What to give your child for christening

The well-being of a person largely depends on the gift received for christening, because this day is one of the key moments in his destiny. A correctly selected gift will not pass without a trace, but will become a serious amulet for the girl and the key to her success in the future.

Christening is a big and bright holiday in the life of everyone. From the day of passing the ritual of the first Sacrament of the holy church, the child falls under the protection of a guardian angel, receives spiritual protection from unfriendly people and adversities. Newly-born parents - the godmother and the godfather - on this day undertake to protect the baby from all evil and from troubles, to help in personal formation, to instruct with advice. As a rule, the most significant people are invited to observe the child’s initiation into the first Sacrament: family members and closest friends.

As for every important holiday, it is customary to give gifts to christenings. They are slightly different from those that we used to look for on other occasions. The gift presented to the christening should first of all have a spiritual value, serve as a reminder of a bright event, but also not be devoid of practical significance. Based on these two ideas, you can correctly choose a gift for christening for a girl.

Gift from the godparents

If you have the honor of becoming the spiritual parent of the baby, you must very responsibly choose a gift. There is a list of things that the newly-born Christian gives exclusively to the godparents, and this needs to be known in advance.

The godmother plays an important role in the ceremony: it is she who holds the child in her arms most of the time, it is she who passes it to the priest for bathing in the font. Therefore, the godmother needs to take care of the baptismal costume for the girl - this is the first and most important gift, because it is customary to keep it throughout life.

The baptismal costume consists of a bonnet or scarf and a long dress. In ancient times, it was customary to sew them yourself, putting soul and good thoughts into work. Such costumes have always brought happiness to the godchildren. Now, alas, not everyone has the opportunity to create beautiful clothes for their goddaughter with their own hands. The problem is easily solved by going to the children's clothing store: there you can easily find a beautiful baptismal costume. Think about which one will suit the girl the most, pick it up with all the responsibility and love - and the costume will definitely give her well-being. When choosing, pay attention to the material - it must be natural - and the quality of the decorative elements - the embroidery needs elegant and not too catchy. On clothes there should not be pronounced seams that can injure the delicate skin of the child. Make sure that the elements of the costume were made in the same stylistic key. Only christening is allowed on light shades - white, light beige - because they symbolize innocence and familiarization with the spiritual life.

The godmother should give the girl another important thing that will be used during the ceremony. This kryzhma is a white cloth in which a child is wrapped after bathing in holy water. After christening, it acquires protective properties and since then protects a person from adversity and disease. It is believed that if the child is wrapped in a cloth during the illness in which he was received from the hands of a priest, recovery will be faster. Kryzhma is kept all its life, therefore, the choice of this element must be taken very seriously.

In the stores a large assortment of Crimean is presented. They are made of different materials, decorated with a variety of patterns.You can make kryzhma by individual order, embroider on it the name of the goddaughter and the date of the bright and solemn event. Such a canvas will not be lost for sure, but will be carefully stored all its life and bring happiness to the girl.

The tradition has decreed that the godfather presents the child with the first cross in his life. Subsequently, when he grows up, the child can wear any other cross, but the very first cross will always be kept by him, recalling entry into spiritual life. The presented cross can be made of expensive material, and can be tin or even wooden. It is recommended to purchase silver - it is widely known for its healing properties and, in addition, will not be able to have a negative effect on the child's body, cause allergic reactions.

The above does not exhaust gifts that spiritual parents can present to their goddaughter. “Mandatory” gifts will be well supplemented with other things - for example, what the girl needs. A good joint gift would be a small suitcase of things for every day, in which a greeting card must be included.

What to give your child for christening

In connection with the baptism of a small child, and to do this, preferably up to a year, parents and relatives should choose his godfather and mother. This is a great honor and a great responsibility, because these people become the spiritual mentors of children, and they must guide their whole life along the right path and educate them in accordance with religious traditions.

Along with parents, they bring up the baby from an early age, in everything they help him, in some cases, can financially support the family of his godson. In other words, these are his closest people after mom and dad.

On the day of baptism, godparents traditionally give gifts, both of religious content and the usual necessary things. Besides them, presents are presented to the little Christian by other relatives, and first of all, this is the older generation of the family - grandfathers and grandmothers.

It has long been believed that on this peaceful daylight it is forbidden to give:

  • alcoholic drinks,
  • weapons
  • cash.

Perhaps the first two points can be agreed - such gifts are inappropriate, but at the expense of money there are different opinions. Nowadays, many families continue to live more than modestly, especially in the outback, and, of course, any amount that can go for things for the baby - diapers, baby clothes and much more will be of help to them. There will be nothing shameful if someone from the family people, thus, will participate in the fate of the baby. But then it is better to hand over notes to parents in a beautiful envelope-card with the image of the temple or other symbolic image.

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Of course, you need to give something useful for the home of a baptized child, but then you should ask your relatives in advance what kind of children's things the family needs. So you can avoid the same gifts bought by different people.

You can not discuss this issue when it comes to sweet gifts. In most cases, after a baptism, a small celebration with a tea party is arranged and it will be good if there are cakes or cakes on the table. Such a holiday does not happen noisy, all the more, dancing and alcohol are not supposed, besides, you should not invite strangers, unfamiliar people to such a personal event.

Gifts for christening from guests

A traditional and very significant gift for christening is an icon depicting a saint patronizing a child. This icon is placed next to the crib and protects children's sleep, and in adulthood it becomes a significant mascot.

Previously, there was a tradition of giving dimensional icons.The image of the patron saint was written out on a board, the size of which was equal to the growth of the baby at the time of christening. Such an icon subsequently accompanied a person all his life and always took with him during the journeys.

If the girl’s teeth are already being cut, a silver spoon “for a tooth” will be a good symbolic gift. If possible, it makes sense to give a small set of silver dishes with engraving - the name of the girl, the date of christening, congratulations. This luxurious gift will be both useful and symbolic at the same time.

Silver jewelry will be a good gift for the girl. But you need to choose them very carefully: make sure that there are no elements in the earrings or chains that can be injured.

It is known that all parents cherish the memory of the very early age of their children. Therefore, a skillfully made box will be a suitable gift, in which the mother and father will then put the girl’s first tooth or a lock of her hair.

Do not forget that practical gifts that a girl or her parents can use every day are also extremely necessary. It can be toys, clothes, bedding. How to make these things symbolic? Toys can be ordered individually, engraved or embroidered on them with a wish. On a bedding set, you can also make thematic embroidery (for example, angels or the name of a girl), which would remind of this holiday.

Approach a gift for christening carefully. You will definitely make a good choice. Give gifts for happiness and do not forget to click on the buttons and

From godfather

The traditional gifts for the christening to the girl from the godfather are a cross and a chain. In addition, in many cities, the churches have an old tradition that the godfather must pay for the baptismal rite. Other presentations that a man can give include:

  • walkers
  • home swing,
  • an album for photos of the baby, made in an unusual style, decorated on a church theme,
  • digital photo frame,
  • set for creating a cast of legs and pens.

Before purchasing a gift, you can also consult with the parents of the future goddaughter. Perhaps they will have their own wishes, which will need to be satisfied.

From godmother

Having received an offer to become a godmother, do not be scared. This is an honorary title that places a certain responsibility on a girl, a woman. There are traditional, compulsory gifts from the godmother little girl. These include:

  • Kryzhma
  • christening clothes
  • personalized icon purchased in the church.

The following gifts to the goddaughter will be less obligatory, but no less significant:

  • quilted warm blanket,
  • decorations
  • do-it-yourself blanket

All the above gifts can be supplemented with another surprise - a large cake made of diapers. It is only important to check with the mother of the baby what brand she prefers and what size is needed.

From grandparents

The following presents can be presented from grandparents:

  • personalized icons
  • children's bibles
  • holiday clothing sets
  • arenas
  • educational toys,
  • knitted things (if the grandmother knows how to needlework),
  • caskets of memories
  • gold earrings
  • chain with a cross.

Before you purchase a gift that is listed last on the list, you should consult with the parents of the granddaughter. Perhaps the godfather has already acquired such a little thing, and it will be completely unnecessary. An original surprise from my grandmother will be to write a letter to her growing granddaughter. Having reached adolescence, the girl will definitely read it with pleasure and interest. In addition, the grandmother can make a gift with her own hands, for example, knit a warm hat or a plaid. Well, grandfather definitely has the right to take care of the practical side of his granddaughter’s life by presenting her with a walker, high chair or even a crib.

Gifts for christening a child from guests and relatives

Family members, close and distant relatives can present their gifts to the godchildren. There is a certain list of what to give a child to christening up to a year. For babies of different sexes, you can pick up specific presents on this joyous festive day.

Let's see what gifts for the godchildren are acceptable:

  • toys for the child - large children's books from high-quality plastic and rubber, soft cubes, mobiles on the crib, developmental rugs, bisebord, rattles, sorters, rubber toys,
  • children's vehicles - tolokars, wheelchairs, rocking chairs,
  • beautiful vests, sliders and slips, bedclothes made of natural materials,
  • comfortable bathtub made of hypoallergenic material, combined with a changing table and chest of drawers or a separate children's bathtub with hydromassage,
  • playpen, folding, in the form of a crib and a screen,
  • orthopedic mattress in a crib or stroller made of natural latex,
  • pram with cradle, walking block, rain cover and mosquito net.

Gifts for the christening boy - These are large and small cars, blocks and designers, toys with remote control, educational games, for older children: things necessary for school - globes, maps, tablets, watches, sets for creativity on hobbies.

Choosing gifts for christening girl, you can stay on a beautiful doll, elegant dress. Toddlers and older children are presented with beautiful jewelry, silver cutlery, beautiful boxes and jewelry boxes, graceful lamps or candle holders in the shape of an angel, interesting, religious books.

Households, quite well, can buy toddlers of both sexes children's furniture, for example, a high-quality transforming crib with a swing swing and a compact chest of drawers with drawers for storing clothes and other children's things.

From guests

Gifts from guests can be both traditional and original. The best among them are:

  • icons depicting the holy face of the patroness of the baby. They can be "measured". In ancient times, there was a tradition of ordering an icon of the same height as a child at the time of baptism. It was believed that she should accompany him throughout her life, wherever he went and moved,
  • silver spoons “for a tooth” - will be a great gift option for children whose teeth began to be cut,
  • a set of several utensils made of silver, necessarily marked with a nominal engraving,
  • silver jewelry,
  • a silver box where parents can put the first daughter’s cut off curl, the first tooth that fell out,
  • toys made to order with a personal engraving,
  • bed dress,
  • clothes.

From relatives

From relatives, the niece is best presented with such things as:

  • universal icons depicting Nicholas the Wonderworker, Jesus Christ,
  • gold jewelry for growth,
  • developmental mats
  • ball pools
  • custom made dolls,
  • tolokar.

Before choosing something from the list, it is worth consulting with the baby's parents. Perhaps they have some things, but something that is not needed is urgently needed. Relatives may well offer their help in organizing the acquisition of an item.

From friends

From friends, the original and practical options for congratulations will be:

  • embroidered paintings on church subjects,
  • metrics
  • soft pillows-letters, characterized by volume,
  • mat coloring (suitable for girls from two years of age and older).

In addition, you can give something that will be a wonderful decoration of the interior in the children's room. These options include:

  • pillows
  • sides in the crib,
  • unusual lights
  • a rug made in the shape of a favorite animal,
  • unusual wall clocks
  • garland with luminous balls
  • chalk boards (suitable for those over two years old),
  • scratch stadiometer
  • ottoman,
  • soft mattress chair.

When choosing a presentation, you should definitely consult with the baby's parents, calculate your budget, and also determine what it would be interesting to get the child based on his age. If the girl is at a conscious age, you can ask her what she would like to receive.

Traditional baptismal gifts for girls

The main gifts are:

  • baptismal clothing - a dress or shirt, a hat (cap, scarf),
  • Kryzhma - a baptismal towel or diaper,
  • pectoral cross on a rope or chain.

In addition to these attributes necessary for the Sacrament, a girl can be presented with Christening things that have symbolic meaning, which will remind the baby and her parents about the bright event.

  • It is appropriate for a newborn to buy a silver spoon with Orthodox symbols: a cross, an image, a prayer, a Guardian Angel. Such a gift will be a valuable souvenir or practical thing in everyday life: the baby’s first cutlery.
  • A girl from 1 year old, as a reminder of the Sacrament of Baptism, can be presented with bright puzzles and panels with Orthodox images, educational games, an angel doll, kind children's books with meaning.
  • It is better for a teenage girl on Christening to choose gifts with a deep religious meaning, for example, spiritual literature, an Orthodox board game, or a pilgrimage trip to Holy places.

What icon to give a girl for Christening?

The original idea is to give a dimensional icon. They make it in advance to order: the icon painter depicts the face of the namesake Saint on a plank height that corresponds to the growth of a girl at birth. They consecrate the icon and put it in the crib after the Sacrament, so that the baby from childhood will recognize the image of her Patroness and be able to pray to her.

If it is not possible to order a measured icon, then the girls are presented with the usual icon with the image of the Holy Patroness, whose name is baptized, to be christened. It is also called the "registered". You can also choose the icon of the Virgin or Guardian Angel.

Is it possible to give money for Christening a child?

If, deciding what to give the girls for Baptism, you are afraid not to please with a present, then you can present an envelope with money. Any amount will be useful to the baby's parents, and they will definitely find her the right application. Godfathers and relatives are allowed to provide financial assistance in organizing the celebration of Christening. According to tradition, godfather makes a donation for the ceremony of Baptism, and also as a gift can pay for photo and video in the church.

What should godparents give?

Serious responsibilities are assigned to the godparents during and after the sacrament of Baptism. Renouncing the unclean instead of the baby and combining with Christ, they promise the Almighty to help the child in every way to keep his word and sincerely believe. The godparents become spiritual mentors for the newly baptized and together with his parents must instill in him a love of Christianity.

Orthodox icons

The icon is usually presented with the face of the saint whose name the girl was named during baptism. You can also present the image of Jesus Christ or the Virgin. An excellent memorable present will be the icon of Cosmas and Daniel, which is one of the most important in the temples where children are baptized.

In order to protect the baby from diseases, you can give her the icon of St. Panteleimon. Before choosing such a presentation, it is important to consult with the priest that he will conduct the baptismal ceremony. He will be able not only to tell which icon to choose, but also tell about her story, how she will be useful to the baby. The donor will be able to pass this information along with the present to her parents.

Gifts from the godmother to the baptism of a girl

The main receiver for the girl is the godmother - she holds the baby throughout the entire rite of Baptism. At Christening, the godmother should give the godmother a baptismal shirt or white dress, a scarf or lace cap and a kryzhma. All items of clothing should be combined with each other in color and fabric. Before Baptism, clothes must be prepared - washed or, at least, steamed with an iron and, of course, brought to the church in an ironed form, so that the clothes look neat in photographs.

On products color and plain Orthodox embroidery is allowed: crosses, vine, angels, pigeons, flowers, ears of wheat. Embroidered details and lace can be pastel pink, peach, beige, yellow. Clothes with golden and silver embroidery look especially festive.

In addition to the set, the godmother can give openwork booties, a lace bandage, an envelope for a curl or a bag for the careful storage of baptismal accessories. A dress, a kryzhma, a bag can be made personalized by ordering an embroidery with the name of the child, the date of Baptism.

What should native parents do?

Christening girls - the most important event in human life, regardless of age. Usually a baby is baptized in the first year after birth, then the parents take responsibility for the Sacrament. The church recommends not delaying the ceremony, because the baby will have its own guardian angel. There are other advantages of early baptism: children at an unconscious age tolerate the ritual more easily, but it is difficult for an older child or teenager to survive for a long time in the temple.

What should be taken care of in advance by the mother and father of the girl:

  1. Find a place where the baptism will take place, arrange with the priest about the exact date and time.
  2. Choose godparents. This is a crucial step, to which parents should approach with all responsibility. Godfathers are responsible to God for the moral and spiritual development of the girl, therefore it is better to offer this to believing people who are not indifferent to the fate and life of the baby.
  3. Choose a new name for your daughter. If in the church canons there is no corresponding name by which the girl was named at birth, then a consonant is selected. In this case, it is advisable to turn to a priest who will tell you which saints the little ones worship on their birthday or baptism. From this moment, the daughter will have another heavenly intercessor, the holy great martyr, who will protect and help.

Each parent wants to give the child something amazing for the first Sacrament. By tradition, godfathers and guests bring gifts, and mothers and fathers set the festive table. But if you really want to please the baby, hand in a developmental toy or an electronic rattle. You should not give expensive gifts, because baptism is not a reason to demonstrate financial capabilities, but a great Sacrament, after which the daughter will become part of the Holy Church and acquire her angel, regardless of the financial situation of the parents.

Gift for christening for the girl from the godmother

For a baby, a spiritual mother becomes a good helper in everything. She protects the girl from dangers, protects, ecclesiastically educates and mentally educates. Subsequently, the godmother and her second mother have a trusting, warm relationship. The godmother helps the girl in any business, supports, takes care of the state of her soul.

A gift from the godmother in honor of the first Sacrament was a talisman for life, therefore, a woman should approach her choice responsibly.

What the godmother usually gives:

  • Icon depicting a saint patronizing a baby. Previously, dimensional icons were presented for the growth of the baby, now it is allowed to give any regardless of size.

You can buy an icon in the church shop, but the image ordered from the master will be of particular value. Before giving a gift, be sure to consecrate it in the temple.

  • Icon with a guardian angel.She is hung over the headboard to protect the girl from troubles and diseases.
  • Books of scripture. True believers believe that such literature is necessary for the moral and spiritual development of man.
  • Baptismal outfit. Now they are giving special sets for girls, which includes kryzhma (a towel or a diaper with Christian symbols, where the child is wrapped after lowering it into the font), a shirt, bonnet, booties. Additionally, you can embroider a cross on each item. Before the Sacrament begins, things are sanctified, and after the procedure, the mother is cherished carefully for her whole life.

It is believed that baptismal clothing is a strong amulet. If the child is seriously ill, mothers wrap him in kryzhma or stroke another baptismal thing. This should help the baby recover faster.

  • Silver spoon. Recently, it is a traditional gift from the godmother. On sale you can find beautiful sets with a tea or dessert spoon and a silver cup.

A gift to the godchild on christening from the godfather

As a rule, the godfather gives the baby a pectoral cross. It is desirable that the first pendant accompanies the girl throughout her life, but often grown up children choose their own option, which they like best. However, the one with whom the child was baptized is carefully preserved, recalling the bright day when a person entered into spiritual life.

Usually godparents choose a precious metal product, sometimes even with inlaid stones. In fact, the cross can be simple, made of tin. In church shops, silver attributes are most often offered, since this metal is considered healing and does not adversely affect the health of a little girl.

In addition, the godfather can present a children's Bible and a prayer book. As she grows up, the goddaughter will get acquainted with Bible stories and read daily prayers with her mother.

The godfather also pays for the baptismal ceremony and, if possible, financially helps organize a festive feast. An additional surprise from him will be the organization of professional photo or video shooting, so that parents will have videos and high-quality pictures in memory of the great event.

Presentation options from other relatives

Baptism is a great holiday, to which close and distant relatives are often invited. This is an occasion to gather a large family, congratulate the baby on the first Sacrament, wish all the best, and give memorable gifts.

What can relatives give:

  • Set of silver utensils. Even if the godmother gives the girl a silver spoon, such a gift will not be superfluous.
  • Jewelry. A good gift option for a girl from her grandmother to christening. You can choose any product: earrings, chain, pendant, bracelet, optionally engrave a memorable engraving. When the granddaughter grows up, she will be happy to wear jewelry donated by her beloved granny.
  • Money. Grandfather for christening usually gives an envelope with banknotes so that parents can dispose of them at their discretion.

  • Useful things in life: a sterilizer for bottles, an air ionizer, a yogurt maker, a bread machine, a slow cooker, a powerful blender.

Ask the girl’s parents in advance what they would like to receive. It is better to make a useful gift than to hand over a thing that is already available. Why does mom need two identical mixers or high chairs?

Gifts for Christening from the godfather

According to tradition, the godfather should give the goddaughter a body cross. It can be a product of gold, silver or inexpensive metal. To the cross you need to buy a chain, rope or gaitan. If the items are purchased in a jewelry store, then before the Sacrament begins, the priest must consecrate them, about which he must be warned in advance.

The godfather also pays for the Baptismal rite, and together with the godmother acquires a personalized icon.In addition, you can give a pendant with the image of the Virgin or Holy Patroness, a silver bowl, a bag for a cross / curl, a bib, children's Orthodox literature: Bible, Gospel, Prayer book.

For silver sets (a cross, a chain, a spoon) in our Krestilnoye online store there are beautiful gift cases in pearl white with silver embossed on the lid.

What to present for christening from guests?

According to tradition, invited guests present memorable gifts to the child. Options may be as follows:

  • Frankincense with the image of a saint who became the patroness of the girl. A small image is placed next to the pectoral cross and is not removed.

Incense is also called a bag with incense, which was previously put in a crib or sewn to things to protect the child from demons.

  • Baby clothes. Choose things a little for growth for a little princess, because children grow quickly in the first year, so it is likely that the baby will never wear a beautiful suit or dress.
  • Certificate to the children's goods store. If you doubt the correct choice, it is better to present your parents with a gift certificate, which they will exchange for the necessary things for their daughter.
  • A set of bed linen. The items for the crib that depict cartoon characters are depicted charmingly: beautiful princesses, funny animals, fairies and sorceresses. Together with a set of linen you can give sides for the crib.

  • Toys In children's stores there is a huge selection of educational and musical toys, teddy bears, talking dolls with strollers and outfits, but choose a gift that will correspond to the age of the girl. You can buy a toy that will be interesting to the hero of the occasion, when she grows up a little.
  • Photo album. Order a unique handmade album where parents can post their daughter’s baby pictures and record comments so they don’t miss a single important moment in their child’s life.
  • Digital photo frame. Another useful and original gift in which you can upload any photos, including from the baby’s christening. It is important to choose a quality product so that it lasts as long as possible.
  • The radio nanny. An indispensable device for those who raise children without assistance. When mother needs to move away, she immediately finds out that her daughter woke up, burst into tears, calls to her. The main selection criterion - the baby-sitter should be of good quality, released by a well-known manufacturer, then she will not fail at the most crucial moment.
  • Children's dishes. Very soon, the baby, in addition to the bottle, will need her own plate, spoon, mug. Choose a bright kit with a fun pattern, made of safe plastic, which will turn breakfast or lunch into a fun activity.
  • Developing mat. An arc with interesting pendant toys will captivate the girl for a long time, especially if they make different sounds and are equipped with lighting effects. For young children, rugs are specially made to be colorful because it is difficult for them to concentrate on one thing, sound or color.

What other gifts can be given to christening:

  • diaper cake
  • playpen
  • game center
  • wheelchair machine
  • children's plaid
  • push toy
  • bike,
  • stroller
  • Chair for babies,

  • sled,
  • a set of towels
  • bath toys,
  • interior doll
  • casket for the first tooth,
  • silver or gold pin,
  • a beautiful lamp in the nursery,
  • fabric pillows in the form of letters,
  • a set of hygiene products for the baby (diaper cream, powder, shampoo, baby bath soap),
  • an interactive book for the little ones,
  • pendant or figurine in the shape of an angel,
  • small bells made of silver (they are usually hung over a baby’s bed).

Gifts for Christening girl from grandparents

Grandmothers and grandfathers prefer to give their grandchildren practical and necessary things or made by their own hands, because grandmothers often knit. A memorable and at the same time useful gift will be a children's silver spoon decorated with drawings with colored enamel or the inscription: “For the first clove”.

Grandparents can also present an icon, a panel with an image of an angel, a decorative pillow with an embroidered prayer to the Guardian Angel, and an envelope for storing a cross with a chain or a curl cut for a year.

The baby’s mother will certainly be delighted with a cozy knitted blanket or a warm blanket, which can be useful both in the church at Epiphany and for walking in cool weather. Multi-colored wooden slingobus will successfully complement the openwork snow-white plaid. The toy is useful to mom and baby when the teeth begin to be cut, as well as for playing while walking.

A practical and pleasant gift will be a set of elegant home textiles from embroidered napkins, paths on the table, towels with lace.

Who gives the cross to the christening of a girl?

The scaffold is an integral symbol of the sacrament of baptism. After dipping into the font three times, the father puts a cross on the baby’s chest. It is believed that it heals the soul, protects, replenishes with God's grace. Adults who have decided to be baptized choose the cross on their own, and give it to the child.

In Orthodoxy there is no clear indication of exactly who should buy the pectoral cross. By agreement, godparents, grandparents, close relatives can give it. It is important that he be pre-consecrated in the temple and presented to the girl with good, pure thoughts. Usually, along with a pendant, they give a rope or chain.

Most often, a bosom with a chain gives the godfather to the girl, and the godmother gives the baptismal clothes and kryzhma. Both godparents also present icons to their goddaughter.

Gifts from the godmother

In the process of baptism, an important role is played by godmother: it is on her hands that the child spends most of the time, only she passes the baby to the priest for bathing in the font.

Therefore, the gift from the godmother should be christening outfit for girls, which will be the first and most important gift kept for life.

Baptism costume consists of a long dress and scarf or cap, decorated with pink ribbons or discreet embroidery. Once upon a time, it was customary to make them yourself, investing all your soul and pure thoughts. Such outfits have always brought happiness to godchildren.

Of course, the baptismal kit, which will be sewn or sewn by the godmother, will be an ideal option. But at present, not everyone has the opportunity to create clothes for baptism with their own hands. The problem can be solved quite easily by going to the children's clothing shops, where you can purchase a beautiful baptismal outfit.

Choosing a baptismal kit:

  • pay attention to the material (preferably natural fabrics),
  • on the quality of decor (embroidery should not be too catchy)
  • also consider sewing quality - clothing should be without pronounced seams that can injure the skin of the baby,
  • christening is permissible clothing only in light colors: white, light beige, as they are a symbol of innocence and initiation to spiritual life.

Also a gift from godmother the girl should be one more significant thing used during the ceremony. Such a gift should be kryzhma.

It represents a white cloth in which the baby is wrapped at baptism. Previously, under the kryzhma it was customary to use a piece of plain white fabric.

Today, various factories produce a large number of special Crimea. It is allowed to use high-quality white towels that are decorated with embroidery. Not only the baby’s name can be embroidered, but also the date of the ceremony.It is impossible to confuse such a kryzhma with an ordinary sheet, and it will be pleasant and convenient to store it. And besides, the baby in this kryzhma will be dry and warm.

After the rite, she acquires the properties of a talisman and since then gives protection to a person from various adversities. It is believed that if the child is sick, then you need to wrap him with this cloth, and the healing process will be faster.

Gifts from the godfather

What can a girl give to her godmother?

By tradition, the first pectoral cross is presented to the infant by his godfather.

Further, when a child grows up, he will be able to wear any other cross of his choice, but the first cross should always be kept by him, recalling the bright day of entry into spiritual life.

A cross presented as a gift does not have to be made of expensive material; it may well be, for example, tin. It is best to acquire this attribute from silver - it is most popular because of its healing properties and, in addition, does not have a negative effect on the child's body.

Another gift from the godparents may be an icon. Which icon to give to the girl’s christening is up to you. It can either be bought or ordered in the icon painting workshop.

Also, an option embroidered with beads can serve as a variant of such a presentation, which you can easily do with your own hands.

The responsibilities of the godparents also include payment of the rite, donation to the temple, and financial assistance in organizing a feast.

The godfather should remind of this obligation, as it may seem to parents that talking about this is inconvenient.

All that was listed above are not limited to gifts that godparents can present. It will be wonderful to supplement such “compulsory” gifts with some other things, for example, with what the baby needs. A great present will be a small package of things for every day, where a greeting card is always enclosed.

Not necessarily a gift should be some kind of thing. You can give and pleasant memories by ordering a movie. To do this, you only need to find a great operator who will record the event, and then mount an interesting video.

Gifts from relatives

By tradition, the baptismal rite is a family holiday to which almost all relatives are invited.

Of course, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and other close people should give the girl some gift. We suggest considering a few relevant options.

A good gift would be silver or gilded set that can become a symbol of the family’s heritage and be passed on from generation to generation.

Typically, such a baptismal set includes: a spoon, a streuchitsa (a wand, which is used to draw a cross on a child’s forehead), a comb.

One of the most common baptismal gift options is cutlery from silver. It can be, for example, a plate, a cup or a spoon. A universal present will be a silver spoon, on which you can very well engrave. According to legend, silver has the ability to kill germs, and you can use it to disinfect water.

Precious metal jewelry will also be a wonderful gift for christening a girl. It can be jewelry such as a pendant, chain or earrings. If you cannot decide on a gift, then it is always appropriate to present money.

You can use two options: either donate a certain amount in an envelope, or open a bank account in the name of the girl.

If for some reason the newborn doesn’t have strollers - You can help parents with its acquisition.

For a girl, a stroller of a bright shade will be most suitable, from the drawings hearts, flowers, etc. will be appropriate.

T Also, close people can donate something from the child’s christening household appliances. Modern stores offer a huge selection of all kinds of appliances that will be useful to a family in which there is a baby. These are sterilizers for bottles, steam or multicookers, and much more.

Gifts for christening a girl from guests

It goes without saying that gifts to the girl for christening are presented not only by relatives, but also by other guests who were invited to a celebration dedicated to this occasion.

A good present is considered Bible, a colorful children's version of it will be most suitable for this celebration. When the girl grows up a little, your gift will introduce her to the basics of faith. In addition to the Bible, you can also give incense - a small image worn with a cross on the body.

Beautiful will be appropriate for christening dresses, suits, shoesthat will never be redundant. If you are afraid to miss the size, then buy things "for growth." Another gift option would be linens. It must be of high quality, made from natural fabrics. And the images of various animals or cartoon characters will give the most magical and sweet dreams.

You can give cosmetics to the girl for christening. Of course we are talking about baby cosmetics, sold in specialized stores and absolutely harmless to delicate baby skin. Such a gift will especially please a baby who is already 3-4 years old. As well as clothes, there are not many toys. A great gift will be a developing toy, doll or big teddy bear. As a complement to these gifts, various goodies are suitable, which will become a symbol of a happy and sweet life.

It’s not customary to give alcohol for baptism, but the people have one unusual tradition: friends or relatives acquire a bottle of good wine, which the parents hide away and open it only on the day of the baby’s 16th birthday.

When choosing a gift, do not forget that baptism is not an ordinary holiday, it is, first of all, one of the sacraments.

Therefore, going to a celebration dedicated to christening, choose not just a gift.

You must put all your warmth and love into it.

It should be a real gift, a memorabilia that will always remind the girl of family people who are involved in this bright event.

May God grant you to experience many wonderful moments in the process of the rite and keep in your memory pleasant memories of the baby’s baptism!

What icon to give for christening for a girl?

Believers are often interested in what is suitable for christening for a baby. Priests advise choosing the following:

  • With the face of a saint, in whose honor the girl was baptized, for example, the great martyr Anastasia, Julia (Julia) the martyr.
  • With the image of a guardian angel. Parents often hang such an icon over the baby’s bed, so that he would protect it from all sorts of adversities.
  • With the face of a saint who is remembered on the birthday or baptism of a girl. For example, on December 4, the Introduction to the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated, so the icon with the Mother of God will be a suitable gift.
  • With the image of the Matrona of Moscow or Panteleimon the Healer. Such icons give children with poor health so that the saints help them recover as soon as possible.
  • Icon of the Virgin. When a girl grows up, she will turn to the Mother of God in difficult periods of her life, as well as at significant moments to instruct on the true path.
  • Icon of Jesus Christ. Regardless of the age and gender of the child, the image of the Son of God should be in every home. Thanks to him, prayers are heard faster.

In fact, it is not so important what exactly will become a gift for christening. It can be expensive jewelry, useful things, hand-made souvenirs, pleasant little things. It is important to present any surprise from a pure heart, with an open soul and bright thoughts.

TOP 29 ideas for baptism

When choosing what to give a child for baptism, it is important to take into account your status at this celebration, whether you are the hero of the occasion - the godfather or just a relative / family friend.

If you have chosen the latter, then the following list of possible presents for you:

  1. Icon. You need to understand that the best place to buy such things is, of course, the church. In this case, you can choose a suitable amulet from three options. The first is a nominal icon containing the church name of the baby, with whom he is called during the ceremony. Also, no one forbids presenting a dimensional icon, the length of which corresponds to the growth of the person presented at birth. In this case, the patron saint should be depicted on it in full growth. Universal icons are no less popular. It is believed that it is better to present the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary for baptism of a girl, while the image of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker will be closer to the boy. Regardless of gender, the icon depicting the Guardian Angel, which must be hung over the baptized bed, will always be appropriate. Sometimes it is not so easy to make a choice, especially if the baby has any features. For example, the icon of Panteleimon the Healer is more suitable for children with poor health, and it will protect the baby from troubles and inclement face of St. Matrona - a priest can help make a final decision,
  2. Baby bible. Modern publishers fill such books with so colorful and vivid illustrations that for many kids they become one of the most beloved. In addition, the entire text of the Bible is presented in large print in the form of simple stories that are understandable even to the smallest children. Naturally, it will not turn out to interest the child with such a present right away (due to his age and level of development), however, as practice shows, a little later many children can’t do without such a book for a single day,
  3. Gold or silver jewelry. In this case, we are not talking about a body cross. Choosing what to give a boy for baptism, it is appropriate to give preference to a pendant on a chain. It can be depicted as an icon or personal engraving (for example, with the boy’s date of birth, his name, metric, etc.). In the case of a girl, the choice is, of course, more extensive - similar pendant, ring, earrings, bracelet, pendant, etc.,
  4. Interior doll (most often porcelain). Many grandparents decide to give their grandson a christening or granddaughter just such a present, because this is not only a memorable thing, but also a good decoration for a children's room. You can make such a doll to order so that it looks as much as possible like a child,
  5. Silver spoon. Such a present can also be given individuality by engraving on the product, for example, with the name of the future owner and the date of his / her baptism. By the way, today many people prefer whole sets of such dishes, consisting of cutlery, plates and cups,
  6. Gold or silver coin. On one side of it can be applied the image of the Guardian Angel with the date of christening, and on the other - the name and birthday of the person being presented,
  7. Gift Sets (slips, body, overalls and other cute little things for children, decorated in the same style) or a fluffy white dress for the first birthday of the crumbs,
  8. Everything you may need in the bathroom - a convenient bath for bathing, rubber toys, a soft towel with embroidery in the form of the name of the child and a small cross, and much more,
  9. High-quality stroller with a cradle and a walking block (if the parents baptize the baby almost immediately after birth and have not yet had time to acquire this necessary vehicle),
  10. Beautiful birch bark or porcelain box, in which you can store a pectoral cross, the first cut-off curl or a dropped tooth of a child,
  11. Socks or booties,
  12. Toys (developing mat, crib mobile, soft toys, pool with balls, tolokar, etc.),
  13. Highchair or children's chaise longue,
  14. Silver frame set with a photograph of the newborn and the wall cross, which can be placed next to it or over the bed of the donated,
  15. DIY embroidered picture on the subject of baptism (can be done using beads, by embroidery with a cross, etc.),
  16. Crib Accessories (sides, canopy, bedding set, warm blanket, etc.),
  17. A toy with a metric, made according to an individual sketch,
  18. Volume soft letters-pillows repeating the name of the baby,
  19. Cocoon nest for a newborn, in which he will feel more comfortable and safer,
  20. Beautiful photo album
  21. Incense Pendant
  22. A bag for storing the first strand of the baby (you can also embroider its name on it, dates of birth and baptism),
  23. A book with parables and Orthodox tales,
  24. A soothing nightlight with a projector and soothing music,
  25. Payment for the services of a photographer or videographer on the day of christening,
  26. Certificate of purchase in a large children's goods store (so that parents themselves can purchase what they really need for their beloved child),
  27. Candlestick in the form of an angel for a church candle,
  28. The baptismal cake
  29. A beautiful bottle filled with holy water.

What to give for baptism from the godparents

Starting from the moment of the ceremony, the baby acquires two more very close people, comparable in value to their blood parents. It is, naturally, about godparents. So, what to give the godmother for the baptism of the child or the godfather:

Baptismal outfit. You can give a baptismal shirt to a godchild for baptism. Answers to the question “what to give for the baptism of a girl?” May include such options as a dress, sundress, bonnet. At the same time, white socks will become a universal present, regardless of the gender of the person being gifted.

If the ceremony is planned to be carried out in the cold season, you can supplement the church outfit with a warm blouse. It is important to remember that all clothing for this occasion should be white, as it symbolizes purity and purity.

A distinctive detail of your gifts, which can make them unique, can be personalized embroidery, which you can do yourself or ask the masters in your hometown for help,

Kryzhma. The godfather or godmother may well present to his little ward a special towel in which the baby is wrapped after the baptismal rite - in fact, it is called the Crimean.

The main criterion that you should pay attention to when buying this kind of product is the fabric from which it is made. It should be a natural, dense material of white color. As ornaments, church patterns may be pale pink or blue, depending on the gender of the newborn. The obligatory symbol, of course, is the cross.

Do not forget to pre-consecrate the fabric at the priest,

Pectoral cross. Choosing what to give for baptism to a boy or girl from the godparents, the first thing that comes to mind is a body cross. When choosing this jewelry in a church or store (by the way, in the latter case, it will have to be taken to church and sanctified in advance), you should focus not on the high cost, but on the material from which it is made and safety for the child.

So, it is better to give preference to silver, rather than gold jewelry without sharp edges and corners, as well as stones. The chain can be purchased complete with a cross, but it is even better to buy a strong thread, which the baby will use the first years of his life.

What to give for baptism to parents

Christening is a holiday not only for the baby himself, but also for his mom and dad. As a rule, they relate to this day with trepidation, because now their beloved child is under the reliable protection of God.

Given this, a present should be provided not only for the little culprit, but also for his parents, who will undoubtedly be pleased to receive gifts such as:

Large family photo in a beautiful frame or poster. What could be better than memorabilia that remind one of their most important things in life? A beautifully designed photograph that captures the whole family is the best example of this.

There is also nothing wrong with presenting such a present after christening, in order to be able to print a photograph taken on this important day. In this case, it will be symbolic on the back of the photo to indicate the date of baptism.

The presented present is the easiest way to give a grandson to christening, because, as a rule, it’s easy to find successful shots in the archives of grandparents,

Casts of the legs and handles of a baby. This idea is becoming more and more popular every year, which is not surprising, because such a little thing gives parents the opportunity to admire the tiny hands and heels of their children many years after their birth.

You can supplement the casts with a cute photo of the baby, as well as indicating his dates of birth and baptism. It is naturally better to enclose the overall composition in a volumetric frame that can protect it from dust and mechanical damage,

Arrangement of sweets, cahors bottles and angel figurines. Most likely, this is not even a present, but a pleasant sign of attention to parents in whose life a significant event has occurred.

They will be able to celebrate it with sweets and wine, and the figure of an angel will remind them for many years that their child is under divine protection, as well as a good gesture on your part. It is better to put the whole set in a large basket or a beautiful gift bag.

How to choose what to give your child for baptism

Baptizing a child is a tradition that requires a special, extremely delicate approach. This applies not only to the godparents of the baby, but also to all the other guests invited to the event. So, in order to really please parents and demonstrate their good thoughts towards the baby, we recommend that you follow a number of recommendations:

  1. Having decided that the icon is the best gift for the day of christening, one should take into account its popularity and agree in advance with other friends and relatives of the family who is going to present which icon. It will be strange if the baby subsequently hangs in the room the same icons with the image of the Virgin and Child, but several different patrons will not interfere with the child,
  2. For this reason, it is better to give preference to symbolic gifts. However, if for any reason you do not have the opportunity to purchase this kind of present, feel free to take practical things. Even if they are not connected in any way with Orthodox traditions, sooner or later they will come in handy anyway,
  3. As for the godparents, they are just better off choosing church gifts - their mission as newly-minted spiritual mentors is to get involved in spiritual life, and such things will be the first step on this important path,
  4. There is nothing wrong with discussing this or that present with the parents of the person being gifted. Perhaps the thing you’ve chosen is simply not needed by the family or they plan to get it from another guest - such a conversation will avoid annoying mistakes,
  5. If all the gifts that are suitable, in your opinion, are taken apart by other guests or if there isn’t one that suits your liking, present the envelope with money to the parents of the baby. Of course, this gift is not very suitable for such a bright holiday, but sometimes it turns out to be very handy for the family and makes it possible to purchase really necessary things. In addition, the situation can be saved by supplementing it with a memorable souvenir that is consonant with the celebration,
  6. Whatever option you choose, complement it with a bouquet of flowers for the baby's mom.It will be a beautiful gesture towards the woman who performed the miracle - she brought a new person to this world, and she deserves thanks for that. Too bright and fragrant colors, it is better to prefer delicate compositions in pastel colors.

What is better not to give for the baptism of a child

In order not to cause disappointment or perplexity on the part of the parents of the newborn, gifts such as:

  • Alcoholic drinks. This gift is considered completely unsuitable for such a bright day, the only exception is Cahors, as it is recognized as church wine (it is believed that it symbolizes the blood of Christ),
  • Money. As mentioned above, they can be given on christening day, but only as a last resort and supplemented with some symbolic little thing (for example, in the form of a souvenir),
  • Worn garments designed for the baptismal ceremony. Such things as a baptismal shirt or dress are used strictly once and only by one child - they are not accepted for anyone to redistribute, but, on the contrary, must be removed after the event.

From aunt and uncle

Close relatives can buy a gift set of children's dishes made of silver or cupronickel: a spoon, fork, cup, saucer. It is believed that this metal attracts goodness, prosperity, good luck to the child, protects from the evil eye, damage. In addition, silver has a bactericidal effect - it destroys pathogenic microbes not only in food, drinks, but also in the oral cavity. On the products you can make a memorable engraving with the name of the baby and the date of Baptism.

Gold or silver earrings will be a valuable gift. Most likely, they will become the first jewelry in the life of a little girl, so they will be remembered forever.

But today it is not necessary to give symbolic things and objects related to Baptism. Aunt and uncle can present a beautiful set of bedding, a knitted blanket in a crib or stroller, playpen, a large teddy bear. Parents of the girl will certainly be delighted with an elegant dress, costume, set of clothes for the future fashionista.

If financial opportunities allow, you can give furniture to a nursery, a dollhouse or a bicycle.

Christening decorations

Among jewelry, preference should be given to silver gizmos. This is if we are talking about family friends and people close to her. Before buying a cross with a chain, it is worth asking the parents if the baby has such a thing. The earrings, which the girl will be able to wear later, as well as a bracelet for growth or a “Save and Save” ring, will be useful.

How to choose church gifts?

Choosing gifts on church subjects, it is worth considering several points. Among them are:

  • how faithful the family is and whether the ceremony is done at their own request or because "it is necessary",
  • the attitude of parents to such presentations.

If, nevertheless, the choice falls on the things that are sold in church parishes, it is best to consult with the clergyman what to choose. He will be able to tell which of the things will actually protect the child from evil eyes, and which will help protect oneself from diseases and other misfortunes in the future.

DIY gifts

Topical on the day of christening will be gifts made by yourself. The best ones are:

  • embroidered paintings (it is desirable that they depict a girl, her date of birth and date of baptism are indicated),
  • sides in the crib (recently a very popular gift, which will not be difficult to make),
  • Toys with metrics
  • double-sided rugs,
  • cocoon for babies,
  • a doll made from a photograph of a baby,
  • photo albums where you can make important notes about the baby’s first year of life.

Sample gift options

It is worth remembering that gifts for christening are presented directly on the day of the event. Only those given by the godparents can be handed in advance, as they may be needed already in the church.Examples of gifts are:

  • sets of holiday clothes,
  • Kryzhma
  • unusual lamps, candlesticks,
  • souvenir toys made of silver.

Gifts for christening from grandparents

Representatives of the older generation with infinite warmth and awe relate to their grandchildren, and on the day of baptism they have the opportunity to give them a good memorable gift. Such things can be useful in the daily life of babies or have a religious character and be given for educational purposes.

Gifts from grandfather can be different, those that are made by oneself are especially interesting:

  • it’s a beautiful wooden or birch bark box or basket for the granddaughter, in which you can put sweets and fruits,
  • personally assembled model of a car, helicopter or ship,
  • souvenir figures made of wood or plaster in the form of angels,
  • pieces of furniture, such as a home-made highchair, a bookshelf or even a desk for a student.

Grandmother’s presentations are clothes sewn for granddaughters, a suit, a dress, a beautiful blouse, a knitted scarf with a hat, multi-colored socks or a picturesque picture-embroidery with a cross or stitch in a beautiful frame that can become a family heirloom.

Also, memorable things can be inexpensive religious souvenirs - figurines made of metal, porcelain, ceramics depicting saints, small icons and medallions with the face of the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary, original church candles, bronze bells with an angel, vessels for spruce, incense and special jugs for washing.

What to give to the Christening girl from guests?

Cousins ​​and friends can buy a silver bell, a rattle, which will be stored as a valuable heirloom, or please the baby and her parents with practical and interesting gifts:

  • birthday cake
  • family photo shoot
  • set of photo frames,
  • children's dishes
  • toys
  • clothes, a set of towels.

The main thing - gifts should be given from the heart and with love!

Useful ideas

Among the useful ideas are the following:

  • custom-made cake (such a present should be discussed with the girl’s parents in advance so that they don’t have time to order it themselves),
  • certificate for a baby photo shoot with parents,
  • a set of towels
  • bedding sets,
  • a bottle sterilizer (if the baby is breast-fed),
  • rattle set
  • bathing set in the bathroom.

Is it worth giving money?

Many people wonder whether it would be appropriate for christening a gift for a girl like money. Naturally, yes. Parents, having received a certain amount in their hands, will be able to purchase for the baby what they consider necessary. In addition, do not worry about the fact that the amount should be fabulous.

Sometimes a small present and envelope with money is enough to make a pleasant thing for your relatives, friends, who have a wonderful baby growing up. The average amount that is presented to the christening, ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles. Naturally, everything depends on the ability of the donor, his financial situation, region of residence. Do not give away the last money, it is unlikely that this will please the baby's parents.

How to give godparents and parents to girls?

The godparents are usually presented with the baby’s parents. Actual and pleasant among them will be:

  • icons
  • Bible,
  • save and save ring
  • inexpensive household appliances,
  • large warm rugs
  • cookware,
  • casts of the legs and arms of the baby.

Parents can also present each other with either icons or incense sticks. For guests, it is best to present the girl’s mother with a bouquet of flowers or “fruit”, “sweet” baskets.

What to present to an adult woman for christening?

Adults who have decided that they will undergo the baptismal rite, usually do not extend this. Holidays such as at the time of christening children are not arranged and, of course, that guests are not invited.However, if one of the girls' acquaintances decided to baptize and indicate the date of this event, it is quite possible to congratulate a person by presenting him with an icon, spiritual books, a crucifix, a cross, a container for holy water, candlesticks, CDs with audio recordings of church writings or audio books. Naturally, when celebrating this event, money will be a great option for congratulations.

What is not worth giving?

Basically, baptism is such a day that any gifts are gratefully received. The only thing that requires etiquette of congratulations on such an event is to know in advance in detail which presents the other guests will present. It is unlikely that the baby's parents will be happy with two identical spoons of silver or the Bibles. If in doubt when choosing a gift, you should also consult with them. When choosing a present, it is important to remember that it must be made from the heart, with pure thoughts and heart. Otherwise, the baby will not be of use to him.

What is usually given to christening

As a rule, things that directly relate to religion always remain in memory. These are incense sticks, crosses, church literature for children, etc. All this can be given to the girl’s christening, and even books, because the time is not far off when they can be read aloud to the daughter or granddaughter. Often in such books the deeds of the saints are described in a simple and understandable language for the child. Another topic is Christmas. Books about this event can be almost without text, but with beautiful pictures, provided with signatures, from which the story of the Holy Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ is made up.

You can give incense to the baby. A girl may not even refuse this subject in her teens, but just show interest in him. Teenagers love all kinds of amulets. And frankincense is perfect for them, because it is a bag, usually decorated with an icon or an image of a cross worn around the neck. There you need to put a piece of incense. However, a girl can store other small things in such a bag. Since frankincense is a wearable item that is not on display, you can store there that is dear to the heart. And if the girl is a believer, then she will find a worthy use for this bag.

Not everyone heard of such a talisman, and this is not surprising. After all, dimensional icons were previously made exclusively for royalty, they were written for the birth of a child - the heir to the throne or just the grand duke or princess. Today there are sites that offer the creation of dimensional icons for anyone. These are the resources of icon-painting workshops, so there is no need to fear that the image will be painted by a random person.

You need to choose a dimensional icon by the name of the child whom they are going to baptize. If the girl was called Martha, then you need to choose the image of St. Martha. Church names differ from worldly names, and this is not uncommon today. Therefore, it is advisable to find out from the priest which icon to choose for a particular girl’s name.

Kryzhma and clothes for baptism

Another little-known word is kryzhma. It means special baptismal clothing. Baptismal clothes sets can be sold in church shops and ordinary children's stores. Kryzhma is worn only once - immediately after the baptismal rite in the font. Along with clothes, you can buy a diaper embroidered with Orthodox symbols, on which the godmother takes the baby from the priest after the font.

The cross is the main subject that appears in the baptismal rite. It is better to buy it in advance. Usually crosses are sold in church shops, which are at the temples or separately. In both cases, the crosses are already consecrated. And if you bought this attribute in a jewelry store, then it may not be consecrated. Then he will have to be sanctified in church in advance.

Often parents are interested in: do I need to purchase a chain for a cross and should it be consecrated? You can buy it, too, consecrated, but it's too early to put it on the baby’s neck.At first, the girl should wear a cross on a rope. The chain is easier to break, it can crash into a tender infant body, so that it can be put off until the moment the girl can wear it. But in any case, this is a good gift for christening, because it will come in handy, moreover, it is very valuable.

Such a book can also be obtained in an Orthodox shop or in a store. Today there is no persecution of church literature, so its choice is quite wide. The Bible for children is adapted material that the child understands. A children's bible can be presented even to a baby who will not soon learn to read. Many mothers try to keep the holy book at the head of the crib or even under the pillow of the child, believing that this will protect him from various misfortunes, including from the evil eye or damage.

Christening gift ideas for a girl from the godfather

The godparents can not only fulfill their role in the rite of baptism, but also present some kind of gift to the child. You can give your godmother something useful that the parents themselves are not able to buy, or a traditional gift.

A silver spoon is usually given “for the first” clove, but there is an exception: a gift for christening. Such a spoon has its purpose - for communion. And although the church gives the baby Cahors not from an individual spoon, it will not be superfluous to have a similar one at home. For the baby she will not be superfluous. The baby can be given holy or plain water from this spoon, as well as medicines.

Cross for baptism

It was traditionally believed that the godfather should buy the cross. After all, he is then supposed to educate his goddaughter in the Orthodox tradition. Of course, before the godmothers were chosen not from a good life, but because they were afraid that the child might remain an orphan. And then either the godfather or the godmother should have taken him into the family. But this is from a worldly point of view. But the church gave this another meaning: godparents should take part in raising a child and raise him a believer. A cross is a symbol of faith.

The girl will be able to take the first steps with the help of such a device earlier than just like that. In addition, it will be perfectly protected from many troubles, and not just from falls. This is a big thing for children, so it can be expensive for parents, and they have so many expenses. If the godmother gives the walker, it will be a great help and benefit for the baby when she learns to walk.

Photo album

Such a gift is not directly related to the rite of baptism, but it will be very useful in the future. In this album, parents can start collecting photos of the girl, so that later there is something to remember about the first years of her life.

In this frame you can upload any photos, including those from christening. So from the godfather, this gift will be very appropriate. In addition, he can show off in this frame himself. The main thing is to choose a good-quality photo frame so that it works for a long time. After all, the goddaughter should then herself use this gift.

What the godmother must give

Kryzhma - this is the item that, as usual, is bought by the godmother. If the parents have already bought a baptismal shirt, then the godmother can buy a diaper. After all, the naked little girl after the font needs to be wrapped in something, wiped and only then put on the kryzhma. If the girl is baptized in cold weather, then you can give a blanket as well: it certainly will not be superfluous in the household.

DIY birthday gift for goddaughter

And kryzhma, and a blanket, and a diaper can be done with your own hands. That is, an ordinary object can be embroidered with symbolism for christening, embroider the name of the child. You can also give little angels to the baby, and what you make of them, it depends on your inclinations. You can mold them from clay and burn them in the oven, then this gift can be stored for a long time.

Cake made of diapers

If the girl is in infancy, then waterproof diapers are a daily necessity for her. There are several options for how to make an impromptu cake using a ribbon and diapers. And although it has nothing to do with the baptism of a baby, it is still a very necessary thing, besides it is unusually presented.

Jewelry for the little princess on christening

A girl may not be baptized even in the first year of life, and then she will be glad of any decoration. If these are earrings, then you can generally choose them from jewelry metal. Firstly, the probability of losing them is less than a chain or a ringlet, and secondly, gold and silver very rarely cause allergies. In general, these metals are considered beneficial to humans.

If parents believe that jewelry should be preserved and given to their child later, then do not be offended. Perhaps they want to keep them until the more conscious age of the little princess, when she can appreciate this gift and will treat it with care.

What to give for baptism to granddaughter from grandparents

Grandparents babies can be quite wealthy people. Many of them still continue to work, so they can buy an expensive gift. But if they have late children, or their children have a baby late, then grandparents may already be pensioners, and then their contribution in terms of the value of the gift will be noticeably more modest. But this does not mean at all that it will not be so significant just for the baby.

DIY clothes or diapers

If the grandmother sews baby clothes on a typewriter, as well as diapers, sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers - all this will be an excellent help to a young family. The fabrics from which things are sewn for babies are worth mere pennies, but the finished products from them for some reason turn out to be expensive.

A knitted blanket for a baby is a great way to protect her in the summer on walks from the evening cool. And in winter, it can become an addition to a children's blanket, if the apartment is not very warm. Such a plaid can make a baby’s bed when the girl is awake and is in the playpen or walkers. Or even walk with her.

Bike or stroller

A stroller is not always a transformer, sometimes parents first buy a regular “lying” stroller or get it from friends who already have a child. Therefore, the stroller received as a gift is an invaluable aid to a young family. If a regular stroller (including a transformer) is already available, then parents will not refuse an additional stroller cane as an easy option.

A bicycle with a long handle (or sled, if we are talking about the winter period) is also a wonderful and timely gift. Parents often use this alternative to a stroller when the baby begins to attend a day nursery.

Chair for babies

Children's furniture is also not purchased immediately. And it will be especially nice to get a highchair made by grandfather personally. If the grandfather knows how to craft things from wood, he will be able to find instructions from the same craftsmen on the Internet. And then the girl will have the most original chair. After all, the grandfather will be creative in its manufacture.

What icon to give to the girl christening

The christening is often presented with icons depicting a saint whose name the girl was named. You can also present an image with the image of Jesus Christ or the Virgin. Usually in the temple where the child is baptized, there is a main icon. For example, this is the church of Cosmas and Damian. So, the girl can also be presented with an icon with these saints - in memory of the temple.

Many children are given St. Panteleimon, since they believe that it carries health and protection from diseases. For a baby, if she is often sick, it is quite appropriate to present this icon.

If you want to carefully consider the choice of a shrine for a gift to the goddaughter, then consult with the priest, and he will tell you the most correct option.In addition, from the priest you can learn a lot about this icon, about its meaning. Then, presenting this gift, you can tell parents what it will mean for the girl.

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