Propolis alcohol tincture - contraindications

Among the people, propolis tincture has found application because of the effective therapeutic effect. The product is a product infused with alcohol or water. The basis is bee glue - a component produced by bees to strengthen the hive. Natural remedy has antibiotic properties. Therefore, it is widely used to treat various diseases. Consider the medicinal properties and contraindications of propolis tincture.

Contraindications to the use of propolis

Beekeeper review: There was an allergy to propolis (rashes of hives and severe itching between the fingers, the inside of the elbow and knee joints when the fingers came in contact with propolis, therefore I work with bees and frames only in rubber gloves, which, by the way, do not save much from this) after the course of administration tinctures of wax moth do not feel the effects of such contacts, there is no itching and rashes on the skin.

What is propolis?

Propolis is a bee glue that performs the following functions in a hive:

  • closes the gaps
  • envelops third-party objects
  • overlaps the honeycomb.

The substance is also commonly called the "bond". The consistency of bonds makes it easy to glue particles. The bee product is characterized by a rather complex chemical composition:

The substance has a variety of unique healing properties.

What is bee propolis

Propolis is a sticky substance produced by bees. This bee glue is formed under the action of enzymes collected from the spring buds of birch, alder and other trees. However, today there is no consensus on the origin of propolis.

Outwardly, this substance can be dark brown in color with a green tint, and in consistency it is plastic and soft. During storage, it hardens quickly and becomes brittle, but with a gradual increase in temperature to 80 ° C (in a water bath) it begins to melt.

Propolis has a distinctly bitter taste, and the smell is pleasant, depending on the tree from which the bees collected the original substance: birch, alder, poplar.

A significant positive quality of propolis is that with increasing temperature it does not lose its healing properties.

Wine alcohol

  • propolis - 30 g
  • wine alcohol - 200 ml.

Remove bee products in the freezer for 60 minutes. It will freeze slightly, become hard and will cut well. Chop fine chips on a fine grater. Mix with wine alcohol in a prepared glass container, close tightly. Clean in a cold place for 12-14 days. Stir with a wooden spatula or shake the contents up to 6 times a day. After the time has passed, put the tincture in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Put gauze on a sieve and filter the resulting infusion. Pour into a suitable bottle, seal tightly.

Propolis alcohol tincture - contraindications

  • allergic reactions Soft and aqueous propolis honey may not cause an allergic reaction while rash on the use of propolis alcohol tincture. Based on such experience, it can be assumed that water and honey the soft extract of propolis is significantly less allergic than the alcohol tincture of propolis. This is quite logical if we take into account the fact that only a few components of propolis dissolve in water or honey (resins do not dissolve at all). However, this is enough to ensure that the biological activity of the aqueous and honey extracts significantly exceeds that in alcohol terms.

Water propolis surpasses all other forms of therapeutic agents from propolis in terms of the impact on pathogenic microorganisms (Vakhonina E.A. GNU Scientific Research Institute of Beekeeping, RAAS).

When using an alcohol solution of propolis inside, it is very rapidly absorbed from the stomach into the blood, where the solvent — alcohol changes to an aqueous medium — and propolis forms a resinous emulsion, particles of which clog small capillary vessels, which can be used in significant quantities when used intensively.propolis alcohol extract cause microthrombosis, necrosis of internal tissues and microinfarction. A. Bai - candidate of biological sciences Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology.

Propolis properties. Composition

An unsurpassed doctor, the whole pharmacy in one bottle, home doctor ... As soon as people call bee glue! And all thanks to the unique composition, which is the guarantor of his healing abilities. Depending on the characteristics of insects and their place of residence, propolis may include about 50 different components, but the amount of vitamins, mineral complexes and other useful ingredients remains at a consistently high level. This medicinal product contains:

  • provitamin A
  • vitamins of group B, C, E,
  • manganese,
  • iron,
  • silicon,
  • zinc,
  • calcium,
  • phosphorus,
  • magnesium,
  • amino acids
  • organic acids (coumaric, coffee, cinnamon),
  • a nicotinic acid,
  • benzoic acid,
  • flavonoids.

Thanks to such a balanced natural composition, propolis has unique healing properties: it is used as an immunomodulatory, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent, it is considered one of the best medicines for many ailments and helps cope with vitamin deficiency and loss of strength.

Propolis: healing properties

The medicinal potential of bee glue has found its use not only in alternative medicine - many clinical doctors recommend this substance: gynecologists, otorhinolaryngologists, dermatologists, pediatricians, etc. This universality and popularity of this substance in medicine has a simple explanation: the health benefits of propolis are truly invaluable. This effect is achieved through a combination of the following properties:

  • anti-toxic
  • antibacterial
  • dermatoplastic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • wound healing
  • disinfectant
  • immunomodulatory
  • protective
  • antioxidant.

Propolis in its pure form or as water tinctures has a tonic and restorative effect. He is able to relieve fatigue, stimulate the production of energy and as if to awaken a “second wind”. In addition, many studies confirm that regular use of bee glue in any available form significantly reduces the first signs of aging, improves metabolism and keeps the body in good shape, despite the passport age. This effect is provided by numerous antioxidants that protect against the harmful effects of the environment, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, and awaken internal reserves. A rich vitamin cocktail complements the anti-aging effect.

In addition, propolis significantly reduces the severity of stress, has a calming effect and suppresses the level of anxiety. Thanks to this, a person is easier to tolerate stressful situations, copes with unexpected outbursts of emotions and controls his impulses. And since most diseases are somehow related to the shaken nervous system, this effect is really valuable, especially for residents of modern megalopolises, most of which are spent in psychological stress.

Propolis, the use of which is especially relevant in the season of morbidity, copes with the destruction of pathogenic bacteria, among which are:

  • flu virus
  • herpes virus
  • tubercle bacillus,
  • Cand>

In this case, unlike pharmacological antibiotics, only pathogenic viruses and bacteria fall under the action of propolis - nothing threatens the microorganisms that form the normal human microflora. This means that after treatment with bee glue, dysbiosis and other problems associated with disturbance of microflora do not threaten you.

Despite the fact that the composition of propolis varies depending on the area, its antiviral and antibacterial properties remain at a consistently high level. This activity is achieved due to the high percentage of flavonoids, which are considered one of the best natural remedies for colds and flu. And although propolis is considered to be a medicine, there will be no harm if used for prophylactic purposes, especially at the peak of the incidence rate - this way you can protect yourself from unpleasant symptoms and maintain health and vitality.

Who is not destined to be treated with bee glue? List of contraindications

Thinking about who and how to take propolis, it would be useful to get acquainted with the list of restrictions regarding this “home doctor”. This substance has a natural natural formula, which means it has a safe and non-toxic composition, but there are exceptions to any rule: you should not discount the individual characteristics of each person.

In what cases will propolis have to be abandoned?

  1. For allergic reactions to beekeeping products, coniferous extracts, poplar fluff and pollen from flowering plants. In one concentration or another, all of these substances can be part of bee glue, and therefore cause hypersensitivity in allergies.
  2. With poor blood coagulability, as well as before surgical interventions. Propolis can slow the formation of platelets and, as a result, blood coagulation. With an initially lowered rate of SC, it is better not to risk it, especially in anticipation of operations - it would be wise to abandon propolis, replacing it with other useful products of natural origin.
  3. During lactation (in case the baby is allergic). If a child is prone to allergic reactions from birth, they will have to refuse bee glue during feeding so as not to provoke additional exacerbations in the baby.

Here, perhaps, is all that should be taken into account before using this healing product. Assessing propolis, the medicinal properties and contraindications of which cannot be compared, one can conclude that this remedy is a unique doctor, in most cases, bearing the body only one benefit.

Propolis: application

Knowing the beneficial properties of bee glue, it is easy to assume that its use is recommended for many diseases. And indeed, in addition to the expected colds, the use of propolis is indicated in the presence of the following diagnoses:

  1. Arterial hypertension. The extracts that make up this beekeeping product inhibit the production of a particular enzyme and thereby lower blood pressure.
  2. Stomach ulcer. Since propolis has a wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect, getting into the stomach, it soothes the mucous membrane, relieves unpleasant symptoms and promotes the healing of ulcers.
  3. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Caffeic acid, which is found in excess in bee glue, inhibits the destruction of bone tissue, restores its density and increases resistance to external influences.
  4. Allergic reactions. The substances contained in the bee “medicine” act as antihistamines, suppressing allergy symptoms.
  5. Food poisoning. Propolis is able to quickly and delicately cleanse the body of toxins that cause poisoning, relieve intoxication symptoms and restore normal microflora.
  6. Skin defects: ulcers, warts, burns, fungus, etc.Bee glue cleanses the skin, restores its integrity and promotes the rapid healing of even the most serious injuries.
  7. Gynecological abnormalities: thrush, vaginal herpes, endometriosis, etc. Propolis in the composition of ointments or suppositories is an effective remedy against "female" diseases of an infectious and inflammatory nature. In this case, the substance is safe even during pregnancy (in the absence of contraindications).

This list is not complete, since propolis will be more or less useful in almost all diseases. It is prescribed as adjuvant therapy for diabetes, hepatitis and even oncology.

How to take propolis?

You can use propolis as you like - make water and oil tinctures, ointments, creams, and even chew in its pure form like chewing gum. However, the most convenient form for patients of all ages is still considered a water tincture. To prepare it, it is enough to chop a small amount of the bee product with a knife and boil it in a water bath for 10 minutes, after adding ½ cup of boiled water.

Propolis oil is no more difficult to prepare. Grinding 50 g of propolis in the same way, mix it with 300 g of melted butter and, slightly warming in a water bath, stir the product until the wax settles at the bottom. Thus, the healing components will fall into the oil, and the wax will not interfere with the application to the skin. This composition can be used as an ointment in the presence of skin diseases, cracks, ulcers and eczema, taken orally for stomach problems and rubbed into painful places.

To summarize: the benefits of propolis to the body

Propolis is a substance unique in its composition and healing effect, which in nature simply has no equal. Using it as a medicine or prophylactic, you can maintain and increase your health, put off old age for a long box, remain strong, calm and balanced in any stressful situation, be full of energy and strength even after a tiring hard day and never get to know depression. Not a single pill in the world can replace this source of longevity and prosperity, presented by bees. Therefore, you should not run to the pharmacy at the first sign of an illness - everything that is necessary for recovery has already been donated by nature, it remains only to properly dispose of this gift.

Pure benefits and harms

A high concentration of beneficial compounds plays a dual role. On the one hand, this indicates the undeniable benefits and the possibility of using less propolis to achieve the desired effect.

However, for the same reason, the risk of developing unwanted reactions of the body, for example, an allergic reaction, the development of acute or exacerbation of chronic diseases due to severe irritation of the mucous membranes, increases.

Ethyl alcohol

  • ethyl alcohol 70% - 150 ml,
  • propolis - 15 g.

Grind the main ingredient. Put in a glass bottle and pour alcohol. Stir, cover. Clean in a cool place until the component dissolves. Do not forget to stir. After 30 days, the time to filter the medicinal composition, pouring into a dark container of glass. 1 year is good. Store at a temperature not exceeding 4 degrees.

The healing properties of tincture

Propolis water and alcohol tinctures are drugs with therapeutic properties of a wide spectrum of action. They apply in the following cases:

  • treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, normalization of the gallbladder and liver,
  • restoration of blood circulation with varicose veins and atherosclerosis,
  • maintaining prostate function,
  • therapy for colds and other lesions of the respiratory system, sore throat and ear,
  • healing of scratches, wounds, ulcers, bone fractures and sprain,
  • relieving pain of various etiologies (including in the muscles and joints) and inflammation, itching, reducing swelling,
  • getting rid of insomnia, nervous tension, stress and migraines,
  • fight against thrush and other diseases of a fungal nature,
  • sanitation of the oral cavity,
  • restoration and activation of immunity.

The use of propolis tincture for home treatment

For home use, alcohol and water tinctures of propolis are intended, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepared independently:

  1. The alcohol extract is stored much longer and has a higher efficiency. For independent use, it is better to limit yourself to a drug with a concentration of 10%.
  2. Propolis water infusion is indicated for use by children, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly.

Warning: Treatment with folk remedies based on propolis at home should be agreed with a specialist.

The recipe for homemade propolis alcohol tincture

Propolis in an amount of 10-20 g must be cooled for an hour in a freezer, then chopped using a fine grater, placed in a glass dish from darkened glass, pour alcohol with a volume of 100 ml and close tightly. The mixture is left at room temperature in the dark for 2 weeks, shaking it several times daily, after which the precipitate is drained and squeezed out well. Ready tincture can be stored in the refrigerator for more than a year.

The recipe for homemade propolis water extract

Propolis is cooled and finely rubbed, then poured into a thermos with boiling water in an amount of 10 g per 100 ml. Tincture is left for a day, after which it is filtered and cleaned in the refrigerator. For quick cooking, the mixture can be boiled in a water bath for a quarter of an hour. Use the product within 7 days, and optimally - no more than 3 days.

Maintaining immunity

With any method of using propolis preparations, their beneficial effect on the human immune system is noted. Bee glue is a natural antibiotic that can suppress the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa (Trichomonas).

Reception of propolis tincture is indicated for the prevention of infectious diseases and raising immunity during the off-season and mass epidemics. The course begins with 1 drop of funds per day, adding one daily. When the number of drops reaches 30 (in a month), the volume of the drug used is gradually reduced in the same way. The total course of treatment is about 2 months.

Therapy of influenza and SARS

When the first signs of a cold appear, it is useful to add 25-30 drops of tincture to morning tea and drink it in small sips. You can also roll small balls from loose cotton wool, moisten them with 3-4 drops of propolis alcohol extract and lay them in the nostrils, then breathe, inhaling air through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Carefully place the same swabs rolled up from gauze into the ears, cover the auditory meatus with a dry layer of cotton wool on top and tie it with a clean towel or cotton scarf.

Prescription drug for the treatment of influenza and SARS

Propolis tincture - 3 tbsp. l
Honey - 3 tbsp. l
Corn oil - 3 tbsp. l

Mix the ingredients of the composition according to the recipe, corn oil can be replaced with sea buckthorn or sunflower. Use the product in the morning on an empty stomach for 1 tsp. within 14 days.

Cold nose recipe

Water - 1 cup
Propolis tincture - 0.5 tsp.
Salt - 0.5 tsp.

Thoroughly mix propolis extract and salt in a glass of warm boiled water, pour it into a special device for washing the nose or a small teapot with a long narrow nose. Insert the teapot spout into the nostril and tilt your head in the opposite direction - the liquid should exit through the second hole. The procedure must be performed for both parties in turn.

The recipe for the treatment of bronchitis and severe cough

Warm milk, add 1 tsp to a third cup. propolis tinctures, take immediately before going to bed. For children over 12 years old, on a glass of warm milk you need to put only a third of tsp. bee glue preparation, 1 tsp. honey and some butter.

Warning: It is impossible to use propolis alcohol tincture for a child under 12 years old; it is replaced with an aqueous extract or homemade propolis natural ointment.

Prescription propolis ointment for internal use

Propolis - 10-15 g
Butter - 100 g

Put propolis in the freezer for 60 minutes, then grate finely. Melt the butter in a water bath, add bee glue to it, mix well and cook the mixture on low heat for about half an hour, periodically removing the foam. Strain the finished product with gauze, squeeze out the precipitate. Leave the mass to cool at room temperature, then put it in the refrigerator for storage.

Use of propolis tincture for rinsing the throat, oral cavity and ear treatment

The healing properties of propolis are actively used in dentistry. To get rid of stomatitis, strengthen gums and teeth, fight inflammation and relieve bleeding, you can rinse your mouth with a solution of 2 tsp. propolis extracts per 200 g of boiled water.

For sore throats, it is preferable to use a decoction or infusion of medicinal plants (St. John's wort, chamomile or sage) as the basis, adding 30 drops of the drug to 1 glass of liquid. The procedure is performed 5-6 times a day.

Purulent inflammation of the middle ear can be cured by periodically inserting bundles of bandage soaked in propolis tincture for 20 minutes into a previously cleared auditory meatus. When performing the procedure, great care must be taken so as not to violate the integrity of the eardrum.

To stop inflammation with otitis media, 2 drops of the drug are instilled into the ears once a day. You can also combine propolis tincture with honey in equal amounts, mix well and use in the same way. In difficult cases, a mixture of extracting bee glue with olive oil in a ratio of 1: 2 is prepared, shake well and apply for 15-20 days, dipping a gauze flagellum in the emulsion and leaving it for 3 hours in the ear canal.

Treatment of pathologies of the digestive system

Taking a simple remedy, consisting of 0.5 cups of milk and 25 drops of propolis tincture, in the morning and evening, shortly before a meal, significantly alleviates the condition with gastritis, duodenitis, and stomach ulcers. For emergency assistance in case of poisoning, you can use half a glass of heated water with 25 drops of bee glue.

For the treatment of diseases of the liver and gall bladder, propolis alcohol tincture is added in the amount of 20 drops to warm tea in the morning and evening for 7 days, after which a break for the same period and a second course is necessary.

Getting rid of hypertension

Propolis preparations can have a pronounced hypotensive effect, lower blood cholesterol and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. The easiest way to treat is to use 20% tincture of bee glue in the amount of 20 drops three times a day 60 minutes before the meal. The duration of admission is about 4 weeks, after which you need to take a break for half a month. If necessary, the course of tincture can be repeated immediately after a pause.

What is the cure?

Each patient is interested in such questions as the medicinal properties of the substance propolis and how to take it for various ailments. The medicine is often used for a variety of ailments of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, genitourinary system, dermatitis, neoplasms and other diseases. A natural remedy has a beneficial effect on the whole body.Remember that any disease is triggered by a disorder in the body that can be caused by pathogenic bacteria.
Due to its antifungal and sedative properties, tincture is very often prescribed for:

  • thrush, candidiasis infection in the vagina,
  • headaches
  • extraneous sounds in the ears
  • imbalance
  • sleep disturbances and depressive states,
  • toothache
  • propolis extract is used for severe weakness of the body (in elderly patients).

Important! Only the doctor will tell you how to drink, propolis: after all, it has contraindications.

How to make tincture at home?

Propolis alcohol tincture, medicinal properties and contraindications are important to study before use.
The tincture of the desired concentration can be prepared at home:

  • To prepare 10% infusion, you need to mix 10 grams of the substance and 90 ml of ethanol.
  • To prepare a 20% infusion, you need to mix 20 grams of the substance and 80 ml of ethanol.

On a note! Ethanol should be taken only 70%.

Ethanol infusion

There are several ways to get alcohol infusion. The most used and popular is the following recipe:

  • maintain the substance for 10-14 days (only in a darkened room and at room temperature),
  • sometimes the container should be shaken,
  • after 14 days, the medicine is ready for use.

Before direct use, the drug must be filtered.
You can get the medicine much faster:

  • preheat ethanol
  • pour the grated product into it,
  • wait for the substance to dissolve,
  • filter the mixture and start therapy.

Propolis tincture for bronchitis and cough

Propolis tincture, the medicinal properties and contraindications of which play an important role in the treatment, can be used in the treatment of bronchitis and cough. You can use the medicine both externally and internally.
With continuous coughing. Add 1 teaspoon of infusion to a third of a glass of warmed milk. The resulting mixture should be drunk before bedtime and after taking it, it is recommended that you immediately lie down and wrap yourself up.

On a note! This tincture is allowed only for adults.

Important! All components must be taken in the assigned ratio.

Propolis tincture for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, flu and colds

It is recommended to use propolis and tinctures from it already at the first symptoms of a cold. However, you need to know how to drink and not harm yourself.
For the treatment of colds at home, this highly effective recipe will help. Take 3 tablespoons of honey, infusion of bee glue and corn drying oil. On an empty stomach, take 1 teaspoon in medicine for 10-14 days. You can also prepare a medicine made on the basis of a glass of liquid and 20 drops of infusion. The duration of therapy is 14 days.

Beverage recipe for the treatment of mild hypertension

It is necessary to prepare a mixture of 50 g of cranberry juice and 20 drops of 30% alcohol tincture of propolis. The drug must be taken three times a day for half an hour before meals, the beneficial effect becomes noticeable after 14 days.

The prescription of a comprehensive tool for stabilizing blood pressure

Berries of hawthorn and wild rose - 4 parts
Aronia berries - 3 parts
Dill seeds - 2 parts
Propolis alcohol tincture (30%)

Mix the ingredients thoroughly, place 3 tbsp. l collecting in a thermos, insist in 1 liter of boiling water for 3 hours. The drink should be taken 200 g, adding 20 drops of propolis tincture, three times a day before meals.

With periodontal disease

For the prevention and treatment of this disease, a cotton swab soaked in the product must be applied to the inflamed bag. In the first minutes there will be a burning sensation. In addition, you should irrigate your mouth with a solution from a mixture of two types of tinctures and water. Add a teaspoon of calendula infusion and the same amount of propolis infusion to half a glass of distilled liquid. The resulting composition for 2-3 minutes, rinse the oral cavity.
Herpes on the lips is treated with the same medicine.

Improving skin and nails

Simple lubrication with propolis tincture of the affected areas of the skin several times a day is used for the following diseases:

The properties of propolis tincture to heal damage to the integumentary tissue and have an antiseptic effect are in demand in cosmetology. To improve the condition of problem and oily skin, acne treatment, it is enough to add a few drops of the drug to the cream immediately before applying it. A cleaning fluid can be prepared by diluting the product with boiled water in half. It is also permissible to enrich cosmetic cleansers (foams, milk) that do not contain alcohol with bee glue.

Warning: Dry and sensitive skin can react with the appearance of itching and redness on the use of products containing propolis alcohol tincture, or its use in undiluted form.

Lesions of the nail plate caused by the fungus need treatment with 20% propolis alcohol tincture. Cotton wool is moistened in an undiluted preparation and firmly applied to the diseased nail until it dries completely. The procedure must be performed daily until it comes off completely, which will take time and patience.

Rinsing the nose with a cold

If the infection has managed to infect the body, then you can wash your sinuses with a solution of salt with infusion (90% this allows you to get rid of a cold). To prepare the composition, you need to take 1 cup of water and add half a teaspoon of salt and the same amount of infusion. The washing procedure is recommended to be carried out using a special device, which is sold in a pharmacy. If there is none, then you can insert the tip of the teapot into one nostril and tilt your head. The medicine will come out through the second passage. Repeat with the other nostril.

Important! Do not use the infusion hot !!

How to make an aqueous solution?

Some patients are contraindicated in drinking alcohol, so in this case you can make an aqueous solution. This mixture is indicated for children and pregnant women. The disadvantage of the drug is a short shelf life. Alcohol tincture can be stored for several years, but an aqueous solution should be used for 7 days.
Cooking method:

  • Defend boiled water.
  • Pour the liquid into a clean, dry pan and pour propolis in a 1: 2 ratio.
  • Put to simmer on low heat for one hour.
  • Leave to cool.
  • To filter.
  • Pour into a dark container.

For irrigation of the mucous membranes, even an aqueous solution should be diluted.

Infusion for children

The drug in any form is contraindicated in children under three years of age. Otherwise, disgust may appear. Older children are prescribed an aqueous solution. Adults are shown propolis for alcohol, the medicinal properties and contraindications of which should be taken into account. Ready-made water extract can be bought at the pharmacy or prepared at home propolis infusion on the water.
It is possible to treat kids with propolis with honey. To get the medicine, you need to take a tie and honey in proportions of 1: 5. Put the whole mass to languish on a small fire. If you have a cold, take half a teaspoon with a heated cow product.
Before treating your baby with a healing product, it is important to make sure that there are no allergic reactions. Children after 12 years can be prescribed tincture for external use.
Before using tinctures inside, you must definitely consult a doctor.

Among its main qualities distinguish:

  1. Disinfecting action. Not all, but many bacteria, viruses and fungi stop their activity and die under the influence of propolis. It is especially effective in the treatment of chronic, long-term illnesses.
  2. The anti-inflammatory effect is expressed in the reduction of edema, permeability of the walls of blood vessels and pain in the area of ​​the focus of infection.
  3. The nutritional effect is present due to the large number of amino acids and vitamins.
  4. Blood circulation improves due to stabilization of the vascular wall, especially capillaries.
  5. All types of metabolism in the body are normalized due to the presence of biologically active substances.
  6. The antioxidant effect is associated with the presence of vitamins A, C, E and other substances.
  7. General strengthening and immunomodulating action.

Enumerate the effect of propolis on the body can be infinite, since its constituent compounds are indispensable for normal human life.

The healing properties of propolis tincture

Propolis tincture for alcohol, the use of which is possible for various diseases, has no less positive qualities than pure propolis. This is due to the fact that during its preparation, alcohol or water absorbs all the useful substances. This form of medication contributes to a better intake of the necessary compounds.

However, with alcohol tincture you need to be careful, since alcohol promotes the formation of some resins. At high concentrations, they can be harmful to health. For this reason, it is not recommended to take propolis alcohol tincture for more than a month, and if there is such a need, then it should be reduced in a small dosage.

On medical alcohol

  • bee glue - 10 g,
  • medical alcohol - 90 ml.

In this cooking option, propolis does not need to be frozen. Chop on a medium-sized grater. Put in a glass container, pour 100 ml of chilled water. Cover with a cloth. Wait until the purified propolis settles to the bottom. Impurities will be at the top, carefully cleaned. Strain the pure beekeeping product through a gauze and dry.

Identify the prepared ingredient in a dark glass container. Pour the indicated amount of alcohol. Close tightly, leave in a cool place for 1.5 weeks.

Filter through a sieve and gauze, pour into a suitable container. It is stored in the refrigerator for 2 years.

Contraindications to the use of alcohol tinctures

If you look at the instructions and contraindications to the propolis pharmacy tincture , We'll see:

  • hypersensitivity to its components,
  • hay fever (since alcohol enhances the manifestation of allergies, and propolis itself can act as an allergen),
  • acute eczema
  • children's age up to coming of age.

An allergy to beekeeping products or alcohol is an absolute contraindication. As for childhood, the question remains open, the use of the substance is still being studied.

Also do not recommend treatment propolis alcoholduring pregnancy and while breast-feeding a baby.

As far as I know, externally the drug was used during pregnancy.But then check with your obstetrician or pediatrician.

Also applies to tinctures on vodka, moonshine and any other alcoholic products. Special care should be taken when taking propolis moonshine. If you are not sure about the quality of alcohol purification, refrain from oral administration of this drug.

Should not be carried out moonshine propolis treatment dermatological and allergic diseases. Impurities in alcohol can act as an additional allergen.

Propolis with honey good for bacterial infections, but in this combination should not be given to children under 6 years of age. From 6 to 12 years old, this combination requires caution when reception inside. Honey is the second most allergenic among bee products (apitoxin comes first).

And also note that 25% alcohol tincture of propolis with systematic use reduces blood pressure (blood pressure) and causes bradycardia. this is good for hypertensive patients and those with heart palpitations, but it is hardly useful for hypotensive patients suffering from bradycardia (cardiac arrhythmias).

Before using concentrated propolis extracts, consult a cardiologist or apitherapist if the cardiologist is not interested in the effects of propolisotherapy.

Contraindication to the use of water tinctures

Contraindication to taking propolis in the form of water tincture really the one and only thing is allergy.

Self-treatment of children under 6 years is not recommended, because from this age, experts advise starting acquaintance of kids with honey and other gifts of the hive. But in practice, the drug has been used since 3 years, and in a hospital and from 5-7 days of a child’s life. Of course, this should not be done independently.

Also, it is not recommended to be treated with propolis during the period of bearing and feeding a child, but only because studies have not been conducted on this group of patients. It is not known how the substance will affect the fetus and the baby. Significant damage is unlikely, but still coordinate treatment with your doctor!

Contraindication to the use of oil tinctures

And here you need to delve intohealingquality oils andproperties,which do not allow them to be used.

  • in acute processes in the hepatobiliary system (liver + bile + ducts),
  • with gallstones
  • acute pancreatitis, be wary of such treatment for chronic damage to the pancreas,
  • do not take the drug with diarrhea.

Do not use oil extracts to treat dyspotension caused by organic damage to the genitals of a man.

Propolis tincture is used to treat:

  • diseases of the respiratory system and ears: acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, tonsillitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, otitis media. As an adjunctive therapy for pneumonia, bronchial asthma,
  • digestive diseases: gastritis, duodenitis, colitis, chronic non-viral hepatitis, chronic pancreatitis,
  • dental pathology: acute toothache, stomatitis, periodontal disease,
  • vascular diseases and symptoms associated with them: arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, fragility of blood vessels,
  • diseases of the male and female genitalia: fibroids, mastopathy, prostatitis, dysfunctional ovarian disorders,
  • nervous system diseases
  • diseases of the skin, hair, nails: dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, fungal infections of the nails and skin.

Contraindication to the use of propolis in suppositories

In pediatrics apply candles with sea buckthorn and olive oil is allowed from 6 years, respectively, if these oils are in propolis candles. For children, candles should be prepared using cocoa butter, and not lamb fat or lard, for example.

Instructions for pharmacy propolis candles prohibit the introduction of suppositories for children in general. They are allowed from 18 years.

On the water

Propolis can be infused on a water basis. Suitable for those who have intolerance to alcoholic beverages.

To prepare, you need to prepare:

  • water for injection sold in pharmacies - 200ml,
  • fresh propolis - 35 g.

It is necessary to prepare a useful medicine in an enameled or heat-resistant container:

  1. Take propolis in the freezer for half an hour. Then chop on a fine grater or knife.
  2. Identify the product in a suitable container, pour cold water and leave for 5 minutes on the kitchen table.
  3. As soon as impurities emerge, drain the liquid, dry.
  4. Pour water for injection. Place a container of contents in a water bath. Warm the composition until complete dissolution of propolis. Remember to mix from time to time.

Pop-up particles are completely removed. Cool the water infusion. Pour into a suitable container. Store in a cold place.

To reduce or increase the concentration of the agent, it is necessary to adjust the amount of propolis and alcohol.

Cold and flu

Due to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antipyretic properties, propolis tincture is actively used not only in folk, but also in traditional medicine.

In the process of treating a cold, propolis tincture can be used internally and externally.

When taken orally, you should be careful, since any beekeeping product can cause an allergic reaction of any severity.

1-2 teaspoons of alcohol tincture dissolved in a glass of milk or green tea and drink in the evening before bedtime. Also, honey, cloves, ginger and a couple of black pepper peas are added to propolis tea (if there is no gastritis). Such spicy tea can also be drunk as a prevention of the common cold during an increased incidence of illness.

If a cold is accompanied by an increase in temperature, then you can melt a tablespoon of butter (percentage not lower than 72), add a teaspoon of warm honey and a tablespoon of propolis alcohol tincture. Mix quickly and thoroughly, and drink. After that, you need to lie down, wrap yourself in a blanket and sleep well. The next morning, health will improve significantly, and in the evening, medication can be repeated, if necessary. The main thing is not to overdo it: such treatment should not last more than 3 days.

With severe soreness, recommendations come down to gargling. To do this, dissolve a tablespoon of tincture in a glass of water and rinse 4 times a day until the pain disappears.

External use involves the use of tinctures for compresses on the chest. Such treatment can be carried out only in the absence of elevated body temperature and not more than 3-4 days 1 time per day or at night.

Nasal congestion

Runny nose is effectively treated with propolis due to its detrimental effect on bacteria and viruses, reducing swelling and inflammation of the nasal mucosa, and also strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

For treatment, you can use both alcohol and water tincture of propolis.

In order not to dry the mucous membrane, you need to mix 2 tablespoons of olive (or other vegetable oil) with 1 tablespoon of tincture. Before instillation, make sure that the mixture is at room temperature. Bury in the nose 2-3 drops 3-4 times a day, the duration of therapy is not more than 5 days.

A mixture of equal parts of tincture of propolis, camphor, castor and any vegetable oil has a good effect. The application is the same as with olive oil.

In chronic rhinitis, instead of instillation, you can roll up cotton turunds (tampons) tightly, moisten with a mixture and put in the nose for 10-15 minutes three times a day.

The same procedure can be carried out by mixing 10 ml of tincture with 100 ml of water.

Contraindication to the use of propolis in the form of a compress or lozenges

Outwardly, for example, with prostatitismastitis or gynecological problems, propolis is not used as a compress . Neither tincture, no ointment, no oil. An increase in temperature creates favorable conditions for the development of pathogenic microflora, therefore there is a risk (this is not necessary, but there is a risk) that, in an acute process, the compress will aggravate the situation due to the warming effect of propolis, and create incubatory conditions for pathogenic bacteria.


This disease can not be treated only with folk remedies. When using drug therapy in conjunction with tincture of propolis, the effectiveness of therapy increases several times.

In addition to the use of oil drops, as in the treatment of a common cold, inhalation with propolis tincture helps well. To do this, you just need to add tincture to the inhaler and carry out the procedure several times a day.

For active washing of the nasal cavities, it is recommended to mix the tincture with physiological saline (0.9% sodium chloride solution) in a ratio of 1:10. The procedure should be carried out no more than 2 weeks.

Contraindications for all types of propolis

In addition to allergies - it is oncology! Propolis perfectly prevents cancer, and even prevents excessive cell division and tumor growth.But despite the pronounced medicinal properties, as well as the ability of propolis to enhance the effect of photodynamic treatment and reduce the negative impact of radiation and drug therapy for cancer, WITHOUT PERMISSION ONCOLOGIST, it is NOT possible to take the drug!

There may be other contraindications if you use propolis in a mixture with plants, essential oils and other auxiliary components.Because each component has its own contraindications.

Propolis for alcohol: from which diseases it helps

There are many pathologies that can be eliminated with the help of tincture. For a long time it was believed that the tool has magical properties. Of course, official medicine does not recognize this version, but bee glue remains miraculous for many people to this day.

What propolis helps with alcohol:

  • Sinusitis
  • Angina.
  • Pharyngitis.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Bronchitis.
  • Cough.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Respiratory system polyps.
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin.
  • Lichen.
  • Furunculosis.
  • Burns.
  • Eczema.
  • Pressure sores.
  • Keratoses.
  • Fungus.
  • Acne
  • Corns.
  • Psoriasis.
  • Hormonal imbalance, including that occurred during menopause.
  • Myoma.
  • Cervical erosion.
  • Adnexitis.
  • Mastopathy
  • Endometriosis
  • Infertility.
  • Conjunctivitis.
  • Inflammation of the optic nerve.
  • Stomach ulcer.
  • Gastritis
  • Pathologies caused by Helicobacter pylori.
  • Pancreatitis
  • Inflammation of the intestinal wall.
  • Gastroduodenitis.
  • BPH.
  • Infectious diseases of the reproductive system.
  • BPH.
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica.
  • Arthrosis.
  • Osteochondrosis.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Stomatitis.
  • Diabetes.
  • Anemia.
  • Leukemia.
  • Thrombosis.
  • Otitis.
  • Purulent inflammation of the organs of hearing.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Coronary artery disease.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Alzheimer's disease.
  • Parkinson's disease.

Thus, the list of what propolis helps with alcohol is very impressive. Doctors recommend that you always take it in addition to drug therapy to significantly speed up the healing process.

Propolis tincture for external use

External use of propolis tincture helps to stop inflammation, further development of pathogenic microflora, and relieve unpleasant symptoms.

Trophic ulcersThe product is prepared according to the above recipes. One difference - it is infused for 3 days. It should turn out 6% infusion. Strain. Combine 100 ml of alcohol propolis with 200 ml of sea buckthorn oil. Put the container with the contents on the stove, warm up. Strain, cool. Use in combination with novocaine or lidocaine (1: 2). Lubricate the affected areas with the resulting composition three times a day.
Sciatica, joint painIn a suitable bowl, mix 60 g of honey, propolis tincture and olive oil. Mix. Fold the cloth in 2 layers and saturate abundantly with the resulting composition. Apply to the inflamed area, secure with a bandage. Use the product until complete recovery. Rub propolis tincture into the sore spot for the night. To consolidate the result, be sure to make a massage.
Nail fungusCompress. Soak a cotton pad in tincture, attach to the affected area. Wait until completely dry. Repeat 2 times a day, after washing the feet. In 1 liter add 3 tsp of hot water tinctures. Lower limbs, withstand a quarter of an hour. Dry, lubricate the sore spot with a mixture of propolis and olive oil. Duration of therapy until complete recovery.
Excessive foot sweatingPour 3 tablespoons of oak bark into the pan, pour 1 liter of boiling water. Put on fire, warm for 15 minutes, and then insist for 2-3 hours. Filter, pour 20 ml of tincture into the resulting broth. Water temperature 40 degrees. Lower the limbs for 15-20 minutes. The duration of treatment is 1.5 weeks.
AlopeciaRub 30% tincture of propolis into the scalp after washing the hair. The mask is applied until the problem completely disappears.
HerpesRashes should be lubricated with undiluted propolis solution.The procedure is carried out three times a day.
Acne, Acne, AcneAdd 2-3 drops of alcohol tincture to the daily rate of the cream. Also, processing is allowed with a simple tincture. Dip a cotton swab into the solution and lubricate the problem areas in a specific way.
Eczema is wetWith eczema, pour 50 g of oak (or birch) bark into the pan, pour 1 cup of boiling water. Boil, warm for a quarter of an hour. Filter, cool and add 3-4 tsp. propolis tinctures. It is applied to the affected area 2-3 times a day. The duration of therapy is 14 days. Take a break, continue treatment if necessary.
Infectious, fungal infection of the female genital organsIn alcohol 3% propolis infusion, lower a cotton swab, insert into the vagina for 10-15 minutes. The procedure is carried out at night. The course is 10 procedures. It is allowed to douch with a 3% solution of propolis tincture.
Acute, chronic rhinitisCombine propolis tincture 50 ml with 100 ml peach oil. Stir, rinse the nasopharynx once a day for 30 days.
Gum diseaseWith gingivitis, it is recommended to insist propolis on alcohol along with dry hypericum (50 g). Keep the product in a dark place, with regular shaking for 3 weeks. Strain. In 100 ml of warm water add 30 drops of the medicinal composition. Rinse your mouth up to 6 times a day.


These are not contraindications in the literal sense, just effects that you did not expect, but can get. Or situations in which propolis can be used, but with caution.

For example, propolis in combination with alcohol hawthorn is not recommended for alcoholism and is used with extreme caution to treat children under 12 years old, people with serious liver diseases, head injuries (head injuries) and brain diseases.

In-in, and if you regularly drink tincture of hawthorn with propolis regularly in the evening, and even for the heart of nerves to add motherwort to it, male strength will suffer. Because such a mixture relaxes smooth muscles, including the vessels of the cavernous bodies of the penis.

Propolis in Gynecology in the form of an oil extract, alcohol tincture mixed with sea buckthorn or olive oil, vaginal suppositories are used to a limited extent and under the supervision of a gynecologist. Oils can adversely affect the functioning of the vaginal glands. Inhibition of their activity for women fraught with dry vagina and growth of fungi of the genus Candida (to thrush).

If you want to chew propolis, you can do this, but do not swallow the chewed. Firstly, the particles of wax that are in propolis and the resin itself collected toxins and bacteria from your teeth that have accumulated in your mouth. Why swallow it.

Secondly, propolis, especially poorly cleaned, should not be swallowed and forced to exert its excretory system. Impurities and heavy resins can accumulate and adversely affect the liver and kidneys. Especially it concerns children!

Depending on the severity and localization of the process, various recipes can be used:

  1. In case of damage to the middle ear, in addition to traditional medicine, gauze swabs should be moistened in the setting of propolis and inserted into the ear canal. This procedure is best done in the evening and leave the swab all night, and in the morning just cover your ear for the whole day. Such treatment continues until the disease is cured, but no more than 15-20 days.
  2. With inflammation of the outer ear, you can mix honey with tincture in equal shares and instill 2 drops of the mixture 2-3 times a day. After instillation, the ear should be covered.
  3. For any inflammation, a swab dipped in a mixture of propolis tincture with olive oil, which should be left in the ear for 2-3 hours, will help well.

Propolis treatment should not be carried out for more than 20 days.

Propolis tincture application inside

According to the instructions, propolis tincture is allowed to be taken orally. Therapy depends on the type of disease. Consider how to use the tool.

To increase immunity, prevent flu, sore throat, vitamin deficiency, insomniaIn warm milk (200 ml) add 3 tsp. tinctures (for children - 1 tsp). Drink before bedtime.
Prostate inflammationCandles 45 g of propolis combined with 200 ml of ethyl alcohol. Insist 10 days, regularly shaking. Strain into a small container. Evaporate the alcohol over water and combine with 3 g of cocoa butter. Stir, form candles. Insert 1 pc. into the rectum before bedtime. The duration of therapy depends on the severity of the inflammatory process and reaches up to 1 month. Alcohol infusion is allowed to be taken orally. 20 drops a day, drinking plenty of water.
Gastrointestinal ulcerAdd 15-20 drops to warm tea. Drink 3 cups a day 60 minutes before meals. The duration of therapy is 3 weeks. Then take a break, repeat the course of treatment.
Headache, migraineCombine 5 drops with 50 ml of warm water. Take 1 time per day 60 minutes before the meal. Duration of use - 30 days. No more than 3 courses are drunk per year.
Vegetative dystoniaIn 200 ml of warm milk pour 30 drops of tincture. Take 3 times a day, 60 minutes before the meal. The course of treatment is 3 weeks. It is necessary to repeat taking the drug every 3 months.
To boost strengthGrind 90 g of elecampane root, combine with 500 ml of cognac. Stir, stand for 10 days. Strain, add to the tincture 30 ml of alcohol propolis, 50 ml of aloe extract, 100 g of natural honey. Stir until the ingredients are completely dissolved. Take 1 tablespoon of the product in the morning.
Bronchial asthmaDilute 20 drops of tincture in 150 ml of boiled water. Take three times a day. Continue treatment - 90 days.
Chronic gastritis, colitisAdd 40 drops of the product to 250 ml of warm tea. Stir, take three times a day for 30-40 minutes before eating. Treatment continue for 14 days.
SinusitisIn 1 liter of boiling water add 2 tsp of propolis tincture. Cover and inhale the vapors for 15 minutes.
With intestinal polyposisCombine 100 ml of warm, boiled liquid with 5 ml of propolis tincture. Stir, take 1 hour before the meal.

Dental diseases

Propolis tincture will help to cope with toothache, tooth decay, periodontal disease and other diseases of the oral cavity.

For the purpose of prevention or with acute pain, you need to mix a tablespoon of tincture of propolis and calamus. With this tool, thoroughly, for 3-5 minutes, rinse your mouth, preferably before going to bed. Calamus tincture has an analgesic effect, and propolis has a disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and filling small cracks in tooth enamel. Treatment should be carried out for at least a month, even if all unpleasant symptoms disappear on the third day.

If it is not possible to immediately go to the doctor if a toothache occurs, you can moisten a thin cotton or gauze flagellum in the propolis setting and attach it to the tooth. Change the flagellum at least once every half an hour. The pain will subside and inflammation will decrease.

With increased bleeding of the gums, propolis is indispensable, as it strengthens the walls of blood vessels, thanks to its rich vitamin composition. To do this, add 30 drops of propolis tincture to a glass of warm boiled water and rinse your mouth twice a day until the condition improves.

With the development of stomatitis, propolis tincture is added to various anti-inflammatory herbal preparations. For example, in a decoction of 25 grams of chamomile, 25 grams of linden inflorescences, 30 grams of eucalyptus leaves and 20 grams of flax seeds add 40-50 drops of propolis tincture. With the resulting medicine, rinse your mouth 3-4 times a day until you feel better.

Side effects

The main side effects include itching, burning. With cutaneous use - skin rashes or redness of the skin. The worst thing you can expect is Quincke's edema, when using the drug in the form of ointments, irrigation or oropharynx applications.This rather serious complication may result in suffocation. Anaphylaxis is also possible. But this is a rare reaction to this substance.

Instructions for the use of pharmacy tincture

Many people prefer to buy a ready-made remedy. Moreover, its cost is low: no more than 50 rubles will have to be paid for a bottle with a capacity of 100 ml.

The active component of tincture is propolis. 100 ml of liquid contains 10 g of the active substance. Tincture is poured into dark glass bottles with a capacity of 25, 50 and 100 ml. The latter are then placed in a cardboard box.

According to the instructions, propolis on alcohol has an analgesic, antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, during the treatment, the following processes are stimulated: regeneration, granulation, epithelization.

What propolis helps with alcohol:

  • Pathology of the cardiovascular system.
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Dental pathology.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system in both women and men.
  • Dermatological pathology.
  • SARS, the flu.
  • Disorders of the nervous system.
  • Respiratory diseases.

Thus, propolis alcohol purchased in a pharmacy is not inferior in effectiveness to the liquid prepared at home.

According to the instructions, tincture is contraindicated for people with a tendency to allergic reactions, as well as for people suffering from exacerbation of eczema.

In addition, the product cannot be used to treat children under the age of 3 years. In other cases, the dosage regimen should be strictly observed. It is important to remember a simple rule: for each year of life, 1 drop of medicinal fluid should fall. For example, if the child is 9 years old, then he needs to be given 9 drops, diluted with water, daily. The duration of admission should not exceed 2 weeks.

Against the background of uncontrolled treatment or ignoring contraindications, the following side effects may appear:

  • Rashes on the skin.
  • Intense itching.
  • Burning and redness of the skin.

If any of the above conditions occurs, treatment with tincture must be discontinued.

What is the use of tincture in traditional medicine

Use a medicinal composition for many diseases. Indications for use:

  1. Diseases of ENT organs: acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, tonsillitis, sinusitis, acute and chronic rhinitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, purulent and acute otitis media. In complex therapy - bronchial asthma, pneumonia.
  2. Gastrointestinal tract pathologies: colitis, gastritis, duodenitis, chronic hepatitis and non-infectious nature, chronic pancreatitis.
  3. Propolis tincture effectively helps to eliminate dental problems - from periodontal disease, stomatitis, toothache.
  4. Disorders in the cardiovascular system: high blood pressure, atherosclerosis. As an anesthetic for aches in joints, muscles.
  5. Gynecological and urological problems: myoma, mastopathy, prostatitis.
  6. Neurological problems.
  7. Pathologies of the epidermis, diseases of the hair and nails: fungus, dermatitis of various etiologies, eczema, psoriasis, baldness.

Dermatological diseases, herpes

The treatment of eczema, psoriasis, hyperkeratosis, corns and other skin diseases is not complete without propolis.

To treat skin pathology associated with bacterial damage, you can make lotions with tincture, which must be repeated daily until improvement.

Propolis ointment can be purchased at the pharmacy or made independently.

Self-cooking in alcohol

As practice shows, most people still prefer to make the drug at home. In this case, it is very important to follow the cooking algorithm, so that in the end not to harm the body.

Two recipes are classic. The first involves the preparation of propolis in alcohol, the second in vodka. It is not recommended to use moonshine.It contains a large number of harmful impurities, in particular fusel oils, which neutralize the healing effect.

To prepare liquid for alcohol, it is necessary to prepare:

  • A piece of propolis weighing 80 g.
  • 0.5 L bottle made of dark glass.
  • 300 ml of medical alcohol.

Algorithm for preparing tinctures:

  • The first stage is purification. It is necessary to take raw and place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Propolis is a rather plastic substance that is very difficult to grind. To harden it, it must be placed in the refrigerator. Then propolis must be ground with a grater. The resulting shavings must be poured with water and let it brew for 5 minutes. During this time, bee glue will settle on the bottom, and foreign impurities will float. The latter must be extracted. The purified product must be dried after draining the water.
  • Mixing. The resulting raw materials are placed in a pre-prepared bottle. Pour it with medical alcohol. Close the bottle tightly and shake its contents.
  • Infusion. A bottle of liquid must be placed in a place where sunlight does not penetrate. Let it brew for 2 weeks. Shake contents daily.
  • The final stage is filtering. After insisting, the liquid must be filtered with gauze and pour it into dark glass bottles.

You can store the resulting product for up to 3 years, but on condition that the containers will be away from sunlight. Some experts argue that the maximum degree of effectiveness of the liquid has only in the first year.

Can pregnant and lactating mothers

This group of patients is not recommended to use tincture for reasons:

  • the presence of alcohol will adversely affect the development of the fetus and the child,
  • increased risk of allergies.

The indicated factors are enough to refuse treatment with propolis alcohol infusion during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. However, after consulting a doctor, you can use propolis in its pure form, with milk, ointments, sprays and tinctures on a water basis.

Preparation of ointment:

  • melt the packaging of butter and add 100 ml of 10% tincture, after which the mixture is kept on fire for 20 minutes and poured into a glass dish,
  • melt 100 grams of petroleum jelly, to which add 10 ml of tincture, mix and hold on fire for another 10 minutes.

After cooking, the ointment should be stored in the refrigerator, and before use it should be kept in a warm place for a while.


This method is suitable for those for whom the purchase of alcohol is difficult, because you can buy it only by prescription. Vodka tincture also has a powerful healing effect. It is important to know that only high-quality alcohol-containing drink without impurities can be used for preparation.

The first step is also the grinding and refining of raw materials. Then it is necessary to pour 0.5 l of vodka into the enameled dishes and heat it in a water bath. After that, 100 g of pre-cleaned and dried propolis chips should be added to the container. Warm up and stir the liquid until the bee glue has completely dissolved. It is impossible to bring the product to a boil. The resulting liquid must be filtered immediately with gauze. Then the tincture must be cooled and poured into dark glass bottles.

There is another recipe for cooking. It is necessary to mix 100 g of propolis and 0.5 l of vodka in a container of opaque glass. The bottle must then be tightly closed and placed in a cool and warm place. Let it brew for 18 days. Shake the bottle regularly. Filter the resulting liquid and pour into dark glass vials.

Is it possible for children

Pediatricians of the highest category do not recommend the use of the medicine for patients under 3 years of age.Subsequently, the dosage is calculated based on the age of the child: 1 year - 1 drop. For example, 5 years - 5 drops, 6 years - 6 drops, etc.

If after taking red spots, rashes, itching and peeling have appeared. It is worth giving up on the drug.

Diseases of the genitourinary tract

chronic diseases of seminal vesicles

cervical erosion

STDs (diseases caused by ureaplasma, vaginal chlamydia, gonococcus neiseria (gonorrhea or gonorrhea) and pale treponema (luis il syphilis).

thrush or candidiasis

bladder pathology

any inflammatory processes and growth of neoplasms in the system of accumulation and withdrawal of urine

ENT pathologies, oculist diseases, respiratory diseases

K conjunctivitis caused by bacteria or the virus (provided the pathogen is sensitive to this type of propolis)

bronchitis, including allergic (inflammation of the bronchi)

external and average otitis media, mesotympanite

Tracheitis (inflammation of the trachea)

eustachitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the lining in the auditory tube)

tonsillitis (exacerbation of tonsillitis, acute inflammation of the tonsils)

Laryngitis (inflammation of the lining of the larynx)

pneumonia (only in combination therapy with medicines)

rhinitis (runny nose), sinusitis (inflammation of the maxillary sinuses)

*** In the instructions for tinctures for propolis in pharmacy production, allergic diseases and asthma are often contraindicated. Modern studies confirm that this substance, especially in combination with other bee products (for example, royal jelly), significantly reduces the frequency of allergic (asthmatic) attacks, reduces coughing attacks, and normalizes sputum production . But alone, this tool is not recommended for asthmatics. Only under the supervision of a pulmonologist and apitherapist.

Oral diseases

Gingivitis (gum disease)

periodontitis, periodontal disease (inflammation and damage to the soft tissues of the tooth)

Stomatitis (damage to the mucous membrane of the oral lining), including candida, herpetic

Glossitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the tongue)

Digestive system diseases (gastrointestinal tract, liver, bile)

Diseases of the hepatobiliary system (liver, gall)

esophanitis (inflammation of the esophagus)

chronic hepatitis (inflammation of the liver)

gastritis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach lining, regardless of the level of acidity), including those associated with Helicobacter pylori

chronic cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder)

gallstone disease (gallstones)

intestinal ulcer

bulbitis (inflammation of the bulb of the duodenum 12)

Enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine)

Proctitis (inflammation of the rectal mucosa)

Paraproctitis (an inflammatory process around the rectum)

**** skin and hair problems

premature skin aging

psoriasis (chronic dermatosis)

E kzema (inflammation of the skin, non-infectious) *****,

hard-healing wounds and ulcers

N neuroderm and you (neurogenic-allergic ailment, manifested by rashes)

Erysipelas (skin infection, usually caused by hemolytic streptococcus)

alopecia (hair loss),

erythroderma (inflammation of the epidermis)

trichophytosis and microsporia

hyperhidrosis of the feet and hands (sweating)

*** * Diseases are of different nature (allergic, autoimmune, fungal, exposure to temperature factors, etc.), but we see the main manifestation on the skin.

myositis ("stiff" muscle),

weak immune system response to "invasion",

diseases of the hematopoietic system: stimulates the process of recreation of blood cells,

diseases of the thyroid gland and other endocrine glands,

radiation (radiation) damage, for example, in the treatment of cancer and busting radiologists.

***** Soaking eczema is often indicated in contraindications to the drug tinctures of the drug. Do not try to self-medicate, consult an experienced apitherapist.Successful cases of cure are known to science.

Propolis is part of natural creams with UV protection, because it performs this role at a high level. Propolis is endowed with antimicrobial and antiviral qualities. With regular use, the substance reduces the risk of catching a cold during an epidemic.

****** Research conducted in 2005 showed that with regular consumption of a beekeeping product (propolis), you reduce the risk of developing diabetes. This product lowers blood sugar.

And in the end, the answer to the question that the inquisitive reader will necessarily arise: why are these diseases selected? Because with the help of propolis, they were most often cured. There are methods, books of apitherapists with a name confirming the effectiveness of the drug in this area. But this does not mean that propolis cannot fight diseases not mentioned here.


There are many treatment options for healing fluid. Information on how to take propolis for alcohol in various diseases is presented in the table below.

It depends on what stage the disease is at. If scarring has not yet occurred, it is necessary to take the drug three times a day for 1 tbsp. l on an empty stomach. The concentration of the active component should be 10% (i.e. 10 g per 100 ml). The duration of treatment is 1 month.

After scarring, tincture of propolis for alcohol inside should be taken twice a day on an empty stomach on 1 tbsp. l In this case, the duration of treatment can be up to 5 months.

Before taking tincture must be diluted in water, milk or tea. It is unacceptable to use it undiluted with peptic ulcer

It is proved that the product activates the body's defenses. For immunity, propolis for alcohol must be taken as follows: 1 tbsp. l thrice a day. Dilute the liquid in water is necessary. The duration of treatment is no more than 2 weeks.

Dosage regimen for children whose age is 3-7 years: 5 drops half an hour before a meal. You can dilute the product with water, milk or juice. Children from 7 years old need to take 5 drops daily. Each year it is necessary to add 1 drop. The duration of treatment should not exceed 10 days

Adult propolis for alcohol should be taken as follows: dilute 25 drops of a 20% tincture in 200 ml of warm milk and take twice a day half an hour before a meal.

To cure a sore throat, it is necessary to warm the milk and add 1 tsp. honey and butter and 30 drops of liquid based on bee glue. You need to take the product three times a day half an hour before meals. Drinking healing fluid is necessary until complete recovery

Method of using propolis in alcohol for atherosclerosis: dissolve 30 drops of 20% medicinal fluid in water and drink before meals. It is better to use the tool in the morning, before breakfast. If atherosclerosis is in an advanced stage, it is recommended to mix tinctures of propolis and hawthorn in a 1: 1 ratio. Take in the same way. This tool is strictly contraindicated for people suffering from low blood pressure. For hypertensive patients, it is very useful.

Diseases of the genitourinary system

Prostatitis, adenoma, cystitis, endometriosis - this is just a small list of what propolis helps with alcohol. There is a universal recipe for both women and men. It is necessary to part 40 drops of tincture in water or milk. Take the product twice a day before meals.

The course of treatment should not exceed 2 weeks. After its completion, you need to take a 7-day break. Then the course can be repeated

Pathology of the nervous system

According to medical reviews, propolis is not inferior to Afobazol in effectiveness.The beekeeping product positively affects the state of the nervous system and helps to quickly cope with stress.

In the presence of depressive states or nervous disorders, it is necessary to take 30 drops of alcohol tincture three times a day. It is recommended to breed means only in warm water

Respiratory system diseases

The tool not only contributes to the relief of symptoms, but also significantly improves the course of any ailment. Treatment of pathologies of the respiratory system involves the use of a solution for inhalation. To prepare it, you need to combine tincture and warm water in a ratio of 1:20.

According to reviews, propolis for alcohol helps to get rid of a cough in 5-7 days, in another 1-2 days other symptoms disappear

Before taking propolis for alcohol, it is necessary to conduct a sensitivity test. To do this, 5 drops of the product must be mixed with 50 ml of water and drink. If within a day there are no signs of an undesirable reaction, treatment can be continued.

For the treatment of fungal infections of the nails, an integrated approach should be applied:

  1. Apply a few drops of 30% propolis alcohol tincture directly to the affected nail plate and wait for it to dry. This is best done after hygienic procedures or foot baths.
  2. Take 35 drops of 10% tincture in half a glass of water inside three times a day.

Local use of the drug will help to cope with the fungus, and ingestion mobilizes the body's forces to effectively combat the pathogen.

Outdoor application

Propolis tincture for alcohol is a universal remedy that can be used to treat skin, otorhinolaryngological, dental, gynecological diseases, as well as for disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Dosage regimens for various ailments are described in the table below.

PathologyDosage regimen
Peptic ulcer
Pathology of the cardiovascular system

Mix tincture with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Moisten in a liquid a piece of gauze tissue, folded in several layers, and apply for half an hour to the lesion. Problem areas can also be easily wiped.

The duration of treatment is not limited. Procedures must be carried out daily 2-3 times until complete recovery. According to reviews, with the help of tincture you can even get rid of non-healing wounds and boils

Pathology of the musculoskeletal system (arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, etc.)

In this case, the tincture is used to prepare a rinse. To stop a toothache, it is necessary to dilute it with warm water in a proportion of 1:10. You can rinse every half hour until the discomfort disappears completely.

With periodontal disease, it is sufficient to periodically apply cotton swabs dipped in tincture to the foci of pathology

It is necessary to take 1 tbsp. l healing liquid and dilute it with 200 ml of warm boiled water. Gargle every hour with the resulting product.

In this case, the tincture is used for douching. To breed it with water or herbal decoctions is necessary. Ignoring this rule leads to multiple burns of the mucous membrane.

To prepare a solution for douching, you need to take 30 drops of 20% propolis to alcohol and dilute it in 500 ml of warm boiled water. To increase efficiency, you can replace it with a decoction based on plantain, yarrow and chamomile. The resulting fluid is douched daily

For the treatment of otitis media and rhinitis, it is necessary to dilute the tincture with water in a ratio of 1: 1. In the resulting liquid, moisten cotton turunds and insert them into the ear / nasal passages

With local use of propolis tincture, the risk of an allergic reaction is significantly increased. In this regard, it is unacceptable to ignore the need for a sensitivity test.


Propolis is a unique beekeeping product that has been used for several centuries to treat a large number of diseases. The maximum degree of effectiveness is tincture on alcohol. Dissolving in it, propolis literally reveals all its healing properties.

Ready tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepare it yourself. In both cases, the effectiveness of the healing fluid will be the same. Tincture can be used both externally and internally. It is important to remember only that propolis is an allergen, and therefore a sensitivity test must first be performed.

To get rid of skin rashes, you can make a special mask consisting of:

  • propolis tinctures,
  • salicylic alcohol
  • metronidazole tablets.

The first two ingredients are taken in equal proportions, and Metronidazole at the rate of 1 tablet per 1 teaspoon of the mixture.

Apply this mask daily for 15 minutes on cleansed skin, preferably before bedtime.

Gastrointestinal diseases

The anti-inflammatory effect of propolis tincture is especially effective on the mucous membranes of the digestive system.

For the treatment of gastritis, colitis and healing of ulcers, you need to dissolve the tincture in 30-50 ml of water. The dosage of propolis should be gradually increased, starting from 5 drops and reaching 40 at a time, 3 times a day, half an hour before meals.

Reception of tincture should be continued for a month, without violating the regularity.

If during the treatment there are discomfort, then the tincture should be stopped.

Liver disease

Diseases of the liver and the entire hepatobiliary system respond better to medication if you use propolis alcohol tincture in complex therapy.

In order for it not to have a detrimental effect on the liver (for example, with cirrhosis, when alcohol is strictly forbidden), you need to dissolve the tincture in a glass of water.

Begin treatment with 10 drops per glass of water 3 times a day before meals for a week. Then each week, increase the amount of propolis by 10 drops. That is, during the fourth week you need to take 40 drops of tincture in a glass of water three times a day. Therapy is carried out in courses, the duration of one is a month.

You can also immediately begin treatment with 35 drops of tincture in half a glass of water twice a day. Drink the medicine on an empty stomach half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is a month.

With caution, you need to take propolis tincture to people with gallstone disease, since it has a weak, but choleretic property. That is, it can provoke the ingress of stones into the bile ducts, and cause the development of acute cholecystitis and complications of this disease.


You should know that acute pancreatitis can not be treated with propolis tincture!

In case of chronic inflammation of the pancreas, you need to take propolis tincture with decoctions of herbs, using chamomile, coltsfoot, elecampane, yarrow and others.

Do not mix tincture with decoction, you need to separately drink a tablespoon of decoction and a dessert spoon of tincture in the morning and evening before eating.

With good milk tolerance, 15-20 drops of propolis tincture can be dissolved in it and drunk three times a day before meals.

The course of treatment should not exceed 10-15 days.

Normalize high blood pressure with propolis in two ways:

  • take 30 drops of 30% propolis alcohol tincture into a glass of water three times a day 30-60 minutes before meals for a month,
  • after preparing the tincture at home and filtering it, the cake remains, which should be mixed with honey in equal proportions and massage the feet and legs daily before bedtime.

An important point is that the pressure can normalize even in patients with long-term experience of the disease.

To improve the body's resistance to various infectious agents, tincture can be used according to the following scheme:

  • start with 1 drop of the drug (can be dissolved in a small amount of water),
  • daily increase the number of drops of tincture by 1,
  • when you reach 30 drops, you should begin to reduce the amount of the drug by 1 drop per day,
  • treatment is completed when the dosage of tincture reaches 1 drop.

Many authors believe that prolonged intake of propolis inside by any scheme will lead to the mobilization of the body's forces.

Gynecological diseases

Propolis tincture will also cope with female diseases, especially as an addition to the main drug treatment.

It has a local anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, decongestant, wound healing and soothing effect. However, it must be remembered that the concentration of tincture should be no more than 3% due to its use on sensitive mucous membranes.

The most common method is to place tampons soaked in propolis setting 2 times a day. During such treatment should strictly follow the rules of personal hygiene.

Simultaneously with local treatment, you can take 25-35 drops of the drug in half a glass of water inside twice a day.

The course of such therapy should not exceed 1 month.

The following mixtures are used to treat acute and chronic tonsillitis:

  • St. John's wort broth and propolis tincture. After preparing a decoction from one tablespoon of hypericum to a glass of boiling water, tincture is added to it. The ratio should be at the rate of 40 drops per cup of broth. Gargle as needed.
  • plantain broth and propolis tincture. The preparation and use of the product is identical, as with a decoction of St. John's wort.
  • to lubricate and cleanse inflamed tonsils, especially when forming "purulent plugs", you should mix 1 tablespoon of tincture with two tablespoons of any vegetable oil. The procedure is carried out as necessary.


For the treatment of chronic inflammation of the prostate gland, rectal suppositories should be made based on residues from propolis tincture.

Mix what is left after straining with alcohol in equal parts and evaporate over low heat until a thick brown mass is obtained. To it should be added any melted animal fat in a ratio of 1: 1 and put on low heat, gradually stirring.

After thickening, cool the mixture, form candles with foil or cling film and store in the refrigerator.

Candles should be placed 1 time per day (preferably at night) for a month. Further, after monitoring treatment with ultrasound, therapy can be continued for another month.

A good effect can be achieved while taking tincture inside and using rectal suppositories.

For internal use, you need to drink 30-40 drops of tincture in a glass of water before meals three times a day.


Treatment of mastopathy should be comprehensive, that is, aimed at improving the body’s immune response, strengthening the protective barrier, reducing inflammatory manifestations, and reducing the number of free radicals with antioxidants. All this can provide regular intake of propolis tincture.

You need to know how to take propolis tincture with mastopathy: half a teaspoon three times a day before meals for 15-30 days. A woman should control her sensations at different periods of the menstrual cycle, especially in the second half.

For topical treatment, you can use an ointment consisting of 100 grams of butter and 30 grams of propolis. Melt the butter and add chopped propolis, then simmer for 3 hours, stirring constantly. Next, cool the mixture, strain and store in the refrigerator. Rub into the skin of the mammary glands simultaneously with the intake of tincture inside.

For treatment, the following ingredients must be prepared:

  • tincture of 200 grams of chopped garlic per 200 ml of alcohol, aged 10-12 days,
  • 100 grams of honey
  • 300 ml of water tincture of propolis.

Mix everything thoroughly and leave it alone for 2-3 days.

Take 20 drops of the mixture diluted in 20 ml of water three times a day half an hour before meals.

Treatment should be long and regular.

Depression, disorders of the nervous system

To normalize the nervous system, you need to add up to 30 drops of tincture to a glass of soothing or tonic herbal tea.

How to drink propolis tincture in this case? In the morning, you can make tea from oregano and lemon balm, with the addition of green tea and 30 drops of propolis tincture. In the evening, brew in equal proportions green tea, mint, motherwort and add a teaspoon of honey and 30 drops of tincture.

To prepare propolis tincture at home, you will need:

  • 100 ml of 70% alcohol
  • 10 grams of propolis,
  • dark glass container for storage.

From this amount of ingredients you get 10% tincture. If it is necessary to use a large concentration, then the mass of propolis should be increased, for example, for 30% tincture, take 30 grams of propolis per 100 ml of alcohol.

Since bee glue may contain foreign debris, it must be cleaned. To do this, it is crushed or rubbed on a grater and poured with cold water: garbage will come up, and the water should be gently drained.

After this, propolis is placed in the prepared container and pour alcohol. Close the dishes, put in a place protected from direct sunlight for 15 days, shaking several times daily.

After a while, strain the medicine and store in a dark, cool place.

The preparation of water tincture is slightly different:

  • water is used boiled and settled in a glass bowl,
  • the ratio of propolis to water should be 1: 2,
  • the cleaned bee hive is poured into water and heated in a water bath to 80 ° C,
  • kept at this temperature for about an hour,
  • remove from heat, cool and insist about 6 hours,
  • filtered and used as a medicine.

Store water tincture in the same way as alcohol: in a cool, dark place in a darkened glass container.

It is convenient to immediately pour the medicine into several small bottles to use gradually.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not recommended to use propolis tincture for treatment for several reasons:

  • alcohol tincture is contraindicated due to the presence of alcohol that adversely affects the baby, both before and after birth,
  • there is a high probability of developing adverse reactions in the form of allergies or other rashes due to the high concentration of compounds in propolis and tincture.

These reasons are enough to refuse to take it during pregnancy and lactation.

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PathologyDosage regimen
Skin diseasesIt is necessary to prepare: propolis tincture 30%, sunflower oil, honey. Mix all components in equal proportions and apply the resulting product to mustard. Apply the latter to the affected area and fix it with a bandage. Remove after 20 minutes