Makeup brushes: types, purpose and care

The rules of make-up that have developed in our time allow you to apply funds with your finger or sponge. However, this method is suitable for everyday beauty guidance. But if you want to look great at a party or official event, you need to know not only that the best helpers are makeup brushes, but also what each look is for. We’ll talk about this today.

Makeup brushes: sets

The classic set consists of 8, 12, 18 or 24 items. But you need to figure out what function they carry. With this knowledge, you can make the necessary kit or choose the best from the ready.

The main thing to consider is that saving on these tools is more expensive. After all, a high-quality model will last you up to 12 years, provided that you will properly care for it. To check the quality, slide your fingers along the edge and slightly pull the pile - the hairs should be elastic and not fall out. In the classification of makeup brushes, types for:

  • faces: tones, concealer, powder, blush,
  • eyebrow
  • lips
  • eye: eye shadow, eyeliner.

Each of them has its own volume, shape, material. And before we consider all the main variations, we will focus on quality control.

How to make the right choice

Pay attention to the quality characteristics:

  1. Inspect the pile: it should be soft. Hard hairs will not only prevent the application of cosmetics, but can also scratch the skin.
  2. Pull it up slightly to see if the product “fades”.
  3. It is also important how well the fleecy is attached to the handle. Grasp the very tip and shake it a bit: if you feel that you are not tight, then it is better to refuse such products.

For concealer

There are similar features with the previous view, but several times smaller in size. Such a tool is great for dense cosmetics, as the synthetic fluff is best shaded, masking imperfections on the face.

For powder foundation

A wide makeup brush, the photo is presented in the article, made of natural fibers and perfectly gaining a powder foundation. The advice of makeup artists: when applying powder, pat, and do not rub, otherwise you will grease the foundation.

Classification of brushes by materials

The quality of the pile is one of the fundamental factors. In their work, professional makeup artists give preference to products with natural pile made from sable wool or squirrel. Such a tool does not spoil the makeup itself and provides the most gentle and high-quality distribution of it on the skin. Professional makeup brushes made from such materials are quite expensive. Also, they can not be used in working with “wet cosmetics”. Natural fillers include:

  • Hair column. Thin and elastic hair is the most practical to use. Most often, this material is found in eye makeup brushes. A feature of the brushes from the column is the presence of a soft long tip. So that such an instrument does not deteriorate ahead of time, its use is limited only to dry cosmetics.
  • Fox hair. Natural material that makes tools for applying blush and powder onto the skin. Ideal for home use.
  • Goat hair. Quite popular material for working with all kinds of dry products. Due to its density, goat hair makes the shading of cosmetics the most simple and high-quality.
  • Pony hair and squirrels Ideal for applying dry and bulk cosmetic formulations. Mostly eye makeup brushes are made from these materials.

Modern products made of artificial materials are in no way inferior in quality to natural makeup brushes. All possible operating disadvantages are inherent only in low-cost low-quality products. Currently exist synthetic tackle and nylon brushes . Synthetic hair is a material ideal for working with liquid, cream and oily textures, as it does not absorb fat. You can also use such brushes for applying cosmetics in a wet way. Usually these are inexpensive brushes, but their price depends on the quality and manufacturer.

In addition, there are duofiber brushes that combine two kinds of pile in any variation. Thus, this product combines the properties of both fillers and can be considered universal for one or another purpose. For example: a brush that combines pile of squirrel and pony becomes an excellent tool for working with all dry textures, due to the combination of characteristics such as elasticity and softness.

Two-color brushes are not necessarily duofiber: the main characteristic of a duofiber brush is the presence of a pile of different lengths.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are brushes sheared and typesetted . Typesetting are many times more expensive, but their quality corresponds to the price. Unlike trim brushes, they do not strip, provide soft application and blending of cosmetics.

When choosing brushes for a basic set, preference should be given to hand-assembled typeset brushes. In this case, saving is not appropriate, because the tool will serve you faithfully for many years. To apply different textures in the set, both natural brushes and synthetic ones are needed!

Types of makeup brushes for other purposes

Before you understand how to choose a brush for applying makeup, let's decide what is needed for what. Depending on the area of ​​the face on which cosmetics will be applied, a tool of various sizes, shapes and materials can be used.

Tone cream applied with: medium-sized brushes with a flat base, brushes, brushes or duofibres. You can also choose a special makeup sponge that provides a thin, invisible coating. The most durable when performing such a task will be products with artificial pile.

Concealers are applied with small, synthetic flat brushes.

For powder designed the largest makeup brush. It is distinguished by a round base, smooth edges, dense villi from 4 cm long. A kabuki brush is also an excellent tool for applying powder.

For blush and their subsequent shading, products similar in shape to the previous ones are used, but the diameter of their base and the length of the pile are less. May have a beveled pile.

For dry highlighters similar natural brushes with even smaller diameters are suitable. In the case of creamy textures, it is worth using a synthetic tool or a sponge.

Bronzers can be applied both with powder / blush brushes and with special trapezoidal brushes with a flat top.

For contouring flat, short but dense brushes, brushes with a special shape and medium in size between brushes for blush and highlighters are suitable. If dry sculpting powder is used, then preference should be given to natural pile, if the contouring is performed with cream or liquid textures, then synthetic.

To complete the finishing touches, professional fan makeup brushes are used. These are products with a thin base and fan distribution of the pile. Use it to remove excess cosmetic products and even out makeup. Some make-up artists also use them for applying dry highlighters.

Eye brushes

This type should be chosen carefully: size, type, pile cover is important - all this affects the quality of applying cosmetics. So, for example, the accuracy of feathering and application depends on the length of the hairs, and a dense model is suitable for the saturation of shades.

At your fingertips should be at least two brushes for eye makeup: what and why they are needed - read below.


To apply mascara to the eyelashes, special brushes with a spiral arrangement of short and dense bristles are used, as in the photo.

Shadow brush shape varies depending on the destination:

  • For the main tone, a wide, flat brush at the base with elastic villi, about 10-12 mm long, and a domed top is used. It is better to purchase different brushes for dark and light cosmetics.
  • A thin beveled brush with a sharp end on one side is suitable for eyebrow makeup and eye contour drawing. These tasks should be performed with different tools: for eyebrows, choose products with artificial hair, for eyeliner - with natural.
  • Shading is performed using a wide, dense brush flat at the base. There is also an option for a barrel brush, which helps with shading the shadows in the crease of the upper eyelid. To soften the transitions, a natural brush similar to an art brush is used.
  • The study of the lower eyelid is carried out either with the help of a small flat brush, or a short rectangular dense.
  • For eyeliner, you can use either a brush to draw a contour, or a special thin elongated one.
  • You may also need an applicator - a tool with interchangeable nozzles, for the manufacture of which foam rubber is most often used, but latex or felt is more preferable. The applicator is indispensable for creating color accents in makeup and is suitable for use with any cosmetic texture.

In the photo, brushes are presented in order of description.


For applying cosmetics to the lips, a small synthetic brush, flat at the base, is intended. For perfectly smooth drawing of the thin contour of the lips with lipstick or gloss, its tip should be pointed. This product also helps to discreetly paint small cracks and other irregularities on the delicate skin of the lips.

Minimal set of makeup brushes

A set of makeup brushes at home depends on your preferences and needs. For beginners, for comfortable work with cosmetics, it is enough to purchase a good brush for:

  • foundation (or sponge),
  • applying shadows (two different brushes for light and dark funds),
  • feather shadows
  • for cream products (synthetic),
  • blush
  • powder (a brush for blush may well play its role),
  • eyebrow
  • lipstick.

Such a minimal set of makeup brushes can be called basic and even universal. But everything, of course, is relative. For example, you never use eye shadow or cream products, so you do not need to buy brushes for these products. So when creating your basic set, focus only on personal preferences. Over time, you can easily understand what you are missing, and expand it by buying new brushes to the basic composition, or eliminate the ones you don’t need personally.

Top 5 Best Makeup Brushes

At this manufacturer you will find tools for working with various cosmetics. The assortment includes brushes separately from natural and synthetic materials, as well as their mixed options. Each brush is assigned a number that facilitates the search for reviews and instructions for use.

This set of makeup brushes from the best German manufacturer is ideal for both home and professional use. Items in the set are packed in a stylish and comfortable handbag. The high quality of the products of this brand is confirmed by positive reviews from both users and experts. The holders are made of natural wood, and the brushes themselves are made of nylon, taclon and goat hair.

Famous makeup artists Sem and Nick Chapman are developing these brushes. The products are made of high quality synthetic materials that provide maximum softness and elasticity. The development of product heads is done manually by craftsmen, which only improves their quality. Brushes are sold both individually and in sets.

The American company offers quite affordable equipment to create the perfect make-up. But consumer reviews warn that such products can maintain their quality only with careful use, otherwise it is likely that hair will fall out.

Also, an American company that produces products that are quite popular in the modern market for working with various cosmetics. According to consumer reviews, there are no shortcomings in the tools of this brand, but the price is quite high.

How to check the quality

Having decided to buy a basic set of brushes for yourself, special attention should be paid to their quality:

  • The pile of products should be relatively soft and pleasant to the skin. You can check this by touch, brushing a couple of times on the skin of your hand. Nothing should scratch you.
  • The villi should be securely attached to the base. When buying, try to slightly rock the product in your hands. Any sounds: creaking or staggering of the head, is an excuse to refuse to purchase this product. The quality of the villi attachment can be checked several times by tightly brushing the hand.
  • The handle of the product must not bend. Moreover, it can be made of various materials. The main thing is strength.

Be sure to check the brushes before buying, so as not to lose the necessary tool at the most inopportune moment.

How to care for makeup brushes

To store brushes, it is best to use a special case. But with daily home use, you can select a separate glass and put it in a secluded, dry place protected from dust. Also, for quality inventory care, it is important to know how to wash makeup brushes:

  • eye and eyebrow makeup products used daily, it is better to wash every three days,
  • a tool for dry cosmetics is enough to wash once a week.

To clean the pile, you can use warm water and shampoo. Products with artificial nap must be thoroughly rinsed.

For drying, tools should be laid out horizontally on a towel, laid on a flat, stable surface so that the hair of the brush does not touch the surface, but hangs freely from the edge. Before drying, you must manually restore the pile to its original shape.

There are also professional brush products that provide quick and safe cleansing. For instance:

Special antibacterial shampoo for washing brushes. Thoroughly and safely cleans villi from cosmetics and factory dust.

Means for prolonging the operational life of brushes and maintaining their smoothness. This product is presented in the form of a spray, which greatly simplifies its use.

Safe for skin and pile disinfectant spray. It contains natural extracts and oils.

Flat Shadow Variety

To the best of fluffy, the medium-sized version is perfect for those who love shadows and want to use them most effectively. In an ideal model, a base made of sable hair has the shape of a petal. With this product you can evenly distribute cosmetics, applying layers over the eyelid.

Different forms

We examined the basic set of tools for high-quality make-up. However, the varieties do not end there. Round, oval, flat - they all have their own logic. So, for example, a beveled base is suitable for contours and a subtle distribution of shades, fluffy ones are suitable for creating fuzzy edges and shading, and flattened ones perfectly apply colors.

What makeup brushes from natural pile for what are needed

For their manufacture, squirrel, horse or goat hair is used.Hair absorbs powder, which allows high-quality blending of cosmetics on the skin of the face. The softness of the models prevents the strong application of pigments, so with such tools you definitely do not overdo it with powdery substrates.

Basic Starter Kit

Beginners do not have to purchase a whole professional kit. Enough basic versions, including brushes:

  • for applying and shading shadows,
  • small in size with beveled edges for arrows or eyebrows,
  • fluffy for powder: it fixes all the cream base on the face,
  • beveled for blush - it will make make-up natural,
  • for concealer, but flat synthetic tools are also suitable for lips,
  • a brush.

What makeup brush for what is needed can be seen in the photo in the article.

The main mistakes when applying brushes

The most frequent mistakes that are inherent not only to beginners, but also to experienced makeup artists:

  1. To mask imperfections under the eyes, you apply concealer from the packaging to the instrument. However, it is best to grind the product in the palm of your hand to make it more plastic, and only then apply makeup to the skin.
  2. Large size application for shading shadows. But this method will create an impression of dirt on the eyes, while a smaller volume will help to sculpt the eyelid.
  3. Too magnificent brush for the “tonalnik” will not be able to retouch complex areas of the face. Nevertheless, its use is also among the common mistakes.
  4. Strong pressure when applying blush. But in this case you will get not a bright color, but a spot that cannot be washed out. For a natural effect, lightly touch the pile of skin.
  5. You cannot use the same product for different cosmetics, as different pigments will remain on the hairs and the color will not be “pure”.

We wash brushes

This item is important not only for the instrument, but also for the face. After use, particles of cosmetics, dust, and even microbes remain on the nap. Without regular cleansing, inflammation may appear and skin pores will become clogged. When washing, it is best to use room temperature water. Moisten the pile, and then rinse with shampoo.

5 high-quality varieties that should be in any cosmetic bag

  1. Kabuki It is suitable for both cream and dry textures. Make rosy cheeks or contours, apply concealer or powder foundation - all this is possible with a thick and dense brush.
  2. For goat hair powder. Both compact and loose powder can be applied with this tool. And during the service you can not worry - it will definitely be long.
  3. Armani Synthetic Lip Product can handle liquid, matte, or glossy lipsticks. A uniform layer will be provided.
  4. The option for synthetic eyeshadows, having a flat shape and medium size, will perfectly cope with any texture.
  5. The model for shading creates a “smoky” effect and is not inferior in quality to the natural basis.

So, we examined the main makeup brushes and figured out which one for what is needed. It is not necessary to immediately buy the whole set. For beginners, it is best to purchase only the most necessary, and as you use them, buy other options.

Eye brushes

In order to correctly apply shadows, it is most convenient to use the model, the bulk of which are synthetic fibers. It should be flat in shape with a rounded outline of the hair bundle. In this case, it will be possible to shade the shadows much faster than if it were even.

A brush for applying eye makeup in shape can be:

  • Flat (flat),
  • Round or barrel,
  • Beveled for eyeliner,
  • Eyebrow brush.

For shading it is better to use a round one - it evenly distributes color, while maintaining the intensity of the shade, with it it is easy to distinguish hollows over the eyelid. And for emphasis - flat. The best option would be to buy a brush with an applicator for makeup, reviews say that this is the most appropriate option. Then you can do whatever you want without acquiring many tools.

Eye brushes

Varieties of eye makeup brushes also include a brush for eyeliner. This is a round thin brush, which is needed for accurate application of eyeliner or liquid liner. It is advisable to purchase several pieces with different thickness and stiffness at once. To draw curly arrows, it is better to take a tool with a natural synthetic pile of medium or low stiffness. To create the perfect fine lines, it is recommended to store brushes of high hardness in cosmetics.

The purpose of the beveled brush - stretch the liner to create the perfect shape of the arrows. Depending on the consistency of the product selected for makeup - liquid or dense, the stiffness of the tool varies.

Foundation brushes

A set of makeup brushes includes the following types:

  • Contouring. Outwardly resembles a cropped barrel. Her shape of the hair bundle is straight, and she herself is thick enough to draw wide lines. It is used for facial contouring,
  • Flat long. Its fleecy part is rounded. It is made exclusively from synthetic pile, due to which it does not absorb foundation and minimizes its consumption. Relatively small, so that you can work out thin areas - eyes, lips, brush pattern for foundation
  • Flat short. Necessary for spot shading, ideal for applying liquid proofreaders or shading problem areas,
  • Thin for bronzer and concealer. Also, like a flat long one, it is made of synthetic pile. It allows you to gently blend cosmetics without spreading them beyond selected limits,
  • Putty knife. This is a tight round oblique model that can drive even the most naughty tonal means into pores and wrinkles. It includes almost every review of makeup by popular makeup artists.


Makeup brushes are tools that any novice makeup stylist even holds in his beauty box. Outwardly, they differ in shape, size, density, rigidity. And depending on this, they differ in purpose. Thanks to them, you can achieve a perfectly even complexion, blend with subtle gradations of shadow and blush, emphasize make-up effect and hide defects. Brushes are makeup artists' assistants whose proper use affects the final makeup.

Natural brushes are not always better than artificial hair. It is necessary to select tools for specific tools and purpose. Natural brushes are also softer than synthetic ones.

Powder and blush brushes

Beginning make-up artist needs only these types - they are basic for creating the right makeup. They are made exclusively from natural material, because their main purpose is the blending of powder and blush with the thinnest layer.

Blush and powder brushes

Types of brushes for powder:

  • Kabuki. Designed to work with compressed cosmetics: powder, blush and others. They are a dense ball of pile, where the hairs are very densely adjacent to each other,
  • Oval dense. This is an enlarged version of the classic powder brush. It is necessary for stretching blush, for greater convenience it is made with a broken handle. It’s more convenient to process the hollows near the cheekbones,
  • Fan. The name speaks for itself. It has a wide shape resembling a fan. At the same time, the villi are not very densely located. It is necessary for accurate application of powder or removal of its excess. Slightly less commonly used for bronzers or rouge.


A professional in his box sometimes stores several dozen brushes, but for the everyday level, there is no need to have such an arsenal. Watch master classes, buy tools one at a time, if you see what exactly it is needed. Each fashionista, after some time, uses 3-5 brushes of a certain pile and appearance, suitable specifically for her skin type and the created image.

How to use

Before you determine which brushes are needed for makeup, it is important to understand what exactly you want to achieve by applying decorative cosmetics. If you are not a professional makeup artist who needs to create many different looks every day, then five basic tools will be enough.

Commonly used brushes:

  • Putty knife,
  • Kabuki,
  • Fan,
  • Beveled
  • Keg for shadows.
Standard Makeup Brush Set

Description of how to use brushes:

  1. For skin of a problem type or prone to dryness, it is imperative to use oval for makeup. They will allow you to gently drive the cream and foundation into the skin without lifting the exfoliated epidermis,
  2. The movement should be made towards the hair or the lower part of the face - depending on the area being treated,
  3. It is important not to use the same tool for different cosmetics. For example, if you need to apply powder, and then blush, it is important to use two different brushes. And it’s better - three, in order to remove excess loose products from the skin,
  4. To draw thin lines it is important to use thin tools, and for large planes - wide or voluminous. When painting, do not press on the fluffy part, but easily run it over the face.
How to use makeup brushes

For tonal foundation

Foundation brushes, concealers are mostly flat, with medium hardness. Pile use synthetic, but there are options for raccoon hair. The correct brush is soft, non-irritating to the skin and has cut, rounded ends.

Some manufacturers offer mixed brushes made from natural and synthetic fibers at the same time. Duofiber is convenient, it is often used by stellar makeup artists.

The tonal brush does not smear, but whips the product, therefore it is dense and elastic. Acting in this way, it mattifies the skin and leaves no residue.

In form, the following types can be distinguished:

  • Contouring. Designed for wide lines when strengthening the contour lines of the face.
  • Elongated, flat. Minimizes the cost of the applied product, as it is made of synthetic fibers. Serves to work the basis of the lips, eyes.
  • Shortened, flat. Ideal for correcting problematic skin, applies concealers, correctors pointwise.
  • Thin. It is used when it is necessary to carefully introduce bronzers into makeup.
  • Putty knife. The name speaks for itself: it is compacted, beveled and round in shape. Makeup artists drive her a thick foundation or make-up to correct serious facial defects.

Which brushes to choose

It is difficult to determine which makeup brushes are better: each manufacturer uses different materials, and some work only with tools for a specific purpose.

Makeup Brush Kits:

  • Kit Bobbi Brown (Bobby Brown). Includes a basic set, suitable for all novice makeup artists. Includes brushes for tonal foundation, blush, powder, eyeshadows and eyebrows. Differ in natural pile (except for the tool for tonalka) and wooden handles. Its cheaper counterpart is Manly PRO Magic Moments,
  • Japanese Hakuhodo. It is believed that these are the best brushes in the world. They are made from natural pile and collected manually. You can buy them only in the official store. They are very similar to the available Naked 3 Urban Dekay or UBU,
  • Professional Nyx not sold in set. You will need to choose the necessary ones. They proved to be excellent in durability and performance, although they are made of synthetic fibers. A little more affordable, no less high-quality - SHIK (Chic),
  • Brand Tools Sigma are divided into makeup and classic. An original organizer is also sold with them. A bit more expensive, but much better network products from Oriflame and Avon, A set of brushes for beginners
  • Products Roubloff (Rubleff), Da Vinci (Da Vinci) Sephora (Sephora), designed for make-up artists. They will help to draw complex art on the face, create soft but clear lines of transition of shades,
  • Clarins Brush (Clarins) and Inglot. Their main application is shading of the tonal base and contouring means. They are included in the rating of the best brushes. They are made from high-quality natural pile, in some cases combined,
  • Essence Brush. These are budget options for Polish make-up, but still deserve attention. Made of nylon and classified by stiffness. They are of good enough quality, stored for a long time, but do not always blend cosmetics well,
  • Valerie D, Mirage, Limoni and Irisk professional. Cheap products that are sold at Fix Price, Rive Gauche, and the Girlfriend network. They are synthetic with plastic handles. Not suitable for prolonged use, even with daily washing,
  • Just & Jean’s (Just Jeans) - high-quality professional brushes for decorative cosmetics. This brand also produces organizers for their storage. You can buy a set, and a suitable case for them right away,
  • Mermaid Multipurpose Brush - the most trending ones, now they are among the top coveted by all beauty bloggers. They are created only from natural pile, but the main difference from other brands in the form of tools. If other brands are not much different from each other, then the Little Mermaid brushes have a curved shape that allows you to process any area of ​​the face with high quality, Figure Mermaid Multipurpose Brush
  • Tonal foundation and eye makeup brushes Zoeva include a few pieces in a set. These are the basic tools (classic) and professional. They are the most famous in the CIS. Even Gohar Avetisyan uses them. They are quite expensive, so they can be replaced by the more affordable MAC (MAC) or even Mary Kay.

For blush, powder

Blush brushes are made soft, unlike the previous types, and only from natural hair. From the purpose to apply powder and blush on the face with a thin layer, without violating the previous layer.

  • Kabuki This is a classic and basic brush, made in the form of a small compacted sphere.
  • Oval, compacted. Serves for a neat stretch of blush. The only one comes with a broken handle.
  • Fan. Stylists remove excess powder and blush with it.

Brushes for blush, powder are the main ones in the beauty box of even an unprofessional makeup artist. To make cosmetics no longer cause skin irritation, the tools are always washed and dried well after use.

How to wash makeup brushes

Natural pile tools need to be disinfected once a week, from synthetic fiber - every other day. If you have problem skin, it is best to treat them daily. To clean the brushes from the tonal foundation and powder, you can use makeup remover gel, a special cleaner or ordinary laundry soap.

How to wash makeup brushes

How to wash makeup brushes on the example of the brand Anastasia:

  1. It is important to use cool water for washing. This is especially important for instruments made of natural wool. Otherwise, the villi will begin to fall and break,
  2. To make a professional brush cleaner with your own hands, you need to take a glass of water, a teaspoon of foam or washing gel and two tablespoons of alcohol. For sensitive skin, it is better to take alcohol, also 1 spoon and two baby shampoos,
  3. Brushes need to be carefully soaked in liquid and left for a few minutes. After using your fingers, gently knead the fluffy part and wash off the foam. Soak again for a few minutes, and then rinse under running water,
  4. The most important thing is to dry the tools correctly. To do this, they need to be put at a slight angle on a stand or tube, after covering it with a towel. Keep the brushes as far away from heat and drafts as possible.
Brush storage

In order for the tools to serve, you need to properly care for them. For storage, use only a special cover or pencil case for makeup brushes (JAF, Tom Ford, Mary Kay, others).He will not let the villi get tangled and roll, he will keep their shape. Six months later, whatever good care is, they are replaced. Natural pile wears out even earlier - after a few months, especially in conditions of constant cleaning.

For the shadows

Eye makeup brushes are made only from artificial materials, exclusively flat and rounded along the contour. This ergonomic shape has been developed by technologists for a long time and is ideal for quickly and effectively applying all types of shadows.

Types of brushes for eyes:

  • Flat, without rounding. Serves for shading, placement of accents.
  • Keg. Ideal for a uniform color scheme, for example, emphasis on the eye socket.
  • Thin, beveled. This is suitable for applying clear lines with liquid products.

  • With a brush. This brush is very important in any set. With its help, you can evenly dye the arch of the eyebrows, as well as comb them.
  • Applicator brush. For a beginner make-up artist, many sources recommend this option.

Before buying eye brushes, you first need to understand which one you most often make-up: smokey, classic, natural. And proceeding from this, dwell on one or another model.

For lips

The lip brush has a pointed shape and is made only of synthetics. Its appearance is only one, but in the arsenal it is better to keep 2-3 such tools for different color schemes. They differ only in long pile. For liquid lipsticks, glosses, a very long brush with a sharp end will perfectly fit. For denser textures, short, close to a square.

It is best to opt for lip brushes with a retractable mechanism or an additional protective cap. Then you will be calm on the road for its safety and durability.


It is worth giving examples of some of the most popular brands of brushes for creating a perfect make-up.

Shisheido 131 is a brush created by designers for a thick foundation. She is able to hide the tool even serious facial flaws. It drives very thick bases into the skin, making the skin even and flawless.

Maestro Brush Lip Brush by Giorgio Armani. A peculiar small form was developed for the anniversary of the brand. With its help, the effect of puffy lips is easily achieved, and the synthetic pile allows her to stay in perfect shape longer.

For contouring, for example, a universal brush from MAC Oval 3 is suitable. A convenient, ergonomic shape in the form of a toothbrush, soft, artificial pile, and small size will create a professional make-up with any tonal or corrective means.

The American brand Real Techniques offers to buy brushes in sets. They have in their assortment a universal set of 5 brushes for home use, a separate selection for lip, eye makeup, as well as for professional make-up.

Among economical brands, QVS is worth mentioning. This brand offers to buy individually any of the necessary brushes. Of the minuses: the production uses bristles, which are not always suitable for creating makeup.

Do you want a professional and do not overpay? Take a look at Lancome products. For example, a contour pencil with a Contour Pro brush can be used for ultra-thin lines on one side and for filling lips, eyebrows with color on the other.

Those who like to wear everything necessary for makeup with themselves will appreciate the LIMONI products. The brand, which has confirmed its impeccable quality with many years of work, produces not only lip brushes in a retractable format, but also LMN-97607 - a blush brush. The pleasant price of the Russian manufacturer in combination with European quality will not leave this brand unattended.

When working with liquid eyeliner or texture shadows, you can buy a brush with a beveled tip from NARS - ANGLED EYELINER BRUSH. It impeccably helps to apply thick and even lines along the growth of eyelashes.

The price of makeup brushes does not affect the quality of products and ease of use. Pick tools based on your everyday make-up, as well as relying on reviews about a particular brand.


There are a lot of brushes for creating makeup and any professional has in his arsenal at least 20-30 different brands, shapes and sizes. But for domestic use, there is absolutely no need to buy such an amount. It is enough to identify what types of brushes will be used most often and acquire them. There are also universal tools that can replace at some stages of visage 2-3 others.

See daily collections of the best cosmetics

List of Essential Beauty Brushes for a Beauty Beginner

Fair? Zero. Any basic makeup can be done with your fingers, even dramatic smokeys. But if you decide to improve, bend your fingers.

Below is the required minimum:

1. Big brush for the face. Favorite Lifehack Eduardo Ferreira - use the same brush for tone, blush and sculptor. Thus, the transition from one cosmetic product to another is more smooth and natural. Give preference to brushes made of synthetic pile.

2. Flat Shadow Brush. With it, you can apply the product to the entire eyelid.

3. Pointed eyeliner brush. It will help you draw clear lines, apply concealer under the eyes, eyebrows and make neat arrows.

How to use them

Brush should be used dry. Only if you do not want to get a wet or metallic finish from shimmer products. Top shining products can be found in this collection.

To apply the product with a flat brush, you need to use driving movements. Fluffy - circular. For the rest - just drive the tool one way and back.

Watch the video: A Complete Guide To Makeup Brushes (March 2020).