Hole Stone - Chicken God

Finding a stone with a hole is a great success, but not all people take the opportunity. Most of them are on the seashore. Initially, the amulet is washed and dried, and then they decide how to apply it.

The found mascot is worn like a necklace so that it works as a person’s protection. He is dressed when help is needed. Suspended pebbles over the bed saves from nightmares, evokes prophetic dreams.

They use a pebble to protect their home: they hang it above the front door, then bad people will not be able to harm when they enter the house. If the amulet is not needed, they hide it in clothes or give it to a loved one.

There is a ritual for the chicken god found to fulfill a wish. A ray of the sun is passed through the hole, then liquid (water) is passed and sprinkled with earth. After carrying out the ritual, what they have guessed will come true.

To financially have no problems, the amulet is put in a wallet. To improve relations between lovers, the amulet is transferred to the bedroom. You can activate the action using conspiracies and spells.

Chicken god. How to use it correctly

Chicken God: luck and luck for life

Talisman Chicken god - a gift from the sea


A special conspiracy will help clear the mind of bad thoughts.

To do this, you need to soak the talisman in clean water, whispering over it 7 times:

Then the mineral is left in the water for three days, and then it is taken out, dried and carried with it. Thus, the owner of the stone will get rid of mental suffering and sinful thoughts.

To charge a stone with energy and strengthen its strength, you should speak the mineral on yourself. For this, it is necessary to cast a special spell daily into the hole in the stone every week. In this case, no one should hear the magic text:

If the tooth hurts, you need to attach the talisman to the cheek and say:

For headaches, lean the mineral against the temple and say:

For those who have not yet found a holey stone, there is a special rite with a conspiracy. You need to take a little millet in your left hand and, walking along the shore, pronounce the words:

At the same time, one grain should be dropped to the ground.

Earth and Air

What to do if you suddenly found a stone chicken god? What needs to be done and how to use it correctly so that the stone god with a hole begins to work and fulfill his mission? You must always carry it with you so that its magical properties directly affect your life. It was believed that the chicken gods belong to the elements of the earth, water breaks a hole in it and gives its protective energy. A through hole symbolizes victory over obstacles and vicissitudes of fate. The lucky ones, who were fortunate enough to find stones with a hole, later admitted to their extraordinary luck in all matters, any desire of theirs was quickly fulfilled.

Why is a stone with a hole called chicken god

There are various theories of the origin of this name. Ethnographers believe that the stone was named so for a historical reason. The ancient Slavs had a tradition of putting such a stone in the chicken coop, as well as other objects with holes - pots without a bottom, for example. It was believed that such a talisman protects livestock from evil spirits.

According to another, Vedic version, the name “chicken” comes from the word “chicken”, which is consonant with the name Chur. So the Slavs called the spirit of their ancestors, guarding the border between the living and the dead worlds. “Chur, me, Chur” - everyone heard from grandparents, from films, from books.

Sometimes such a pebble is also called a dog god, dog happiness, snake venom, a witch stone, a perunov arrow, a thunder stone, a eye. From the archaeological and ethnographic point of view, the chicken god is an apotropheum, i.e.A "repellent" talisman, which is credited with the magical power to cast out evil spirits.

Such a stone symbolizes a window or a door to the house, and in order to enter it, evil spirits need to seep through the hole, which is impossible if the talisman speak and “lock”.

Where can I find a stone with a hole?

The "happy" hallmark of the chicken god is the hole in the middle. This hole has a natural origin, it is turned by running water of a river, lake or sea. As a rule, such pebbles carries water ashore, where they can be found.

There is a belief according to which the first chicken god that is found is not left to itself, but is given back. You need to look at the water through a hole, make a wish and throw it back into the sea, lake or river.

Then you should look for another pebble, and leave it for yourself as an amulet. By how quickly there is a replacement, you can determine whether your desire will come true.

In no case should you use a stone bought in a souvenir shop as an amulet. True luck comes only to the one who himself found the chicken god on the shore.

Stone description

The mascot Chicken God belongs to one of the elements - the earth. A person is allowed to have 7 such stones. Especially they bring good luck:

It means a lot when and under what conditions the talisman was found:

  • at night - all difficulties on the way will be solved,
  • after lunch - for longevity,
  • in the afternoon - to the good people around,
  • in the morning - to justice and righteousness.

If a pebble is found when it was raining, this is fertility and enrichment. On a sunny day - for a quick fun, and on a blizzard - for a fast trip.

Mascot Properties

Stone chicken god is used:

  • when a girl doesn’t get pregnant,
  • if the children have bad dreams: then they hang the amulet over the bed, it scares away evil spirits,
  • when a person wants to figure out if he is being deceived,
  • to protect animals, especially camels, cows and horses,
  • fishermen - to make fish better
  • from evil eye and corruption,
  • for contact with dead souls and various mystical creatures, to work as a vehicle,
  • for the fulfillment of desires (there is a ritual for this: they look through the hole at the sky and stroke the amulet),
  • for medical purposes: the talisman has healing properties, helps to get rid of pain in the teeth, with problems with the mammary glands,
  • to control climatic conditions.

Nature of stone

All stones are divided into 3 groups:

  • crystalline nature
  • nutrient
  • chemical.

Biogenic - these are those whose holes could be washed with water, or formed due to erosion.

Crystalline rocks - quartz, moonstone. These are minerals that have natural openings.

Chemical nature - charms, the holes in which are created by the action of magma or by the ingestion of different bodies.

Amulets that look like a drop are most valued. They are used in traditional medicine.

Stone color

Stone Chicken God has a different color. This affects the magical properties of the amulet:

  • Orange. If the Chicken god is of a solar color, a person will master any trials in life and come out of any situation.
  • White. Thoughts will become cleaner and more positive.
  • Green. This color attracts financial flow and good fortune.
  • Red. Preserved from cheating and deceit, as well as sincere love.
  • The black. Thanks to such a talisman, problems with the opposite sex will disappear.
  • Black and white. According to signs, he clears thoughts and souls from previous failures.
  • Blue. It has the property of inspiring endeavors, suitable for creative people.

The thread on which the found amulet is hung must be red and from certain fibers:

Quantity and type of stones

The owner of the found stone with a hole may have more than one, which also has a magical meaning:

  • 1 - fortune on the side of the owner of the amulet,
  • 3 - fortune accompanies the first 10 years,
  • 5 - happiness for 20 years,
  • necklace made of stones with a hole - fortunately until the end of life.

Also important is the type of stone:

  • malachite is the best amulet for children,
  • crystal promises happiness in all areas of life,
  • turquoise promises success in work, increase,
  • coral portends that any path will be simple.

Why is a stone with a hole called chicken god

In ancient times, such stones were considered the strongest amulets capable of driving away evil spirits from livestock. People laid stones in chicken coops to increase the litter of eggs. Although the stone with the hole had the ability to protect all domestic animals, it got its name precisely thanks to the hens.


For man, the chicken god was also of great importance. With this amulet you can facilitate childbirth or reduce prenatal contractions. Newborn pebbles were put in a cradle to save the baby from nightmares. Also, with the help of it, it was possible to get rid of toothache.

Different in form and content, these pebbles carry a certain meaning for their owner. If you assemble an amulet of several pieces, then its effect increases several times.

  • Three stones together - the amulet will bring good luck for 9 years.
  • Five pebbles will ensure you success in all matters for as long as 20 years.
  • Seven chicken stones allow you to live a long, happy life.

In addition to simple pebbles found on the banks of a river or lake, talismans can be made of precious and semiprecious stones. In this case, the talismans have an additional meaning for their owner.

  • Jasper - will help to avoid the evil eye and negative magical influences.
  • Malachite - will provide good health or help the patient regain lost strength.
  • Turquoise will become an assistant in important matters and protect all undertakings in business from failure.
  • Crystal carries a charge of positive energy that can protect against heart wounds and unhappy love.
  • Amber with a hole will help in family affairs and preserve the atmosphere of goodness and love in the house.

Stone Chicken God magical properties

The correct talisman has tremendous energy and is used to attract material wealth, improve health and recover from various diseases, cope with various life problems, find love and fulfill a cherished desire. It has already been mentioned that the color of the talisman affects its strength:

  1. White - makes thoughts cleaner, teaches kindness and patience.
  2. Red - such a stone “Chicken God” will help to find true love.
  3. Blue - will attract luck and give inspiration.
  4. Black - will attract representatives of the opposite sex.
  5. Black and white - purifies the soul of the perfect mistakes of the past.
  6. Green - will attract financial flow.
  7. Orange - will give strength to resist the blows of fate.

The capabilities of the mascot depend on how many pebbles are used. For example, if you connect three pieces, then you can count on the concurrence of good luck for 10 years. If you manage to find and tie together seven stones, then a person will receive protection for the rest of his life. The material from which the Chicken God stone is made is also important, so the option from coral will be a powerful amulet for travelers, and from turquoise it will help to move up the career ladder. A malachite product is a powerful amulet for children, but the most powerful talisman will be crystal.

A stone with a hole or gods are different

A special place among the stones endowed with unusual rumors by the human rumor is occupied by the original natural formation: a pebble with a hole-hole. It is believed that it was water that washes away impurity and negativity, having made a hole in the stone, endowed it with a magical effect.

This is the rare case when the mascot can be found literally underfoot
. Typically, clusters of such stones are located on the banks of reservoirs. In childhood, probably, everyone at least once found a holey natural miracle and was heartily pleased with his happiness. Not only among the Slavs, but also in many other cultures, people who found such a stone were considered lucky.Unusual stones were used as talismans and charms, and they were called differently, depending on traditions and probable origin: Europeans - snake eggs, a witch stone, Belarusians - the arrow of Perun, Rusichi - with the eye of God or the chicken (dog) God.

The Russian name appeared, most likely, because initially this stone was used to protect chicken coops, cowsheds and other outbuildings from the presence of evil spirits that could harm poultry or livestock: send pestilence, mortality, attack of martens, foxes, organize dangerous tricks of the house and kickimore. A reflection of these beliefs can be observed in the fairy tale "Chicken God", written by "dad" Pinocchio - Alexei Tolstoy.

Another version of the origin of this strange name is somewhat similar to the European one. It is believed that the word form "chicken" comes from the word "bee-eater"
, that is, from the god Schur, who protected the door and window openings. In Europe, there was a similar use of stone with a hole: it was hung above the entrance, as a protection against robbers.

Stone happiness

Also important is how many amulets the owner has and in which stone nature made a hole. The Chicken God stone is a simple talisman that can literally be found underfoot

Since ancient times, people believe that he has tremendous energy that can be used for his own good. There are several ways to wear an amulet.

The Chicken God stone is a simple talisman that can literally be found underfoot. Since ancient times, people believe that he has tremendous energy that can be used for his own good. There are several ways to properly wear the amulet.

How to make a mascot on your own

The main rule of an effective amulet will be to receive it. Ideally, the stone should be found independently. Then the talisman will be charged only with your energy and will bring more benefits. It is not customary to give it to strangers. If you got from a loved one, then when you first take it in your hands - be sure to kiss. So you take over all its miraculous properties.

To strengthen the effect and speak the chicken god on yourself, you need to read the plot in the hole for seven days. Not necessarily at night or in a whisper - the main thing is that no one sees your actions. Bring the amulet to your lips and read the words:


The history of the chicken god has more than 1 million years. Even in paganism, people believed that this stone is a defense against evil spirits. On January 15, the ancient Slavs celebrated the day of Kurka and always put things in order in the houses. According to ancient beliefs, it was on this day that a black rooster laid an egg, from which the treacherous serpent Basilisk hatched. According to another legend, a hole in the mineral was formed from the strike of Perunova lightning.

“Chicken” comes from the word “chicken”, which means the spirit of the ancestors - Churu. He guarded the borders of the other world. There are other names for the stone: dog god, chicken happiness, eye, thunder stone, witch stone.

Leaky stone is a symbol of fertility. The ancient Slavs used it as a talisman on the hunt and on the farm. Thanks to him, the offspring of chicken eggs increased. Healers treated various diseases in children and adults using the canine god.

How to use

Each person chooses for himself the most convenient option when wearing this amulet. Someone wears on a cord like a pendant, someone puts it in his pocket. Girls even use it as a decoration on a bracelet. How to wear a talisman - depends only on your imagination. It does not matter in a conspicuous place stone or hidden under clothing. Just in a difficult moment, grab a pebble in your hand and ask for help. Never let strangers take it with your hands.

What is the Chicken God

It is difficult for those who first heard about this amulet to see what the Chicken God stone looks like. Its true appearance is probably different from what your imagination painted.No, the pebble does not resemble the shape of a familiar poultry and does not even look like a trace from its paw.

In fact, the Chicken God is called any stone that has a hole. Breed and color do not matter here. The main thing is that the hole is formed naturally, and not through human intervention. But the location of the hole can tell something about the stone. Previously, people believed that the closer to the center of the pebble is his empty eye, the more strength there is in him.

It’s easy to distinguish a natural hole from an artificial one. Holes of natural origin are smoother and smoother, but at the same time have an imperfect shape. The clear shape of the hole indicates that it was made by human hands.

The modern use of an ancient amulet

Being a primordial god obeying the earthly elements, the chicken spirit is able to help overcome life's difficulties, protracted failures, hardships and troubles. Modern esotericists advise using stone in such cases:

  • the need to attract monetary energy,
  • strengthening physical condition,
  • cure for obsessive ailments,
  • overcoming obstacles,
  • fulfillment of a cherished dream,
  • help in finding a second half.

But there are some rules necessary for implementation in order to achieve an effective result. For example, to attract finance, you need to carry the chicken god in your wallet or in the form of a keyring.

In order for guaranteed true love to come, you need to store two leaky talismans in your own bedroom, because they look so much like engagement rings.

If, looking through a hole to make a wish, then it will certainly come true
. Only for this it is necessary to find the stone yourself.

Like a stone, the chicken god is able to influence the fate of man.

The chicken god is an unusual pebble endowed by nature with a small hole, which is most often found on the banks of rivers and seas.

According to our ancestors, the “chicken god” is endowed not only with a hole, but also with natural strength, which has been laid in it for a long time. And the wider the hole in the stone, the more power it possesses.

Previously, “chicken gods” were mainly placed in chicken coops so that the poultry would rush better, and in the cows to protect the cattle from the evil eye and spoilage. Thanks to its main purpose, the stone got its name - “chicken god”.

But, besides this, before and now, such stones are widely used in rites and rituals, together with all kinds of conspiracies. For example, “chicken god” helps to get rid of toothache: you need to put a stone on your cheek and whisper a plot of pain for 1-2 minutes:

“Pain in the stone go away, pain in the tooth come out.”

And if the head ached, the pebble - “chicken god” was simply applied to the temples.

But that's not all. Since ancient times, it is believed that the “chicken god”, and indeed all the stones with natural holes help to get rid of experiences and free from painful thoughts. To do this, you need to lower the stone for 3 days in cold water, on which to pre-read 7 times such a conspiracy:

“Let languid thoughts go away, dark thoughts, false decisions, complex intentions. So be it!"

After three days, pour the water, dry the stone in the sun and within a week from Monday, always carry it with you. And then put the “chicken god” in a box or box. A stone that is charmed in this way will facilitate mental torment and inspire a person with a desire to look for ways to solve their problems. Therefore, healers recommend wearing them to dull, depressed people.

“Chicken gods” help a person in ordinary life situations: if you want to lose weight, sell a car or break off relations with some person.

To do this, you must constantly carry the “chicken god” with you, but from time to time, at least three times a day, get it out, squeeze it in your palms and say to yourself 3 times these words of the conspiracy:

“I want to get rid of what I no longer need, I want to throw out from life that which is only a burden to me. Exactly!"

Then, in your own words, state exactly what you want to get rid of. Wear the “chicken god” pebble until your wish is fulfilled.

“Chicken God” will be useful to you if you seriously decide to do magic. In this pebble, as already mentioned, there is a huge charge of positive energy that will restore your strength after the ritual and protect the biofield from negativity. After the ceremony, just hold your talisman in your hands for five minutes.

In general, “chicken god” brings good luck to the person who found him. But if you want fortune to be favorable to your loved one, then give the “chicken god” to him. Upon receiving the gift, he should kiss you symbolically as a token of gratitude in order to adopt good luck.

Mascot activation

The mascot becomes more active when food is being prepared in the kitchen. He doesn’t work in a dirty kitchen full of fumes and unpleasant odors.

If you have the Chicken God in the kitchen, you will have to carefully monitor the hygiene of the room. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink for a long time. You need to wipe the floors more often, and if something is burnt, clean the soot from the pots as quickly as possible and ventilate the kitchen.

The oldest amulet created by nature itself is the chicken god or a stone with a hole. People who found him on the seashore said that their life was changing dramatically for the better. The main thing is to find a suitable amulet and be able to use it correctly.

Signs associated with the stone

There are several signs associated with finding a stone. If you find it in the rain - it promises profit and a good harvest, in sunny weather - it prophesies fun and happiness. If a stone fell under your feet during the snow, you need to wait for good news and a safe trip. Depending on what time of the day the amulet was found, you can judge what awaits the person:

  • night is overcoming problems
  • morning - protection from deception and lies,
  • day is a good environment
  • evening is longevity.

Losing a mascot is not a bad omen. No need to expect troubles and misfortunes. Perhaps luck will turn away at some point, but serious dangers are not expected. If the amulet suddenly broke, you should be on your guard soon. This portends imminent trouble.

There are other signs associated with the chicken god:

  1. Immediately after the find you need to look into the hole in the stone at sunrise and make a wish. It will certainly come true.
  2. If you put four pebbles in the corners of the house, then there will always be prosperity in it.
  3. The mineral with a hole in the cradle of a newborn eliminates nightmares in a dream.
  4. Women need to take a stone with them to relieve pain during contractions and the birth itself.

You can give or give a talisman only to very close people. If a perforated stone passes to the wrong person, good luck will go away with it.

Chicken God Color

If you are lucky enough to become the owner of such a talisman, then you should know how important the chicken god is based on its color.

  • Red. A chicken stone of this color promises the acquisition of a mutual feeling and a strong love relationship.
  • White. It will bring peace of mind and will be the key to a good relationship with others.
  • The black. Will become a loyal assistant in business affairs. Men will be helped on hunting or fishing, and for women it will be a guarantee of delicious dinners and the fertility of pets.
  • Green. This stone with a hole will provide you with material well-being and getting rid of all financial problems.
  • Blue. Suitable for people associated with art. Will become a good inspirer in new endeavors.
  • Yellow. It will help to avoid fraud in a love relationship and protect the family from decay.
  • Gray. The chicken god will take away all the gossip and conspiracies from its owner.
  • Pink. It will protect you on the road and traveling to other countries.

The history of the mascot and its name

The Chicken God, a stone with a hole, has many names. As they just did not call it among different peoples:

  • Dog god
  • Snake egg
  • Witch stone
  • Eye
  • Perunova arrow
  • Thunder stone.

The name "Perunova arrow" stone is obliged to the Slavic pagans. The ancient Slavs believed that when a thunderstorm rages, Perun is angry. And the thunderbolt lightning striking the stones formed holes. Therefore, such stones were named after the deity himself.

The most famous name, Chicken God, appeared due to the fact that in ancient times these stones were used to protect the household from evil spirits. Usually such amulets were hung in chicken coops. This helped to drive the disease and thieves away from the bird, and also increased the litter of eggs. Subsequently, it was this tradition that prompted the Slavs another name for the Perunova arrow.

Over time, people noticed that the Chicken God has a beneficial effect not only on farm animals, but also on themselves. Therefore, they began to use the talisman to protect relatives - to place it directly in the house or hang around it. Stones with emptiness inside, holey bast shoes and even holey pots were used as a talisman.

There are several more versions of the origin of the name. Some historians associate the chicken talisman with the god Veles, because he was considered the patron saint of cattle, calling the cattle god. Others believe that the “chicken” in the original source sounded like “chicken”, that is, it refers to Chur, another protector of the Slavs.

Search Assistant

Don't be surprised by this search method. Judging by the large number of reviews, this is the easiest way to find the chicken god. Take a handful of millet in your left hand and looking through the place where the pebble can be read the words:

In addition to form and color, our ancestors attached importance to the time spent. Depending on the weather and time, you can also find out some hidden features of pebbles with a hole.

  • Find in the rain - make a profit or a good harvest.
  • In sunny weather - fortunately and fun.
  • In the snow - to good trips and good news.
  • In the morning - to an honest and righteous life.
  • In the afternoon - to a good environment.
  • In the evening - to gain longevity.
  • At night - to overcome all difficulties in life.

Properties and meaning of the Chicken God

The holey stone, the Chicken God, has several key meanings:

  • The paramount importance of the mascot is protection. It removes troubles from a person, protects from magical attacks and mirrors the negative emitted by envious and ill-wishers.
  • His other property is the attraction of positive. It is believed that the Chicken God is able to attract good luck and transform a person’s life, as if purifying it on a spiritual level. And he can fulfill wishes.

Once the Dog God was used for another purpose - witchcraft. Mages believed that the hole inside the stone means a portal. That is, it opens the entrance to another world, from where you can draw energy. Therefore, ancient sorcerers used it in their rituals.

But how will this talisman affect the life of an ordinary person who has nothing to do with the world of magic? Let's try to figure it out.

What is a stone with a hole capable of:

  • better health
  • development of endurance, maintaining activity throughout the day,
  • promotion assistance,
  • getting rid of insomnia and nightmares,
  • facilitating labor contractions,
  • purification of energy in residential and working premises,
  • Overcoming obstacles on the way to the goal or dream.

Important things

If your chicken god is lost, then do not wait for instant troubles and troubles. You may not be so lucky anymore, but you should not be afraid of the negative consequences. Another thing is if the amulet is broken. This portends imminent problems and you should be careful soon. Give or give your talisman should only very close people - parents, children. So you leave luck in the family.

The chicken god is a small stone that has a hole of natural origin. The hole is pierced by water. People believe that this amulet can protect from adversity, sadness and disease. Otherwise, it is called eyeballs.

What does the color of the stone mean?

Did you happen to find a pebble with a hole inside? Do not rush to rejoice! Not the fact that this stone suits you. But how do you understand how good a chicken amulet will be?

First of all, you need to figure out whether you like the mineral itself. If during the time you hold it in your hand, pleasant feelings arise inside, and you want to hide the find itself in your pocket and take it with you, the Chicken God is definitely yours!

If the find does not cause much joy, most likely you are incompatible with the stone. In this case, it is better to return it to the place where it was found or give it to someone from your friends. Stones with which a person does not make a special connection cannot become a good talisman, and sometimes even cause harm.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the color of the pebble. Check out the basic colors for the Chicken God to know how this talisman will affect your life:

  • White - cleanses the mind, helps to establish relationships with others, become wiser and calmer.
  • Black copes well with the negative - it absorbs it into itself, avoiding pollution of the energy sector. Also adds confidence to its owner.
  • Stones of blue shades contribute to the development of creative talents and set up a wave of inspiration.
  • Amulets of green color positively affect health - raise the general tone and even treat diseases.
  • Orange Chicken God is useful to those who need moral support. A talisman with such a color will give strength and help complete unfinished business.
  • Red - provides protection at the energy level and leads to success in love.

A black stone with white or red blotches will be an excellent amulet for lovers. He will protect the couple from the discrepancies and help to remain faithful to the chosen one.

We select the color of the thread

Various pendants, including stones, are usually worn on a cord. But often people do not follow this advice, preferring to use the chain. If this is a talisman made of silver, then the silver chain will combine well with it in terms of energy.

But for a stone, lace is much better. The power of the Chicken God will be enhanced by a string of natural materials. Such as cotton, linen or wool.

You can use a red thread. A bright lace will not only add energy to its owner, but will also serve as additional protection against the evil eye. The red thread on the wrist in itself is a very strong amulet.

Determine the length of the lace yourself. The main thing is that the amulet can be easily removed from the neck, while not untying the nodules on the thread.

A suddenly unleashed thread indicates that the amulet needs energetic cleaning. Bury the thread in the ground or burn it, and before you tie a new one, conduct a rite of cleansing over the stone.

What does a stone look like?

The chicken god is a naturally occurring mineral that has a hole. Ideally, if it is in the middle of the breed. Size, shape and color can be very diverse. There are round, oval, square and even triangular stones.

The hole in the mineral was formed due to mechanical destruction due to geological and natural processes. A hole could appear due to an air bubble that burst with time. It must be cross-cutting.

How to use the amulet

The chicken god is very versatile in terms of application. Everyone can use it - young and old, woman and man. He will help anyone who asks for it, provided that the person does not hold evil in his heart.

The amulet is unpretentious, so hang it wherever you want:

  • On the lace around the neck. Such close contact between a person and his talisman leads to the establishment of a special connection.The dog god will sensitively capture all your emotions and desires and will learn to instantly respond to external stimuli. A small pebble will look good as a pendant for a bracelet, and its properties will remain the same.
  • The chicken god is also worn as a keychain on keys. Being in proximity with the keys to the house, the mascot will help protect your home from thieves and uninvited guests.
  • By the way, a very small amulet can not only be hung on a bracelet, but also put in a wallet. According to legend, its empty hole forms a positive energy, which attracts money.
  • The Chicken God fits well into the home environment. The talisman, located in the central part of the room, cleans the space from negativity, and if it is hung above the front door, it will also protect the family from evil and envious guests.
  • Placed in dormitory rooms or in the hallway, the amulet will begin to affect all members of the family. But hanging from the bed, he will turn into a personal protector, similar to the Native American Dreamcatcher. He was previously hung over cribs to ward off bad dreams. And if you put two pebbles with a hole in the bedroom, they will add harmony to the relationship of the couple sleeping there, acting like Mandarin ducks or Lovebirds doll.

Remember that the more you believe in the power of your magical attribute, the better it works. Do not forget to clean so that the stone patron does not leave you at the crucial moment.

Magical properties

The main purpose of the amulet is considered to be the protection of birds and the whole economy from house, evil spirits, evil eyes and misfortunes. There is an opinion that a hole in a stone is a kind of transition to another reality.

Storage of three amulets at once will bring luck to the owner for ten years, five stones will provide fortune for twenty years, and seven for the rest of his life. All must be found by one person. The most powerful is a crystal stone with a hole. A necklace of multi-colored stones has a strong magical effect. It reliably protects its owner.

The amulet has beneficial effects on poultry and animals. It is customary to hang it in a chicken coop or crib, on a stake in the yard or in those places where livestock lives. The grooms hang the chicken god to the horses to protect them from disease.

Today, hole stone is used for the following purposes:

  • health promotion
  • raising money and good luck,
  • getting rid of feelings and bad thoughts,
  • protection against evil eye and damage,
  • elimination of insomnia and nightmares.

The chicken god can have a completely different color, on which the strength of the influence will depend:

  1. Black and white cleanses the human soul.
  2. White gives its owner harmony and kindness.
  3. Red brings good luck in love.
  4. Black gives confidence in any business.
  5. Green attracts material wealth.
  6. Blue gives inspiration.
  7. Malachite protects young children, and gives adults good health.
  8. Coral is suitable for travelers.
  9. Orange resists the vicissitudes of fate.

If a wife wants to protect her husband from dirty thoughts and save the family, she should give her husband a black pebble with a splash of white. The chicken god helps in a variety of situations. You need to contact him in order to lose weight, get rid of illness, sell an apartment or a car, break off relations with a person or find a new love. Astrologers claim that the chicken god is best suited for Virgo, Capricorn and Sagittarius.

How to make a wish to the Chicken God

In order for the Chicken God to fulfill your desire, do the following: wait for the sunrise and look into the sky through the mineral found. Think about what you want to achieve. Keeping the pebble with you, always carry it with you and as often as possible remind you of your request. You won’t have time to come to your senses, how your wish will come true!

Sometimes after fulfilling the goal, the talismans become worthless.They become cracked or split into several parts. This happens when the amulets give all their strength to fulfill a person’s desire. Often, such behavior also signals that a pebble has taken trouble away from its owner. It’s not worth it to grieve for your assistant. Bury him away from home and thank him for all the good.

There is another way to appeal to the Chicken God. According to this version, when making a wish, you need to not just hold the amulet in your hand, but put it on your open palm. After thinking about your dreams, you need to start stroking the pebble, leading the index finger along its surface. Mandatory clockwise. It is interesting that such a ritual is carried out to make a wish to the god Hotei, who is stroked for the purpose with a belly.

Fulfillment of desire

In order for the cherished desire to come true, it is necessary to correctly conduct the magic ritual associated with a holey stone. You need to hold the amulet tightly in your hand, pronounce the treasured words into the hole and feel its strength and energy. There are several rules in this matter:

  1. It is necessary to make a wish, clearly articulating it. The more specific it is, the better.
  2. Desire must be as real as possible. It makes no sense to guess what cannot come true.
  3. There is no need to bother the stone in vain if a person himself is able to carry out his plan.
  4. Desire must be sincere.
  5. It is important to believe in the properties of the stone.

They say that after the fulfillment of a desire, a mineral can fall apart. Thus, he gives all his strength to the realization of a dream. You need to talk with the chicken god, trust him with your secrets and love him, then he will definitely reciprocate.

What is chicken god

The chicken god looks like a stone with a hole in any part. This is not called a particular breed, but absolutely any mineral with a characteristic feature. Moreover, it is important that the hole in it was not made by a man, but formed by itself.

Scientists believe that the hole occurs when water or wind thin the rock. Not everyone agrees with this, since usually in such conditions the whole nugget is deformed, and in the chicken stone there is only one or two through holes.

A stone amulet with a hole in the middle was known more than a thousand years ago. In pagan times, different peoples used it as a talisman. The chicken god has other names. Versions of Origin:

  1. Perunov stone, or thunder gem. According to one version, the holes in the stones are made by lightning, which is thrown by the pagan god Perun.
  2. Eggs of a snake. Some peoples believe that the chicken god is a petrified snake egg.
  3. Witch stone. There is a belief that gems with holes scatter sorcerers and witches on the ground. The hole in the stones is a portal to the other world, from which magicians draw strength.
  4. Dog god, or dog happiness. Another version is that Veles makes holes in minerals. He was considered not only the god of magic and wisdom, but also the guardian of the forest. Therefore, this amulet protected domestic and wild animals.
  5. Bowl of Druids. In Scotland, they thought that nuggets with holes were a gift from the Druids, which was designed to bring good luck to those who found it.
  6. Eye This is the name of the charm for those who believe that the hole in it is a window through which God watches people.

Versions of the origin of the name "chicken god" also vary. According to one of them, initially the mascot was placed only in livestock dwellings, which he successfully protected from wild animals, diseases, and other problems. For this, he got his name.

The second version says that the talisman was originally called the Chicken God. It was believed that the holes in the minerals were made by Chur, endowing them with magical power. He went down to earth to help people. At sunset, paganism simply remade the name in tune - "chicken."

To watch a video review about an unusual stone, about its description and meaning:

About types and colors

The stone can have different shades, since holes can occur in different minerals, including precious ones. It is believed that color can affect the properties of the mascot:

  1. Orange. The stone helps to survive the loss, to find peace of mind. Suitable for those who do not want to go with the flow. With its help, it is easier to complete the work begun.
  2. White. The owner will find harmony with himself, with the world around him. The amulet will give him peace and tranquility.
  3. Blue. Reveals hidden abilities. A person who possesses such an amulet will easily be given everything he works on.
  4. Red. It will help to find a soul mate and save love. Owners of red talismans are always successful with the opposite sex. The chicken god in red tones will protect from rash acts.
  5. Black gray. Such minerals will make their owner incredibly lucky.
  6. Green. Holders of green talismans will feel a surge of vitality and improved health. They will have energy for new achievements.
  7. Stones in a white or black dot. They will help to keep love and protect the couple from betrayal and betrayal.
  8. Talismans with red spots. Save from quarrels, disagreements.

The chicken god can turn out to be either a simple cobblestone or limestone, or a precious mineral. Its magical properties do not depend on this.

Short description of chicken god with photo

This stone has other names. He is also called the dog or cattle god, the eye, a glass of druids, a witch or a thunder stone, a snake egg, a perunova arrow. What does he look like? A feature of this mineral of natural origin is the through hole. Ideally, the hole is located in the middle of the stone.

Also, it can be shifted in different directions from the center - this does not affect the quality of the chicken god. However, hereditary magicians prefer to use in their rites only those specimens in which the hole is located in the middle of the stone. Such samples, in their opinion, have the greatest magical power.

A hole is formed as a result of mechanical damage under the influence of geological and natural processes. In addition, it can arise due to a bubble of air bursting with time, which seems to pierce the mineral through and through. In this case, the hole must be through.

In nature, there are specimens in the form of a circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle. You can also find irregularly shaped samples. As for the size of the mineral, variability is possible here. However, as a rule, these are small-sized stones. The eye can have various colors. In nature, you can find specimens of reddish, white, greenish, bluish, dark (almost black), gray, brown, pinkish color. At the same time, the saturated color for the mineral is not characteristic.

It is believed that the color of the eye is responsible for its miraculous qualities. For example, black cattle stone is a loyal assistant in household affairs, the blue mineral serves as an amulet for creative natures, and red gives the owner personal happiness. Its magical features also depend on the shape of the chicken god: an oval stone protects the family hearth from misfortunes and adversities, a rectangular one strengthens health and prevents diseases. To better understand what the eye looks like, you can look at the photo of the stone below.

Signs associated with this stone

There are many signs associated with this stone:

  1. If you put the eye in the chicken coop near the feeder, the hens will rush well. In addition, the stone will protect the poultry from disease and pestilence. It is thanks to this belief that this mineral is called chicken.
  2. If the amulet suddenly cracked, special safety precautions should be followed for some time. It is believed that the violation of the integrity of the stone promises trouble. To avoid this, you need to be careful about your talisman.
  3. If, after finding the eye, look at the rising sun through its opening and make a secret desire, it will certainly come true in the near future. The main thing at the same time is to believe in its execution.
  4. Stones spread out in the corners of the house promise prosperity and prosperity.
  5. Placed in the newborn’s crib, the eye will protect the child from nightmares. The stone also contributes to the fast falling asleep and a strong long sleep of the baby.
  6. The presence of a stare at the head of a woman's bed will facilitate the process of labor and delivery. In addition to accelerating and facilitating labor, the mineral allows a woman to give birth to a healthy baby.
  7. If you give the amulet to a person with evil intentions and a negative aura, luck and luck will go away with the stone.
  8. If you put the eye in your pocket during sowing, in the fall there will be a rich harvest.

The history of the origin of the amulet Chicken god

Such unusual stones with a natural hole were considered the most successful finds from ancient times. The ancient Slavs believed that these amulets protect cattle and households from diseases and from the evil eye, so they were located in places where livestock were kept. The most effective was the effect of the mascot on chickens: they rushed twice as often and brought out healthy and numerous offspring. That is why the amulet got such a strange name.

Later, these amulets began to be used to protect people. For example, especially large stones with holes were laid in the foundation of a new house to protect the family from troubles.

It was believed that the Chicken God grants hunting luck to men, and helps women in housework and in the garden. And if a small pebble on a strong rope is worn around the neck, then it will protect against damage, the evil eye and curses, will hide from all troubles and ailments.

It has long been believed that such amulets can only be found along the shores of water bodies, but such luck does not shine for everyone. Such finds are extremely rare these days.

What does the chicken god amulet look like

Such talismans were especially respected by sorcerers and healers. It was believed that the Chicken God helps in the cure of certain diseases, for example, if a child urinates through a hole in a pebble, then he will undergo any diseases related to the genitourinary system.

The color palette and its meaning

Stones of different colors affect different areas of life:

  • The red stone helps to find your other half and helps to keep love in your heart all your life,
  • The white amulet helps harmonize the space around you, find peace and quiet in the soul,
  • Black helps men to maintain masculine strength until old age and strengthens willpower and determination,
  • Green eliminates diseases and also directs cash flows in your direction,
  • Blue or turquoise reveals the creative potential of the owner,
  • Malachite or jade stone protects children and adolescents from the evil eye and from evil inclinations, and helps adults maintain physical strength and activity until old age,
  • Pink fulfills dreams, protects from evil people, supports on the road,
  • Coral helps you find yourself and your place in the world,
  • Red-brick or orange helps to solve problems, survive the loss.
White chicken god

Stone magic is associated with your belief in the power of the talisman and strict adherence to all the rules that are prescribed by the universe. In addition, your amulet must have a natural natural origin, only in this case you can expect the effect.

How to use the talisman

The talisman that you yourself found on the shore of the reservoir works best. If you are fortunate enough to do this, then conduct a simple ceremony to activate the stone, wash it thoroughly in a pond and bring it home.

Wash the houses once again under running water and think what exactly you want from this amulet given to you.

If you put it in the bedroom by the bed, then you will have a good night's sleep, and you can also get answers to difficult questions in your dreams.You just need to share your problems before going to bed with the Chicken God.

You can wear it around your neck in the form of a pendant, and the amulet will protect you in all difficult situations.

If it is hung above the front door, it will not allow negative energy into your house, and people who came with bad intentions will feel very uncomfortable and will quickly leave your home.

If you want the stone to fulfill your cherished desire, then take the pebble in your hand, look through the hole in it and say your desire loudly. After that, squeeze the Chicken God in your hands, feel how the heat from your hands passes into it, nourish yourself with its energy. And when your desire is fulfilled, put the amulet on a shelf with your clothes, and let it rest.

Amulet Activation

If luck smiled at you, and you found a little pebble Chicken God on the seashore, then you can make your own amulet that will protect you from many troubles and misfortunes.

To do this, you need to conduct an ancient rite of activation of the amulet for good luck. First you need to thoroughly wash the stone in the water of the spring, on the shore of which you found it. Then put a pebble on your palm, raise your hand to the sun above your head and say the words of the spell:

“Nothing accidental happens in this world, everything happens according to the will of the Higher forces and is destined for fate. This stone on the seashore was waiting for me and only me, so that from now on it will turn into a vessel of my strength, may it protect and protect me. I thank the forces of nature, the Father of God and Mother Goddess. May this stone with a hole become my assistant. Let everything become according to my word! ”

Important: all magic rituals need to be carried out in secluded places so that other people's eyes and ears do not interfere.

You need to continue the ritual after you get a cord for your amulet. It should be a red braid made of natural materials: cotton, linen, wool. Choose the length of the braid yourself, you will need to freely wear and remove your talisman over your head. Passing the lace through the hole in the pebble, say the following magic words:

“A pebble sent by heaven, Chicken god, I wish you to help me. Protect and protect me, drive away all black energy from me, call on me luck and good luck! Let it be so! ”

Now in your hands is a very powerful talisman - a talisman. You can wear it around your neck; try to keep it touching your body. You can put it in your clothes pocket or bag, the main thing is that you do not part with your friend and assistant.

There is another way to activate. The chicken god is one of the most powerful amulets known since ancient times. Some magicians and esotericists believe that the talisman found will help you if you activate it using the four elements.

  • Exactly at noon, go out into the street and pass a little ray of sunlight through a hole in a stone,
  • Then pour cold water into a ceramic vessel and also pass through the hole in the pebble,
  • Pick up a handful of earth and spill it in the same way
  • Finally blow hard yourself or stand against the wind and hold the stone so that the wind blows through the hole.

After that, say the words:

“I found a stone with a hole not of my own free will, but by the will of the Universe. Chicken god, you are now my protector and assistant, an intercessor in difficult matters. With the help of the elements of nature, you will give me luck and joy, you will protect me from disaster, you will come to help in difficult times! May everything be according to my word and the will of the Higher powers! ”

Your amulet is now ready for use.

Conspiracy for the pain to go away

If you or someone from your household suffers from a toothache or a headache, it is enough to put the Chicken God to the temples or to the cheek and leading them through a sore spot to constantly repeat:

"Acute pain leave me, evil pain go to the stone!"

Chicken god helps get rid of toothache or headache

You need to repeat until you feel relief.

Conspiracy to clean thoughts

If you suffer from anguish or hatred, then you can get help and protection from your amulet. He will help you control your emotions and comfort you in difficult times.

You need to get clean, preferably spring, water. Water from an ordinary tap will not work. Pour water into a white cup or plate and repeat the words over it three times:

“Go away, dark thoughts, yearning longing, dense sadness, wrong decisions, harmful malice! Free yourself, my thoughts, from anger and hatred, accept mercy and meekness! Let everything become as I ask! ”

After that, immediately put the amulet in the water, and let it remain there for three days in a dark, cool place. After the specified period, dry the pebble in the sun, you do not need to wipe it with any fabrics, and put it on yourself.

Corruption Protection Conspiracy

To enhance the protective effect of the talisman and make you invulnerable to envy and negative energy, you can conduct a simple ritual.

Take a little clean key, you can be a saint, if you believe in the Lord, water and ri thin wax candles. Read the prayer, “Our Father,” and then over the water appear:

“The water is clean and the fire is hot. Protect me from evil people, from insidious libel, from black gossip, from human envy, from evil greed, from anger and hatred. Let everything go to stone, but it won’t take me. Everything will become according to my word! ”

Light three candles around a plate of water, and put Chicken God in the water and let it be there until the candles burn out completely. After that, put it on the windowsill so that it is saturated with both solar and lunar energy. Therefore, it is best to carry out this rite in the full moon.

Strong conspiracy for good luck

If you yourself found a chicken god’s pebble, then luck is already on your side. But so that she always accompanies you, you need to conduct a simple ritual. Three times a day, in the morning, when the sun is at its zenith and in the evening at sunset, squeeze a pebble in your hands and say:

“Chicken god, the giver of happiness and good luck, a stone with a hole, deliver me from misfortunes, give me happiness, bring good luck and joy, deliver from enemies and envious people! Let everything be according to my word! ”

And your amulet will certainly help you, because the main thing in esotericism is firm faith!


The chicken god has long been worshiped. There are those who believe in his energy, and there are those who believe that he has magical powers. Having found such an amulet, look at its shape, color and composition. They can use the amulet to protect the person, animals, housing and to attract money.

Holes in the charms appear in most cases due to the influence of sea, river waters. More often pebbles are found on the seashore. To use the talisman, conspiracies are read out. If you make a wish using an amulet, it will come true.

There are things, objects and charms that fate itself gives us. So a person can, walking along the seashore, among pebbles accidentally find the chicken god, a talisman that was used by our ancestors. From several chicken gods you can make a powerful magical amulet with your own hands or buy a ready-made amulet, but sometimes one stone is enough. In our photo article, we will tell you how to use the chicken god correctly, and how the natural magic of nature can make your life better and happier.

Why does it have such a name?

Back in ancient times, finding a chicken god was considered an unprecedented success. They used to believe that a stone with a hole was able to protect against magical negativity, including damage and the evil eye. It was such a charm that was placed in a chicken coop, as well as in places of cattle keeping.

A pebble protected animals from disease and damage. Hence the name - chicken god. According to another version, the word “chicken” in the name of the talisman came from the name of the god Chur, who guarded the border between our and other worlds.

Over time, people began to notice that such a talisman was able to protect not only cattle, but also themselves, as well as their homes.Stones with holes were poured into the foundation of the houses, so that he protected the house from various evil spirits and troubles.

The kids put a chicken god on their neck as a talisman from evil forces and they themselves with pleasure wore a happy talisman.

History of stone and its other names

Such stones were revered all over the world. In Europe they were called the “witch stone”, “snake egg” and “glass of druids”. Belarusians call the chicken god “Perunova Arrow”, since they believe that the hole in the stone is pierced by lightning. In many European countries, the natural talisman was used against witches.

In Scotland, stones with holes were placed at the head of sleeping children. According to ancient beliefs, they protected the kids from nightmares, evil spirits, as well as from damage and the evil eye. In England, they tied a key to an amulet with a hole and hung it near the threshold of the house as protection against thieves.

For many nationalities, these stones were used to see the souls of the dead and various magical creatures - gnomes, fairies, elves and goblins. It was also believed that the hole in the stone is a portal to the other world.

Each nation has its own traditions associated with the chicken god. Moreover, it does not depend on the shape of the stone and its size. The talisman with a hole refers to the elements of the Earth, and the hole in it is a symbol of passage through matter, which means overcoming all obstacles.

According to a popular proverb: “Water and stone are sharpening.” That is why this pebble is considered a powerful amulet that helps to cope with all life's difficulties, including physical illnesses.

Where can I find?

Finding a miracle stone is considered a good omen. The Chicken God is a talisman of natural origin. If you buy it in a store or do it yourself, it will not fulfill its magical function. He needs to be found.

“Where to look?” You ask. Everything is very simple. Each of us has been at sea at least once. Among the coastal pebbles there are many such pebbles, you just need to carefully look at your feet. Also, the chicken god can be found on the banks of mountain rivers.

Those who are in the mountains can meet there a unique talisman. There are also many such stones in volcanic vents, but this method of gaining the chicken god is available only to a few.

Hole pebbles are sold in esoteric shops, but the likelihood that they are of natural origin is very small.

How to activate a stone?

Immediately after they found a stone with a hole, in order for it to have strength and work as it should, you need to make a wish, that is, activate it.

You need to do this as soon as possible. This is done as follows:

  1. First, the talisman is washed with water, for example, the one near which the stone was found. If you find him in a place where there is no running water, you must run away as soon as possible to the nearest body of water or home, where there is a tap with running water.
  2. After bathing, a magical object is lifted above itself and a spell is cast: “There are no accidents in this world, and this stone was waiting for me. I wish that this amulet became for me a faithful and reliable life companion and bring help in all my deeds and endeavors. That he protected me from troubles and misfortunes, and also gave strength. With thanks to God the Father and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Yes, let this stone light up. Fulfilled! Amen!".

With these manipulations, no one except the owner of the talisman should be present, otherwise the blessing of the stone will not occur.

Protective properties

First of all, the talisman works as a defense. He is able to protect from magical negativity - damage, evil eye, curses. It is also effective as a guard against various misfortunes - troubles and troubles. The chicken god will clean the energy of the room, restore harmony in it, protect the people living in the house from quarrels, misunderstandings and disagreements.

Healing properties

A stone with a hole is credited with numerous healing properties. He is capable of:

  • improve overall well-being,
  • restore sleep
  • relieve depression
  • make it easier
  • heal from a headache, etc.

The amulet will relieve pain in any area of ​​the body, you just have to attach it to a sore spot.

Varieties and colors

The chicken god can be absolutely any stone, even a precious one. It can also be coral or shell, if only the hole was formed in a natural way. If you find such a stone, this does not mean that it is suitable for you.

To determine if it’s your talisman or not, it’s worth holding it in your hands for several minutes, listening to your inner feelings. If you feel uneasy, then the stone is not yours, but if you feel peace and tranquility, you can safely wear such an amulet.

He will help and protect you. Depending on the color, the chicken god has different meanings.

Pebbles can be:

  • White. Such talismans cleanse thoughts and charge with positive energy. They make it possible to achieve harmony both with oneself and with the surrounding world. They bring peace and tranquility.
  • Green. A stone of this color improves well-being and health in general, heals from existing ailments.
  • Black. The black amulet perfectly absorbs all the negativity, purifies the energy, and also makes a person stronger and more confident in himself.
  • Blue. Blue talismans contribute to the discovery of talents, enhance existing creative abilities, give inspiration.
  • Orange. The orange chicken god will help to endure all adversities and find a way out of any difficult situation.
  • Red. Red - will attract love and happiness into the life of the owner, as well as give strength.
  • Black with white inclusions. These unique talismans will protect from quarrels and misunderstandings, will help to build harmonious relationships with others.

Charms and Talismans

The chicken god is used as a talisman and amulets.

Depending on what they want from the stone, they use talismans from various natural materials:

  • a crystal amulet is able to completely change the life of its owner for the better,
  • the coral amulet will keep travelers on the road,
  • Those who wish to climb the career ladder will help the turquoise chicken god,
  • a pebble made of malachite will protect children from evil eyes and spoilage, and adults will enjoy good health.

Wear chicken god recommend on a red rope made of natural material. When driving the rope into the hole, you must say the following: “Faithful amulet, chicken god, you always help me, drive away evil and adversity. May it be so!"

If it is necessary to protect the house, then the mascot is hung over the threshold of the dwelling. To attract love, the stone will be prevented in the bedroom. To attract wealth, the chicken god is put in a purse, and to protect a person a pendant with a stone is worn around the neck.

It is believed that if you simultaneously wear three pebbles on one rope at once, then their owner will be lucky for 10 years, five stones for 20 years, and a bundle of seven talismans will have the highest effect.

It is worth knowing that you can’t give your talisman to someone for temporary use, give it and don’t even want to give it to anyone to touch or hold it, or even better not to show it to anyone. You can lose a loyal and reliable defender.

History and origin

Of all the magic artifacts, the chicken god is considered the oldest amulet. The very first mentions of this stone are cave paintings made by the ancestors of the Stone Age. Ethnographers are confident that the beginning of the active use of the talisman falls on the days of paganism.

For residents of Kievan Rus, the chicken god was the most revered amulet from evil spirits and evil spirits. This stone was designed to protect poultry, cattle, dogs from kikimore pranks and brownies - the Slavs believed that evil spirits were able to send pestilence, disease or attack of predators (foxes and martens) on animals. The hole in the stone symbolized the gate, the passage through which the energy entering the person was cleared of negativity.In addition, it was believed that a stone with a hole has a beneficial effect on the bird, increasing the number of laid eggs.

Interesting fact! The Slavs had a pagan holiday associated with a stone chicken god - the Day of the Trigger or the Feast of Chickens. This celebration was celebrated on January 15th. On this day, it was decided to clean out the chicken coops. Older women fumigated farm buildings where poultry and livestock were kept. For the ceremony used resin and elecampane. Rusich conveyed the belief about the serpent Basilisk. The legend said that once on the day of the holiday a black rooster laid an egg, from which a fabulous snake soon hatched. The chicken god mascot was an indispensable item in every building.

A stone with a natural opening has many names, as well as many assumptions about the origin of these names. The chicken god is a Slavic version of the sound. According to researchers, the origin of this name is obvious, because the purpose of the talisman was to protect birds and households from evil spirits. Sometimes this stone was called the dog god or the eye of God. According to one of the Slavic traditions, this stone was a gift from the god Veles, whom the pagans also called the cattle god. Veles was replaced by a dog god. And in pagan drawings, a stone with a hole was depicted with a human face.

Another version of the origin of the name says that "chicken" is a word form from "chicken" or "beech." Chur or Schur magnified the spirit of their ancestors. The Slavs believed that the souls of deceased ancestors give living people protection from evil, warn of troubles, and grant protection. Among Europeans, Schur was considered a god who defended the borders of the transition of other worlds to our world - window and doorways. Therefore, the stone was often hung at the entrance to the house, as a defense against criminals.

Do you know that Alexey Tolstoy wrote a fairy tale about an ancient talisman of the same name - “Chicken God”. In this work, the beliefs and traditions of the ancient Slavs are perfectly reflected. You can read the book on this site: Read a book

Other peoples had their own interpretations of the name of the magic stone. In Europe, the talisman was called the “witch stone” or “snake egg”. And Belarusians called the pebble “the arrow of Perun”, relying on one of many legends. Perun was revered by the Slavs as the supreme sovereign, god of thunder, creator of lightning. Therefore, it was believed that the hole in the magic stone was carved by the lightning of Perun, from which the stone gained magical and healing abilities.

Among bizarre names there are also “eye”, “dog happiness”, “glass of druids” or “thunder stone”.

Varieties of the ancient amulet

Esotericists argue that the magical orientation of the chicken god’s amulet is directly dependent on the color and variety of the stone found. The talisman can turn out to be either a simple, or a precious or semi-precious mineral. Each variety carries certain powers:

  • Coral. Finding a coral pebble with a hole is a big and rare luck. Such a mineral is considered a talisman of travelers.
  • Malachite. This talisman works for the benefit of adults and children. For the former, he stands for the protection of health, while the latter protects against evil forces.
  • Rhinestone. This mineral, endowed with a natural hole, is considered the most powerful magical amulet. Such a find is a harbinger of cardinal changes in life.
  • Turquoise. This gem works for the benefit of those who want to move up the career steps or plan to develop their own business.

The chicken god may turn out to be the simplest pebble thrown ashore. The magical effect of the talisman depends on the color of this nugget:

  • Orange or brick. A color that carries vitality. Such a stone will help to cope with difficulties, to survive heavy losses.
  • Red. The color of love. The owner of the talisman will be lucky in love, and a special ritual will help you find a soul mate.
  • White. A hue of purity, bringing harmony to the inner and outer worlds.
  • Green.A charm that brings material well-being in a short time. It is also considered a healing nugget.
  • Blue. A stone of inspiration, an assistant in revealing creative inclinations.
  • Pink. A talisman that helps you find the right path on a long road.
  • The black. Amulet of physical and spiritual strength, driving away the negative from the owner. For men, such a chicken god is useful for overcoming problems with potency.
  • Black and white. It relieves the owner of negative personal qualities, as well as bad habits.
Some types of stone

In addition to color, the location of the hole plays an important role - it is believed that if the hole is in the center of the stone or as close to it as possible, then the magical properties of such a talisman are more pronounced. Among the possible forms, teardrop specimens, which are popular among healers and lithotherapists, are appreciated.

Conspiracy to get rid of pain

If you were taken aback by a toothache, you need to say the following on the stone: “Go from the tooth to the stone and go to the stone.” After these words, the amulet is applied to the diseased tooth.

In the same way, you can get rid of a headache. Before you put a stone to your head, they say the following words: “God is chicken, a stone with a through hole, take my pain away completely.”

Scientific classification

In addition to legends, traditions and magical interpretations, there are also scientific hypotheses for the formation of the chicken god, or rather the hole itself in any mineral. There are three options for forming holes:

  • Biogenic. Depending on the location of a particular mineral, holes are washed out with water, “thinned out” by erosion or formed under the influence of fauna and flora of a particular area.
  • Crystalline. This includes precious and semiprecious stones, rare specimens of which are "ugly" with a natural hole. These are emerald, ruby, quartz, rock crystal, diamond, adularia.
  • Chemogenic. In such nuggets, holes are formed due to the penetration of a foreign object, mollusk, or exposure to lava. The chicken god of a chemogenic nature is granite, gypsum, tuff, basalt, pebbles, opal or chalcedony.

Whatever the color, size, shape, or origin of God's eye, magicians say that without proper conspiracies and rituals, a find will become for the owner only an unusual souvenir no more.

Conspiracy to Purify Thoughts

To clear thoughts of negativity, it is necessary to conduct such a ritual:

  • Before washing the amulet with water, the latter should be spoken as follows: “Let thoughts dark and thoughts languish, difficult decisions and difficult visions disappear. Amen!",
  • after casting the spell, the chicken god is placed in the water and left in this way for three days and three nights,
  • after this period, the stone is removed and left to dry in the open air.

The talisman is ready to use. Now it can be safely worn. He will save his owner from heavy thoughts, doubts and suffering. To achieve this goal, the amulet must be worn, not removable, for at least a week.

How to speak a talisman for good luck?

In order for luck not to leave the owner of the stone, he must carry out the following manipulations - take out the talisman three times a day, squeeze it in his fist and say such words: “Please, chicken god, bring me luck in all my endeavors, get rid of all the painful and unnecessary. Give me joy and luck! Amen! ”A pebble will certainly help, but you need to believe in it.

Activating the magical properties of the amulet

In order for the found nugget to serve as a talisman of good luck, it is not enough to become its owner upon the fact of the find. To awaken magic, a special rite is performed, preferably immediately after the discovery and in complete solitude.

There are dozens of conspiracies of the chicken god, depending on the hopes that are assigned to the talisman. But before pronouncing any of them, it is recommended to dip the stone in water. The chicken god often awaits the owner on the banks of reservoirs, therefore, it is considered a nugget of the water element.Before the ceremony begins, it is necessary to clearly define what you expect from a new stone patron.

How to make a wish come true?

In order for the chicken god to fulfill a desire, you first need to look into the hole, then squeeze the object in your hands and at the same time voice your desire.

A tingling should begin. It is through the hands that the power of the talisman enters the body. When you are fine, there is no need to wear a chicken god. It is hung on a carnation, for example, in a closet.

A ritual for fulfilling a desire

An unusual pebble with a hole, simple at first glance, is able to fulfill one innermost desire of its owner. In order to use this opportunity, it is necessary to conduct a simple ceremony in this sequence:

  1. Think about what you want most and clearly articulate your goal.
  2. Looking through the hole, say the desire out loud.
  3. Squeeze the talisman in your hand to exchange energy. At this moment, feelings of a surge of energy and fullness should come.
  4. Put the nugget until a dream comes true in a quiet place, such as a closet with your clothes.
Stone Amulet

It is believed that the chicken god completely devotes himself to fulfillment of desire, therefore, upon the successful completion of the ritual, the stone may crumble, which indicates a complete energy return. In this situation, the stone is mentally thanked for the service and buried away from home. If this does not happen - it does not matter. A made desire will certainly come true. However, it is important that the nugget is found, not donated.

It is interesting! It is believed that the first mineral found with a hole must be "returned." Looking through a hole, a person must mentally express a desire, and then throw a nugget into the reservoir on the shore of which he was found. The chicken mascot found after this can be kept.

Another version of the ritual for the fulfillment of desire speaks of four elements that must be passed through the hole before pronouncing the conspiracy - Fire, Earth, Water and Air. To do this, a ray of the sun is passed through the stone, then sand or earth is poured through the hole, spilled with natural water and blow through the hole. After saying the right words.

Why is the chicken god dreaming?

Sometimes it happens that the stone chicken god comes in dreams. This means that soon the person who saw this dream will have difficult times, during which he will need outside help.

The color of the stone that appeared in a dream also matters:

  1. If you saw a white pebble, then the person’s thoughts are clean, and he will quickly and easily cope with all the troubles.
  2. The red stone broadcasts that the individual is on the verge of fanaticism, and he needs professional help.
  3. The black chicken god predicts misfortunes and losses, but the Almighty will help to cope with all troubles.
  4. The blue talisman portends a journey during which the worldview of the questioner and his outlook on life will change.
  5. The yellow pebble suggests that soon a white streak will come in human life.
  6. Green stone advises a change of profession. The one who dreamed of the green chicken god is not doing his job, and he needs to reconsider his occupation, and even better to do farming and start working on the land.

Conspiracy for good luck

This rite can become universal, since attracting good luck promises support for the mascot in all endeavors, as well as protection from adversity. After washing the stone in the pond, which is equivalent to the blessing of the amulet, the eye is raised to the sky with the words:

  • “Everything is not accidental in this world and this chicken god was waiting for me at this place! Protector of good people, take away famously from me, protect from evil spirits. Help to fulfill my cherished dream. Let luck accompany me, and my wealth will increase. Let my health grow stronger, and love will never fade away. Help me in all endeavors, be my faithful assistant! I thank the Mother of God and God the Father.May this stone be sanctified, Amen! ”The words of the conspiracy can be any, the main thing is that they come from a pure heart with faith in the power of the chicken god.
  • To complete the ritual is necessary after acquiring a lace for a new talisman. For the chicken god, this is a natural cotton, linen or wool thread of red color. When stringing a stone on a string, such words are uttered: “Stone with a hole, chicken god! I wish you to help me! Drive away evil and evil from me, call me success and good luck! May it be so!"

After this, the amulet is considered ready for use. It is advisable that the nugget is always with you - on your neck, in your bag, pocket and so on. Then luck will go side by side with you.

How to clean a stone?

Like all amulets and charms, the chicken god from time to time needs to be cleaned of the accumulated negative that is done with the help of the elements:

  • Water. The stone is placed under running water for 30 minutes, dried in the open air and charged in the sun. For this, the mascot is placed for a day under the sun's rays.
  • You can bury a pebble in dry earth under any tree for a day. This must be done in the forest.
  • Light a church candle and carry the amulet over its flame three times.
  • Go to the balcony in windy weather and on an outstretched arm substitute the chicken god under the stream of wind, holding the rope. Hold it for a few minutes.

If you treat your talisman with respect, keep it from the touch of others, protect it from prying eyes, look after it with love, then the chicken god will faithfully serve his master for many years.

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