Prayers in front of the Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Inexhaustible Chalice

The “Inexhaustible Chalice” icon is attributed to one of the core types of the image of the figure of the Virgin in iconography. It implies the exact writing of the image of a praying mother of God, whose arms are open and raised up. Such a gesture is considered traditional for Oranta's prayer pose.

In addition to the central image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, spreading her arms in a gesture of intercession, in the middle of the icon is the Cup of Communion, as a symbol of an inexhaustible source of spiritual joy and comfort, and the Divine Infant in it.

In general, the image symbolizes a reminder to all those in need that the Inexhaustible Chalice of God's protection, participation, protection and compassion is intended for them, which will never run out.

The story of the miraculous power of the icon and prayer

According to legend, once a man, languishing from drunkenness, had a dream, where a monk ordered him to appear in the temple. An icon called the Inexhaustible Chalice was kept in this church. Having bowed to the face of the Virgin Mary depicted on her, ask for deliverance from the ailment.

The drunkard did not immediately fulfill the commandment of the servant of God and continued to drink the bitter. Soon his legs were taken away. Frightened, the peasant gathered on the path that he had done on his knees, since he could no longer walk.

For a long time, a man searched for the icon he needed, until one day he found it in the Serpukhov monastery.

The patient did everything as a monk told him in a dream: bowing low to the Virgin, he uttered the necessary words. Sincerity and a great desire to be cured were heard, and the peasant got rid of the destructive habit and leg disease.

The first mention of the miraculous power of the icon “Inexpressible Chalice” dates back to the 19th century.


Praying for the healing of the drinker, addressed to the icon, is essential and can work miracles. Many wives and mothers who sought help from the holy face of the Virgin Mary received it.

Believers absolutely do not doubt the miraculous power of prayer and say that it is able not only to cure alcoholics and drug addicts of their dependence, but to change their worldview, gain lost spirituality, be reborn again and continue their journey as a new person.

The text of the prayer, taken from the prayer book:

Oh, merciful Lady! We now resort to Your intercession, do not despise our prayers, but graciously hear us: wives, children, mothers, and the grave affliction of drunkenness of the possessed, and for the sake of your mother - the Church of Christ and the salvation of those falling away, brothers, and sisters, and our relative is healed .
O merciful Mother of God, touch their hearts and soon rebuild them from the fall of sinfulness, bring them to saving abstinence. Dear your Son, Christ our God, forgive us our sins and not turn away our mercies from our people, but let us strengthen us in sobriety and chastity. Accept, Blessed Virgin Mary, the prayers of mothers, for shedding tears of their children, wives, of their weeping husbands, children, orphans and wretched, who have erred left, and all of us, falling to Your icon. And may our cry come, through your prayers, to the throne of the Most High. Cover and keep us from crafty trapping and all the machinations of enemies, at the terrible hour of our exodus help us to go through unhurriedly ordeal, with Thy prayers, deliver us eternal condemnation, may God's grace cover us forever and ever. Amen.

Rules for Praying

In order for prayer to have power, clergymen recommend it to be read in a certain way, observing the established order.

Short list of wishes:

  • Before applying for the “Inexpressible Chalice” icon for healing, you must keep the post for 40 days. At this time, exclude alcohol, smoking, meat dishes, dairy products, butter, eggs, confectionery, which includes animal fats,
  • at least twelve times you need to pronounce the words of the prayer, referring to the image of the Virgin, depicted on the icon,
  • you can ask for help and intercession all seven days a week, regardless of the time of day: at night, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening,
  • It’s undesirable to talk about what you’re doing. Appeal to the saints is a sacrament, and it is necessary to remain silent in order to avoid negativity on the part of people, for example: unnecessary conversations, gossip, evil eye, and so on,
  • one should proceed to the akathist alone without prying eyes. It’s best to do this at home while no one is there,
  • prayer is pronounced while standing, with a lit church candle,
  • prerequisite: daily before a meal, drink a glass of holy water,
  • it is believed that prayer takes on special strength if it is pronounced by an alcohol-independent person on his own: husband, son, brother, daughter, mother, father, but provided that this is done from the bottom of the heart with a sincere desire to overcome the disease,
  • in parallel, a prayer should be erected to the Lord God, the Christian saints: the great martyr Panteleimon - the healer, and the martyr Boniface.

How often to read a prayer?

The more often the appeal for help in healing is pronounced, the better.

You need to pray daily, observing the rules and not counting on a quick result. Who, how much can: 20, 30, 40 and more times.

According to priests and people who have passed this difficult path, the main thing here is patience, perseverance and faith in healing. If suddenly the hope for a positive result leaves or the forces leave the asker, then, having gathered the will, you need to double the effort, increasing the number of repetitions of the prayer. Often a plea for deliverance from a serious illness will be heard and salvation will come.

The command to serve a moleben

Having received a repeated order in a dream to go to Serpukhov and there to serve a moleben in front of the icon of the Inexhaustible Chalice in the monastery church, this disabled person (because of his constant drunkenness, his legs were taken away) with difficulty, but made this journey. However, in the monastery at first they did not understand what kind of icon they were talking about? And only then, in one of the aisles, a little-known image of the Virgin was found, on the back of which was written “Inexhaustible Chalice”.

Troparion, voice 4

to the Divine and wonderful image of the Most Holy Mother of God,

Drinking faithful hearts

heavenly inexhaustible chalice of His mercy

and people faithful showing miracles.

Already we see and hear spiritually celebrate and warmly cry out:

heal our ailments and passions

prayerfully Thy Son, Christ our God, save our souls.

Getting rid of the ailment of drunkenness

After the service, the soldier received bodily health from him and got rid of the passion of drunkenness. This became known, after which so many Orthodox Russian people like him, suffering from the same bodily and spiritual illness, began to flock to this icon. From which a real source of healing has expired for all who are obsessed with this disease.

The fate of the icon during the years of the atheism

During the years of the communist-atheistic hard times, the fate of this icon is unknown. It is believed that her lists were burned at the close of St. St. Nicholas Cathedral. However, there is a rumor that after the "expropriation", or rather, the robbery of church values ​​by the atheists, this illiterate nonsense, they say, came up with the following way of their "implementation".

Verse of the 50th Psalm, voice 6

Today, the Lady, the miraculous icon is glorified,

today return to prayer before her from everywhere gather

today and unbelief thoughts of repentance light up,

Heavenly forces rejoice in the glory of the Most Holy,

we, as an angel, learn how to cry:

Rejoice, gracious Lord with you

blessed are you in wives

blessed is your mercy to us,

blessed is the fruit of thy womb, glory to you.

Troparion to the Blessed Virgin Mary before Her icon “Inexhaustible Chalice”, voice 4

. Dnes ppitetsem ve.pnites' / to the Divine and ppechudnomu CL Ppesvyatyya Bogomatepi, / watered ve.pnites' sepdtsa / heaven Inexhaustible cup His milosepdiya / and lyudem ve.pnites' miracles Fashion / ordeal we are seeing and hearing the spiritual ppazdnuem and warmth we cry: / Lady ppemilostivaya, / heal our infirmities and passions / prayers of Thy Son of Christ, our God // save our souls.

Transfer:Today we will turn, believers, to the Divine and precarious image of the Most Holy Theotokos, filling the hearts of believers with Her mercy from the heavenly Inexpressible Chalice and showing miracles to believers, seeing and hearing about which, we spiritually celebrate and warmly exclaim: “Mistress, merciful, heal our diseases and passions praying to your Son Christ our God to save our souls. "

Useful materials

The paints used by icon painters often contained gold, although in negligible quantities. Therefore, somewhere in the north of the Soviet Deputies a special factory was opened, in which, on the basis of special technology, icons were burned in order to obtain gold from ash. These idiots, atheists burned a lot of icons, eventually receiving about 8 kilograms of precious metal. Now one ancient Russian icon (!) Is worth much or even more expensive, and this is not to mention their invaluable spiritual value. And who after this egregious and similar examples will argue that atheism is a kind of madness ?! For:

Kondak to the Blessed Virgin Mary before Her icon “The Inexhaustible Chalice”

Thy holy holy meal, having Heavenly Bread, our God of God, does not die from Him any poisonous, as is the case of all, the Mother of God, Mother of God.

Transfer:Your womb was the Holy See, which housed the Heavenly Bread (John 6:35), Christ of our God, whoever eats Him does not die (John 6:44), as the Mother of God, Mother of God said.

Lists with a miraculous image

Icon of the Mother of God "Inexhaustible Chalice"

However, now, although slowly, a process of sobering up our people from such insanity is taking place. One of the signs of this was the writing in 1992 by the icon painter A. Sokolov of the new list of the icon “Inexhaustible Chalice”, then glorified by many miracles. Now it is located in the Vysotsky monastery of the city of Surpukhov. After the Vladychny Monastery was restored there in 1995 (this icon was first shown in it in 1878), another list was made there, also known for miracles.

The Day of Celebrating the Inexhaustible Chalice Icon is May 18.

What does the “Inexhaustible Chalice” icon mean and how does it help?

Icon of the Mother of God "Inexhaustible Chalice"

Without going into detail about the writing style, appearance, etc. this icon (since this is done in other material on this site), it should indicate its spiritual meaning. More precisely, on two of its instructions (first and last) to those who want to get rid of alcoholism. The first of these indications is obvious both on the icon and in the prayer before it, as well as in their paradoxical, at first glance, name.

What is striking here is that the Chalice symbolically heals from the ailment of wine drinking, i.e. chalice is a liturgical vessel used during the Divine Liturgy to bring ordinary wine into the Blood of Christ. And although this is true the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, but at the same time it preserves all the properties of wine, including some intoxicating effect. What is well known to all clergy, especially deacons, who consume a rather large bowl at the end of the liturgy.

However, not all of them, but only true partakers, know that this “intoxicating” action is extraordinary, giving them special joy, which is the fruit of the Holy Spirit (cf. Gal. 5:22). In this sense, the psalmist said:

Here we are talking not only and not so much about bodily as about spiritual joy of the appearance of Wine, which is the Blood of Christ.

Why is this first of all necessary to know and remember to all those who, with God's help, want to get rid of wine drinking? Because the first satanic excuse that the enemy throws to the most unreasonable of these fighters is to declare wine and all intoxicating drinks evil in themselves. Such usually without any analysis of place, time and circumstances require the strictest “dry” law and pronounce other dubious maxims.

But this is completely unacceptable to a pious Orthodox Christian! Because it is a blasphemy against the main Sacrament of Christianity - the Eucharist, which takes place on wine. Declaring it evil, blasphemously declares such a Sacrament as such. And they also blaspheme God as the creator of the evil, because He created grapes and other plants from which wines are made. But God is not the creator of evil, and, in any case, you cannot ask Him for help and at the same time blaspheme Him. He who acts so foolishly will not receive anything from Him, no matter what shrines and penetrating prayers, he does not pray.

Advice to women who suffer from alcoholism of husbands, sons and other close people

This must be remembered, especially for women who are especially suffering from the drunkenness of their husbands, sons and other relatives. Such wives are usually most susceptible to the mentioned satanic vault. Therefore, they can be advised of the following: write in capital letters (even in your heart, at least on the poster) the following very wise patristic dictum: “Wine is not reprehensible - drunkenness is to blame” - and act in accordance with this wisdom!

Healing Holy Communion Cup

This is the first, necessary step in the fight against alcoholism. And the last one, which is also depicted on the icon “Inexhaustible Chalice”, is that you bring her, for communion of your husband, son, another relative. But before the sim, as a rule, there is a long way to go. Let's start with the most difficult case when a drunkard does not want to get rid of his passion. Then it is necessary to pray for his admonition, so that he himself has such a good intention.

If this happens, and a good spark will sink into his soul, one must carefully and carefully inflate in her a fiery desire to defeat his ailment. Besides praying for him, it is necessary to give him holy water to drink, especially when he wants to get drunk. Gently but edifyingly persuade him to go to church for confession and communion.

At the same time, in no case should one reproach a relative who has stumbled and drunk again with excessive anger. This will not help at all, but will only aggravate the ailment. The demon of drunkenness in this case will also help his filthy brother - the demon of anger. And both of them will dance for joy, seeing us angry.

But if we do not give place to anger, even if we hold back our tongue, and when we see our loved ones drunk, we pray with Jesus prayer, and even with tears, then both of these demons will have a hard time. For each such brief prayer, uttered aloud or in the mind, will be a real arrow in his heart.

Finally, if our ailing relative came to church, sincerely confessed, took communion with faith and a desire to get rid of drunkenness, he will certainly receive at least some relief from his illness. But at the same time, he should explain that this spiritual medicine should be taken again and again. Indeed, in ordinary medicine, every patient undergoes a whole course of therapy, all the while taking certain procedures, as well as a variety of pills. And not so much that I ate one pill, felt relieved, and already healthy.

If a repenting drunkard confesses and takes communion in the temple once, having received temporary relief there, and then forever forgets the way there, it will be much worse than before. Then he can fall into such a binge, from which he will not quit.

How not to pray

It should be noted that self-complacency is characteristic of a fallen human nature, i.e. an opinion of oneself as a cluster of all virtues, or, at worst, as a "very good person." Such was the supply Pharisee, praying in himself like this:

The Pharisees had real virtues, but his prayer in the temple was not heard by God, and he came out of there less justified than the despised publican (Luke 18:14). Why did it happen ?!

And here's why: a characteristic feature of this kind of people is this: when they suffer grief, trouble - it is always unexpected for them. “What is it for me,” they say in such cases, testifying to the fact that they expect for granted only all sorts of benefits as if they were supposed to pay for their alleged “highest virtues”. But then, therefore, such a person in prayer will not ask God for this or that, but will, in his complacency and pride, demand this from Him as supposedly “due.”

But what does the Creator who created us and, moreover, the Creator redeemed us owe us, and what can we demand from Him ?! On the contrary, it is we, the fallen of His creatures, that we owe Him all around, so we cannot ask Him for anything in debt. No matter how grievous adversity, misfortune, sorrow we would not have to endure, we can not at all demand from Him at least their cessation.

What prayer will be strong

We can only ask for His mercy, and not according to our imaginary “merits”, which we do not have close, but as a gift, i.e. of what is given for nothing. And then God will certainly hear us and give us useful things, for He is by His nature generous and merciful.

So, before you begin to pray, humble yourself. Look into your mundane soul, remember a life full of sins, crushing your own proud spirit and unclean heart, then you will understand that you can not demand anything from the Lord, but you can only humbly ASK for His mercy. And He will certainly hear you, for the true “sacrifice to God the spirit is broken: the heart, broken and humble, will not abase God” (Ps. 50:19).

Then the prayer in front of the icon “Inexhaustible Chalice” will be useful to us, as it has already helped many to recover from drunkenness and drug addiction.

The text of the prayer for the icon “Inexhaustible Chalice” from alcoholism and drug addiction in Russian

First prayer

Oh, Gracious Lady! We are now resorting to your intercession, do not despise our prayers, but graciously hear us, wives, children and mothers, and heal with a grave malady the drunkenness of the possessed, and for the sake of your mother, the Church of Christ, and the salvation of the falling brothers and sisters and our relative. O Gracious Mother of God, touch their hearts and soon rebuild from the fall of sinfulness, bring them to a saving abstinence. Pray for His Son, Christ our God, forgive us our sins and not turn His mercy away from His people, but may He strengthen us in sobriety and chastity. Accept, Blessed Virgin Mary, the prayers of mothers, for shedding tears of their children, wives, of their weeping husbands, children, orphans and wretched, those who have strayed abandoned, and all of us, falling to Your icon. And may our cry come, by Your prayers, to the Throne of the Most High. Covered and keep us from crafty trapping and all the machinations of enemies, at the terrible hour of the outcome of our help, prayerlessly air your ordeal with Thy prayers, deliver us eternal condemnation, may God's grace cover us forever and ever. Amen.

Second prayer

Our Tsarina Blessed, our hope, the Most Holy Theotokos, friend of the orphaned and strange Intercession, the poor in need and embittered veil. See our misfortune, see our sorrow: from everywhere temptations are obsessed with Esma, and the intercessor be carried. Thou shalt help us yourself, as you are feeble, feed, as strange, instruct us as lost, heal and save us, as hopeless. Not the imams of other help, nor other intercession, nor comfort, tokmo to you, about the mother of all the mournful and burdened. Look at us sinners and in the bitterness of those who are covering us with Your Honorable Omophor. Yes, we will be delivered from the evils that have outstripped us, but most of all drunkenness. May we always praise your Most Holy Name. Amen.

Canon of the Most Holy Theotokos in honor of Her icon “Inexhaustible Chalice”

Song 1

Irmos: O mouth of my mouth, they will be filled with the Spirit, and I will burp out the word to the Queen of Mother, and I will appear, triumphantly in light, and sing, rejoicing, That miracles.

And Ngel cries out to you, Virgo Pure: Rejoice! But what will we bring Ti, the good of the Tsar, the good Mati, as if you showed us in this last time a treasure that is not merit - Your miraculous icon for the sanctification and healing of our souls and bodies.

Thou wake us affirmation, and in trouble a speedy intercession, Queen of Heaven and earth, on You we hope, continually praying for Your Alms.

God blessed you with spiritual servant Thy slave, Life begotten, Immaculate Pure Virgin, Your holy icon, her glorification is lightly celebrated, faithful, we are free from all troubles and mournful situations.

With the fifth Lady, the Most Pure God of our Mother, all Creator indescribably born, always pray that the goodness of His passions will deliver us and the remission of sins for us to bestow.

O dawn, the all-encompassing Virgo, cleansing the solar luminosities, our dazzling mind with the mind of true Theology of God, and let us not perish in our sinners: our thoughts of godliness of our hearts enlighten, yes, saved by Thee, joyfully exclaim: glory to power, glory and mercy to Your Lord, Benefactor all good

Let’s thank you, who had been chosen to be the Mother of the Lord before the ages, heal our souls, weakened by the sin of life, revive the dew of heartfelt repentance and tearful prayer, strengthen true faith and unbecoming love in the hearts of your servants, let us be honored by the good deed of peace, keep the peace holy, live praising the Lord: glory be to Your longsuffering, Our Savior.

Song 3

Irmos: That is the songwriters of the Virgin Mary, a living and unenvious source, the image of a community for oneself, spiritually affirm, in Thy Divine glory, make merry crowns of glory.

There is dignity to the greatness of Thee, the Mother of God, who gave her pure image to help and the divine intercession of the holy cloisters from this enemy, visible and invisible.

With a beckoning, the holy icon of Yours, the Lady, kept from ancient years, now, like a cup, Your grace abundantly pouring, is the possession of Your monastery, and even the same reverently glorifies You, the Mother of God, dignified.

Do not leave us, Mother of God, to sway with unclean passions, do not leave us to perish in our iniquities, but teach those who pray to you, correct your life and sing your mercy with dignity.

Of prayers and angels, praise be granted to the Lady, and you will not turn away my wretched prayers, my soul’s sorrows will be quenched, moreover, patience in grief is present to me.

In the Lady of the Blessed Virgin, an elika tree, we ask you to receive from you this day, this from the miraculous Thy icon, please give us support, and establish our weak power of willfulness, and heavenly inspiration in our hearts.

Wake our salvation, Mother of God, intercessor and mentor, but also healed our bodily needs and illnesses, because of our unbelief and impatience, we indulge ourselves in despondency in our troubles and ask for the greatest gift of patience.


I am truly the Divine adornment of the Church and the pledge of Your mercy to Christendom people Your icon, Our Lady Virgin, appeared: every one, come to her with faith in healing, in comfort sorrow, in troubles, the remembrance from You will soon accept, all mercifully exist, Thy mercy is the source in Your miraculous image, wherever we are, let us glorify Your blessed name forever.

Canto 4

Irmos: Eat in glory on the Throne of the Divine in the cloud of the lung, come Jesus the Divine imperishable hand and salvation of the calling: glory, Christ, Thy power.

And lead the people in the troubles of the very being, as faithful deliverance is being found near you, and you will only then invoke this faith with faith, saying: O mistress, help and forgive us sinners who have mercy on us.

In emies, the Lady, vems, as if faith, the prayer that you have fulfilled will not be revealed, but for the sake of our laziness, for the sake of ours, it is not a scribe, but rather an affair. The same cry: We believe, the Most Pure One, help our little faith.

The wide way of living for the beloved Mother of God, to death, his sons is attracting and crushing their faith, but before your holy icon is coming, we will repent of this and your help humbly ask, in hedgehog we will turn to the path of salvation.

It is also useful to have a little needed for a temporary life, but more than these we will repent of the dryness of our hearts, brotherhood, and the healing of our passions, we ask that we go away, our sinful life is cursed and mountain gifts warm.

I’m a house of passions, perverted by my soul, and my noses will not walk along the path of salvation, but not Yours, the Most Pure, through grace by intercession, I will find help, in my hedgehog, direct my soul march.

The church, Your icon is in her place, is the Mother of God, the doctor is a physician of bodily and mental ailments, but the teacher and unbelief are a clear accuser of faith.

Song 5

Irmos: Everybody is terrified of Thy Divine glory: Thou Bo, the unsophisticated Virgo, had you in the womb of all God and gave birth to the bezless tribe of the Son, who gives the world to everyone who praises you.

For people of prayer and glorification, before Your miraculous way and in every place, ascendable, gracious, Lady, receive, and, with the bonds of Your love to our souls prophetically connected, this kingdom to heavenly heavens, and tomo bow to Your face in such a manner.

Everywhere, oh Bohomati, to the miraculous icon of Thy who flow and diligently bowing to Your mercies and generosity, do not deprive yourself of this misfortune, save it from misfortunes, save it from evil, drive away the evil spirits from them, but give comfort to all.

We resort to goodness, Yours, and the eyes of our hearts to You, Pure, we raise: do not despise the sighs of our prayers, but wake us with a cover and helper on the day of judgment.

O sacredness, health and salvation to our mothers and souls, the Mother of God, from the holy icon you give, we bow even piously to it and kisses reverently with your heart, Your miracles and uncountable mercy are gloriously known to the Christian race.

And you who are known to be the faithful helper and all blessings, the Blessed Virgin, an icon of your miraculous miraculous miracle asking those you give and save all, even thee cry out to you from the bottom of your heart: have mercy and save us, the Lady.

May God bless us, Your merciful bounties do not deprive us, impoverished in sinners, and from the jaws of the mental wolf, seek our souls, let us not perish to the end, but bear in advance the fruits of repentance to God.

Canto 6

Irmos: This Divine and all-honorable performing festival, of God’s Wisdom, Our Lady of God, come with your hands in your hands, we glorify God from her.

Oh, Your glorious miracles, the Lady, and Your many compassion for man: with a single touch of the icon of Your weak physician, and from afar, in sonyi and visions that call for your intercession, you invoke.

In the ode, consecrated and the oil from the lamp, Your holy ailments are incurable, the Virgin Virgin, are healed, and those who receive faith for healing and salvation, for this sake, we heal you, the Healer, and Your miracles, from Your icon manifested and presented, we glorify.

Take away the captives of our fall, deliver from the moat of passionate life, and grant freedom to Thy servant, the Virgin, let us end other things in our belly in repentance, and hopefully inherit eternal glory.

We shall pray to Thee, Mother of God, as if the Mother of Light is undesirable, remove from us the darkness of the passions of Your Grace, yes, after enlightenment, we will sing: glory to Your strength, Lord.

You are quiet overwhelmed, Mother of God, refuge, You are joy in sorrow immersed, sick You are healing and cover for all who have come to You, Lady, one is Pure and Blessed.

I, the Bognebesto Pure, unworthy of a slave, glorify your holy image, kissing us mortally mortal, and pray to you with tears: save us from fierce fall, let us be free from eternal torment.

Kondak, voice 6

Thy womb be Your holy Meal, having Heavenly Bread, Christ of our God, all poison doesn’t die from Him, more often than not, Mother of God, Feeder.


To what will I open my mortal mouth and chant the animated sky, the Virgin Mary, from not knowing us the Ascent of the mental Sun, Christ, enlighten every man? My mind is perplexed, the language is connected by mute. But to the miracles guilty of Thyou’s icon we can see, angelically sing, with a verb: “Rejoice, inexhaustible treasure of grace, rejoice, miracles unexplored abyss. Rejoice, divine delight to all faithful, rejoice, mourning joyful sorrow. Rejoice, quick rescue is offended, rejoice, in the mori life saving rearing. Rejoice, quiet haven overwhelmed with passions, rejoice, weapon, in the battle of mind that defeats the nasty. Rejoice, lightnings, blazing devil, rejoice, healing, diseases all healing. Rejoice, fragrant world to the whole world, rejoice, mountain, all overshadowed by the Divine. Rejoice, Virgo, guilty of the faithful to all the good, rejoice, Bride of the Bride.

Canto 7

Irmos: I don’t serve the creatures of God of Wisdom more than the Creator, but the fiery punishment of the masculine is better, I rejoice singingly: the Lord and God, the venerated fathers, are blessed.

The miraculous sea of ​​miracles of thee, the Mother of God, more than the mind and the words thereof, you have become glorified. To this day, like the Mother of God, in Thy song we praise Thy servants, thankfully.

Well, the cannonizing spring, Our Lady of the Virgin, with the heat of passions, burn my soul with water by the graceful streams of Your Son, and please the bitterness of my heart with the sight of Your holy image.

He is a shameful representative who presents us with an icon, an icon of her mother, and her sightseeing, we merrily and kindly call: help, mistress, save everyone, and save all the wicked ones and the kingdom of heaven.

We both save ourselves and free ourselves from the devil’s finds. Ty God showing us the intercessor and Your honest icon is a gift to us, Even a cry: To the mistress, help me, and save all evil people, and bestow the Kingdom of Heaven.

Do not keep silent, O Lady, Your miracles, because by Your honest icon you save everyone and those who are suffering from troubles, save those who are ill-fed, and save us from all the evil and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Singing from unworthy slaves, mother of Christ of God, and do not deny less from His pure face, but save from all evil and to the kingdom of heaven.

Canto 8

Irmos: O the paths of the pious in the cave, the Mother of God saved the day, then the ubiquitous, now acting, the whole universe lifts up peties to you: Sing to the Lord, deeds, and exalt him forever and ever.

See, with all your faith, we will sing the Most Holy Virgin Mary and we will bow to Her honest image, screaming from the heart: Rejoice, Gabriel's Annunciation, Rejoice, have received the Tsar of Christ and have held in your hand like the sun. Togo pray, Pure, from evil to save my soul.

Your dear icon is a holy occurrence, like the sun, the ascension in the hearts, a godly ray enlightens with His light all who cry to Her: rejoice, our good representative and ambulance, who praise Thee, the Most Holy, have mercy on us.

P faithfully revere Thee, Queen of all God, and Your wondrous icon of saints kindly bow, crying out: O Mother of God, save evil people from slander and deliver me, praising Thee, and have mercy.

With your divine icon we bow to the Virgin Mary, asking for great mercy from you, even grant her a slave, she is one pure, and deliver me from all evil, and praise thee, the Most Holy One, have mercy.

I look at the Divine image of Yours, and I honor the Lord of God, the Mother of God, and look at the likeness of the Holy Virgin Her face, I bow and cry: Virgin Mary, who honor You, Mnogopetu, forever save.

Take the original song, Mati of the Living God, and save all those faithfully worshiping Your saints and the miraculous icon and crying to You, Mother of God: pray, Most Holy One, to Your Son, have mercy from all the evil.

Canto 9

Irmos: This earthly one should leap back, be enlightened by the Spirit, and let the nature triumph of ethereal minds worship the sacred triumph of the Mother of God, and cry out: Rejoice, blessed Mother of God, Pure Prisnodevo.

In the garden, the Most Pure One, even more sinful people are, inflowing into Your holy temple, but as the Son of Your salvation for the sake of a sinner came from heaven to us, so you and from heavenly circles do not despise our prayers and petitions of Your people, Vsepetaya.

Yes, the Orthodox faith is affirmed by the multiplication of healings from Your miraculous icon, about the mistress, who happen to be, may your intercession be glorified in people, moreover, over victories over passions, crown our prayers that are offered to you.

That miraculous icon, the Most Holy One, bowing and this reverently kissing, terrifying of her own sins and sins, see the river: if it befits me to receive my prayer for your sake of sorrow and patience, I have sent them a prayer.

O our fatherland, the Lady, more than all the countries of the earth, Thy miraculous icons enlightened you, even the stars of heaven, illuminate the night of our earthly life and walk along the right path and teach us.

Many people who are flowing in, many gifts from the miraculous icon of God are brought to Mater, from them there is better, even if in a sense of repentance come and seek good deeds. In this wake Thy help come unto me, Most Pure.

With the help of the Most Holy Theotokos, O fraternity, many testimonies there are found, the same accusation accuses our negligence, the icon of the Lady is even more miraculous, the procession will be directed towards warm repentance.

Troparia icon "Inexhaustible Chalice"

Troparion voice 4:

. Dnes ppitetsem ve.pnites' / to the Divine and ppechudnomu CL Ppesvyatyya Bogomatepi, / watered ve.pnites' sepdtsa / heaven Inexhaustible cup His milosepdiya / and lyudem ve.pnites' miracles Fashion / ordeal we are seeing and hearing the spiritual ppazdnuem and warmth we cry: / Lady ppemilostivaya, / heal our infirmities and passions / prayers of Thy Son of Christ, our God // save our souls.

Watch the video: Akathist to the Mother of God The Inexhaustable Cup Неупиваемая чаша (March 2020).