Smokey Ice for Blue Eyes: A Step-by-Step Technique

The blue shade of the eyes is one of the rarest, along with gray. Happy owners of blue eyes have repeatedly become standards of beauty and charm. However, not every girl knows how to correctly emphasize the brightness of the eyes and highlight them, making them more visible and attractive. To do this, you need to master a number of makeup rules specifically for blue-eyed beauties.

Basic makeup rules for blue eyes

Blue eyes are a huge range of makeup options. A lot of techniques and shades are suitable for their owners, but much also depends on the color of the hair, skin tone, and the shape of the eyes themselves. However, there are a number of rules that must be observed when choosing a make-up:

  • You can emphasize eye color in daytime makeup using one color shade,
  • Avoid the shade of the shadows, which completely matches the color of the eyes,
  • Before applying the eye make-up, you need to carefully prepare the foundation for the face,
  • To create a light image, just apply a soft kayal contour pencil in blue or blue,
  • Nude makeup can only be used with bright accents, such as arrows or a shimmer,
  • Neutral brown shades are suitable for the make-up of blue eyes, the rest of the colors should be saturated and colorful.

Blue-eyed girls need to give out a look - this is the main and most important recommendation of professional makeup artists. This is especially true for fair skin, as blue eyes may be lost in the background.

For girls with blue eyes, warm shades of shades are ideal:

  • Golden,
  • Peach,
  • Powdery
  • Milk chocolate,
  • Pale pink,
  • Champagne
  • Lavender.

These tones are best used as the main shadows, on top of which they already apply bright shades, draw arrows or use various techniques. When choosing shadows, you need to remember that shades with an orange undertone are suitable for blue eyes, while a too bright red undertone can give the look soreness and fatigue.

As an additional bright shade, blue eyes will fit shadows:

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Purple
  • Coffee
  • Turquoise
  • Emerald
  • Light green,
  • Yellow
  • Ultramarine,
  • Cobalt,
  • Plum.

Black eyeliner for blue eyes should be replaced with brown, gray or even blue and green. Do not forget also about the shine: glitter, mother of pearl, shimmer, but with them you need to be careful and know the measure. Lipstick is selected in accordance with the rest of the makeup and according to its purpose.

About the popular Smokey Ice technique

The smoky eyes style arose in the 20s of the 20th century during the appearance of silent films. It was used to embody dramatic images, to add mystery and charm to the look. The technique is based on shading shadows with a smooth transition of shades of one color scheme. This creates a "smoky effect" that gives the look expressiveness and sexuality.

Initially, similar makeup was used for filming and photo shoots. Soon he became popular in creating makeup for solemn images. Later, the technique was adapted for everyday life, using a palette of soft shades. Such a make-up is preferred by many owners of blue, brown, gray eyes. Among them are Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Rita Horta, Isa Anokhina. It goes well with any kind of haircuts and hairstyles - caret, bob, pixie, cascade, Italian and others.

General rules for creating a smoky make-up for blue-eyed ladies:

  • do not use black shadows during the day: the image created with their help will look defiant, emphasize possible skin imperfections,
  • correctly draw up the area for applying cosmetics: in evening makeup, shadows under the eyebrows are permissible, and in the afternoon a similar look looks vulgar,
  • the color palette should be chosen according to the principle - the brighter the color of the hair and skin, the more light the shade of the shadows used should be
  • it’s advisable for blondes to replace black mascara with brown,
  • avoid clear lines: the shades of the shadows should blend seamlessly into each other.

In the evening, you can use a more saturated palette. At the same time, novice makeup artists should take into account that in smoky technique the emphasis is on the eyes. Makeup looks spectacular only on well-groomed skin.

It should be healthy and clean, without rashes and clogged pores. Care is provided by a properly selected diet and selection of cosmetics for cleansing, nutrition, moisturizing the epidermis.

Suitable Techniques

You can create beautiful makeup for blue eyes using special techniques. A definite plus for girls with blue eyes is that they will suit almost all the famous makeup techniques:

Depending on the purpose of makeup, choose the appropriate technique. Makeup artists recommend combining colors and playing in contrasts to achieve a more expressive look.

Bright shades should be combined with a nude base, and dark with a shimmer or glitter. Saturated tones from different color spectra are better not to be combined in one make-up, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect.

The most relevant makeup options for blue eyes are smokey ice, with arrows, relief and loop. And the first three are the most common and simple to execute.

Preparatory Activities

Makeup in a similar style can often be seen in pictures and photos of stars in magazines. In order to repeat the success of makeup artists, you should master the technique and select high-quality cosmetics. Before following the step-by-step instructions for Smokey Ice for blue eyes, you need to prepare:

  • tonal basis for skin type, corrector, powder,
  • lipstick or lip gloss in soft shades,
  • blush of gentle tones
  • soft khol pencil based on soot and plant antiseptics,
  • eyebrow pencil
  • Mascara,
  • a palette of shadows (preferably friable, matte, which will provide high-quality shading),
  • base under the shade.

The secret of Smokey Ice of a high artistic level is the use of high-quality tools. For applying textures, use a soft bristle brush with a rounded tip. When working with shadows, you need a flat brush made of natural materials. Feathering should be done using a “barrel” brush with a round tip. It should be soft, loose and firm. The distribution of the pencil-kayal should be carried out by means of a dense brush. Quality tools are produced by NYX, Zoreya, MAC, Rio, Zoeva, OVS.

Evening makeup for blue eyes

Beautiful make-up for gray-blue eyes, suitable for evening events, can be done in two types: bright and expressive. In the first case, saturated and colorful shades of shadows are used:

Nude shades of lipsticks are suitable for this make-up: peach, beige, dusty rose. In this case, the tone of the lips and shadows should not create obvious contrasts. Of the techniques, it is better to choose embossed or smoky ice. Bright evening make-up is suitable for parties, New Year celebrations and other lush celebrations.

Expressive evening makeup for brown eyes is done mainly for weddings, dates, business dinners and family gatherings. It uses less muted pearl shades:

Lips in this case should also be highlighted using red, purple, purple, wine lipstick. You can add arrows to the makeup or highlight the look using the outline. The ideal application would be techniques: smoky ice, with arrows, embossed or bird wing.

Creating a spectacular evening make-up for blue eyes using the “wing” technique is quite easy at home, without having special skills.

Stage 1: preparation of the basis. On the eyelid we apply pearlescent shades of peach or champagne. From the moving eyelid, gently blend them, adding a little shine to the fixed eyelid.

Stage 2: bottom arrow. Using a narrow brush, we draw the shadows of a light brown or with an orange undertone and draw an arrow from the outer corner of the lower eyelid up, thus forming a line resembling the wingspan.

Stage 3: shading and dark shades. Slightly blend the resulting up arrow, trying to maintain the outline. Choose a darker shade from the palette, for example, milk chocolate or cinnamon, and apply it to the outer corner of the eye along the contour of the arrow, also blend it.

Stage 4: upper arrow. With a beveled brush, we draw the darkest shade of the arrow along the upper eyelid along the line of eyelash growth. The arrow should turn out to be thin, proceed from the middle of the eye and go beyond the eyelids, repeating the shape of the bottom.

Stage 5: add dark shadows. We add the same shade with which the upper arrow was drawn to the outer corner of the eye along the contour of the line. Shade carefully for a smooth and blurry transition between the shadows.

Stage 6: eyelashes. For evening makeup, it is recommended to choose black mascara. Gently paint over her eyelashes, trying not to touch the makeup. We don’t touch the lower eyelashes to create the effect of a “wide” look.

For such an evening make-up, you can choose almost any shade of lipstick, including a matte and satin finish. Champagne lipsticks with shimmer, scarlet or wine shades and pearly lilac tones will be ideal.

Shadow Palette Selection

Properly selected shadows reveal the magnetism of blue eyes. Classic smokey is done in gray tones, but other shades are also allowed. Many blue-eyed girls and women mistakenly choose blue tones for makeup. When mistreated, this complex color makes the makeup unnatural and sometimes vulgar. The palette of blue shades for blue-eyed ladies is revealed only with the help of professional makeup artists. When planning an independent make-up, it is better to dwell on universal shades.

For smokey makeup, you should stock up with a palette of shadows of three or more tones that are in harmony with each other. Their combination will achieve a haze effect. In work, you can use 3 colors at the same time:

  • the first is the lightest, will cover the inner corners of the eye and part of the eyelid,
  • the second one is darker, provides a smooth transition from light to dark,
  • the third - the most saturated, will emphasize the depth of view.

Correct color matching

What is the right, stylish, beautiful makeup for blue eyes? Photos of some make-ups prove that it should emphasize the virtues of cornflower eyes and add shine to them. You need to know about some rules for combining shades and observe them.

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Photos of gentle makeup for blue eyes indicate that it should be based on natural shades. But for the evening out, you can choose bright and catchy tones. Blue-eyed girls can have different brightness of the iris. Here is what makeup to choose for the owners of such eyes, depending on the shade:

  • Violet eyes fit bright colors.
  • The mid-blue iris can be distinguished by light tones on the eyelids and dark ones near the corners of the eyes.
  • The light blue eyes are very shiny and bright. Pastel shades suit them. Intense cosmetics will only tire the image. Dark arrows in retro style are acceptable.
  • Makeup for the gray-blue color of the iris is very envy of the selected clothing. Do not apply shadows of one tone, so as not to create the effect of blurry eyes.
  • Deep blue shades or ultramarine colors will suit more blue eyes.

    Tone combinations

    In order to find the best combination of colors, you need to monitor how the hair, eyes and lips harmonize with each other.

    The success of the chosen image largely depends on their successful combination.

    The azure hue, for example, is very beautiful, but not every gamut will fit well under it. Among the colors that are best combined with a blue tint of the eyes, there are such groups as:

    • Light tones (beige, milky, hot pink),
    • Saturated (lilac, purple, orange),
    • Cool (steel, marsh),
    • Gloomy (dark palette of blue, charcoal, brown).

    You should not use shades of red shades, they do not combine well with the blue tint of the iris and can leave unpleasant pink traces, as if from a lack of sleep.

    Blue and green shades are also very rarely used, they look especially unsuccessful in brown-haired women.

    Creating a daily make-up you should choose neutral colors:

    • Cream
    • Champagne hue
    • Creamy
    • Beige.

    Performed in such tones, daytime makeup for blue eyes is great for permanent use.

    Such makeup does not attract attention, does not look catchy and holds well throughout the day, and if necessary, it can be easily corrected. This is what you need to work.

    It is worth noting that you never need to choose colors that match the color of the eyes, they must contrast.

    Which shades are right for you can best be determined by experimentation.

    Day makeup for blue eyes

    Creating everyday makeup for gray-blue eyes is quite simple. The basis of the make-up will be a combination of nude shades of shadows and one bright accent. In this case, the emphasis can be made not only on the lips, but also add to the eye makeup.

    The main thing for daytime makeup is good skin preparation for further makeup application. It includes the use of moisturizer, concealer, BB cream, concealer, foundation, powder and blush or bronzer.

    You can create an interesting daily makeup for blue eyes with neutral shades of eyeshadow and rich eyeliner.

    Stage 1: the foundation. After applying concealer or foundation on the eyelid, add a thin layer of pearlescent or satin shades of a gentle shade to it: beige, champagne, light brown. Blend in such a way that the shadows cover the entire eyelid.

    Stage 2: tinting. At this stage, we use shades of a tone or two darker than the previous one. You can choose the shade of the color of milk chocolate or light beige. We add them from the folds to the fixed eyelid and blend over the outer edges of the eye, forming a sharp corner.

    Stage 3: eyeliner. We choose a soft pencil of bright color: blue, blue, emerald, indigo, sea wave. We draw a neat arrow under the lower eyelid along the line of eyelash growth. The arrow should be the same width, not too narrow and not too thick. It is recommended to only slightly shade the pencil.

    Stage 4: eyelashes. Carefully stain eyelashes with black or dark brown mascara. You can use invoices, if they are not too lush. Overheads should also be stained at the roots to create a uniformity with natural cilia.

    To give the look depth, you can add a little highlighter to the inner corner of the eye. For daytime makeup, gentle lipsticks are suitable. The most successful options will be shades of taupe, dusty rose, light beige, champagne, light brown, flesh and lilac. Better to avoid bright tones of lipstick.

    Visage for work, evening, holiday

    The selection of shades depends on the environment. For everyday onions, gold, sand, brown, plum, pink shades will suit blue eyes. It is desirable that they are matte and translucent. Universal are considered shades of white gold, pearl, beige.

    In smokey ice makeup for gray-blue eyes, you can use green shades that reveal their beauty in contrast with the iris. Owners of a light blue iris can use lilac shades with light mother of pearl. In this case, the inner corners of the eyes are decorated in bright colors.

    Smoky evening makeup opens up many possibilities for blue-eyed fashionistas. You can create a deep piercing look with the help of black, steel, purple, coal shades. For a festive look, golden and silver shades (in moderation) are suitable.

    Pros and cons of bright eyes

    The brightest blue-eyed beauty of all time is Marilyn Monroe. The incomparable Marilyn has shown the world dozens of types of spectacular makeup for blondes with blue eyes.

    The advantages of a bright iris include:

    • in daytime makeup for blue eyes, pearl, beige, a shade of wet asphalt are good,
    • a gentle shade allows you to try combinations of different techniques and styles,
    • for every day you can use chocolate or gray mascara,
    • to emphasize blue eyes, a nude make-up is enough
    • pure shade without impurities is rare
    • it’s easy to make corrections in tone, hide imperfections with makeup for blue eyes with an impending eyelid,
    • just with basic makeup you can achieve a different tint of the iris — lavender, indigo, lilac,
    • blue makeup does not look vulgar, emphasizes the depth of view.

    The peculiar disadvantages include:

    • against the background of a bright iris, the smallest redness is noticeable,
    • in the absence of make-up, the expressiveness of the look is lost,
    • makeup with blue shadows of any type always looks faded,
    • application flaws, uneven lines, sharp transitions are very noticeable.

    Owners consider the obligatory daily application of mascara the main disadvantage of this color. Without her, the look is dull, expressionless.

    Different types of make-up for blue-eyed fashionistas

    There are many solutions for decorating cornflower eyes. With a correctly made make-up, they will advantageously decorate the face. If you choose gentle makeup for blue eyes, then take a look at the following options:

  • Smokey and smoky make-up. Brown, pinkish or olive-golden tones are suitable. You can use the smoky design with a bluish-gray palette. Brunettes will fit deep blue shades.
  • Autumn option. Suitable pink shadows with mother of pearl, delicate lip gloss, black mascara.
  • Oriental makeup. Cornflower blue eyes will gain brightness and expression. Used as an evening make-up.
  • Natural option. Apply decorative cosmetics, close in color to skin tone. From a neutral color scheme for the eyes, pale pastel shades are suitable. Even greater naturalness can be achieved with thorough shading.
  • Blue make-up. Suitable for evening time. Indigo shades, blue eyeliner, and dark blue mascara are well combined.
  • Summer palette. The turquoise gamut of shadows looks spectacular.
  • Light tones. It is important to have a well-groomed face. You can use foundation to moisturize to even out the skin.

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    Hair makeup

    Both cosmetics and hair create a common image, so the combination of these two factors must be taken very carefully.

    For example, blondes with dark shadows and expressive scarlet lips will attract a lot of attention and look too catchy, but for brown-haired women and brunettes this option will be luxurious.

    Makeup for blondes with blue eyes should be chosen in the most careful way. Here you can resort only to experiments, you need to select the colors that will look the best.

    However, beige, silver and creamy tones are perfect for everyday use. It is not advisable to use dark eyeliners, as they can greatly overshadow the overall image.

    The simplest task in choosing makeup fell to the share of brown-haired women and red-haired beauties.

    An evening make-up for blue eyes, which can be easily supplemented with a brown tone of shadows and a golden tint of lips, will suit perfectly for daily use.

    Makeup Features: Technique

    Evening makeup is ideal in the presence of artificial lighting. Besides him, there is a theatrical and catwalk make up.

    Note that each of the options is designed for a specific case. Blue eyes are very beautiful, they are quite rare. Owners of blue eyes feel chosen, and believe that they are endowed with natural luxury. This is true! But in order to correctly emphasize the expressiveness of blue eyes, you need to know the intricacies of applying makeup.

    Do you want your make up to look? Choose the right shadows, powder and lipstick. Follow our simple guidelines and you will create a flawless look! Shadows are selected according to the shade of the eyes, but they do not have to be blue. To create evening makeup, you can use blue, purple tones. In some cases, evening make up involves a contrasting transition of colors - this option looks interesting.

    When choosing shadows you need to consider your skin color. Bright options are not very suitable for evening make-up: it is better to make an elegant contrast transition (for example, from milky tones to dark blue or purple).

    For fancy and festive make-up, you can apply the original sparkles and bright blue color palettes.

    Consider the evening makeup technique for blue eyes. The presented option is perfect for owners of gray-blue eyes.

    Before proceeding, be sure to clean your skin. Use a scrub. The product is distributed on the surface of the face and neck. Next - a moisturizer is applied, and also applied to the neck. Then, you will need to prepare a tone. Apply a little tonal foundation to the face and neck area (in frequent cases, the tonal product is distributed to the level of the ears).

    A compact sponge is used to distribute the product. The tonal foundation is available in a wide variety of options: buy the one that is as close as possible to your complexion. Blue-eyed beauties often use ivory foundation. You need to lightly powder your cheeks, chin, forehead and nose.

    Powder is not applied to the lower eyelid area. If you do not follow this advice, your eyes will become unnatural, weighted down.

    To adjust the oval of the face, use your powder: consider the range of bronze tones. Choose a suitable shade and apply such powder on the cheekbones. Let's move on to makeup. The upper eyelid is covered with matte bright shadows: you can use those that are a couple of tones lighter than your skin. The make-up may contain white-blue, violet, pinkish, slightly greenish tones. Sometimes make-up for blue eyes involves the use of warm tones, for example, light brown. This tone and others like it are combined with dark skin.

    Harmonious light shades allow you to enlarge your eyes, make them more expressive. Take the shadows from the light palette and swipe them under the eyebrows. Thus, you will demonstrate a beautiful bend of your eyes. Take the middle brush and apply the “Sea wave” shadow on the eyelids. For evening makeup, saturated dark blue is also used. It will make your eyes more attractive, especially with artificial lighting.

    With the help of shadows, a strip of transitional tone is drawn. In this case, the lightest shadows are used - 3 shades lighter than your skin tone.

    Milk color is ideal. If you have dark skin, a dark brown tone will suit you. The transition is created using a medium-length brush. Move from the outer corner of the eye to the inner.

    Proper shading of the shadows is the key to success!

    Want to emphasize the outer corner of the century? Use the beveled brush: apply a blue color. For mascara to work well, apply eye shadow on the cilia.

    It’s better not to use lengthening mascara: the image may turn out to be too bright.

    Mascara for volume - a great option!

    Lip makeup has its own subtleties. Highlight the contour using the foundation. This secret allows you to make lips more voluminous. In the case of evening makeup, it is not recommended to focus on the lips. Do not use bright lipstick and pencil. A good option is to apply a translucent pink shine. Makeup can be done using the Smoky eyes technique. It also uses dark tones in combination with light.

    For brunettes

    It is quite easy for brunettes with blue eyes to create a bright and memorable image, without using saturated shades in makeup, with the exception of large-scale evening celebrations.

    Blue-eyed girls with dark hair should give preference to cold tones:

    An ideal technique for blue eyes and dark hair is smoky ice. Smoky makeup perfectly complements both evening and daytime look.

    However, for brunettes with blue eyes, there are contraindications. Do not use shadows in the palettes of pink, green, in some cases brown. You should also carefully select shades of blue.

    Lipstick should be replaced with lip gloss or use cream texture in nude tones: beige, peach, coral, flesh.

    Gamma of shadows

    Holders of heavenly glory are famous for the sophistication and romance of nature. To emphasize the image will help beautiful makeup for blue eyes. The leading position in the design of the face is the choice of the shadow palette. Makeup artists recommend:

    • expressivity and self-expression through a shadow palette in brown tones for blue eyes,
    • in daytime makeup for blue eyes, you absolutely do not need to use orange or bright terracotta - your eyes will turn out to be inflamed, painful,
    • coral is not used in brown hair makeup, but it is appropriate, for example, in red-haired makeup,
    • the combination of an iris of this color with warm pastel tones gives the color, pearl shine should be excluded,
    • makeup for redheads with blue eyes will adorn emerald, green-blue, purple,
    • Peach shades of shadows should be avoided as much as possible in makeup for blue eyes and dark hair.

    Choose a shadow palette in contrast with the iris. When looking for her best eyeshadow for easy makeup for blue eyes, a girl should take into account skin tone, hairstyle, clothing style.

    Daily gentle makeup for blue eyes

    The daily make-up for blue-eyed girls is distinguished by its features. It includes light and warm colors of cosmetics, close to the natural skin tone. Peach, light green, coral and deep blue shades are allowed. In this case, careful shading is very important. We suggest you consider step by step gentle makeup for blue eyes for every day:

    • Thoroughly clean your face, apply a cosmetic foundation.
    • Conceal cream conceal all defects.
    • Light shadows cover the motionless eyelid, dark - the moving part.
    • Lubricate the borders with thorough shading.
    • Apply light beige-golden shades under the eyebrows.
    • In the inner corners of the eyes, apply a little pearl-white eye shadow.
    • Underline the fold on the eyelid with dark purple shades.
    • Paint the moving eyelid with a dull gray color.
    • With the same shade, draw a thin line on the edge of the lower cilia.
    • Use dark gray mascara at the end.

    Color Matching

    The choice of colors for smokey makeup depends not only on the shade of the iris. Owners of light skin, ash, blond and blond hair can use lavender, pearl cream, steel, silver shades, as well as a dark gray or anthracite pencil in makeup. A more expressive make-up can be done with the help of chocolate and golden eyeshadow, black lead pencil and mascara.

    Brown-haired women and owners of red hair should choose warm shades of shadows. Eyes will become brighter in the frame of bronze, golden, coffee, beige tones. You can experiment with a golden-olive palette. Brunettes with fair skin should avoid shades of burgundy, brown and golden shades that look good in tan with a tan. A universal solution - shades of lavender and gray shades. To create a bright image, turquoise tones are suitable. To avoid a puppet effect, blue shades should not be used.

    Make up

    Let's look at a very simple and attractive option. Instructions on how to make beautiful makeup for blue eyes are quite simple:

    • First, wash your face and get rid of the remnants of cosmetics,
    • We make the basis for the upper eyelid from neutral tones, lighten areas above the eyelid and in the corners of the eyes. This can be done with light shadows or a pencil,

    • Feather the shadows of the desired color along the fold of the upper eyelid,
    • We apply the darkest shade along the edge of the eyelid and also blend it,
    • We emphasize the outer part of the eyelid with a pencil. To make the look lighter and more expressive, you need to apply a slightly lighter tone on the gray eyeliner,
    • Now apply mascara that matches your color to your eyelashes and paint your lips in a natural color.

    Now our makeup is completely ready. It is great for everyday use.

    Remember that lighter shadows are applied first, and then darker.

    Having mastered such a simple technique, you can start experimenting with suitable shades or see possible options in the photo of makeup for blue eyes.

    Daytime Natural Make Up

    Consider daytime makeup for blue eyes: it differs significantly from the evening version. Lightness is inherent in daytime makeup. With the help of cosmetics, you can correctly hide the flaws of the face, emphasizing only the advantages! Want to create beautiful everyday makeup? Use pastel colors - they are always in trend, and the naturalness of the image is welcomed in any society. If desired, you can complement make up with bright colors, making it similar to summer.

    Lips can be emphasized with a dull sheen. As for the palette of shadows for blue-eyed beauties, it is saturated. Feel free to use blue, blue, gold, beige, purple shades. In daytime makeup, it is better not to make sharp contrasts. Otherwise, the face will look unnatural. Before applying makeup, prepare your face by thoroughly cleaning it. Apply a nourishing mask. With this tool, the skin is nourished.

    Next, you will need to apply a foundation that matches your skin tone.

    After - powder is applied. With this tool you will fix make up, and it will last a whole day! You can cover your eyelids with powder. To create a spectacular day makeup, choose two shades of the same color: use the lightest and most saturated. Light tone can be applied closer to the corner of the eye, and dark - in the middle and along the edges. Also draw a line along the lower eyelid. Use a navy blue eyeliner to create an arrow over the upper eyelid.

    Alternatively, use a bold, dark blue pencil. Here it is better to use gentle blue and grayish tones. When creating daily makeup, mascara is applied in two layers. So you emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes. Everyday makeup looks beautiful. Your task is to emphasize naturalness as much as possible. Daily makeup is easier than evening makeup. For him, you can not apply tonal means.

    Our skin needs oxygen. Cosmetics even decorates us, but our skin does not breathe with it. The foundation clogs the pores, so the skin does not produce collagen, as a result of which it loses its elasticity.

    For daytime makeup, you can use a cream with a moisturizing effect - in the daytime it will replace the foundation!

    If you are blonde, emphasize eyebrows with eye shadow. Light green shadows are suitable for daytime makeup. They can be applied to the upper and lower eyelids. Regarding the carcass, it can be brown or dark blue. Dark blue mascara is very suitable for blue-eyed beauties! Highlight your look with coral blush, pink or peach lipstick.

    For blondes

    The palette of shadows for girls with blond hair and blue eyes is more extensive than for brunettes and brown-haired women. For daytime makeup, makeup artists advise using a small amount of makeup in delicate nuances:

    In the evening make-up of blondes with blue eyes, shades will ideally combine:

    • Burgundy,
    • Brown
    • Cinnamon
    • Golden
    • Violet.

    It is necessary to take into account the color of the skin, for example, girls with a pale shade of the epidermis are better to refrain from golden shadows. The technique of applying shadows is best used in accordance with the shape of the eye. A universal option is considered to be a relief in which tones from one palette are used, but no more than three at a time.

    Categorically do not suit blue-eyed blondes makeup options using saturated shades in shades:

    Lipstick is recommended to choose with a satin or pearly finish. Conventional shine with a pink or red undertone is also suitable. Matte lipsticks, on the contrary, will give the image a couple of extra years.

    In pink colors, you can do makeup for blue eyes and blond hair. The make-up will turn out to be very gentle, and the time spent on its application is minimal.

    Search for mascara and eyeliner

    Eyelashes should frame the eye, highlight it, make it mysterious. The nuances of using mascara:

    • in nude makeup for gray-blue eyes, it is optimal to use light chocolate or sand mascara,
    • regardless of the iris, eggplant shades, purple, burgundy look good,
    • when using charcoal-black mascara, it is not recommended to apply eyeliner, this visually changes the proportions,
    • in makeup for blue eyes and blond hair, makeup artists recommend applying mascara very carefully, in one layer, without lumps,
    • an unexpected make-up solution for blue eyes and blond hair will be the use of dark blue mascara instead of classic, the look will be piercing.

    When choosing an eyeliner, the following recommendations of specialists should be considered:

    • cobalt, emerald and purple eyeliners are good options for the fall,
    • bright terracotta will instantly emphasize the expressiveness of the look,
    • the necessary contrast will create the use of orange liquid eyeliner,
    • original arrows will help make a bronze liner.

    Make-up artists strongly discourage the use of waterproof eyeliner and mascara in daytime makeup for blue eyes.

    Creating an evening look

    Gentle evening make-up for blue eyes is performed with contrasting shadows and bright shades. Bright eyes require a special highlight in the dark, so as not to fade under artificial lighting. The following recommendations will help you do the phasing for blue eyes (evening):

  • To create a spectacular look, use purple, bronze, silver, olive and silver shades. Also, dark blue, pearl, turquoise gamma, the color of the sea wave will be appropriate.
  • Use sparkles, false eyelashes, pastes.
  • Prefer a stunning evening option in three shades. One color should be light, the other - medium saturation and the third - the darkest. The best option is smoky ice.
  • Cover the upper eyelid with bright shadows.
  • On the moving eyelid, apply shadows of medium saturation. Blend them well.
  • Dark shadows draw a line along the growth of eyelashes. Underline the outer corners of the eyes with the same color.
  • With thin eyeliner, draw thin arrows.
  • Dark mascara tint eyelashes in two layers.

    Any make-up requires preliminary preparation of the skin. Use a special corrector near the eyes. For long-term preservation of makeup, apply it on top of the base. Use a matte foundation.

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    Step-by-step instruction

    Lessons from Smokey Ice for blue eyes will make it easy to master the technique and learn how to paint. Following the sequence of actions, you can accurately calculate how much time is required for makeup, and include it in the daily routine. To create a unique image, should be phased:

    • work in front of a well-lit mirror on all sides or in natural light,
    • prepare the skin of the face - apply a primer, adjust the tone using a corrector or concealer,
    • draw cheekbones (transitions should be smooth, inconspicuous),
    • shape eyebrows.

    After basic preparation, you can proceed to the design of the eyes. To do this, it is advisable to adhere to a certain sequence:

    • apply a base on the eyelids under the shade or a thin layer of foundation,
    • dust the treated area,
    • draw a pencil with a pencil, thickening it to the outside of the eyelid, blend well,
    • draw the inner corners and the area under the eyebrows using the lightest shade of the shadows,
    • do not place shading to apply a darker shade of color shadows (of the selected three),
    • put the darkest shadows on the moving eyelid (of the three selected),
    • blend to make smooth transitions,
    • the most intense dark color should be near the eyelashes,
    • emphasize the lower eyelid and the outer corners of the eyes with dark shadows,
    • apply mascara
    • make up lips in beige or pale pink colors.

    For greater ease, make-up artists use an original technique: before applying a dark layer of shadows, they use flickering shadows for centuries. In this case, the look becomes more mysterious. The main thing is to shade the shadows well, to avoid clear transitions.

    We select shadows for bewitching blue eyes

    To get a harmonious make-up you need to choose the right shadow. Thus, you can well emphasize your look, making it deep and mysterious. Blue eyes, one way or another, will not be left without attention. But there are many techniques to make them even more attractive. Makeup for light blue eyes emphasizes the depth of view - this can not be argued! There are no strict rules for selecting shadows.

    If you like a particular shade, why not choose it?

    Blondes can use colors for brunettes and vice versa. Blue eyes blend beautifully with green shades and moderately red lipstick. Blue eyes most often give off in a cold tone. To give expressiveness, you can use warm colors. Creamy sand shadows are very popular - they are universal and harmonious.

    The classic and easiest option is to emphasize blue eyes with blue shades.

    Smoky eyes makeup is always on top - he came to us from the distant 60s.

    In the case of this technique, special attention is paid to shading the color. Violet, blue, gray tones are well suited. You may prefer a dark green hue. Extravagant fashionistas choose pink - who likes it! But remember: bright shadows distract attention from the beauty of the eyes. Do not get carried away with orange and reddish scales - this applies to powder and blush.

    The right selection of cosmetics

    To choose the right makeup, consider your skin tone, shade of hair and iris. Here are some suggestions for this:

  • For daytime make-up, blondes with blue eyes can use soft brown or beige tones. Thin eyeliner should be made with a brown contour pencil.
  • Smoky makeup is created by silver, gray and blue shades.
  • For brunettes, the use of brown and pink shades is appropriate for every day. To light eyes are not very lost on the background of dark hair, you can apply brown or gray arrows.
  • Dark-haired girls with gray-blue eyes should use smoky makeup. Bronze, dark brown and silver shades will be appropriate.
  • The natural makeup of girls with light brown strands is performed in a variety of blue and blue shades, dark gray eyeliner, blue mascara, beige or slightly coral lipstick.
  • Red-haired girls with blue eyes can use makeup in warm and cold colors.

    It is important to remember that for a cornflower eye it is unacceptable to use a reddish-brown tone of shadows. It creates the effect of tearful eyes. Coffee shadows will be the most suitable. A golden hue goes to swarthy beauties.

    Daytime Makeup Examples

    Classic smoky makeup based on a gray palette is well suited for blondes and brunettes with blue eyes. Depending on the intensity of the color scheme and the addition of shimmer, mother of pearl, it can be everyday, holiday, wedding. Make-up eyes should be done in this order:

    • prepare the skin, apply the base under the shade,
    • using a large flat brush, put gray shadows on the moving eyelid, powder them with a pencil line under the lower eyelashes,
    • distribute beige shadows along the contour of the orbital arc using a fluffy brush,
    • lighten the inner corners of the eyes and the area under the eyebrow with the help of light satin shades that give shine but do not shine,
    • shade the borders, creating a haze effect,
    • to make eyelashes (curl and make up with mascara).

    Such makeup will provide a mysterious look. In many ways, it resembles the make-up of oriental beauties, but differs in a simpler technique.

    About makeup

    Using makeup, you can emphasize natural beauty: everyday make up demonstrates sophistication and naturalness. Views such as the catwalk or theatrical transform a girl beyond recognition.

    In fact, make up works wonders! It allows you to create a variety of images, at the same time, emphasizing your unique features. Cosmetics corrects the shape of eyebrows, beautifully emphasizes the eyes and lips. Daily makeup goes to every girl. In the case of him, the face is not overloaded with powder, foundation. You can use the foundation for makeup and light blush. The base is designed to remove redness in some places of the face.

    Evening make-up should not be very catchy. Mostly, it is done when you go to a party or restaurant.

    Evening makeup looks great in bright and dim lighting. To create an evening make-up, apply dark and light tones. Makeup can be done using beautiful blue mascara. With her, your eyes will be charming! Lips can not be distinguished - so you will make the image more harmonious.

    Business make up, above all, restrained. In the case of it, you can not use mascara. In some cases, foundation is not required for business makeup: only the foundation is applied, the image is complemented by blush.

    Permanent makeup - a special kind. It is for girls who do not want to take time to use cosmetics. Permanent makeup is performed clearly and very accurately. The procedure is carried out in a professional salon. The effect of permanent makeup is quite long: applied cosmetics, sometimes lasts up to 6 years!

    In a separate group should be attributed makeup for young girls. From a very early age, the girl dreams of being beautiful. In youth, do not use foundation. You can lightly tint the cilia and lips with a pink shine.

    Romantic makeup involves applying a slightly noticeable blush. Lipstick can be pink, purple, red. You cannot use pink shades if your eyes are tired. For romantic makeup, red and coral lipsticks are ideal.

    For christmas makeup You can use golden and silver eyeliners. Embody bold ideas, but know the measure!

    Catwalk makeupmost notable. On stage, the artist must catch the eye, otherwise there will be no effect on the viewer. For the catwalk image, bright makeup is used.

    Recommendations Makeup can be varied: from seasoned to extraordinary.

    If you are a happy owner of blue eyes, the choice of cosmetics is huge for you. You can combine marine colors with silver or purple with white. A light blue shade is ideal, ideal for day and evening makeup.

    More extraordinary options combine blue and brown colors - the shades smoothly harmonize with each other.

    Blue eyes can be emphasized with blue or black eyeliner, at the bottom you can add a little blue tone. It is important to choose a lipstick - it should not be too saturated and bright.

    Peach color is ideal, blue, delicate scarlet. In some cases, blue eyes are perfectly combined with burgundy lip gloss (here we mean a darker shade of the eyes).

    When choosing makeup, consider your particular style. When creating theatrical makeup, you can not overdo it with sparkles and bright colors. In the case of business, you need to use moderate blush, the emphasis is better to do on the eyes. Evening makeup also loves moderation, despite the fact that it is one of the most intense. Remember: the natural look is in fashion. If you wish, you can simply emphasize the face with blush, and lips with a slight shine.

    Easy everyday

    Home traditional the task of makeup for blondes with blue eyes is to highlight the natural advantages of appearance, visually remove small defects (small capillaries, swelling, redness).

    Makeup option for blue eyes and blond hair step by step:

    1. Wash with foam, apply a cream base.
    2. Concealer or concealer mask skin defects.
    3. Decorate the fixed part of the century with light halftones.
    4. Shade dark corners.
    5. Carefully blend the transition.
    6. Cover the area under the eyebrows with dry milky or beige shades.
    7. Tint with pearl.
    8. Cover your eyelashes with dark gray mascara.
    9. Apply one coat of any nude lipstick.

    Daytime makeup for gray-blue eyes is interesting in golden tones - apricot, sand, bronze. Optionally, you can complement the image with neat black arrows.

    Shades of beautiful gentle makeup for blue eyes

    If you want to achieve a brighter effect, then use contrasting shadows. To do this, you can choose the following combinations of tones:

    • soft peach and sandy gold,
    • lavender and lilac,
    • yellow and pale pink
    • orange and silver.

    The everyday option includes universal shades: creamy, white-gold, pearl, light beige, gray-brown. Light blue, violet tones suit blue eyes. The dark blue color will make the look more expressive.

    Remember that a light tone must be applied under the dark. You can relieve eye fatigue if you use silver, light blue or white shadows on the inner portion of the upper eyelid.

    Evening make-up for blue-eyed ladies

    Smoky make-up allows you to create fateful evening and looks. For its implementation, a gray-black color scheme and a purple palette are suitable. You should choose persistent cosmetics that will not fail during a date or dance. Description of Smokey Ice evening makeup technique for blue eyes step by step:

    • prepare face skin, apply base or foundation, blush,
    • to cover with a base under the shadow of a moving eyelid,
    • to maintain the effect of dullness, powder the treated area,
    • draw arrows with a soft black pencil,
    • Feather the lines with a brush, which will create a blurry effect and a smooth gradient,
    • cover the moving eyelid with the shadows of three complementary shades with the condition that the darkest tone is used for eyelashes, and the lightest is used under the eyebrows and in the inner corners,
    • make the upper edges of the lower eyelids the darkest of the selected shades,
    • use black eyeliner to color the space in the lower eyelids
    • color, comb and curl eyelashes,
    • put a beige or light pink gloss on the lips.

    In evening make-up, the use of sparkles or nacre along the lower edge of the eyelids is acceptable (carnival version). A more expressive haze effect can be obtained using only matte eyeshadows.

    The choice of cosmetics depending on the shape and size of the eyes

    Photos of gentle make-up for blue eyes demonstrate that when it is performed, the shape of the eyes is taken into account.

    We suggest you familiarize yourself with some of the nuances:

  • If you have small eyes, highlight them with brown shadows. Bright shadows are able to visually reduce the eyes.
  • A dark eyeliner will help to visually stretch rather round eyes.
  • Hanging eyelids give a tired look to the look.
  • Blue-eyed beauties should abandon pearlescent shadows and arrows too sharp.
  • Do not use liquid eyeliner. Use a soft pencil, friable shadows that are easy to blend.

    Summer make-up

    The warm season is best for experimenting with colors in makeup. Against the background of tanned skin, the azure look is especially expressive. Highlighting their beauty will allow skillfully made blue smokey ice. It will require a palette of juicy green (mint), bright yellow and light brown shades.

    A green tint is applied to the upper eyelid. Light yellow color covers the inner corners of the eyes. Brown strokes are drawn above the moving eyelid and along the lower border. Transitions are thoroughly shaded to get a light, carefree look. For the evening, draw arrows using a shiny golden eyeliner. With their help, the look becomes expressive, and the image becomes unusual.

    Wedding make up

    In bridal makeup for blue eyes, the iris gives room for imagination. It is important to give free rein to the imagination, not to use established patterns. Features of a solemn make-up for a wedding:

    • festive wedding makeup for blue and gray eyes can be done in the classic smoky eyes style,
    • in artificial light, studio shots look matte cherry or pink blush,
    • dark bronzer highlighter and apricot blush are more appropriate in makeup for brunettes with blue eyes,
    • the fabulous image of the bride will be complemented by pearl, purple shades,
    • effectively highlight the lower ciliary row cream or white pencil of medium softness,
    • unlike everyday makeup for gray-blue eyes, the use of false eyelashes is allowed,
    • with blush it is important not to overdo it, only slightly affect the area of ​​the forehead and cheeks.

    Wedding make-up for blue-eyed

    Some girls do not trust professionals and make a wedding make-up on their own. Photos of such a beautiful make-up for blue eyes suggest that for this process you need to know some secrets. Makeup for the wedding should be the middle between everyday and festive. Then follow these tips:

    • Apply a tonal base as natural as possible.
    • Hide problem areas, redness, cyanosis with concealer.
    • Brush the finishing powder.
    • Tint your eyebrows with a special brown fondant and pencil, but do not overload them.
    • Fix the result with a special transparent gel.
    • Use liquid shades of pale pink.
    • Underline the crease on the eyelid with chocolate or plum shades.
    • With the same shadows and a beveled brush, darken the outer corner of the eye.
    • To give bright highlights and accents, use a highlighter: apply it with a fluffy brush under the eyebrows and near the nose.
    • Apply mascara in two layers.
    • Make up your lips with a delicate pink shine.

    Makeup for graduates with blue eyes.

    At graduation girls can afford not quite strict make-up.

  • Blue-eyed beauties are allowed to add more vivid details to their image.
  • You can apply light shadows with a shimmer on the moving eyelid. A peach or champagne color will do. You can also use the highlighter in warm colors.
  • Color the fold of the eyelid and the brow part with a dark brown color, blend until smoky.
  • Take a waterproof turquoise pencil and emphasize the contours of the lower eyelid.
  • On the upper eyelashes, apply black mascara in two layers.
  • Lipstick with peach lipstick.

    Makeup for gray-blue eyes

    For such an iris, warm shades are suitable. Emphasize eye color with golden and copper shades. Fashionable red, light orange and even eggplant shades are also suitable. For a daily look, delicate make-up for gray-blue eyes can be emphasized with arrows made with copper or brown eyeliner. For the festive version, you can decorate the upper eyelid with a flickering arrow.

    The use of fashionable makeup techniques

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    Every year for blue-eyed girls, more and more new trends appear. Here are some innovations that have become popular lately:

  • Puppet image. Natural beauty is always appreciated. For doll makeup, it is enough to paint the eyelashes with black ink in several layers, and also apply gentle peach eyeshadow on the eyelids.
  • Neon light. The make-up feature is the application of bright, neon shadows resembling children's crayons. It can be opaque lemon, lilac, lime shades. Lips can be distinguished by a soft pink shine.
  • Graphic arrows. The eyes in such makeup are simply emphasized by arrows. White arrows on tanned skin look unusual.
  • Flickering option. It is quite simple to apply shadows with a shimmer. It is enough to highlight the contour of the upper or lower eyelid.
  • Bronze perfection. The moving eyelid is decorated with shiny bronze shadows. Under the eyebrows, the emphasis is coral. Lips should be in tone with the shadows.

    Stylist Tips

    To create an image, stylists advise blue-eyed beauties to consider not only the color of the iris and hair, but also clothing. Experts warn that you need to know the measure in the use of tones of a cold palette. Overloaded makeup may look rude.

    Daily make-up is recommended to be applied in three suitable layers: light, medium and dark. In the evening, do not use blush - you can give the image of unnaturalness. Blue-eyed girls are advised to avoid a bright green palette for coloring eyes, it can drown out the blue color of the iris.

    Professional Tips

    Beauty industry experts have secrets that allow you to transform a woman’s appearance in a matter of minutes. In their work, experience helps them, the ability to accurately determine the type of appearance and decide which palette to use in a particular situation. Makeup artist tips will help beginners who want to master smoky eyes technique at home:

    • when creating makeup, it is important to take into account the skin tone: brightly colored eyes will unnaturally stand out against the background of a fair face, in this case, coal-black and graphite shades should be avoided,
    • beautiful shimmering shadows, applied in the corners of the eyes and under the eyebrow, "open your eyes" (a similar technique is used in the evening and for the holiday),
    • owners of narrow eyes should not draw a line under the lower eyelid: the use of shaded shadows in this area will give greater expressiveness to the look.

    To create a spectacular smokey, blue-eyed girls do not have to be professionals. Success will be ensured by high-quality cosmetics and tools, familiarity with makeup schemes, as well as strict adherence to step-by-step instructions.

  • Watch the video: How To: Easy Smokey cat Eye. Jaclyn Hill (April 2020).