Top 10 best manicure and pedicure machines

Manually maintaining the beauty and grooming of the nails on the legs and hands is not easy, and one of the best manicure and pedicure machines presented in this rating will help ease this task. The TOP includes both professional models for beauty salons and experienced craftsmen, as well as amateur devices that are suitable for beginners to use at home.

Which company manicure and pedicure machine is better to buy

The most popular devices on the market are from companies located in South Korea and China. The rating of the best includes devices of the following companies:

  • Strong Is a South Korean manufacturer of manicure equipment for home and salon use by both amateurs and professionals. He provides a 3 to 12 month warranty on his products, offers functional devices with high build quality.
  • Saeyang microtech - Another South Korean brand specializing in the creation of medical, dental and cosmetology equipment, among which there are manicure and pedicure devices. Their devices have won the sympathy of customers due to their "professionalism", accuracy and safety of work.
  • Irisk - The Russian brand, under which a huge series of products for the care of nails, hair, and body is produced. In their line you can find both portable and stationary manicure machines at a price slightly higher and lower than average. Devices facilitate and accelerate the work of masters, allow beginners to learn faster.
  • Magic bits - A young Russian brand that appeared in 2015 with the goal of providing understandable and simple technologies for nail processing in home and salon conditions. Components, especially cutters, were carefully selected for these devices, and they successfully passed numerous tests.
  • Vitek - Perhaps this is the most famous company in the ranking, which offers compact and inexpensive manicure sets for use by women at home. There are both battery and network models in convenient cases.

Rating of the best manicure and pedicure devices

The analysis and reviews of masters about pedicure and manicure machines were put at the forefront in the analysis. Among them are both professionals and novice experts without much experience.

The selection criteria are:

  • Build quality,
  • Weight and dimensions of the product,
  • Design,
  • Functions - polishing and cutting nails, removing cuticles, resurfacing the skin, etc.,
  • Number and type of nozzles included
  • The control method is foot and / or manual,
  • Rotational speed,
  • Lack of vibration
  • Easy to use
  • Type of power - from the mains and / or battery.

Additional selection parameters were the duration of the warranty, the cost of components, the price of devices and their availability on sale.

What are the characteristics of choosing a machine for manicure and pedicure?

One of the key parameters of such equipment is its power - in many respects it affects the speed of a specialist. The stock should be such that the master can process the nail with a high degree of efficiency, while not allowing it to overheat. According to real reviews, you should purchase this product with a power rating of at least 30 watts.

The next determining factor is the range of rotation speeds - it is usually in the range from 0 to 40,000 rpm, and the increase should be as smooth as possible. If this indicator is less than one and a half thousand, then with active work with such equipment, as well as with a certain effort with which the nail will be pressed against the nozzle, the motor will begin to slow down or even stop completely.

When the engine rotates, high-frequency oscillations occur, which can significantly complicate the work of the master. If in the design of the device not four, but four balanced bearings equipped with special rubber rings are located, then all such vibrations will be damped, accordingly, vibration, significant noise will be reduced, the engine itself will not overheat.

Ease of control also plays an important role - the handle should be located on the control unit, providing speed control. In addition, it is necessary that there is a receiver - a special switch that provides rotation both clockwise and against it. The mechanism for changing nozzles must be completely safe and very reliable during operation. The cooling system allows for a long period of operation of the device. It is best to purchase a model with self-ventilation, which will not allow the design to overheat even at maximum conditions.

When developing our rating, we took into account user and professional reviews, as well as value for money. Largely due to this approach, only really the best devices for manicure and pedicure were included in the review. We tried to collect the maximum information on each of the models, which, in our opinion, should greatly facilitate your choice.

Strong 210-105 L

This device is designed specifically for the care of hands and feet in beauty salons. It is distinguished by its efficiency and ease of use, which even a novice master can handle. The device allows you to accurately and painlessly trim the length of the nail plates, removes even resistant gel polish, polishes the surface, removes the dry cuticle. Buyers are pleased with well-located holes for cutters and 5 connectors for plugs, which facilitates the choice of types of handles.


  • The presence of a pedal on and off,
  • Rotation in both directions
  • The cord length is 1.7 m,
  • Great equipment
  • 12 months warranty
  • Convenient stand for the handle.


  • Weight 2.1 kg
  • Considerable dimensions
  • The bag in the kit is not the most durable.

The model of the manicure machine "H3 Strong 210-105" rotates at a speed of 35,000 rpm, which facilitates the work of the master. At the same time, the risk of skin damage is so minimal that even beginners are allowed to use the device.

Average price: 10 500 rub.

The best manufacturers of manicure machines - which company to choose

When choosing a manicure machine, it is important not to make a mistake and buy a really good and durable model. Therefore, let's outline the circle of manufacturers whose products should be guided.

The reliable equipment for home and beauty salon procedures is produced by the following companies:

A detailed review of the popular devices for hardware manicure from these manufacturers can be found in our rating. And for those wishing to better understand the topic and learn to independently determine the quality of the models presented for sale, we offer to listen to the advice of experts.

5. ruNail PM-25000

Such a device is used not only at home, but also in the interior. The motor rotation speed is very high - 25 thousand revolutions, for home conditions this is quite enough. The control panel is quite simple and convenient, the handle for adjusting the speeds is at hand, reverse rotation is provided. The design has no vibration, streamlined handle, fits comfortably in the hand. It is very convenient to change nozzles; no additional tools are required.

The machine is characterized by excellent stability and considerable weight. The handle is connected to the unit with a corrugated wire. The mode switch both foot and manual - usually at home do without it. The handle is very heavy, but due to the comfortable shape the hand will not get tired even during long work. In its central part is a powerful fan that prevents overheating.Four cutters are included with the device: a standard drum with two nozzles designed to remove an artificial nail. In addition, there are two cone-shaped nozzles, due to which you can painlessly handle the nail in the area of ​​the cuticle. With their help, you can also remove rough skin and remove burrs.

  • High power
  • Very reliable and durable device,
  • In the kit there is a necessary set of nozzles,
  • The handle can be replaced if necessary.

  • Doing pedicures with her help is not too convenient.

How to choose devices for pedicure and manicure

Before you buy a device, you need to determine its appearance. There are two types of machines for hardware manicure:

Semi-professional. Used for home manicure and pedicure. The rotational speed of the cutter is 20,000 rpm. They cope with the main tasks:

  • Remove the cuticle.
  • Polish the nail plate.
  • Remove coarsened skin and corns.

Such devices are lightweight, can operate on battery and batteries. They are compact, easy to use.

Among the advantages of devices for home manicure:

  1. Inexpensive price.
  2. Security.
  3. A light weight.
  4. Ease of use due to batteries.
  5. Set of cutters, soft bristles and silicone nozzles.

By cons include:

  1. Frequent battery replacement.
  2. Quick wear of nozzles.
  3. Low power.
  4. A small number of revolutions.

Professional. Designed for salon procedures, used by professional masters. Cars for salon use are more powerful than home ones. The number of revolutions is also significantly higher - 35-60 thousand revolutions per minute.

Pros of professional appliances:

  • High power - 60–100 watts.
  • Durable construction.
  • Wearproof nozzles.
  • Auto shut off when overheating.
  • A pedal that allows you to control the device in foot mode.

Cons of professional appliances:

  • High price.
  • Bulky construction.

Parts of the Machine - Quick Guide

The device is a power supply with a connected milling handle. Cutter nozzles are attached to the handle, their choice depends on the stage of work and the working area. The machine is powered from the network.

Some models are equipped with foot pedals for switching on and off, or high-speed pedals, which make it possible to adjust the speed of rotation of the cutters by the pressure intensity.

The pedal is not critical in the work to perform manicure. All necessary levers and buttons are located on the power supply:

  • Forward - go ahead
  • Reverse - back
  • Stop, shutdown,
  • Speed.

On the power supply are often located cells for mills and stand for the handle. There is also a power indicator light.

Forward or reverse mode is switched by a lever on the power supply. If the speed data are not indicated on the handle, then the scale can be divided into three modes: low, medium and high speed:

  • Low - 5,000 - 7,000 rpm
  • Medium - 15,000 - 17,000
  • High - 25,000 - 30,000.

Hand - Foot - switch between control modes manually or using the foot pedal.

On models without pedals, the milling speed is controlled by a switch on the power supply. The speed can be adjusted in several modes or arbitrarily set to the desired number of revolutions, depending on the desired intensity in each section being worked out.

Please note that some milling cutters come with a built-in overload protector. If large volumes of work are planned, in the cabin, for example, or tension often jumps, then this nuance should be taken into account.

The average engine life is 7 years with an average flow of customers. For many masters, the device lasts longer with gentle handling and low workload.

The price tag of professional devices is from 7,000 to 15,000 rubles. This is the best price-quality-price combination.

Differences of an expensive milling cutter from a cheap one:

  • quality of workmanship,
  • less settings features
  • quality of bearings and alignment during rotation, which gives a burning sensation and vibration,
  • a coarser result of filing nails,
  • service life - cheap quickly fail,
  • insufficient actual power: even at a high declared speed, the device does not pull.

The best devices are Korean-made models.


  1. Strong the most popular model 210 with different handles 102 or 105L
  2. Marathon is a Korean brand, slightly cheaper in price than Strong, but not inferior in quality.

Marathon 3 Champion SH20N

This device for manicure and pedicure is good, is available in three colors - white, pink and blue, made in Korea. There are no complaints about the build quality and components. The device is quiet and easy to use, as there is a pedal. The machine is universal, can be used to care for nails on the hands and feet.

The machine "Marathon 3 Champion SH20N" is thought out to the smallest detail, there are holes for nozzles, a reverse for reverse rotation has been introduced, it operates at high speed, making up to 35,000 revolutions per minute. The pen is constantly cooled, which does not allow its failure and harm to the client. This is one of the most powerful devices in our rating, operating at 40 watts.


  • Stepless speed adjustment,
  • Convenient dimensions
  • Unit weight - 1.2 kg,
  • One year warranty for the control unit,
  • Suitable for inexperienced manicure
  • It works carefully.


  • It is quickly covered with dust, it requires frequent rubbing,
  • It is not recommended to switch reverse on the go,
  • It is undesirable to close the handle without a cutter,
  • The warranty on the tip is given only for 6 months.

The girls are somewhat disappointed by the lack of at least one cutter in the Marathon 3 Champion SH20N kit, they have to be bought separately.

Average price: 7600 rub.

What kind of manicure machine to choose

It all depends on the skill level and purpose of the purchase:

  1. Newbie. If the novice master does not yet have experience in working with manicure machines, then a model for home use is suitable. She will help to learn the art of nail art and will help in the care of their own hands. Then you can choose a model with a rotation speed of 20,000-25,000 rpm and a small number of nozzles - not more than 7 pieces.
  2. Advanced level. If you already have experience with similar equipment, then you can buy a model of a higher class. A greater number of revolutions will be needed here - about 35,000-40000 rpm. Power should also be higher - from 60 watts. Such a device can already be used not only for manicure, but also for the care of nails and skin on the legs.
  3. Professional. For professional manicure and pedicure in a salon with high traffic it is better to choose reliable devices with a capacity of 100W, which can work for a long time without overheating. The rotation speed of the cutter must be at least 40,000-60000 rpm. Such machines are equipped with an overheat protection system, a micromotor cooling system, auto-diagnostics and many other functions for the convenience of a professional master.

Having decided on the type of device and the purpose of the purchase, you need to pay attention to its parameters:

  1. Power.
  2. Speed ​​of rotation of mills.
  3. Weight and configuration.
  4. Types and number of nozzles.
  5. The attachment mechanism of nozzles.
  6. Additional functions.

The principle of operation and the device for manicure

The manicure machine is essentially a re-qualified boron machine, only very compact and designed for more pleasant procedures. Using this device, you can quickly and easily remove the coarsened skin on the fingers, give the shape and luster of the nail plate.

The device itself consists of several main parts:

2. Built-in motor,

3. The speed controller

4. Battery pack or network cable.

Various attachments are included with any manicure machine: for processing cuticles, polishing nails and removing calluses. In professional and advanced models, there may also be a built-in vacuum cleaner that retracts the saw during operation, and a foot pedal for adjusting the speed.

When the device is turned on, the motor causes the abrasive nozzle to rotate at high speeds, and it, in turn, cuts off dead skin and nails requiring correction. Depending on the power of the built-in engine, the number of revolutions of the cutter can vary from 5 to 60 thousand rpm.

4. The device for manicure and a pedicure TNL MP-68

This is an inexpensive and easy-to-use machine, with which you can make a huge number of various operations. In particular, it is perfect for all types of manicure - it can be used to remove cuticles, fine and finish grinding, to process the nail plate, work with the skin of the legs. There is a function to clean the space under the nails. The device handle has an ergonomic shape, the rotation speed can be adjusted, there is a reverse.

The design does not vibrate during operation, the control panel is on the unit, the foot pedal is included. The mechanism for changing nozzles is simple and highly reliable. The maximum rotation speed is 25 thousand revolutions per minute. Overall dimensions are small, the device itself weighs only one and a half kilograms. Four nozzles come with the machine: a milling cutter designed to grind the feet, a cuticle pick-up nozzle, a milling cutter designed to work with rough skin and so on.

  • Low cost
  • A large number of revolutions per minute,
  • No vibration, very comfortable grip,
  • The original set of nozzles,
  • Comes with a foot pedal.

  • Insufficient power
  • Overheating protection not provided.

Irisk JD-400

In the TOP of the best professional devices for manicure and pedicure, this machine can be included for its versatility. It equally well handles nails on both feet and hands. Thanks to the diamond nozzle, it can take care of the side rollers and cuticles. The device is released under the Russian brand, has an ergonomic design, does not overheat with intense work.

The device has sensitive settings, easily adaptable to each individual master. The handle rests comfortably in the hand, the ergonomic design allows you to use it without interference. The reverse switches easily and quickly. The device weighs 1.5 kg, so it is not difficult to carry it if necessary. Simplicity of transportation is also facilitated by the small size - 14x12x8 cm.


  • Inexpensive, as for a professional model,
  • High power - 35 W
  • 4 nozzles included
  • The control buttons are located in the access area, in front of the housing,
  • Properly working built-in fan
  • The presence of cutters and stands,
  • Compactness.


  • The warranty is given only for half a year,
  • Lack of designation for milling cutters of diameter and abrasiveness.

Average price: 5600 rub.

5 HoMedics ELM-MAN3023-EU

The model is one of the most low-power TOP devices with a speed of 8600 rpm, but it also has a number of advantages. Despite the wide range of nozzles, the device is compact and ergonomically shaped without sharp corners and protruding elements. The cover included in the set allows you to use the machine not only at home, but also to take it with you on the road, whether it is a business trip or travel, so as not to give up your favorite habits and observe hygiene.

Thanks to 12 tips, including cutters for processing the skin and nail plate, spatula, polishing disc, brush, your hands will always be well-groomed. All tools are stored in a separate compartment. Separately, it is worth pointing out the presence of a built-in SPA-bath, which will turn the procedure of manicure and pedicure into a pleasure. Among the advantages of the accessory, users note a 4-speed mode, the presence of useful reverse and drying options, the ability to function not only from the network, but also through the battery. Less design - weight 2 kg.

Criteria for choosing a device for beginners

Before proceeding with the search for the desired model of the device, the novice master needs to decide whether he will deal only with manicure, or whether it will be manicure and pedicure. This is due to the fact that the power of some models may not be enough to carry out the pedicure procedure, and it is worthwhile to purchase in advance one that will allow the quality of service.

  1. output power: for manicure 30-60 W, 2 N · m torque, for pedicure - at least 35-65 W, 2 Nm torque. Ideally, for a manicure about 60 W and 2 Nm, for a pedicure at least 65 W and 2.8 N · m torque. At less than the indicated power, the milling cutter will not last long and will quickly fail.
  2. Speedrevolutions per minute. For professional use, a device with a cutter speed of 30,000 rpm for manicure and artificial material and 35,000 rpm and above for pedicure is recommended. For home use, models up to 25,000 rpm can be considered.
  3. Collapsible handles. Please note that the handle must be collapsible in order to be able to change brushes, springs, collets during operation. With a non-separable handle, you just have to order it separately in case of failure, and the cost of the handle is often equal to the cost of the entire device.
  4. The presence of reverse mode. Facilitates the work of the master, a prerequisite when choosing a model for the salon.
  5. Manufacturer. Give preference to the milling cutter made in Korea or the EU. Cheap Chinese devices often fail, and repairs can cost the cost of the router itself.
  6. Equipment:

Metal or plastic housing (the metal case is more convenient when repair is necessary),

Handle with a rotation speed of 25000-35000 rpm. Pick up the features of your hand. The handle should lie comfortably between your fingers, be mobile when processing hard-to-reach areas. There are models with a wide and narrower end. With a narrower, it is more convenient to do a manicure, with a wide one - pedicure,

Repair kit with fuses and spare brushes for the handle,

A bag with several departments

Basic set of cutters,

Foot pedal - for salon models.

3. Irisk Professional JD-400

This manicure machine is ergonomically designed, has a built-in powerful fan that provides quick cooling of the motor, prevents its overheating. In turn, this greatly increases the life of the device. The power indicator of the machine is quite high, so that you can produce both manicure and pedicure. The equipment has been expanded, there is a stand for the handle, four nozzles for different operations are provided - cylindrical with a diamond coating, cone nozzle, peaked nozzle, drum-type nozzle with the possibility of installing interchangeable caps.

The direction of rotation is forward and reverse, there is a pedal for even more convenient control of equipment. The power of the device is 35 watts - this figure is quite enough to work with the roughened skin of the feet. The maximum rotation speed is about 25 thousand revolutions per minute.

  • Small overall dimensions,
  • Minimum amount of noise
  • Extended equipment
  • Reverse rotation.

  • The handle is not too comfortable for fine nail processing.

Nail Drill 30000 15 W

This professional device for manicure and pedicure makes it a worthy choice to make it possible to use in various directions - upper nail correction (removal of gel polish and acrylic), cuticle removal, treatment of rollers, grinding of the surface of the plate. He gives her a neat look, makes the edges smooth, not sharp, so that the manicure looks aesthetically and professionally. The kit has cutters for working with dry calluses and skin care. The device, although professional, is also suitable for women lovers.

Although the Nail Drill 30000 is manufactured in China, its build quality is pretty decent.The case is made of durable plastic in bright pink color. Additional nozzles and mills are easily removable and easily attached to the handle. It is convenient to hold it due to the small thickness, just in case, a stable stand is included in the kit.


  • Not a noisy job
  • 6 cutters included
  • Convenient carry handle,
  • Manual and foot control
  • Lack of vibration
  • Reliable cooling system.


  • Carefully remove cuticles with this machine for hardware manicure.
  • Treatment of the skin with nutritious oil after the procedure is required.

Average price: 3600 rub.

4 Harizma H10402

The top fixture of the hardware variety attracts attention not only with its lightness and convenience of the handle, but also with excellent performance. With it, you can quickly remove the old coating, restore the nail surface, make it flawless in every way. It is also important that the intensity of the device is regulated from 3000 to 25000 rpm. Power is enough for an ideal result at home.

The model is equipped with 5 wear-resistant nozzles for long-term operation. Durability is explained by sapphire coating 4 of them, the 5th mill is provided for an emery drum. The kit also includes a protective stand for the micromotor, which protects it from mechanical damage, serves for additional air exchange and cooling. In reviews, the presence of a reverse option is called a plus. When buying, you should remember that the device is designed to operate exclusively from the mains.

Model line Strong

There are a number of models, each of which has its own advantages. These are models 793, 90N, 210 and 207.

  • Strong 90N at 30,000 rpm - designed for a manicure procedure, it will be difficult to do a pedicure with it. 120 pen.
  • Strong 90N at 35,000 rpm - for manicure and pedicure. 102l pen.
  • Strong 210 at 30,000 rpm - only for manicure, without pedal. 120 pen.
  • Strong 210 at 35,000 rpm - for manicure and pedicure. 105l pen.
  • Strong 207 at 35,000 rpm - for manicure and pedicure. Handle 107-2.

Each of the models is equipped with handles of different power and rotation speed. Data is indicated directly on it.

The advantages of the line:

  • The presence of different cost models, from budget to more expensive
  • The ability to choose a powerful router for work in the salon, which allows you to do both manicure and pedicure
  • Long service life without breakdowns, reliability
  • Beautiful aesthetic appearance in popular models
  • Metal case
  • Collapsible handles for easy repair and cleaning, if necessary
  • Compactness
  • Manufacturer Korea, factory line, 12 months warranty.


  • If there is a fuse, it can stop after overheating after 10 minutes of operation. We have to wait until it cools down.
  • Some interfere with the silicone stand, which also needs to be placed in the work area, which takes up space.
  • The milling cutter may seem noisy during prolonged use.
  • Highly advertised, which affects the cost.

Milling speed

Here the rule works: the faster the mill rotates, the better the manicure will be. But for non-professionals it is better to select a lower value. At high speeds, without a habit, there is a risk of injury.

The speed of rotation of the cutters should be like this

  • Home-made cars - 20-30 thousand revolutions / min.
  • Professional - from 40 thousand revolutions / min.

The choice of apparatus for manicure and pedicure

To find out if a particular model is right for you, give yourself the answers to the following questions:

1. What will you use the device for?

Think about whether you are going to do a pedicure. This detail significantly affects the cost of the machine you choose: manicure devices are much cheaper than manicure and pedicure.

2. Do you take a car for a salon or for a home?

When choosing a device for home use, it is worthwhile to dwell on models with lower power, which, respectively, makes only 1,500-5,000 rpm.Also, these cars are good for beginners. They weigh a little and take up very little space.

But professional equipment is suitable for the salon, which saves time on the procedure without compromising its quality (in addition, the higher the power, the longer the device can work without overheating). The number of revolutions per minute varies from 30,000 to 40,000 (the difference is very noticeable compared to machines designed for beginners). The Saturn 3565 from Planet Nails is particularly worth highlighting. Suitable for manicure and pedicure, it makes little noise and is equipped with a large foot pedal. Spare fuses and brushes for the motor extend the life of the device.

However, remember that using it without proper skill is dangerous: such a high speed of rotation in the absence of professionalism can lead to injuries to the client. Therefore, before switching from the use of simple equipment to the machines with the highest rotation speed, practice on the intermediate version - the Runail RM-25000 model (the number of revolutions is clear from the name).

If you select an apparatus for work in the salon, do not forget to purchase a model with a built-in vacuum cleaner that removes sawdust from nails. Many wizards recommend Planet Nails Combi for this purpose. In addition to having a vacuum cleaner, this compact device boasts built-in illumination and two milling directions.

If you don’t like such models, take care of a separate desktop vacuum cleaner, such as the Runail RU-858 and a fluorescent lamp, say ruNail, which is easy to carry thanks to its small size.

Saturn 3565 from Planet Nails PM-25000 from Runail Combi by Planet Nails

3.What are you going to do on it?

If you work in a salon and intend to provide a full range of services, take a look at the multifunctional technique that allows you to carry out a wide range of procedures, from correction to pedicure. The machine for manicure, pedicure, correction and removal of extended Orbita 50 nails from Planet Nails deserved good user reviews. Due to the ability to adjust the speed of rotation of the nozzles and a convenient foot pedal, this model is very popular among craftsmen.

If you will use the machine at home, restrict yourself to simple and cheaper models.

4. Are you going to work away?

Perhaps you are doing manicures and pedicures not only in the salon, but also at clients' homes. If yes, then you should pay attention to the models equipped with an additional suitcase or carrying bag, allowing you to keep your machine safe and sound. Also remember the need to purchase not too heavy and bulky equipment, so that it does not cause difficulties during transportation. In this sense, the Saturn 30A from Planet Nails is good. It weighs a little more than a kilogram, differs in small size and high power. Thanks to a special case, it can be easily transported, and the large battery capacity allows you to use the device without connecting to a network for seven hours.

However, remember that some compact models are not intended for pedicure (with the exception of the aforementioned), and therefore always study the technical specifications of the device before purchasing it.

5. Do you want to use this machine for a long time?

Of course, what a question! Therefore, be sure to find out if this unit has protection against overheating, switching on without a working tool and accidentally turning on the handle. These functions guarantee not only the durability of the machine, but also the safety of both your and the client.

Also purchase the Runail PM-35000 replacement grip. It reduces the load on the device and prevents its overheating (if there is no such function), thereby prolonging the life of the device.

Check for a warranty of at least one year.Otherwise, you are dealing either with the negligence of the seller, or with poor-quality equipment.

In addition to this, find out if after-sales service is provided: if the device fails after the expiration date, you will know where to go for help.

6. How convenient is the technique?

If you purchase a device in an online store, of course, you will not have the opportunity to twist it in your hands. But it doesn’t matter! Its comfort can be determined in absentia by characteristics. So, the weight of the milling handle should be 150-200 grams, and the wire should be long. It is also good if you can turn on the reverse rotation of the working device.

Weight and configuration

All devices are made according to one principle, where the main role is played by the handle. It comes in different thicknesses. To make it convenient to use, pick it up under your arm.

The weight of the machine is also important. For different models, it differs:

  1. The machine for home use weighs about 150 g.
  2. The mass of a professional appliance is greater - up to two kilograms or more.

3 ruNail RM-25000

A machine for hardware manicure and pedicure helps reduce the time spent on the care of the nail plates of the hands and feet. The nozzles included in the package allow you to remove the artificial nails, treat the space under the nail plates and side rollers. With their help, as users note in the reviews, the nails acquire a natural well-groomed appearance. A key is not required for changing nozzles, which facilitates the procedure.

The streamlined design makes work comfortable, and the foot pedal helps create a spectacular pedicure. Low power coupled with a rich set of functions is the best option for beginners and amateurs who are engaged in manicure and pedicure at home. The most useful features of the owners include a performance of 25,000 rpm., Reverse function, 3 nozzles.

Magic bits mini

This model is quite popular among girls due to its simplicity. She has a regulator of speed and direction of rotation, a digital indicator of revolutions. The device can work both from the mains and from the battery, an indicator warns about the end of charge here in advance. Even at maximum load, the device can function without recharging for two hours. The small weight of the machine for hardware manicure of 400 g is also impressive. The kit includes a set of milling cutters, for which a reliable lock is provided here.

The “Magic Bits Mini” model is characterized by mobility, its dimensions are small, so it can be easily taken home to clients and friends. This is a mini-device that performs its functions no worse than stationary devices. Because of its simplicity, beginner masters often choose it for training. If necessary, it is not difficult to buy additional nozzles for him.


  • Low cost
  • Comfortably lies in the hand
  • Simple instruction
  • Good build quality
  • Convenient location of control buttons,
  • Effectively processes nail plates,
  • Quickly removes gel polish.


  • It’s not very convenient to remove the cuticle with a ball,
  • Not very suitable for foot care,
  • Not expensive components.

The device has not the highest power in our rating, 15 V, but the nails file, grind and polish not much worse than other, more "outstanding" models.

Average price: 2700 rub.

Marathon lineup


  • The presence of holes for mills in the upper part, so as not to clutter up the workplace.
  • The metal weighty handle with a plastic coating, narrowed to the edge. It is cooled by a stream of air (only on the Strong and Marathon models)
  • Milling cutters go deep into the hole of the handle, which ensures reliable fixation and lack of vibration (in comparison with cheap models)
  • Corresponds to the declared power and speed, which significantly affects the quality of work and the manicure / pedicure itself
  • The reverse mode, which quickly fails or dies on Chinese models, on the Strong and Marathon will last for years without breakdowns
  • Cost: cheaper than models of the Strong line and at the same, if not better, quality.


  • Some masters note the white color of the device as a disadvantage because of the soiling and the need for additional surface cleaning.

Types and number of nozzles

A kit for a device for manicure, even the most inexpensive, always includes a set of different nozzles.

The most useful cutters for high-quality manicure:

  • Conical. Helps treat ingrown toenails and calluses.
  • For the cuticle. With its help, the grown cuticle is separated from the nail, raised and removed.
  • Polishing. Used for grinding and polishing the nail. Gives the nail a shine, evens out the surface of the plate
  • Cylindrical. Large nozzles in the form of a cylinder are designed for processing toenails.
  • Flat. Remove corns, coarsened areas of the skin. They are rarely included in sets. Useful for those who plan to use the equipment not only for manicure, but also for pedicure.
  • In the form of a brush. They are used as a small “broom” for “cleaning” nail dust and particles of skin after milling nails and removing the cuticle.

Cutters are made of different materials. Each of them is intended for a certain type of work:

  1. Diamond and sapphire. They are the most durable and durable. Coarse-grained cutters are used to cut off the edges of nails and remove rough skin. Fine-grained - for processing cuticles and final filings.
  2. Corundum and ceramic. Soft, gentle and safe. With their help, you can polish your nails, clean off the cuticle. Suitable for beginners, because such nozzles do not injure the nail even with the first manicure.
  3. Sand. Outwardly similar to emery caps. Perfectly remove corns, cracks. Sometimes they are designed for single use.
  4. Felt and silicone. Polished, smooth the nail plate, polished to a shine.

2 TNL MP-68

The device of the TNL brand is designed to create manicures and pedicures, carry out the correction of artificial nails, remove coarsened areas of the skin and reduce corns. A distinctive feature of the model, according to reviews, is the affordable price in comparison with rich functionality. The ergonomic handle with streamlined design is used to adjust the speed modes. The machine is equipped with a reverse and foot pedal.

Users note that during operation there is no vibration, which allows to achieve a neat result and not to injure nails, skin. The kit includes nozzles for processing and grinding the feet, shearing the cuticle, cleansing under it, caring for the side rollers. Among the advantages of the model are speeds up to 25,000 rpm., 4 cutters in the kit. Disadvantages - power only 12 watts, about the lack of protection against overheating.

Electric Nail Art Drill Manicure

According to lovers in the field of manicure, this is the best machine with Aliexpress for nail care. It is successful because it cuts nails well and removes gel polish without difficulty. The advantage of this model is the presence of two sets of cutters for different cuticles, which is important for a large number of customers at home.

The kit has a pedal, but it does not make much sense, since you still need to adjust the speed of rotation on the control unit. The best manicure device on Ali is equipped with a 1.5-meter cord and a convenient pen holder made of thick material.


  • High stability, does not slip on the surface,
  • Easy change of cutters by turning one part of the handle,
  • The presence of reverse
  • Several modes of operation,
  • Allows you to achieve perfect cleanliness around the nails,
  • You can buy polishing nozzles,
  • Good speed.


  • When pressure is applied to the cutter, the nail matrix may be damaged and tubercles will appear,
  • Nail plates and fingers should be dry, wet - do not saw.

The machine for hardware manicure “Electric Nail Art Drill Manicure” manages to create a manicure in 20-25 minutes.For beginners, this can take up to half an hour.

Average price: 3500 rub.

How to choose nozzles

In the configuration of the apparatus includes a different number of cutters. No need to chase the number of nozzles, because most of them will have to be used only a few times and then for the sake of experiment. It is better to pay attention to the quality of the cutter, as well as to the material from which it is made.

Mandatory nozzles for manicure at home or salon:

  1. Cutters for lifting and removing cuticles. It is better to choose ceramic and silicon to remove keratinization. Plus, you will need a diamond nozzle for final processing and correction.
  2. Ceramic, with diamond chips or carbide tip. It will help to adjust the shape and length of the nail, remove corns. Conical, cylindrical and flat fit.
  3. Silicone caps for polishing nail plates.

Without these cutters it is impossible to make a high-quality manicure and prepare nails for painting. Having picked up the most necessary nozzles, you do not have to spend extra money when buying a device.

The attachment mechanism of nozzles. Before buying, you need to check the attachment mechanism of the nozzles for strength. Not only quality of work, but also safety depends on it. The mechanism must be durable, with auto-clamping or collet chuck.

Additional functions. Some cars are equipped with additional options. Some of them really improve the work. Others only add value.

1.Built-in vacuum cleanerDuring operation, a cloud of nail dust is drawn in. The master does not breathe harmful nail dust.If such a device breaks, repairing it is more expensive than buying a new one.
2.BacklightIlluminates the work surface.Lighting from the built-in light is not enough. Will have to include additional light sources. At the same time, the price of the device due to the built-in backlight increases.
3.Speed ​​switchMandatory option. Each speed is designed for different types of nails. The thinner they are, the less turns should be.The only negative is the expensive price of professional devices with this feature.

1 IRISK JD-400

The device of this brand is a rather powerful and high-speed device for the care of nail plates. The device has two directions of rotation, and to prevent overheating is equipped with a built-in fan. The package includes a case, a stand with a handle, and nozzles (cylindrical, conical, small round, with a sharp top, fine-grained diamond milling cutters and a drum). The machine is designed to create a neat manicure and pedicure, as well as removing durable varnish and artificial plates.

Users confidently call this unit the best combination of price and quality. According to reviews, it will be relevant both for beginners practicing at home, and for those who already have a hand in nail art. Among its advantages, 35-watt power, performance up to 25,000 rpm. A negative point consumers consider the lack of a foot pedal.

Vitek VT-2212 G

Finding a better mini manicure machine-typewriter at such a low price as this one is very difficult. This is a complete set with everything you need for nail care. 6 nozzles are also packed in a convenient case, which allows you to use it to polish the nail plates, give them a neat shape, work with the cuticle and cleanse this area.

The device runs on batteries, which is very convenient, because you can easily carry it with you. There is the ability to adjust the speed of revolutions and there is a reverse for rotation in both directions. The backlight of the device facilitates work in the dark.


  • Durable plastic case,
  • Small size
  • Clear instructions
  • Lack of vibration
  • Good value for money.


  • Old corns is not so effective.

As the reviews on the Vitek VT-2212 G show, the device does not require much care, just like the nozzle.

Average price: 615 rub

Runail PM - 35000

The machine is designed for home use. It is made in China, but under the control of the Russian company Runail. It weighs a little - only 900 g. The maximum speed is quite high - 35,000 rpm. There is enough speed and power for manicure, pedicure, as well as for working with artificial nails. The handle is comfortable, vibration is not felt during operation. There is a foot pedal that makes work more convenient. The kit includes 3 nozzles, and the reverse mode allows you to rotate them in different directions. The manufacturer gives a 3 month warranty on the device.

Control. There are 2 switches on the control panel:

  1. The first transfers the device from normal to reverse.
  2. The second - switches from manual to foot control.

The handle is made in an ergonomic design, a motor is built into it. It practically does not interfere with vibration. LEDs indicate whether the unit is connected to the network or not. The panel has a special hole for the handle, but, according to the reviews of those who used the machine, it does not fix it very well.

Pros: beautiful design, low weight, convenient control panel, compact, there is a foot pedal for ease of use.

Cons: low power, low productivity, short warranty period, the handle and box of the device are heated during long work, makes a humming noise, not suitable for large volumes of work.

GESS Nail Art (GESS-631)

A compact device made in China for home manicure and pedicure procedures. The set includes the device itself, 10 diamond and ceramic nozzles, 4 bushings, 2 of which are designed for their nozzles and 2 - for third-party ones, a network adapter. All this is folded into a beautiful and compact case. The model is very practical, because the control panel does not go to it. Everything - both the motor and the adjustment buttons - are in the design of the handle itself. It weighs a little - about 50 g, is compact and ergonomic.

The power of the device is small - 18 watts. The number of revolutions is also not too high - 14000 rpm.

Control. The GESS Nail Art is easy to operate. On the handle there is a wheel with the inscription "on / off". All that is needed is to install a suitable nozzle, connect the adapter to the network, smoothly turning the wheel, adjust the speed of the milling cutter.

Pluses: a practical and stylish case, detailed instructions, generous equipment, a large number of nozzles, a stylish design, simplicity and ease of use, smooth speed control - from minimum to medium and maximum.

Cons: short warranty period - 1 year, low power and speed, no reverse mode.

Beurer MP62

A simple and miniature apparatus for home manicure, pedicure from the famous German brand Beurer. Comes in a convenient and stylish case. The kit includes 10 nozzles and a network adapter. There is a cap for collecting nail dust. The rotation speed is small - 2000-5400 rpm.

Beurer MP62 has many additional features:

  1. Auto shut off when pressed hard. The device is suitable for people with diabetes. Automation works when pressed hard, which allows you to make a manicure for those who have reduced sensitivity to pain.
  2. Backlight. It turns on when the milling cutter starts operation.
  3. Reverse mode. Different directions of rotation make it possible to do manicure yourself.

Control. Simple controls and a small number of revolutions are suitable for beginners. The risk of injuries is minimal, the number of nozzles is enough for a quality manicure. The speed is set using the “+” and “-” buttons located on the handle.

Pros: practical storage bag, high-quality assembly, lightweight, easy to operate, gives good manicure quality, ideal for beginners.

Cons: only "native" cutters are suitable, it is difficult to find a replacement for them, it heats up during prolonged operation.

Devices for home manicure

Many women do manicures at home, but not everyone has the skills of a master.Using salon equipment, you can easily overdo it and damage your nail or skin, so it’s better to look at compact devices for home use. They are not so powerful, but their functions are quite enough for a full-fledged manicure.

Such machines are able to rotate cutters at speeds of up to 20 thousand rpm, perfectly remove coarsened skin, corns and cuticles, and soft silicone or bristled nozzles polish the nail plate removing any flaws and irregularities.

Devices for home manicure can work on batteries or built-in battery, are distinguished by their convenient shape and low weight.


  • Low cost
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The presence of the most necessary cutters in the kit, including for pedicure,
  • Safe enough
  • Autonomous - do not have to get confused in the wires or sit at the outlet.


  • Nozzles are made of fragile material and are not designed for long-term use,
  • They require frequent battery replacement, but with rechargeable batteries this problem is fading into the background,
  • On sale a lot of low-quality cars of Chinese assembly.


The multifunctional manicure device from REDMOND is a nail salon at home. The device panel consists of two tiers. On the first is a milling handle, 9 nozzles and a cuticle stick. On the second - express drying for nails, a hot tub, as well as a UV lamp for fixing gel polish. The device can work autonomously. To do this, charge the battery. Indicators will indicate when the charge is drawing to a close.

REDMOND RNC-4901 operates at two speeds:

  • First speed. The milling frequency is 5000 rpm, the time of continuous operation is 3 hours.
  • Second speed. The milling frequency is 10,000 rpm, the time of continuous operation is 2 hours.

Control. The device is as simple as possible to use. If you plan to use it offline, you need to recharge the device. The charge is fully restored in 4 hours. If the grinder will be used from the network, then you need to connect it to the outlet using an adapter. By moving the slider, you can turn on the router and adjust the speed.

Pluses: work at two speeds, the presence of a hot tub, drying and UV lamps, the possibility of battery life, multifunctionality, a large number of nozzles, beautiful design.

Cons: one adapter for milling and drying with a "whirlpool", it works poorly on autonomous power, does not cope well with corns and corns on its feet, a narrow bathtub in which fingers of two hands can hardly fit.

Professional manicure machines

Devices for salons and professional masters largely outperform compact "home" cars. Their power is much higher, and the number of revolutions of the cutters ranges from 35-60 thousand rpm.

In the kit they always come with a large set of wear-resistant nozzles that will help to make the perfect manicure and pedicure.


  • High power (60 to 100 V) and rotation speed,
  • May have a built-in vacuum cleaner to remove dust and nail cuts,
  • The presence of a convenient speed pedal switch,
  • Overheat protection,
  • Durability and reliability
  • A wide selection of nozzles for manicure and pedicure,
  • Ability to work with both natural and artificial nails.


  • More bulky and heavy in comparison with the "home" models,
  • Professional equipment is not cheap.


A manicure machine from the Russian brand VITEK will help you quickly and efficiently make manicures and pedicures at home. Suitable for modeling and nail extension. The device operates at 5 speeds, the reverse rotation of the milling cutter will provide convenience during independent nail care. The package includes 7 different nozzles. They allow you to grind the edge and base of the nail, polish the surface, shape the nail plate. During operation, the backlight turns on. The entire kit is folded into a practical case.

Control.The device is controlled by just two buttons on the handle panel. The slider adjusts the rotation of the router clockwise or counterclockwise. The second button will switch 5 speeds.

Pros: reverse mode, many nozzles, several speeds, ease of storage thanks to a compact case.

Cons: small power - 7.5 W, not too long power cord, nozzles are large, you need to get used to them.

Power and speed of rotation of mills

This is the main criterion for choosing any model. The speed of work and the quality of processing the nail depends on the power of the device: the faster the cutter rotates, the better.

1. For home appliances, usually there is enough power up to 60 W and 20-30 thousand revolutions of the nozzle per minute.

2. Professional models should have power in the range of 60-100 W and transmit to the mill a speed of at least 40 thousand rpm.

2. Strong 90N 102

This is one of the best manicure machines designed for home use. The design has a special cutter, which is securely fixed in the handle of the device, making its use absolutely safe. Changing the nozzle takes about 3 seconds. At the tip there is a hole for air intake, due to which the engine is cooling rapidly. The motor has 4 small bearings, eliminating the occurrence of even the slightest vibration during operation - thanks to this technology, the nails are completely flat and smooth.

The design is ideal for both masters working at home and for beauty salons, as the machine has the ability to work for a long time without a break - about 12 hours. The product has a protective shutdown function, if suddenly an overload occurs. The device can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise - this allows you to use milling cutters with a back cut. In the kit, in addition to the device itself, there is a stand for the tip, a set of tools for carrying out maintenance or minor repairs of the device, there is also a pedal for starting with the foot. The design has a button for switching voltage - the machine can work from 110 and 220 V.

  • It works almost silently
  • Quickly and painlessly cuts off dead skin cells,
  • There is a function to prevent the occurrence of burrs,
  • Soft adjustment of the number of revolutions.

Podomaster AquaJet 40 LED

Professional machine from the German factory Unitronic. The device has a good power of 100 watts. The maximum rotation frequency is 40,000 rpm. Both indicators allow you to do manicures and pedicures at a professional level and apply it in beauty salons.

Using the Podomaster AquaJet 40 LED, you can do all the necessary operations:

  • Cleaning, grinding of nails of hands and feet.
  • Removing varnish and artificial nails.
  • Preparation of plates for building.

Unusual design - brushless micromotors built into the tip. Due to this innovation, the machine has additional advantages:

  • The term of operation increases.
  • The noise level is reduced.

Another feature of the device is a distillate tank. Fluid from the tank is supplied to the integrated spray on the handle. Spray spray liquid during milling operation. Such an “irrigation” system solves many problems:

  1. It cools the skin of the client’s hands.
  2. Reduces the amount of nail dust.
  3. Reduces friction during machine operation.

Control. All device functions are configured using the touch panel located on the front side of the device. The device remembers the settings. It is enough to program it once so that it reproduces them in automatic mode.

Pluses: the option of reverse operation, LED-backlight, simple operation, the option of spraying the distillate, programmable settings, high power and high speed.

Cons: high price, solid weight - 2.7 kg.

Marathon Handy 702 / SH40C

Device for professional manicure, pedicure, extension and correction of artificial nails. Suitable for salons with high traffic.It features a high speed of rotation - 40,000 rpm and good power - 100 watts. It can work for a long time, withstands heavy loads. For the convenience of the craftsmen, a foot pedal is included.

The design includes additional functions:

  • "Auto cruise."
  • Breakdown Alert.
  • Auto Diagnostics.

The device works in case of overload, works in reverse mode, the speed can be adjusted from 1000 to 40,000 rpm. The design has a special compartment for nozzles, magnetic holders for mills and a stand for the handle.

Control. It is carried out using convenient control buttons on the front panel. The choice of settings is suitable even for the most demanding masters. The selected options are displayed on the digital screen.

Pros: a wide selection of additional functions, high power, speed and performance, the presence of a smooth shift pedal.

Cons: high price, the need to constantly monitor the operating mode of the device.

Brillian white

A miniature device with an original design for high-quality hardware manicure and pedicure. Despite its compact size, the device has good characteristics:

  • Speed ​​- 30000 rpm.
  • Power - 65 watts.
  • Brushless micromotor.
  • Lightweight pen weighing 151 g.

The kit includes a small, comfortable handle, a speed pedal, a power cord, a pen stand, and a control unit. The device operates in two modes:

Control. Rotating the front panel in a circle, you can increase or decrease the speed. The control buttons allow you to adjust the reverse or normal rotation of the cutter. The display shows the speed of revolutions, the mode of rotation of the cutter: normal or reverse. Information is also displayed on whether the device is connected to a manual or foot control system.

Pros: you can control the machine in manual or foot mode, beautiful design, compactness, stylish and original control panel, the ability for home use and in small salons with low and medium traffic.

Cons: power and speed are not suitable for large beauty salons with high traffic.

Strong 207A / 107II with pedal in box

Korean apparatus Strong 207A / 107II is compact. In the design of the device there are micromotor cooling systems. During operation, the handle does not heat up. Due to this, the unit can work in several shifts without stopping. There are 4 bearings inside the micromotor. They prevent the vibration of the handle during operation. The grinding machine works accurately, no “waves” form on the surface of the plate. The package includes: control unit, handle with stand, pedal. The power of the device is 64 W, the rotation speed is 35000 rpm.

Important device features:

  • Reverse mode. Reversible cutters can be used.
  • Overload protection. If problems arise due to overload, the automatics work, the machine turns off.

Pros: reasonable price for professional-class cars, compact, with low power it gives out a high rotation speed, the design of the block and tip are designed for 12 hours of uninterrupted operation, it is suitable for work in salons with high traffic.

Cons: no digital display with a reflection of the operating modes.

1. The device for manicure and a pedicure PLANET NAILS Orbita Smart

This device is excellent for treating nails on the arms and legs, as well as for working with the skin. It can be used for any nails - both thin and thick enough, behaves well with artificial nails. Using this device, you can polish your feet, rid them of rough skin, calluses, and remove keratinized areas. Nozzles are installed and removed quickly, for this you do not have to put extra effort. One of the key features of this device compared to other similar devices included in our review is the built-in touch holder for the pen.When it is on it, regardless of the speed of the device will turn off. One has only to lift it back, and the device will resume its work.

The pen does not weigh too much - only 200 grams, but it has a convenient ergonomic shape, which allows you to easily hold it with your fingers. The power of the device is 65 W: enough for active use. In the kit, like most devices, there is a pedal, there is also a small handle that allows you to smoothly adjust the number of revolutions. On the case there is a digital liquid crystal display on which all data relating to the operation of the device is displayed. Together with the device 6 mills are delivered at once for various operations.

  • The presence of a touch holder,
  • Cutter collet provided
  • There is a digital display,
  • High power.

What type of machine for manicure and pedicure is better to choose

Do not underestimate machines for hardware manicure, the set of which does not have all the necessary cutters. Most often, they still have to be bought on their own, and since all models are universal, there are usually no problems with this. For heels, diamond tips are needed, for polishing the skin - silicone, for removing corns - ceramic. Conical cutters fight against ingrown nails and calluses, special brushes are needed to clean the skin, and polishing tips are needed to give the surface shine.

Devices with a power of less than 35 W do an excellent job with manicure, but you won’t be able to polish your heels to perfect condition, more powerful models are needed here. For convenience, changing nozzles should be done by turning the knob. To service a large number of customers, it is better to choose models that work from the network, and for home use cheaper battery products are quite suitable.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following tips before finally deciding on the choice of a machine for hardware manicure:

  • Beginners should take a closer look at the Strong 210-105 l
  • For those who plan, in addition to manicure, to do professional pedicures, you can choose the model "Marathon 3 Champion SH20N".
  • For work with extended nails, IRISK JD-400 is suitable.
  • Cuticle removal is best done with the Nail Drill 30000 15 Watt.
  • To work at home with a large number of customers, you can use the Magic Bits Mini device.
  • In the creation of French manicure will help the device "Electric Nail Art Drill Manicure".
  • Among the ready-to-use sets, it is worth highlighting the Vitek Vitek VT-2212 G.

This rating is designed to facilitate the choice of the best machine for pedicure and manicure, it remains only to decide on the suitable option.

Irisk Professional Corsa

Portable manicure and pedicure machine from a Korean manufacturer. Suitable for manicure and pedicure. It can work in two modes: direct and reverse. The device works for a long time without overheating. The design has automation, which works when overloaded and stops the device. The switch at the bottom of the front panel allows you to use the machine from the 220V and 110V network. The maximum rotation frequency is 30,000 rpm, power - 30 watts. The package includes a control unit, handle, pedal.

Pros: small dimensions, protection against overheating, reverse operation, high speed, the ability to work from a network with different electrical voltages.

Cons: low power, no digital display with a reflection of operating modes.

The best professional manicure and pedicure machines

Machines for hardware manicure and pedicure, which are represented by a speed characteristic of more than 25,000 rpm, are the best option for amateur and experienced nail service professionals. In inexperienced hands, there is a danger of harming the client, so it is better to study on less powerful and high-speed devices.

4 Soline Charms EN500

If you accept customers at home, then this accessory will ensure the quality of the procedure. Thanks to the available miniature pedal, you can comfortably do not only hardware manicures, but also pedicures. During operation, the handle does not vibrate, it is convenient in girth, each of the 6 milling cutters is changed quickly. The nozzles are fixed tightly when correctly placed, so there is no fear that, when the devices are turned on, they will pop out of a specially provided socket. The diameter of 2.35 mm milling cutters is universal.

The device supports forward and reverse rotation modes, while the performance is in the range of 500-30000 rpm. The ride, the presence of a stand for the handle, the weight of the latter without a control unit of 200 grams, the owners in the reviews name among the positive features of the model. All useful functionality allows you to optimally serve as natural nails, as well as acrylic or gel.

Weight and shape

All manicure machines (at least their working part) are similar to a felt-tip pen or marker and differ only in thickness. At first glance, this is a trifle, but in fact it is very important to choose a convenient device for your hand. To do this, hold the device in your hands, twist and make sure that this model suits you.

The weight of the machine also determines the ease of use, but depends on the purpose of the model:

1. High-quality professional devices can reach up to 2 kg, however, due to the stationary part of the case.

2. Compact "home" battery-powered devices weigh much less - from 150 grams.

When buying, do not forget to check the device in the on state: a good device should not jump and jump in hands. Light vibration that does not cause discomfort is allowed, but it is still better not to be.

Quantity and quality of nozzles

In the kit, even to the most budgetary device, there are always many nozzles of various shapes and degrees of graininess.

Consider the most necessary:

1. A cutter for lifting and removing the cuticle - there are a lot of good reviews about it: it copes with its tasks perfectly and does not hurt the skin.

2. Flat nozzles for removing keratinized areas and dry corns - not in all sets, but if you plan to use the device for pedicures, you definitely need them.

3. Conical cutters for combating calluses and ingrown nails.

4. Polishing tips to add shine and smooth the surface of the nail.

5. Large cylindrical cutters - needed to process thick nail plates on the legs.

6. Brushes for cleaning nails and skin.

If some necessary nozzles are not included, they can be purchased separately, but it is better to take a complete set right away - it will be cheaper. Pay attention not only to the number of nozzles, but also to the quality of their coating.

Manufacturers use different materials for the manufacture of abrasive mills:

Designed for beginners, considered sparing and safer. Such cutters can have several degrees of granularity from 100 to 400 microns. The stiffness of the nozzles can be determined by color: blue and pink are the softest, black - hard, white are somewhere in the middle.

Ceramic cutters are ideal for processing side rollers, cuticles, and nail surfaces. During pedicures, they can be used to remove corns and cracks.

Most often used to treat the free edge of the nail, as well as to remove rough skin, small corns, cuticles.

Nozzles with such a coating will last longer than ceramic ones, although they are cheaper. Stiffness here is also indicated by colored notches, however, the "palette" is more diverse. Black color indicates the maximum rigidity of the nozzle, blue only approaches this indicator, and yellow, red and green notches are applied to soft and medium hard cutters.

Relatively soft products made of silicone and silicone carbide are used for polishing natural and acrylic nails.

In addition to the considered abrasive cutters, manufacturers offer replaceable pumice caps that can be worn on special rubber nozzles. They are designed to remove corns and cracks in the legs, but are disposable.

3 Nail Master ZS-603

The Chinese brand is represented by a manicure and pedicure model, whose contours resemble a traditional telephone with the difference that a work pen is used instead of a tube, and a mini-disk is a regulator of the cutter speed. You can set the pace from 5000 to 35000 rpm. In this case, the maximum power reaches 45 watts. The body of the device is made of durable plastic, which can withstand different temperature conditions. This model is presented in several colors, including the classic trio: red, white, black.

To protect the most original external device from scratches, mechanical shock and overheating, the upper stand-notch is equipped with rubber seals, and the handle has a high-quality cooling system. As a result of this, the device functions almost silently, does not overheat, and does not smell of burning. In the kit you will find 6 milling cutters with a durable diamond coating and the same number of disposable grinding nozzles, as well as a single-pedal foot pedal. The latter is included both directly from the case, and directly. Before starting the Nail Master ZS-603 for the first time, please note that it can be operated on both 110 and 220 V networks. The switch is located on the left side of the accessory.

Additional options

1. In addition to the basic functions, the device can be equipped with a backlight, unfortunately, absolutely useless. Due to it, the cost of the machine increases, but the efficiency - no. In any case, manicures and pedicures are done under good lighting, so you should not expect miracles from a small light bulb in the device itself and overpay for this stupid “improvement”.

2. Dear professional machines are equipped with a built-in vacuum cleaner - and this is already a really useful thing. In the process of intense drowning in the air, a whole cloud of nail dust rises, and the vacuum cleaner immediately removes it, protecting your lungs. The only minus of this function is that when it fails, it often turns out to be cheaper to buy a new device than to repair a broken one.

3. Speed ​​switches should be - there is no "or". Thin and weakened nails require careful handling and small turns, otherwise you will not get a real burn for long. In mini-models, the functions of the switches are performed by the buttons on the device itself. For professional cars, the foot pedal is the optimal solution, since both hands are usually occupied by the master.

4. It is highly desirable that the device provides protection against overheating - this will protect the device from damage.

2 Strong 90N 102

Strong 90N 102 is a compact device for manicure, pedicure, which has high power and high speed. The model also has the option of rotating in both directions. By means of a special mechanism, the cutters are firmly fixed in the tip. Users indicate in reviews that changing nozzles takes a matter of seconds. The package includes a device, a pedal for foot use, a tip having an air intake for cooling the micromotor, and a stand for it, a spare fuse, and a repair kit.

Nozzles are not included in the kit, they will have to be purchased separately. The device is equipped with an overload shutdown option, which protects the device from failure. The device is designed for active professional use, ready to serve faithfully for many years. In the reviews, among the advantages, users additionally attribute the power of 64 W, the speed mode of 35,000 rpm.

Which device for manicure to choose

1.If you are a beginner and purchase a device for training or personal care, a simplified model for home use with a cutter speed of 20-25 thousand rpm and a set of ceramic nozzles of no more than 7 pieces is suitable for you.

2. For girls with experience in hardware manicure, you can safely purchase a more advanced home machine with a capacity of 60 watts, issuing about 35-40 thousand rpm. Such a device is already suitable not only for hand care, but also for pedicure.

3. Professionals working in the salon or at home will need powerful devices (up to 100 W) that can operate at a speed of about 40-60 thousand rpm. These models are equipped with all necessary functions and are equipped with a large number of good nozzles of different stiffness and shape.

3. Saeshin MediPower Vacuum Cleaner

Manufacturers claim that this device is designed only for pedicures, most masters agree with them, but there are craftsmen who adapt it to handle hand nails. The design is notable for a rather high price, so only large salons or experienced professionals, whose services are quite expensive, can afford it. On the front panel of the device there are two liquid crystal displays - one displays information about the rotational speed of the cutter, the second shows the dust suction speed with a vacuum cleaner built into the device.

The case is made of stainless steel, equipped with a convenient handle for easy transportation, there is a pedal, the dust bag is removed and cleaned very easily. The design has a separate handle for changing the number of revolutions, there is also another handle that is responsible for the power level of the vacuum cleaner. The pen weighs just 170 grams. There is one more important point: the design is equipped with a special intelligent system, which will automatically adjust the suction force to the speed of rotation of the cutter.

  • The mill rotates at a speed of up to 30 thousand revolutions per minute,
  • The power of the vacuum cleaner is 400 W,
  • There are two displays on the case.

How much does a manicure machine cost

1. The budget version of the machine for the house can be found at a price of 800 rubles.

2. Units with complete diamond nozzles, issuing power of 30 W and about 20-35 thousand revolutions per minute, are sold for 1500-5700 rubles.

3. Mobile devices running on battery power start from 6 and reach 18 thousand rubles (depending on the configuration and brand awareness).

4. Professional models with low speeds (30,000 rpm) are priced from 14,500 to 22,000 rubles.

5. For the device, issuing 45-60 thousand revolutions per minute, you will have to pay about 20,000-40000 rubles.

6. Models equipped with a vacuum cleaner are more expensive - about 70 thousand

Replacement cutters can be purchased separately:

1. Ceramic - from 350 rubles apiece,

2. Diamond - from 180,

3. The carbide mill will cost at least 480 rubles / pc.,

4. Replaceable abrasive caps come at a price of 45 rubles, but they require a base nozzle for 240.

2. Strong 90/120

It does not have a pedal in the kit, but this does not reduce the useful qualities of this equipment, and it is very convenient to use it. The design provides a fairly powerful micromotor - 64 watts, so it can be used for manicure and pedicure. The clamp has a collet-type cutter, so you can replace the work surface very quickly. In addition, it is fixed so tightly that the probability of turning during direct operation is excluded.

At the tip there are air intake openings, with the help of which fast and full cooling of the engine occurs. Due to them, the handle will not heat up during operation, and the device can be used without interruption for 10-12 hours - this moment is very important for the conditions of beauty salons. There are no vibrations due to the presence of 4 bearings in the engine, so the nails are perfectly flat, they do not have waviness. The product has reliable overload protection. If one of the parameters suddenly exceeds the permissible values, the device will simply turn off.

  • Compact device
  • High power
  • It works without interruption for a long time.

  • There is no pedal to control the foot.

5 Gezatone 130D

If you believe that low-power electrical devices are able to have effective working capabilities, then this model was created specifically for such consumers. Its functionality is explained by a large number of milling cutters, there are 7 of them. In addition, the manufacturer has provided 10 speeds of rotation, which is one of the best indicators even in the line of professional devices. For a quality procedure at home, this is ideal. Nozzles fasten quickly and without complications in the handle, also just come unfastened.

Touch control allows you to spend a minimum of time on each action. Functions of backlighting, reverse in the reviews of the owners, as well as the presence of a network adapter in the set, stand out among the unconditional advantages of the device. Among the shortcomings, attention is primarily paid to the power of 7.2 W, performance at a maximum of 4000 rpm, and a half-hour period of continuous operation.

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, here is our review and came to its logical conclusion. We hope that you have no questions about choosing the best manicure machine. If you want to share your impressions about any model from our review, then welcome to comment on our article.

4 Medisana MP 840

Despite the low developed power of 9 W, the model is notable for a rather serious configuration and potential. The set includes 7 sapphire and felt nozzles for a full-fledged procedure for manicure and pedicure. This includes a nail polisher with 4 different rollers, due to which beauty and even shine are achieved over the entire surface of the nail plates.

Such a device is equipped with touch control, and it is easy to use it even in low light conditions. Built-in backlight highlights each button. The wizard has access to a 3-speed mode in the range of 3500-8000 watts. A useful reverse option is also activated. To switch to it in order to avoid breakage, it is necessary to wait for the complete stop of the rotation of the cutters. The disadvantage of one of the most portable designs is the only power source in the form of an electrical network.

3 Valera 651.01

In order to accommodate the entire range of nozzles and other structural components of the device, a whole mini-suitcase was required. Therefore, with such a hardware device it is comfortable to go to the office or to a call to the client in order to care for the nail plates at home.

The main attraction of the device is the presence of 14 milling cutters of various configurations, including a nozzle for processing cuticles made with sapphire spraying from felt or steel. Additionally, there are 30 polishes in the configuration, as well as a holder for them. But the benefits do not end there. A special adapter is provided here, which makes it possible to use nozzles that are not included in the case of this model. All cutters are stored in a roomy compartment.

The device supports 4-speed mode, reaching a maximum of 11,000 rpm. With the help of touch control, program changes occur without failures. In the reviews, the owners highlight the accuracy, reliability of the device, the efficiency of work from both the mains and the battery source.

2 Orbita Smart

Under the Planet Nails brand, an apparatus is manufactured that is characterized by ease of operation, balanced equipment, and an optimal weight of 1.75 kg. At the same time, it reaches a power of 60 watts, which allows you to qualitatively remove even corns and make the skin soft, soft. Thanks to the smooth switching of the nozzle speed in gentle mode, different tasks are solved when performing manicure and pedicure. At maximum rpm can be 35,000.

The most useful feature of the model is the equipment with a touch holder and a digital screen on which the current parameters are quickly displayed.Such technical capabilities have led to the high price of the machine, which users attribute to the minuses. Of the positive aspects, the presence in the configuration of 4 different types of nozzles, a universal collet clamp, and a sensitive pedal are noted.

1 Global Fashion DM-011A

The device, whose power is 80 watts, will interest experienced masters of the hardware type of manicure and pedicure. It is perfectly adapted to the conditions of continuous continuous operation, constant cyclic loads. With its help it is easy to tidy even the most complex nails, make a correction. The metal handle of the device has a convenient length of 13 cm and is equipped with protective ventilation to avoid overheating, premature end of the operating period. If the temperature is exceeded, a special sensor will automatically turn off the device.

The model is additionally equipped with a touch holder that allows you to instantly stop the rotation of the cutter, when it is removed, the nozzle starts to rotate at the same speed. By the way, it can be adjusted both in manual and in foot mode. The reverse function and light indication informing about switching on are provided. In addition to milling cutters, the set also includes disposable caps.

How to choose the best manicure and pedicure machine

We recommend that you first study the useful tips for choosing a machine for hardware manicure and pedicure, so as not to miscalculate with your purchase:

  1. Number of revolutions. The goal that you pursue (home or professional use) depends on the choice in favor of revolutions - less than or more than 25,000 per minute.
  2. Number of cutters. Get the bits you really use. Many devices already include some milling cutters in a complete set, others go without nozzles in a set, allowing to get only those in which there is a need.
  3. The presence of a foot pedal. This item in the configuration is responsible for the convenience of work when performing a pedicure, since you can turn the machine on and off without interrupting the procedure.
  4. Power. The more powerful the device, the longer it will work without overheating. For home use, 10 watts is enough. For a professional, it is advisable to get a machine with a power of 40 watts.
  5. overheat protection - An integral option for those who will actively operate the device. In cheaper models, this function is performed by the built-in fan, in expensive ones - by the air intake.

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