Wedding dresses with sleeves

Wedding dresses with long sleeves are experiencing another peak of popularity todaywhich was partly facilitated by the wedding of the English Duchess Catherine Middleton with Prince William. Then everyone was looking forward to what outfit the bride would demonstrate, and Kate did not disappoint the fans. Her dress with long sleeves, a closed back and a veil on her head conquered everyone.

A dress with a long sleeve for a wedding is not only very elegant, but also functional. It looks chaste and is suitable for weddings in the church or for a Muslim wedding. The elderly guests will also praise the bride, appreciating the restraint and chastity of the newly-made wife.

Pluses of a long sleeve

  • Beautiful and comfortable at any time of the year. For a summer wedding, the sleeves can be lace or chiffon, with the onset of winter, sleeves from dense satin or velvet come to the fore. In the cold season, you can, of course, use a fur coat, but not everyone is happy with this. In summer, the sleeve will protect delicate skin from sunburn,
  • Hide problem skin or tattoos, and a suitable style will hide the flaws of the figure: imperfect shoulders or arms,
  • If a woman doesn’t want to get too nakedthen exquisitely decorated sleeves are just what you need. The robe will not only make the image aristocratic, but also give it a charming mystery.

Who is suitable for

A dress with long sleeves is chosen according to the type of figure. It is better to try all the proposed models to choose the perfect option than to be lazy and pay with discomfort on the most important day of life.

Ideally, the bride’s dress is sewn to order, but in wedding salons today there is so much choice that it is quite realistic to choose the right model.

Narrow top, full bottomA-line, with a corset
Full figureStraight Floor-Length, Empire Style, Pleated Skirt
Volumetric hips and magnificent breasts, thin waistMermaid, straight "case", with a corset, empire - almost any
Wide top, narrow bottomStraight, A-line


The bride’s dress must remain perfect from the first minute until the end of the holiday, therefore the outfit must retain its appearance for many hours. Given this requirement, designers offer bulk fabrics that are dense and elastic at the same time, so that they easily take and do not lose their desired shape for a long time.

Shimmering fabric, such as organza and silk, is recognized as a classic for formal wear sleeves. The fabric is decorated with relief drawings, ornament, apply different finishes. Rhinestones, sequins and lace are used. The texture of the fabric can be either shiny or matte. In composition - natural or synthetic.

Silk and satin

Atlas is a lightweight material. Valued for smoothness and shimmering shine. Satin is often decorated with lace embroidery and rhinestones. The disadvantage of this fabric is that it emphasizes the shortcomings of the figurecrushing and creasing in the most inappropriate places.

Real silk is very difficult to sew, because it is very slippery, but its beauty covers the disadvantages of high cost and delicacy of socks. With the invention of an artificial analogue, a solution to problems was found - the “fake” silk sleeves remained stunningly beautiful, but became more accessible and practical.

Brocade, taffeta and organza

Regal brocade is perfect for a winter wedding. It is unnecessary to paint her merits, it is enough to note that before she was available only to noble persons.

Taffeta is made from cotton or silk. Its surface is hard, but it does not crease. Taffeta is decorated with bugles, beads and lace.

Organza is resorted to almost in the first place when modeling long sleeves for a dress. It has a synthetic nature. She, as a rule, decorates the whole outfit. Indispensable for creating ruffles, flounces, petticoats and sleeves.

Chiffon and Crepe

Chiffon is usually complemented by a dress, since it is too light for its base. But with its help you can create a "cloud" around the bride.

Crepe is natural and artificial. It almost does not crease and is suitable for any style. It goes well with any jewelry, ideally with pearls.

Lace and Satin

Lace will never go out of fashion and never cease to delight. It creates a gentle, romantic image of the princess that every girl wants to become. Lightness, airiness and luxury are the main features of lace. Fashionable trends of recent years are lace sleeves that are found on different styles of wedding dresses.

If satin is made of cotton fabric, its surface is matte, if it is made of synthetic fiber, it is shiny. It is a durable, smooth material that almost does not crease. Satin sleeves look royal with embroidery.


Noble material will be an excellent choice for sewing sleeveless dresses for a winter wedding. Because of the luxury of the fabric, the style of the outfit is better to make simple, but choose exquisite jewelry.


The bride’s outfit must be harmonious and stylish, so the emphasis is on one thing. In a dress with a short skirt, the shoulders and the neckline are closed. It is better to refuse a corset. A dress with a skirt on the floor, in contrast, allows a corset, neckline, open arms and shoulders. With an open back, long sleeves and an abundance of lace on a corset are combined.

The sleeve does not prohibit a deep neckline, which is richly decorated. In this case, the bride will also be comfortable: there is no fear that the straps will slip off or the corset will squeeze the ugly chest.

Empire style is a win-win. A straight model will be decorated with exquisite lace or shuttlecocks. The combination of sleeves-lanterns with an open back looks great.

What styles with long arms are the most popular?


The dream of all little girls is a princess outfit. And if also with a train - so breathtaking! The skirt and sleeves can be made of the same material or contrast, like satin and lace. Due to the splendor of the outfit, long sleeves are often sewn from the finest fabrics - chiffon or organza.


In these models, the waist is very high, to which a not too long train is attached. Sometimes a train is no longer than a skirt and looks more like a cloak. Empire style dress is light and airy. Transparent long sleeves with thin cuffs, cuts, tapering down lanterns are suitable.


A tight-fitting dress, expanding below. Suitable for girls with a perfect figure. Long sleeves exactly follow the contours of the hand, hug tight.


Classic is always in fashion. The direct shape fits any shape. A simple cut is offset by a rich finish. Looks great with a train resembling a medieval cloak. Sleeves are very different.


Successfully hides all the flaws of the figure. The bodice happens with a corset or just tight-fitting, one-year skirts or slightly flared. A-line dresses usually use a lace-fitting sleeve.

A short

It requires the ideal shape of the legs, as they will be paid attention to others. The top of this dress is usually closed. Often supplied with a loop. There is both a sheath dress and a fitted model with a full skirt. A long sleeve can be either transparent or sewn from the main fabric.

Types of sleeves

The main rule of the wedding attire: the simpler the attire, the more luxurious the sleeves are trimmed.

Several types of long sleeves are distinguished:

  • to the elbow - universal length
  • three quarters / mid-forearm: ideal for short hands that you want to decorate with bracelets,
  • to the wrist - often turning into a mitten.

Direct "embroidered mesh"

A girl with an impeccable shape of the shoulders and arms will go on a long mesh sleeve with rhinestones, pearls, beads or lace. The model hides skin imperfections. Often the bodice is made of the same fabric - this combination is considered the height of elegance.


Two flaps of fabric sewn together in the region of the shoulder and falling down really resemble petals. Very feminine and gentle image. Suitable for flared dresses and the silhouette of "Princess".


The popular type of sleeves emphasizes the solemn and delicate appearance of the bride. He can fit his hand, or, conversely, be wide, flared. The combined version is popular: narrow to half of the arm, from the elbow - flared.

Often combine several fabrics - satin, guipure, lace. Pattern of openwork fabrics - spider line, floral patterns, geometric ornaments. A dress with a full skirt and narrow guipure or lace sleeves with an open or closed back looks fabulous.

Wedding dresses with long sleeves

Large selection of wedding dresses with sleeves in the ETNA salon. Discounts on purchases on the day of the first fitting! We have presented dresses made in the USA, Great Britain and Spain. Global brands at an attractive price.

Today dresses with sleeves made of lace are in the trend of wedding fashion. The trend towards greater mystery and restrained elegance of the bride is clearly visible in many fresh collections of famous designer houses. In a wedding dress with lace sleeves, the bride can be aristocratically majestic, romantic and impeccably feminine.

It is possible to buy a wedding dress with sleeves in Moscow in both classic and avant-garde style. The main thing is that the lace should be of high quality and truly luxurious, because otherwise the wedding outfit might look a little old-fashioned!

In closed wedding dresses with long sleeves made of lace lace, a wide variety of silhouettes can be presented. The mermaid, popular in the upcoming season, looks spectacular with both short and long lace sleeves. Long sleeves made of weightless translucent lace, smoothly fitting each bend of the arm, perfectly harmonize with magnificent dresses a la “princess”. The decorated bodice in this case most often also has lace trim, and the dress skirt, on the contrary, is extremely concise. The closed neckline, sleeve and magnificent style of the dress can be without exaggeration called the components of the dress of the true queen of the evening!

The combination of long-sleeved wedding dresses and an original openwork back allows the bride to be in the spotlight throughout the solemn day, collecting sincere enthusiastic looks. Lace has an amazing feature - it is able to simultaneously hide imperfections and profitably accentuate one or another part of the body. So, a lace bodice and a short sleeve from this material are indispensable, if you want to focus on the neckline, lace at the waist is designed to emphasize the grace of the bride's figure.

History of creation

Shortened wedding dresses, like a small black dress, owe their appearance to Coco Chanel, the very Mademoiselle who decided in the 20s of the last century to change the fashion world and give life to a new style, the length of which reached the middle of the knees.

In the 50s, outfits with a tight-fitting bodice and a short fluffy skirt were popular. Then a wide belt was added to the playful image, which made the waist visually even thinner and the legs longer.

The dress was so loved by the fair sex that after only a decade, many stars began to choose it as a wedding attire.

The creations of modern designers are distinguished by an abundance of models and styles that emphasize the dignity of the girl, her original taste and individual style.

A short puffy wedding dress with sleeves allows you to create an elegant and sophisticated or playful and slightly daring image. But in any case, such a style demonstrates the beauty of the legs and the harmony of the figure. That is why it is so in demand.

It is noteworthy that a short dress can have a sleeve of various lengths, characterized by a cut:

  • the bride’s long and tight arm from shoulder to wrist,
  • a bell that expands smoothly from the middle of the shoulder to the wrist,
  • shortened, the length of which reaches the elbow,
  • three quarters, the length of which is just below the elbow,
  • wing - a sleeve covering only the shoulder,
  • short, reaching the middle of the forearm.

Closed dresses with sleeves and an open back

Chic outfits in the European style are now at the peak of fashion. Brides in closed wedding dresses with long lace sleeves demonstrate an impeccable sense of style and attract everyone's attention.

The dress with closed hands looks advantageous due to expensive fabric and interesting finishes. The most modest and concise along with sophistication will add sophistication to the original open back.

In the Etna salon in Moscow, various options for wedding dresses with long sleeves and a closed lace back are presented:

  • models with a completely bare back,
  • options with a thin lace insert on the back.

Closed wedding dresses with long sleeves and an open back can be of different styles and lengths, with or without a train. Silky ribbons or long chains of miniature buttons make the silhouette even more elongated to add elegance to such a spicy finish.

A variety of silhouettes presented in the salon allows each bride to choose a model that fits perfectly on her figure. In our salon, competent sales consultants with extensive experience will help you choose a magnificent or straight wedding dress with closed hands in accordance with your preferences and individual characteristics.

What to choose a modern bride?

When choosing a wedding attire, the bride should take into account the features of her figure, because each model can sit completely differently in her own way. So, for young brides with a slender figure, dresses with a tight-fitting top and a bell-shaped skirt are well suited. This will emphasize a thin waist and hide too thin hips.

And plump girls in the first place should choose models with a long sleeve: they can be made not only of dense fabric, but also of lace or chiffon.

For girls with narrow shoulders, outfits with sleeves-wings or flashlights are chosen. Three quarter quarters of universal sleeves will be the optimal solution, which allow you to hide excessive fullness in the upper part of the hands and at the same time can emphasize the graceful wrists.

A short wedding dress with a long sleeve will appear weightless and tender on a fragile girl. By the way A model with extended sleeves at the base can visually make the waist thinner and the silhouette more feminine. Fit skirts are selected individually. So, dresses above the knees are contraindicated for full young ladies, and it is better to look at outfits that are below the knee length, or to options with a small train.

For brides with an hourglass or an inverted triangle figure, robes with a corset and a fluffy chiffon skirt are well suited.

Straight dresses with lace sleeves

Such a silhouette (a la “little mermaid”) maximally fits the bride’s figure, emphasizing all its advantages. Long sleeves deprive the image of even a hint of vulgarity, making it delicate, moderately piquant and frank.

A straight dress with closed lace hands is an excellent choice for a celebration in the European style. A small lace train will give you chic, without restricting movement. In this outfit you will be comfortable staying the whole wedding day.

Perhaps the most fashionable option

Short lace dresses with sleeves make the images of brides truly magical and fabulous. Cropped dresses with delicate sleeves look especially beautiful.This makes the image romantic, airy and feminine. Designers recommend choosing outfits with a long sleeve, which can be both tight-fitting and flared. In this case, the short dress will look elegant and modern, which will undoubtedly become the key to success.

Attention! Lace in itself is a frank and effective material, so short wedding models are not compatible with a deep neckline or an open back.

Black and white combination

The most harmonious look is the classic combination of black and white. And who said that there is no place for black accents in the wedding look?

A short wedding dress with a black sleeve will perfectly emphasize the shoulder line, highlight the neckline area and overall give the image of the newlywed a highlight. The contrasting detail will make the dress incredibly beautiful, sophisticated and will look especially good on girls with the “triangle” shape, as it will allow you to distract attention from the lush hips.

Ball Gown Dresses

Typically, models with a full skirt are the choice of romantic natures who want to look like a real princess on their wedding day. But do not discard this option if you think that in such models you will look too frivolous. A variety of magnificent wedding dresses with sleeves in the catalog of the Etna wedding salon will allow you to choose a beautiful outfit for any bride. For example, dresses with closed hands made of expensive silk or luxurious lace will definitely create a sophisticated image “like the cover of a magazine”.

In the salon "Etna" are presented:

  • A-line models - the skirt absolutely naturally continues the bodice, due to which the outfit looks very noble. The spectacular decoration of the neckline and sleeves makes each option a real work of art.
  • Lush ball gowns with sleeves - a skirt on several rings will surround you with a cloud of precious silk and lace. In this outfit, you will want to spin in a dance with the groom every moment of the wedding celebration.

The present bride is simply obliged to be stylish and graceful, a real queen of the ball, which attracts general attention not with an abundance of sparkles, but with a perfect image. The models from our catalog are exactly what you see in your dreams: beautiful, sophisticated, expertly finished. A dress with closed hands and an open or closed back is your best choice for a modern wedding celebration.

Buying a wedding dress with lace sleeves is the right decision when choosing a wedding dress, because it is known that in this ceremony you can not leave your shoulders open. Delicate transparent lace on the sleeves will not only save the situation, but also allow the bride to look like a real fairy-tale princess!

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Doll image

Stylized weddings are becoming very popular today, and therefore girls are increasingly striving to acquire original outfits in retro style. If the celebration is planned to be held in the style of the 50-60s, the outfit with a tight-fitting top and a fluffy multi-layer skirt decorated with a wide color belt will become an indispensable detail.

A three-quarter sleeved Baby Doll dress will look especially impressive. This outfit is suitable for a bold, confident, cheerful bride and will emphasize her individual style. A short veil or a flirty hat with a veil can be an addition to the outfit.

Important! If the girl always dreamed of a fabulous wedding with a handsome prince, then a short outfit with a full skirt, decorated with ruffles, bows and looking like a doll robe is what you need. By the way, the same option may be suitable for a wedding in the style of "Alice in Wonderland."

It is in it that she will look like a doll or the heroine of a wonderful fairy tale and will be able to make her dream come true.

How to choose shoes

It is impossible to imagine the image of a bride in a short dress with sleeves harmonious without beautiful shoes. A short outfit obliges the girl to choose elegant shoes, because they will be in full view of everyone present, which means that you can not ruin the overall impression of the image. Classic dress on heels with a closed toe are ideal for the dress, since the image of the bride implies the presence of stockings or tights. Shoes are recommended to choose the tone of the dress or decoration.

Accessories you can't do without

According to wedding etiquette, the bride must wear stockings or tights. With a short outfit, white products will not look very good, and it is better to choose tights or stockings of flesh-colored.

In addition, the main accessory - veils - also can not be abandoned, because a short outfit in combination with it looks more gentle. The main thing is to follow the basic rule: a short dress does not fit with a long veil, which means you need to choose a shorter option.

A straight cut outfit looks great with little hats and veils. They can replace a traditional accessory. If the brides choose the right veil and short wedding dresses with sleeves, photos from the holiday will delight the eye.

Makeup and hairstyle

The hairstyle and the most natural make-up that emphasizes the natural beauty of the girl perfectly complements the image of the bride in a short dress with sleeves. For example, you can use the Smokey Ice technique in eye makeup, but a more lightweight, daytime version. As for the hair, they can also be collected in a careless bundle, braided in Greek braids or create large romantic curls. To the hairstyle, you can add a diadem or invisibility with rhinestones.

Will the outfit fit

A shortened outfit with sleeves will be a real find for those girls who do not like classics and prefer more modern and daring outfits.

Also, such an image will be decided to try on a bride whose wedding will take place outdoors in the countryside, because in this case the hem of a long dress will not get in the way, and it will be more convenient to move around.

Often such an outfit is sought by young ladies who marry a second time and want to look special. And, of course, it’s no secret that A short wedding dress with lace sleeves is much cheaper than a long puffy outfit. Therefore, some brides, wanting to save money, acquire just such an option.

Interesting! The first famous woman who dared to go down the aisle in a short dress was Audrey Hepburn. Her image was truly unique thanks to the fact that instead of the usual veil, she used a scarf.

The outfit of the famous artist Yoko Ono, combined with John Lennon, was no less original and bold for the 20th century: a fitted A-line dress with three-quarter sleeves combined with golfs, flat shoes and a small hat.

There is no doubt that short bridesmaid dresses are attractive and original. But, as in the case of ordinary dresses, knee-length or taller, they are best suited for tall girls with a slim figure. The style fits around the wasp waist and opens long legs.

However, some models, for example, dresses in the Greek style, are able to visually stretch the silhouette, which makes them more versatile and suitable even for low brides. A wide variety of styles will allow each girl to choose the most suitable option.

Other advantages of short wedding dresses include:

  • The opportunity to match the celebration: for example, if the newlyweds decided to celebrate their holiday modestly in the circle of close people, then the bride will look much more appropriate in a shortened lace dress with long sleeves than in a fluffy long robe. The same can be said about a wedding on the beach: an airy and light dress is the best option.
  • Comfort during the celebration, which is planned for the warm season. A wedding in summer is not only beautiful, but also very hot. And many brides would rather agree to celebrate an important event in a comfortable and elegant short dress than to be in a heavy and voluminous outfit all day.
  • Short dress with long sleeves, straight cut or A-line knee-length can later be worn at any festive occasion or a wedding anniversary, as opposed to a long dress that is worn only once.

Tips for brides

Each girl chooses a wedding outfit to her taste and taking into account her type of figure. An individual approach to choosing a short dress style is especially important. Therefore, stylists offer to familiarize themselves with important recommendations:

  • Sleeves-lanterns will make the pear-shaped figure more harmonious, and long flared sleeves will add growth to short brides.
  • Owners of beautiful hands who want to demonstrate their superiority can wear closed models with an elegant openwork sleeve.
  • The color scheme of shortened wedding dresses is pleasing to the eye: in addition to the classic white color, other light shades are also presented - beige, creamy, milk, ivory. Also, designers are advised to decorate dresses with bright accents in the form of a belt or threads on the dress and other jewelry.
  • Outfits for pregnant brides can also be fashionable, and a short style is proof of this. Of course, the future mother is unlikely to fit the decoration in the style of baby doll, but the outfit in the Greek style or Empire style will come in handy. The girl will look beautiful and feel at the same time comfortable and relaxed.

Any girl will look solemn and irresistible on the wedding day, choosing a short dress with sleeves and appropriate accessories. Such decoration makes the bride elegant, emphasizes the advantages of her figure and hides all the flaws. The outfit will certainly impress both the chosen one and the guests of the festival.

Pros and cons

Long dresses with sleeves are almost always chosen by girls from aristocratic, royal families, famous Hollywood stars. This image is noble, feminine and stylish.

The main advantages of dresses with sleeves include:

  • Properly selected cut and suitable sleeve material allows you to adjust the proportions of the figure, to make the image easier.
  • A chaste outfit can be used for a wedding ceremony, a Muslim wedding.
  • In the cold season, products with sleeves will look harmonious, and the bride will not freeze.
  • Models with a closed top made of lace fabric do not require additional accessories.
  • A variety of dresses of different styles allows you to find the best for every woman. A long sleeve can hide the fullness of the hands, skin defects of the upper body.

The relative disadvantages include the higher cost of long models with sleeves in relation to short open dresses. In addition, they are difficult to combine with boleros and capes, especially in the case of a lush cut sleeve.

According to the style

Almost all clothing styles have several options for wedding dresses with sleeves:

  • Mermaid or fish is a tight-fitting outfit flared below the knees. The model is considered the standard of femininity and grace, especially products with lace elongated sleeves. If the product has a deep neckline or a neckline on the back, then the sleeve is made of длиной length of lace. Young pretty women are suitable fish dresses, complemented by airy sleeves-lanterns.
  • Shortened models of straight cut or cases, complemented by a narrow embroidered sleeve, look more strictly, restrained, but no less elegant. If the outfit has a fluffy skirt, then the sleeve can be in the form of a flashlight, such an image will suit a young lady.
  • Long straight products made of dense expensive fabrics are offered with narrow sleeves to the hand, as well as flared or asymmetrical. Such images are preferred by fans of minimalism in clothes, having an impeccable figure.
  • The product with a full skirt does not allow the splendor of the sleeves. They should be narrow or cut out by a wing made of weightless chiffon. If the skirt is decorated with embroidery, beads, rhinestones, then the upper part should be more strict in order to avoid excessive decor.
  • An empire look looks like lace lace dresses with a high waistline. The upper part of the outfit is made tight and strict, or the option with loose sleeves of the Juliet style, butterfly, is chosen. Such products are often chosen by brides in position.
  • Long models with a train and a neckline on the back, constituting a worthy alternative to open dresses. A bare back looks sexy, while closed hands, a train add to the image of rigor and grace.
  • Straight fit products with a lace top and a closed collar, suitable for ladies of any age. For sewing, a combination of delicate and smooth fabrics is used, which allows you to create an interesting image with a simple cut.

Any style will suit girls with an impeccable figure, while owners of full hands should choose closed dresses with openwork sleeves длиной long or a loose cut of chiffon. Outfits with flashlights or “balloons” sleeves help to add visual volume to the bust.

If you have wide shoulders, it is recommended to give preference to dresses with lace raglan sleeves in combination with a deep V-neck.

Sleeve length

Depending on the season and figure, the bride can choose a dress with long sleeves or very short ones. Here are the most popular types:

  • Shortened mittens are inherent flirty and light. Such models are most often chosen by girls with narrow shoulders and small breasts. Lush folds of fabric on the shoulders align the proportions of the figure, give the lady seductiveness. Another option for shortened sleeves is a “butterfly”. This dress resembles vintage models. From options for a wedding image with open hands, it is better to be full of ladies.
  • Products in which the hands are closed to the elbow are versatile. They are appropriate at any time of the year. If a girl wants to give volume to the upper body, then she chooses a “balloon” cut. Volumetric gloves made of weightless chiffon look unusual and flirty. If the outfit is full of fluffy skirt, then lace or a dense satin is suitable for sewing sleeves.
  • Длиной sleeves are easy to combine with any cut of the dress. Such elements can be decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, lace, made of fabric of any density. Length allows you to demonstrate thin wrists and distract attention from full shoulders. Wedding dresses with open shoulders and sleeves look especially interesting, creating at the same time a modest and intriguing image.
  • The wrist length is ideal for short girls with wide hips, as well as tall thin brides. If the outfit is chosen for a winter wedding, then the top of the dress can be made of dense fabric, decorated with stripes and appliqués. In this case, no additional cloak is required. For summer celebrations, models with lace or mesh tops, asymmetric cuts are suitable, when, despite the closure of the outfit, the bride is not hot.

In recent years, vintage models with Juliet sleeves have been especially popular. The main part of the outfit is made of simple fabric, the emphasis is on the free sleeve, extended downward. Depending on the fabric used, it can add or hide the volume, give mystery and elegance to the image.

By fabric

In creating wedding dresses, fashion designers use the most modern materials that do not crumple, hold their shape well and the required volume. The bride will be most comfortable wearing a board made of natural or mixed fabrics, breathing and maintaining normal heat transfer.

Wedding dresses with lace sleeves are very popular.The skirt of such products may be from a similar lace fabric or smooth fabric. Lace creates the illusion of nakedness, while maintaining mystery. It does not require decorative finishes, it looks expensive, noble.

Sleeves made of transparent or translucent mesh, chiffon are called an illusion. They retain good visibility of the girl’s tender arms. Embroidered with beads, embroidery, appliques, they will add piquancy to the image.

In classic wedding looks, smooth fabrics are preferred for sewing the top of the dress. Embroidered cuffs, floral arrangements, decorative beads, and artificial pearls can be used for decoration. The main colors of wedding dresses, in addition to classic white, are considered pearl, beige, peach, blue, ivory. The hue is selected to suit the bride’s color type.

Selection of accessories

When choosing elements that complement the image, it is important to maintain moderation and achieve harmony. Outfits with sleeves do not require a large number of accessories. If your wrists remain open, it is recommended to use narrow bracelets made of pearls, beads, and rhinestones. Dresses with “flashlights” or “butterflies” can be complemented with low gloves.

If the bride’s shoulders remain bare, it is possible to use long earrings. In other cases, it is worth choosing the products of the classic form of small length. It is good if the earrings are combined with rings and the decor of cuffs, belts.

Equally important is the choice of hairstyle. Closed models of dresses with stand-up collars are combined with high hairstyles, simple pendants and necklaces. If the outfit is made of lace, then the bride is recommended to curl her hair with curls or waves.

To complement the wedding image should a bouquet suitable for the dress, and a small embroidered handbag for the right little things. When choosing an outfit and accessories, a girl should not blindly follow fashion trends. You need to create your own unique wedding image, which will maximize the dignity and give confidence in your own charm.

Benefits of a dress with sleeves

It is not possible to unambiguously determine the advantages of closed dresses with sleeves, since there are several of them:

Practicality. If the wedding date is set for a period of unstable climatic conditions, then in order not to burden yourself with the purchase of a warm cape, it is better to purchase a dress with a sleeve.

As a result, your image will be appropriate both indoors and outdoors, and without additional clothing items.

Suitable for a wedding ceremony, as the shoulders will be closed.

Special sexuality. Despite everything, these dresses have such an effect. The materials used for sewing or finishing the sleeves make them slightly covered and at the same time open their eyes to the shoulders, collarbone, and wrists.

There is an opinion that dresses with sleeves do not go to full-armed beauties, but this is not so. The main thing is to choose the style of the sleeve.

Of course, you should not choose a too narrow sleeve, pay attention to the Empire or Greek style. They have a loose cut, due to which part of the fullness is hidden, and a more sophisticated look is created than in a low-necked open dress.

Beauties who follow fashion are one hundred percent sure of the modernity of wedding dresses with long sleeves. Although some still consider this an echo of the past.

But, in modern fashion designer collections, dresses with long sleeves are the standard of elegance, conciseness, restraint and modesty.

And all thanks to not a small number of styles and a flight of fancy in terms of the variety of finishes:

Little mitten. A wedding dress with short sleeves from a T-shirt looks very feminine, and if they are also openwork textured or half-grown, then you can safely go out. You will not be equal.

Suitable for any seasonal conditions, but in the cold it is better to throw a bolero or a fur cape on top.

Sleeve three quarters (to the middle of the arm). An image for romantic natures, as it leaves a certain uncertainty and understatement.

Excites the imagination and makes you look, and this is exactly what any bride would like.

Long sleeve. It can be narrow, loose or with a lace cuff on the brush. It looks solemn, a great alternative to the classics.

Choosing the right dress style

Sleeves are in perfect harmony with all the styles of dresses:

Lush. Outwardly, it looks like a voluminous royal outfit that corresponds exclusively to the upper classes.

Such sleeves are suitable for any sleeves: a flashlight, a classic straight, small, wing, three quarters, elongated with a loop on the finger.

The most aristocratic looks are the gates under the throat. For especially sexual persons the option with a decollete and an asymmetric coquette is possible.

Straight. Want to look mysterious and mysterious, a straight wedding dress with sleeves for you. The sleeve should be lace, tulle or mesh, as it serves as a decor. The length can be different, the presence of applications and volumetric decorations is welcome.

Short. Suitable mainly for summer. A closed top and an open bottom - absolute harmony.

Midi. Length just below the knee line, impeccable conservatism. The focus of world designers on a lace dress with long sleeves complemented by vintage features: ruffles, flounces, bows, etc. Complete the image of a hat, veil, turn-down collar. The sleeve of the flashlight will be the top of perfection.

Fish. Owners of small stature should pay attention to the year. In tandem with sleeves, you visually increase growth. Not suitable for thin people and giants. For a wedding dress the fish is characterized by bare shoulders and back, but with closed hands.

Empire. They have been sitting firmly in the first positions of fashionable ratings for more than one season. For the Greek style, three-quarter flashlight sleeves fit, a t-shirt lowered.

Choose a model that maximizes emphasis on strengths and veils existing flaws. To do this, take a look at the selected photos of wedding dresses with sleeves.

If you are at a loss to make a choice yourself, or doubt its correctness, seek help from professional stylists who will do everything at the highest level, taking into account your wishes and financial capabilities.

Dresses with sleeves for unreal beauties

Closed dresses are suitable for the shy, and for the original, and for pregnant women with a small tummy.

Dress with lace sleeves. Lace, as you know, can transform any outfit, especially since today it is a favorite of all fashion shows.

The openwork translucent fabric is not inferior to him in the championship. A dress made of such a fabric is the limit of tenderness and romanticism.

For the decoration of wedding dresses with lace sleeves, applications or stripes are used on a colorless mesh, tulle, cotton, silk or satin. The theme of floral motifs is also relevant, as well as openwork abstractions.

Mini dresses for daring fashionistas. Short dresses will add freshness and sophistication, but do not overdo it with the length. Be restrained and chaste.

This style is mainly for the summer season, but in demi-season shows and winter it is also available.

Closed classic top and almost bare bottom with textured finish look balanced, restrained and not vulgar. The sleeve cuffs can be trimmed, as well as the hem of the dress.

Long Dresses. Lush wedding dresses or straight, floor-length, with full sleeves and a bare back will make a lasting impression.

As ornaments, a mini-set (earrings and necklace) will be appropriate. The stand-up collar, the neck of the boat, the transparent lace trim look elegantly.

The last peep is considered to be knitwear and knitting, so to speak sophisticated simplicity that is inherent in dresses of a straight cut or a year with a strap or belt at the waistline.

Dresses for winter

The most sought after so far is a dress with a full skirt and lace sleeves. Variations are possible with materials: satin, cotton and silk.

In order not to feel uncomfortable and not turn blue from the cold, you should definitely have at hand:

  • fur coat, cape or jacket. It goes well with styles of wide and voluminous cut. The fur can be both natural and artificial.
  • warmer petticoat. The number of petticoats can vary at your discretion, the main thing is not to freeze and not harm your health.
  • sleeves gloves. Exclusively in case of severe frosts, the designers invented a glove of a whole cut. The option in the form of a separate accessory is possible. However, the whole looks much more elegant and refined.


A sleeve in the style of the Middle Ages, with a flashlight. The fitting part is most often made of lace, and the upper is finished with ribbons. Combined with a vintage dress and short skirts.

With a cut

These sleeves are a great option for a summer wedding dress. Two types of incisions are used: from the shoulder to the elbow, from the elbow to the wrist. The sleeve is usually attached to the wrist.

Types of dresses - photo

The long sleeves of the formal dress go well with bare shoulders or a bare back. A rich sleeves finish is welcomed along with a modest skirt decor. If the bride is tall, a straight floor-length dress with long sleeves and a slit on the skirt will be the perfect choice.

Lace with a train

The train is sewn to the dress or fixed on small buttons, which is very convenient - it will be possible to unfasten it after completion of the official part of the celebration. The train should be combined with the sleeves, and more often they are sewn from light fabrics, for example, chiffon, so as not to burden the outfit.

Typically, the train is attached to the waist, with the exception of the Watteau train, which, combined with an empire-style dress, is attached not to the waist, but to the back and can be flush with the skirt or a little longer.

A very satin outfit with a train is very popular. Satin, shiny on the front side and matte from the inside, allows you to play with the original contrast of textures. For a very long train, satin charmeuse is suitable in this case.

A lace dress with a train looks amazing. In this case, the bodice, sleeves and train are lace, and the skirt is made of silk or satin.

Winter with a closed back

Such an outfit looks very aristocratic, and his choice speaks of the sophisticated taste of the bride and her modesty. A “deaf” dress is an indispensable option for a winter wedding. Dresses with a closed back often have a stand-up collar, which gives the hostess regal grandeur.

Closed shoulders and back allow lace trim, which makes the toilet very elegant. An impeccable combination of a dense dress fabric and a translucent finish. Light fabrics decorate the arms, shoulders and décolleté.

A good option for a winter dress for not too miniature brides is a low-cut style with a bodice, back and sleeves made of lace or transparent fabric with beautiful patterns.

Closed in front with long sleeves and an open openwork back - such a wedding dress looks extravagant and spectacular!

For pregnant

Expectant mother needs to remember that the outfit is purchased a week before the celebration. In an interesting position, the volume of the figure changes rapidly, while the girth of the hands also increases. The option of a dress "for growth" will not pass here either, since it is impossible to predict how the figure will behave even after a week, not to mention a month.

The dress should not put pressure on the body, so corsets and tight-fitting models are not considered. Even for a short period of time, a dress of a free silhouette is perfect. The fabric should allow air to pass through, and it is better if elastic material is used for the sleeves.

Women in position can choose any model, except for corset and mermaid dresses. In the early stages, a dress with a fitted bodice, but without a corset, is suitable. Emphasis on the neckline and full skirt is welcome. Sleeves - from the same material as the dress, or fabrics of contrasting density.

A Greek-style dress with a high waist and a flying skirt is another popular option. It is suitable even for long periods, since it masks the tummy well.

A trapeze dress does not attract attention to the waist at all, but a woman can make a high hairstyle and choose bright accessories if the decor of the dress is simple, or, conversely, with rich decoration, minimize jewelry.

In later terms, you may like a short dress to the knees or just below, since with a large tummy and a skirt to the floor, the bride runs the risk of becoming like a pile of hay. For such a style, long sleeves fit perfectly.

As for color, there are no special requirements, but it is believed that bright shades are acceptable in the early stages, and in the last trimester it is better to focus on calm, pastel colors.


You should not choose a dress with a big company. Many opposing tips will confuse. It is better to take one or two people whose opinion is really important.

  • Do not take a dress in which there is no certainty. If there is even the slightest doubt, it is better to postpone the purchase or see other options. If the dress doesn’t leave my head the next day, then after a successful fitting, the search is considered completed,
  • It is unreasonable to go in cycles on one style and just keep it in mind. Another model can produce an impressive effect after trying on. It’s worth taking the advice of a salon consultant,
  • An outfit bought long before the wedding can disappoint on the eve of the celebration. Start searching for dresses should be a maximum of six months,
  • Putting off a purchase for the last moment is also risky. Perhaps the outfit will have to be customized according to the figure, and shoes with accessories can not be picked up immediately,
  • You should try on only those dresses that fit into the allocated budget. Trying on too expensive dresses can ruin your mood. After a luxurious outfit, more budget counterparts seem too simple,
  • Endless trying on a large number of outfits will eventually lead the search to a standstill. All dresses will seem the same. It’s better to examine each model without haste and carry out no more than two fittings per day,
  • Buying a dress not in size in the hope of losing weight is a fatal mistake. Let the outfit be a little large, so that a few days before the celebration to fit it in shape.

Gone are the days when the bride was obliged to be only in white. Now there are a variety of shades: beige, pink, blue, coffee, gold. However, the color of the dress should not merge with the color of the skin. Its task is to emphasize the freshness and beauty of the hero of the occasion.

  • To the blondes warm and golden shades
  • Fair-haired advantageous in pink or pale green shades,
  • Brunettes white, silver or pink,
  • Red-haired creamy will do.


An elegant toilet with long sleeves can not only successfully compete with an open wedding outfit, but also overshadow it with the nobility of cut and decoration. However the bride’s robe should be approached thoughtfully and without haste, considering all the proposed options for the style of the dress, the shape of the skirt and the length of the sleeve.

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