a pillowcase during sleep. This fact not only causes pain, but also negatively affects the healing phase.
  • If you do the piercing in winter, then the puncture will be heal longer. It is unlikely that there will be an opportunity to sit out at home, and on the street from the nose can go discharge with bacteria. This increases the risk of complications.
  • If the earring gets bored, of course, you can take it out. But the puncture site will remain scarthat can heal for too long. Have to use regenerating ointments to get rid of the scar.
  • With improper care, there is risk of infection. Complications can be unpredictable, so everyone in any case assumes great responsibility for their health. In addition, some face metal rejection.

If after studying the listed minuses, the desire to do a piercing did not go out, then worth looking for a good master. However, one should not forget about possible contraindications, therefore, before this, you should consult your doctor. But it’s better to think it over again, because the fashion is fleeting, and a clean face will always be an indicator of good taste.

Piercing Care

The answer to the question of how long the nose piercing heals depends on the type and complexity of the puncture.

Most likely the nose wing piercing heals - about 4 weeks. Other types of puncture require a longer period - from 6 to 8 months. It is important to know how and how to handle nose piercings.

Rules for care after a puncture:

  1. do not touch the wound and decoration, if you are not going to process them,
  2. the wound is treated with a cotton swab, washed with salt water using it (1 tbsp. l. salt per 1 tbsp. warm water), until the crust is removed,
  3. it is recommended to drip drops in the nose, those varieties that contain sea water in the composition (Otrivin, Akvalor),
  4. gently wet the puncture site with the earring with paper towels, because, for example, a clove can catch on a terry towel,
  5. lubricate the wound with lavender oil after treatment, this will speed healing,
  6. you can’t peel off the crust, otherwise the introduced infection will cause complications,
  7. it will be possible to remove the piercing from the nose only after complete healing,
  8. Do not apply cosmetics to the piercing site.

A very often asked question is whether nose piercing is overgrown. It is not recommended that you remove jewelry for more than 1 day for the first 6 to 8 months. The hole in the nose after the piercing is delayed after 24 hours or even earlier, which depends on the characteristics of the body.

Complex jewelry, such as nose hook piercings, should be worn as late as possible so that the wound has time to heal and form completely.

any earring and puncture site must be properly looked after

safety requires constant disinfection and caution

Consequences of Nose Piercing

All types of piercing can have complications after the procedure if the technique or the rules for its implementation are violated.

The most common complications:

  1. excessive bleeding or bleeding in violation of blood coagulation,
  2. the inflammatory process in the cartilage, which leads to its destruction,
  3. damage to the nasal septum with complex punctures,
  4. soft tissue inflammation,
  5. the occurrence of chronic otitis media,
  6. mucosal injury with direct nostrils,
  7. nerve damage.

Soft tissue inflammation is accompanied by swelling, tightening at the puncture site, throbbing pain, local temperature increase. In any case, you must seek medical help and treatment.

sometimes causes complications

if the puncture is performed by a layman, then the risk of infection is high

can provoke inflammation in the tissues

fraught with various complications and dangerous to health, especially if done at home

Anna, 31 years old, Khimki

I did a nose piercing on both sides 3 years ago in the salon. From this moment, I have never regretted it, because jewelry gives me mystery and emphasize individuality. They attract eyes, and I love attention. The only thing I did not know was whether it was painful to do a nose piercing, because I was very afraid of the procedure. But they offered me painkillers, and everything went fine.

Elena, 19 years old, Novosibirsk

I pierced my nose as a gift for 18 years. Enrolled in the salon and went straight to her birthday. I reviewed a huge number of photos of earrings, weighed all the pros and cons of nose piercing, for a long time I decided where to pierce. As a result, she became the happy owner of a carnation on the right side of the wing. The nose after the puncture healed quickly, but I never missed the treatment.


The second most popular option, after the classic, is the so-called septum. This is a puncture of the septum. Usually a simple ring or a small barbell is used for this type of piercing.

Timur, 34 years old, Kazan

In fact, about 6 years ago I was all in a piercing, except for a nose, pierced my ears, tongue, eyebrow. Since then, I have only kept a tattoo and a nose ring, because I really like it. I remember how my friend pierced my nose with a special needle. It didn’t hurt, healed quickly, always processed carefully, because the risk of infection is very great.

a huge number of girls are happy with their decoration

simple operation and a small accessory to give personality to a female image

Nadezhda, 27 years old, Moscow

With all the responsible approach to the procedure (I read reviews, watched videos and photos, studied what kind of piercing happens and how it is done), everything turned out very badly. Even after 2 years, a puncture scar is noticeable. Either the master neglected the disinfection of hands and tools, or something else became the cause, but the whole nose ached and throbbed from one hole. I don’t want to remember how they were treated and what they were afraid of, but I do not recommend it to anyone. Now sometimes I hide a scar under a blended piercing or corrector.

Anastasia, 35 years old, Tula

Double nose piercing is a lifetime memory for me. After the puncture, I had to do many different procedures and even an operation, the nasal septum was very badly damaged, because the master made a difficult puncture according to my desire. Something went wrong and in the end I was out of order for 6 months.

complex punctures fraught with damage to the nasal septum

often leaves no aesthetic scars at the puncture site

Nose piercing is an original jewelry that requires careful care before healing.


This type of piercing is less common. Usually he is preferred by informals. The word "bridge" is translated from English as "bridge".

When this type of puncture occurs, the earring passes through a bridge - it pierces the soft tissues of the upper part of the nose almost at eye level, but the cartilage does not touch.

In addition to how the earrings are divided depending on the location of the piercing, there is also a separation according to the type of earring itself.


A simple, but at the same time, quite common option is the classic nose ring.It can be barely noticeable, or vice versa massive and attracting attention. Such a ring is placed on the wings of the nose and on the septum.


Fake rings are also popular. This is a great way to check how your nose piercing looks like without piercing your skin. The snag ring is usually tightly attached to the piercing site, but does not damage the soft tissue.

With rocks

Earrings decorated with small pebbles also look attractive from an aesthetic point of view. If you plan to wear an earring in your nose for a long time, then it is better to give preference to a product made of natural metal.

The same applies to stones. A jewelry decorated with a small diamond or sapphire looks very advantageous.

With two balls

Decorations with two small balls look stylish. These earrings are usually complemented by balls that fit snugly to the nose. Balls can be of neutral color and bright - it all depends entirely on your style.


Another option for a bright earring for piercing is the so-called snail earring. She resembles the previous version with her appearance, only adjoining more tightly to the nose.


You also can not ignore such an option as a metal straight earring in the nose. Typically, these earrings are used to puncture the septum.


Earrings in the nose were worn many centuries ago.

Such jewelry was especially popular in Africa and India.

To date, piercing earrings, made in such an unusual style, look very impressive and are popular among young girls.

The most common option is Indian nat.

Traditionally, only girls who became women wore such jewelry in India.

But today everyone wears such an earring, forgetting about ancient traditions and using it simply as an unusual decoration.

It is also interesting that in India you can often meet a girl with a piercing in two nostrils at once.

There are also options with punctures going through the whole nose. Take a look at exotic photographs of Indian women, perhaps they will inspire you to choose the perfect accessory.

How to choose an earring

In addition to the appearance and shape of the earrings, there are other parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing earrings.

It is very important that the very first earring used for puncture is as practical and comfortable to wear as possible.

The earring should not cause discomfort and cling to everything.

For the first puncture or for everyday wear, for a long time it is better to choose a jewelry made of high-quality metals. Jewelry for nose piercing is made of silver, platinum and gold. Therefore, you can choose the metal from which you wear accessories most often. Thus, it will be much easier for you to choose other jewelry for your piercing.

In addition to jewelry made of precious metals, there are others of no less quality. The main requirements for the materials from which the earrings for piercing are created are that they must tolerate the treatment with various sterilizing fluids, including alcohol. In addition, the material must be hypoallergenic. The best option is earrings made of high-quality medical steel, titanium or bioplast.

When you have decided on the choice of metal, it's time to move on to selecting the perfect shape for the earring. Depending on what type of puncture you choose, or rather, in which part of the nose you plan to place the earring, it’s worth choosing the accessory itself.

Classic rings, so beloved by many girls, are best suited for piercing the wings of the nose and septum. For the septum, you can also pick up a half ring. It can be either smooth or curly, for example, decorated with pebbles or made in the form of a half of a silver nut.

Often, earrings such as barbells and bananas are used for nose piercing.

They are suitable for all types of piercings, except, perhaps, the classic puncture of the wings of the nose.

For this purpose, it is better to choose nostrils from unusual earrings. By the way, they are both straight and curved.

In general, whatever earring you choose, it must be comfortable and not hurt you even in the first days of wear.The earring should be comfortable, never clinging and aesthetic.

How to insert

Nose piercing is best not done on your own. In order for the puncture to be of high quality, heal quickly and not fester, it is better to make it in the cabin.

The salon, of course, should be good so that you are sure that you will not get any infection with the puncture. Make sure that before the puncture, the master processes both the tool and the puncture site with a special antiseptic.

Often in the cabin there is a choice - how to pierce your nose: with a special gun or a simple needle. Here it is definitely worth making a choice in favor of a simple needle. Of course, the first option is more modern and even painless.

The procedure takes a matter of seconds and passes almost imperceptibly. But, nevertheless, this option is more suitable for classic piercing in the ears.

The skin on the nose is more delicate and with the slightest mistake after a puncture you will have a noticeable scar. In addition, such a gun is much more difficult to sterilize. Therefore, you may well become infected with AIDS or hepatitis, although the risk is not very high.

So we advise you to pierce your nose with a simple needle. The professional will do this also painlessly, then gently insert the earring and fix it.

How to take off

Removing an earring, especially for the first time, is also painful. In order to remove such an ornament, which is especially firmly fixed, it must first be processed either with a special lotion, or, in the absence of the latter, at least with boiled water.

When removing the earring, you need to carefully push it with your finger from one end and pull it from the other. After the earring is removed, treat the puncture with a cotton swab dipped in a special solution or alcohol. After that, you can insert a new earring.

Givenchy Piercing

Let's start with the most extravagant image presented at the Givenchy show. Such a piercing, of course, is suitable for units and only for special occasions. But no one bothers you to use already punctured with new trendy jewelry, for example, as part of a photo shoot. And if you are only thinking about piercing your nose, for now you can use fakes that do not require a puncture, or just enjoy the amazing beauty of such an unusual and extraordinary accessory.

Nasal septum piercing

The latest trend that came to us from the catwalks in a more minimalistic and wearable performance. Earrings for piercing the nasal septum, or septum, are mostly laconic gold or silver rings with a small number of patterns. This is a calmer option for those who want to wear nose piercings in everyday life. Such an accessory will give mischief to any outfit, the main thing is not to violate the dress code rules at work.

This piercing is suitable for both men and women. This is especially true for the new trend of street style, where the fashion for unisex erases gender differences in clothing. It is worth noting that you need to more carefully choose a nose piercing for men. This is due to the fact that male nose piercing requires full compliance with the style of clothing.

Nose wing piercing

This trend continues to be at the peak of popularity since ancient times. Now there are many variations - with earrings, carnations, rings, right or left, etc. A neat neutral-colored carnation is suitable even for the most rigorous office, and for the timid, they came up with special nose rings, which do not require a puncture.

How to change

When piercing the nose, remember that for several months you will have to wear an earring without taking it out. The fact is that soft tissues heal very quickly, and by pulling out the earring, the next time you can no longer insert it.

In general, all the details on how to change the earring and properly care for your piercing, you will learn directly from the master.

How to care

But if you have not received recommendations for leaving the master, then here are a few basic things that you should never forget. We all know that you can not touch the face, pimples and any wounds with unwashed hands. This is true for piercings. If you touch the puncture site, you run the risk of getting an infection there.

Like tattoos, piercings need special care. The puncture site must be treated with Chlorhexidine, which can be bought at almost any pharmacy.

Girls who decide on a nose piercing should get along with a minimum of cosmetics in the first weeks after a piercing. You can’t get foundation, powder, or any other cosmetic products into the wound.Even lotions or tonics to cleanse the skin may well cause irritation.

How to hide nostril piercings

An important point that many piercing owners face is the need to hide it. If at work you have a strict dress code, then the piercing, of course, will not fit into it.

And here difficulties arise - you simply cannot remove the earring, because the puncture will grow very quickly. The easiest option is to use the most inconspicuous decoration.

It can be a small carnation with a translucent pebble or a light metal ring.

But even if you decide to remove the ring and allow the puncture to heal, you should not immediately rush to cover your nose with foundation to hide the consequences of an unsuccessful piercing. Such an attitude to the puncture will provoke the occurrence of infection.And over time, there may even be a scar.

Stylish looks

An earring in the nose is a rather unusual decoration. Therefore, before you do the piercing, think carefully about whether such a detail will fit into your style.

The nose ring is ideal for creating a variety of bright and informal bows.

Such accessories at one time were popular among emo and ready.

However, a neat, barely noticeable earring is also suitable for girls who do not differ in love for various subcultures.

But for this purpose, choose less visible accessories.

How to get an earring out of your nose?

To change the piercing or remove the earring altogether, first disinfect the puncture site with a special tool or boiled water. Do not forget that your every action should be accompanied by the processing of the piercing site. It is better to ask the master in advance what means to process your piercing, depending on the location and material of the earring.

Puncture of the wing of the nose.

This type of piercing is very popular among girls, which is why it occupies the first place in the popularity rating among other types. The puncture of the wing is very simple in execution and very rarely can cause any problems to the master or the piercer. In a certain place, the piercer punctures and immediately sets the jewelry. It can be a ring with a ball clasp, a bar with one side flat, it can be stud earrings especially for piercing the nostrils. Very often a special screw is installed, which on the outside looks like a pebble or a metal ball, and from the inside it is a special hook for a reliable and safe fixation.

Most often, nostril piercing is solitary, but the combination of several punctures, including both nostrils, is quite common, and among representatives of different sexes.

Such a puncture of the nose heals quickly enough - usually in two weeks, but the canal itself takes longer than a month. Therefore, the owner of such jewelry is required to carefully and carefully care for the wound.If it is necessary to change the earrings, remember that you must do this on an exhale so that you do not accidentally inhale it.

Septum puncture.

In this form, the central nasal septum is pierced between the nostrils and the jewelry is installed so that it is visible from the nostrils, hanging over the upper lip.

A septum puncture is considered the most painful of all that is done on the face. Moreover, it is pointless to anesthetize the procedure, no spray can freeze the cartilage, and an injection will only cause additional pain. This nose piercing must be done by an experienced specialist, and not only for health reasons. A puncture must be done strictly perpendicular to the nose and face, otherwise the earring will hang crookedly, falling to one side. The Septup is most often decorated with rings and horseshoes.

Puncture of the tip of the nose.

In this type of piercing, the upper part of the nostril is pierced from the inside towards the tip of the nose. There is another variation when the hole in the vertical piercing extends from the base to the tip, but strictly in the center of the nose line. The main difficulty of this procedure is that the master, by performing a puncture, does not accidentally damage the cartilaginous septum. The needle should not hurt her, otherwise the wound from such a puncture will heal for a very long time, due to the fact that a large area of ​​the cartilage of the tip of the nose is damaged. This procedure is particularly painful. Such a piercing is usually decorated with a barbell.

Austin Bar Piercing.

In this case, the piercer makes a horizontal single puncture of the tip of the nose. He got such a name thanks to the name of his first owner, Austin Bar in a sense became his discoverer. This is a very complicated and painful procedure. The master needs to carefully pierce exclusively the tissues of the tip of the nose, without touching the septum - the cartilaginous septum.


Another type of extreme nose piercing. The underside of the tip of the nose is pierced. A puncture is made strictly in the center through a pre-expanded puncture of the septum in the direction of the flat lower protrusion of the nose. Ceptril is usually adorned with a special bar.

In addition to the main variations of nose piercing, there are also a lot of various combinations. A combination of piercing both nostrils with a puncture of the septum (cartilaginous septum of the nose) is very common, which is combined through a common decoration, for example, a barbell with metal balls, figures or stones along the visible edges.

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