Types of cascading haircuts with and without bangs

It is not so easy to decide to cut long hair that has been lovingly grown over several years. Therefore, owners of luxurious strands prefer other ways to change their image. If you are not ready to make a short haircut, you want to keep the length of the hair as long as possible and at the same time diversify the hairstyle - choose a cascade for long hair. It is still relevant. Stylists offer new options for the usual multi-layer haircuts that are suitable for girls with thick and thin long strands.

Classic hairstyle

Initially, the cascade was created for medium-length hair. The hairstyle has been known to the world for about 4 decades. Often a haircut is confused with a ladder. However, these are different hairstyles. In a classic cascade, hair is cut in several layers of different lengths starting from the crown. Thanks to the smooth transitions between the levels of hair, it receives additional volume. A haircut is optimal for straight and barely wavy curls.

By the way. Ladder is usually cut in strands around the face. At the same time, transitions between levels are made almost invisible.

What is a cascading haircut?

The haircut acquired its name due to its design as “steps” or “waves”. Cascading haircuts give an interesting shape and additional volume to thin hair, and thick strands make it easier and more manageable.

The cascade came into fashion back in the 70s of the last century, while it was made on medium length hair. For lovers of loose hair, this haircut has become just perfect.

The technique of performing a cascade haircut is so versatile and convenient that now it is performed on hair of different lengths. It allows you to effectively draw long curls and eliminates everyday complex styling.

Due to its versatility, the cascade has been included in the top of the most popular hairstyles for many years. The haircut technique has not changed much, it is performed on slightly damp hair, starting with the selection of the main strand on the crown of the head. The length of the control strand often depends on the type of person and the final result that the client wants to see.

Important moments of the haircut - a variety of bangs and options for the design of the ends of the curls. It is the diversity of these aspects that allow you to create original and stylish images.

The coloring of the stepped strands will enhance the effect of cutting and looks fashionable and very bold. Long milled strands in combination with color perfectly emphasize the overall image.

What does it look like

A haircut cascade goes to many and its main feature is that the ends of the hair are located almost along the entire length of the bulk of the strands, excluding only the crown.

There are several varieties of the cascade, choosing from which the hairdresser is repelled by the thickness of the hairline. From short hair from above, a smooth transition is made to long strands from below. The hairstyle is somewhat reminiscent of a ladder, but the severity of the steps can be any.


  • bulk
  • removes unnecessary locks,
  • easy styling
  • looks light
  • the effect of hair density is created.

The cascade corrects the contour of the face. The bangs performs 2 functions: it serves as a fashionable element, corrects the features of the face shape. It is versatile and effective at the same time.

Haircut cascade for long hair with bangs does not need complex styling. It exists in a graduated, classic, two-level, torn version and is combined with different types of staining. The cascade is constantly being transformed - fashionable details are added.

Options "Cascade" on long hair

An important advantage of such a haircut is called its absolute naturalness. Hair cut in a special way, lie directly and elegantly, without requiring special ways of styling.

This effect is achieved due to smooth transitions., which are made possible by the technique used by the hairdresser - a little longer smoothly replace short hair, creating a real waterfall of silky rain.

An important advantage of such a haircut is called its absolute naturalness. Hair cut in a special way, lie directly and elegantly.

Such steps, which create the image of the "Cascade", can begin at different hair lengths, both at the top of the head and closer to the ends.

Depend on it haircut options, which are several:

  • classic: distinguished by gentle lines and soft transitions,
  • graduated: has characteristic cutting angles at which the strands seem to overlap one another,
  • ragged: the most impudent kind of "Cascade" to create it is used razor, which makes all the transitions are very sharp.

Such steps, which create the image of the "Cascade", can begin at different hair lengths, both at the top of the head and closer to the ends. The haircut options depend on this.

Features, pros and cons

Choosing a haircut is a very responsible task for every girl. There are an incredible amount of design and decoration options for a woman’s head. One of the most popular is rightfully recognized as a cascade. This haircut has not gone out of fashion for many years and looks simply amazing.

This interesting and attractive haircut is so in demand due to the large number of advantages that are characteristic of it. Check out their list.

  • One of the most important advantages of this hairstyle is that it is suitable for almost any type of hair.
  • In most cases, a cascade can be designed for any oval face.
  • The cascade can be made in any color, from light brown to bright blond.
  • Cascade can successfully correct chubby cheeks, if you wish.
  • This beautiful and popular haircut looks great both in alliance with the bang, and without it. In both cases, the hairstyle will look harmonious and attractive. The need for a bang will depend on the structure of the girl's face and her wishes.
  • It is pleasing to many young ladies that the cascade is suitable for both straight and curly hair. And for those and others, the haircut looks aesthetically pleasing and fashionable, the main thing is to turn to a good hairdresser.
  • To lay such a hairstyle after washing, you do not have to spend a lot of free time. That is why a cascade is the best option for fashionistas who are constantly in a hurry, for example, to work or study.
  • The cascade technique can significantly visually increase the volume of hair. With such a hairstyle, the image can turn out to be more expressive and feminine.
  • The cascade fits both long and medium, and short curls. This haircut can be a spectacular addition to the evening toilet, casual or sports ensemble. It all depends on the styling.

Based on all of the above advantages, you can safely judge the universality of such a hairstyle as a cascade. That is why many girls choose this stylish haircut. But it also has certain disadvantages. First of all, they are associated with improper execution.

In particular, it is not recommended to do this hairstyle when it comes to heavy, too lush, naughty or curly strands. Of course, light curls in a cascade look spectacular and original, but there should be moderation.

The main advantages of the cascade

One thing is certain with certainty: a cascade has significantly more advantages than disadvantages. But, anyway, there are a couple of such and now we will tell you about them in detail. Although we will start traditionally with virtues.

  • Haircut cascade is suitable for almost any type of appearance.
  • Her hair color and face shape do not matter. And for chubby young ladies, she will generally be the best solution, because thanks to her, you can visually lengthen the features and make the image more harmonious (see photo).

Cascade - the perfect cut for a round face

  • The cascade perfectly corrects and hides minor imperfections in appearance, for example, lush cheeks, protruding ears or massive cheekbones.
  • This haircut, as we said above, is quite universal, which means it suits all occasions.
  • And finally, the most important thing: with some exceptions, the cascade does not require constant styling, which is important for women who are sorely lacking time in the morning.

Now about the shortcomings, although they can be called such with some stretch.

  • The first and perhaps the most basic drawback of this haircut is its “intolerance” to dry and damaged hair. In other words, if you have split ends, then a cascade is definitely not your option. After all, you simply will not hide them anywhere. They will always be in sight and spoil the image.
  • The second drawback concerns girls with curly or curly hair. They should know that in their case, the hairstyle will not always look neat and beautiful. Therefore, if you are the owner of curly hair, think about whether you are ready to spend a lot of time and money on permanent styling.

Fashionable coloring on a haircut Cascade

Style Description

"Cascade" refers to the non-contrast look of haircuts, does not have a clearly defined layering, the transition from a shortened top to a hemline is smooth, without pronounced differences. This is a universal form that can be given to hair with a length of 10 centimeters or more. This style is suitable not only for women of all ages, but also for men.

In the classic version, the haircut "Cascade" is performed without bangs. But at the same time, it goes well with any form of forelocks, which makes it easy to hide facial imperfections, shifting emphasis to virtues. The trimming design makes it possible to adjust the total length depending on the characteristics of the hair and the desire of the person who chose the Cascade.

Haircut characteristics

For long hair invented several varieties of hairstyles. You can begin to cut the layers from the top of the head, or you can start from the level of the chin or neck. Strands of each level are evenly cut along the entire length or make them torn.

The hairstyle is complemented by a straight, oblique or elongated bangs, or can do without it at all. For such experiments, perfectly straight or slightly curly locks of medium (below the shoulders) or of considerable length are suitable. In contrast to the classical cascade, the difference between the layers can be expressed quite clearly.

cascade on long hair photo back view

By the way. There is a version that the option of haircuts for long hair arose in England, from where it spread over time practically throughout Europe.

Cascading haircuts: types and features

There are several varieties of cascading haircuts that are performed on both long and short hair. However, the concept of “short hair” in this case is relative, because the cascade looks impressive on the hair, the length is not shorter than the line of the chin.

Any popular hairstyle is taken for the haircut outline:

Hairstyles are suitable, both in traditional and in asymmetric form. The secret of a luxurious cascade lies in the stepped contour of the hairstyle, where curls lie in beautiful waves. The cascade combines individuality and modern fashion trends.

A variety of cascading haircuts is that the "waves" can be of different lengths and depths. The type of cascade largely depends on the type of hair. Thin and rare strands will look more voluminous if the haircut is made frequent and small “steps”.

Thick hair is best designed "waves" of different levels and depths.The master must take into account how actively the hair is curled, because the cascade looks most advantageous only on smooth and straight hair. Such a haircut can give volume to a little curly locks, but it is absolutely not suitable for curly curls. The most spectacular cascade looks on medium-length hair.

Who is suitable for

Long curls contain natural beauty, femininity. A haircut cascade is combined with different types of appearance, hair and corrects facial features.

Combination with hair types:

  1. Graded, classic options are suitable for owners of thin hair.
  2. The cascade is considered an ideal haircut for wavy strands: you can choose any model except a ragged one.
  3. On straight hair, a two-level option looks great.
  4. Girls with curly hair should choose from a classic, graduated, ragged cascade.

The need for thinning depends on the density. A haircut suits girls with an elongated, oval contour of the face. It gives additional volume to the sides - expanding the face, the cascade balances its proportions.

Classic Cascade

The classic look of "Cascade" allows you to get a natural volume, and the haircut of "Cascade" on long hair looks great even without a bang.

This type of haircut is perfect for women in the following cases:

  • such a variant of "Cascade" on long and medium hair will look perfect,
  • owners of the face of the classical form - oval,
  • on blond hair or after a blond,
  • on straight hair, without curls, in this case, the haircut will look most harmonious,
  • in case the woman has a narrow face, this option "Cascade" will also look good, but the back strands should not be below the length of the chin.

The classic look of "Cascade" allows you to get a natural volume, and the haircut of "Cascade" on long hair looks great even without a bang.

We can distinguish such Features of the haircut "Cascade" in its classic version:

  1. The locks of hair are neatly separated from each other into thin locks.
  2. After this, the strands are superimposed one on another and sequentially shortened.
  3. The steps, which create the necessary volume, are cut with ordinary scissors.

Types of haircuts

"Cascade" does not have standardization of hair length, so it may look different. This style can be modeled by arbitrary definition of several values ​​of the haircut:

  • total hair length
  • depth of thinning
  • the length of the control strand at the border of the superior occipital and parietal regions,
  • bangs
  • the relationship between the minimum and maximum hair length in the edging.

How exactly does changing these parameters affect the result of the Cascade haircut?

  1. Determining the total length at an arbitrary level allows you to adjust the thickness of the hair on the cut. The shorter the haircut, the sharper the edge line.
  2. The depth of thinning is the location of the grasp of the toothed scissors. The closer to the base of the hair the removal of density begins, the more “torn” the haircut “Cascade” will look.
  3. Due to the shortening of the strands of the upper occipital zone, a basal volume appears. The shorter the hair on the crown, the more magnificent it becomes visually.
  4. The shape of the bangs does not affect the overall structure of the haircut. She is involved in modeling the contour of the face and visually addressing the shortcomings of its shape.
  5. The transition from the shortest point in the front to the longest in the back sets the overall line of the semicircle (Rhapsody) in the border. This affects the resulting oval on the back, that is, whether the cut contour will be pointed or rounded.

Thus, the variety of haircuts "Cascade" are obtained by combining these parameters. All fragments are selected according to the structural features of the face and occipital part of the head of a particular person.

Double cascade

This look is considered the most fashionable, beautiful. A distinctive feature is a haircut all over the head, not only vertically.The double cascade looks three-dimensional. If you regularly take care of your hair, then a haircut will look more interesting than all other models.

Layers of the cascade give the hairstyle a flowing appearance, while thin hair looks lush, and heavy hair seems lightweight. Naughty locks take shape, making an impression of complete order.

A double cascade can be performed not only on long hair, but it is important that there are not many short steps at the back, otherwise the hair will stick out at the back of the head and appear too thin at the bottom. Avoid large differences in the stepped length of the upper, lower strands. Too short crown hairs are difficult to style.

Before starting a haircut, you need to pay attention to the shape of the face. Most of all, a double cascade suits narrow, elongated contours.

The luxurious volume visually expands them. However, you need to abandon the "steps" at the level of the ears. This option will correct the round shape of the face: short strands will cover the cheeks, slightly mask them.

Long hair near the cheeks will suit a triangular type of face. And you can fill in the ears, lay back. The sharp lines of the square contours will soften the curls, they will give the image femininity.

Cascade Cutting Methods

There are three main ways to cut in a cascade that can be confidently combined in one hairstyle. In the first case, the tips are formed with ordinary scissors absolutely evenly, as a result, the strands lie in clear horizontal steps.

The second option - finishes the ends, they are cut at a “soft angle” and form beautiful waves.

The razor is firmly established in the arsenal of modern stylists and hairdressers

A very original effect gives a haircut with a dangerous razor. Ready-made step strands with a razor are formed at a sharp sharp angle and thin out quite deeply. This technique creates fashionable "torn" strands, which further improves the silhouette of the hairstyle.

Graduated Cascade

This kind of "Cascade" is considered more extravagant, here locks as if stacked on top of each other in the thinnest layerscreating a unique image. Hair cut at a certain angle allows you to emphasize too delicate facial features and make even very thick hair very obedient.

Graduated haircut "Cascade" for long hair without bangs always has a clear shape, a bit like a hat.

Graduated haircut "Cascade" for long hair without bangs always has a clear shape, a bit like a hat.

Note! A feature of such a haircut is a rather short shearing of the length at the crown, with a subsequent increase in the length of the strands.

All equipment is performed with smooth transitions., which is the main meaning of the graduation "Cascade". Layered strands allow you to create clearly read sloppiness.

The graduated version of the "Cascade" haircut is suitable for:

  • thick hair
  • thick, dense hair, making it easier to style,
  • to create a spectacular volume on the crown of the head.

Graduated "Cascade" is not suitable for thin and soft hair, in this case, the hairstyle will lose shape too quickly.

Graduated "Cascade" is not suitable for thin and soft hair, in this case, the hairstyle will lose shape too quickly.

A graded haircut can be easily styled with a little hair curling done with a brush and hair dryer.

Pros and cons

The main advantage of Cascade is that using one scheme you can create haircuts of various shapes. And also its advantages are:

  • combination with all models of bangs,
  • the ability to perform a large number of stylings,
  • giving volume in the root zone,
  • lack of age restrictions,
  • combination with different types of complex gradient staining,
  • corrects the imperfections of the face

Cascade also has disadvantages.

  1. Quickly losing shape.A haircut needs correction at least once every two months.
  2. It requires styling, without it it looks messy.
  3. It grows long in one length.
  4. Improper modeling of the style leads to a shift in emphasis on unwanted areas.

When planning to make a Cascade haircut, you need to take into account all the pros and cons, since then it is very difficult to change the shape of hair with a transition in length.

Hair cutting cascade: visual correction of appearance

Haircut cascade is almost universal. She is suitable for many types of appearance. You just need to set the shape correctly, then you can make a bright accent on the eyes and at the same time correct facial features. This haircut is most suitable for girls with an oval and elongated face shape. After all, the cascade will give significant volume on the sides, this is how the face visually expands. If you need to hide wide cheekbones and remove the accent from facial defects, then for you there is a great option - a torn cascade. Girls whose face is slightly narrowed should choose a graduated cascade that resembles the letter V in its shape. With such a haircut, it will be possible to expand the cheekbones, but this year the graduation should end slightly above the chin.

Preparatory stage

In order not to go to the salon and make a cascade for yourself, you need to have a high-quality hairdressing tool in your arsenal. Ideally, these are straight and thinning scissors, special clips (especially if the hair is thick) or hair clips, elastic bands that will replace them. It will take several scallops: with frequent, sparse denticles and a long tail, to separate the strands.

Also, prepare a pair of mirrors (to control the rear view), a spray bottle with water, because during the process of cutting, long curls can dry out, and a wrap or dressing gown so that later you do not have to brush off the clothes from the cut hairs. Cascading at home is quite difficult, therefore, if possible, invite someone to help or pre-watch the video tutorial.

At the hairdresser, a haircut for long hair is the most expensive. In Moscow, the average price is 1500–2500 rubles.

cascade on long black hair

Graduated cascade

The hairstyle consists of steps made by smooth, inconspicuous transitions. The concept of graduated means a stepped cut of the ends at a certain angle. Owners of magnificent hair often resort to this technique.

Forming a hairstyle using this technology is not difficult. A woman with such a haircut looks younger. Therefore, it is often chosen by representatives of the older generation.

Features of the graduated model:

  • stepping is done on the upper strands, the lower ones remain flat, thick,
  • performed on hair of different lengths,
  • long curls look light, airy,
  • suitable for girls with a thick head of hair.

When graduating, any kind of staining looks stylish. This technology is suitable for straight, wavy hair. Owners of too curly hair should choose a different type of haircut.

Hairstyle cascade on long hair with bangs after graduation visually gives volume to the hair, while the length of the lower layers remains unchanged. Thanks to graduation, the curls are straightened at the desired angle. The neck visually becomes more elongated, and the image is more elegant.

Bangs when cutting a cascade

The bangs of different lengths and textures give originality to the haircut. They are able to correct facial features and shape. The wizard will help you choose the most successful version of the bangs, comparing the features of appearance and current fashion trends.

The most popular is the cascade with a long bang. Such a haircut is performed on hair of any length, which looks very impressive.

The cascade with the "arch" looks very interesting if you design the tips of the strands with "feathers". Careful thinning of the hair gives the hairstyle lightness.The bangs above the middle of the forehead are cut to the eyebrows, and then brought in a smooth semicircle to the length of the side curls. As a result, a gentle, feminine, beautifully designed face contour is created.

Such a haircut helps to smooth heavy cheekbones and visually makes the face more elegant. The arched bangs can be curled a little inward with a hairdryer and a round comb, or you can straighten it with an iron.

The cascade with the Trend bangs will be appreciated by fans of non-standard solutions. Short and straight to the center of the forehead, “French” bangs are formed evenly, which creates a contrast with the multi-level silhouette of the bulk of the hair. Such bangs balance the proportions of a long oval face, visually hide a large forehead and highlight the line of eyes and eyebrows. But this option of a cascading haircut does not suit owners of round faces with heavy large features. In this case, it is better to choose a cascading haircut with a “slanting” bang.

A cascade on long hair will keep the length and make the hairstyle more immediate

A cascade without a bang is a great option for fans of the classic style. It is done on long or medium hair, and an elegant pattern is built due to the effective design of the side strands that border the face. In this case, it is important to select the “control strand” correctly, which will set the tone for the entire hairstyle. Lateral strands in this case are usually made up to the chin.

Most effective is this kind of cascade that looks on straight or slightly wavy hair that fits in a neat “hat” up to the chin and neck, and the rest of the hair is formed into an “arbitrary ladder”.

Torn Cascade

The ragged version of "Cascade" is considered a hairstyle of mostly young, extravagant girls. To create such an image strands are cut in a chaotic manner, they can have different lengthsboth in the upper and lower parts of the head.

The ragged version of "Cascade" is considered a hairstyle of mostly young, extravagant girls. To create such an image, the strands are cut in a chaotic manner, they can have different lengths.

However, the ragged "Cascade" is perfect not only for young people, but also for women in age who feel the power of movement in themselves.

Note! This kind of "Cascade" will perfectly hide the wide cheekbones of a triangular shape of the face, correcting them. The fair sex, with a slightly elongated face, will look very harmonious with hair trimmed in this style.

This haircut should not be done on hair that is not too long., especially if their owner has a round face. There is a big risk to achieve the effect of even more round cheeks.

Who is going to haircut "Cascade"

Most multilayer styles are universal and do not have any performance restrictions. To create a haircut model suitable for combining elements, the following features should be considered:

  • the age of the person
  • the shape of his face
  • hair density
  • their length
  • the strength of the disulfide bond (hair straight, curly or curly).

Let's find out what combination of haircut details is suitable for different face shapes.

  1. A “cascade” for execution on an oval face does not have strict rules for combining elements. The greatest number of variations of this style suits him. The oval is taken as a form standard, therefore, all other types of persons are brought closer to it by shifting the basal volume and the border line.
  2. Haircut "Cascade" for a full or round face is built on the narrowing of its contour on the sides. Edging is cut from the cheekbones. Then it is milled so that the density transition to the ends turns out to be gradient. If the boundary of the contour is abruptly interrupted, then the emphasis on problem areas will intensify, they will become even more noticeable. When “pulling” the face, it is not recommended to cut the bangs, because you need to open the central part - from the forehead to the chin, and cover the cheeks.
  3. Cascade haircut for a square face is formed taking into account the masking of the angular contour of the lower jaw. To do this, the shortest strand of edging should reach the tip of the nose, the cut line can be both clear and gradient. It is not recommended to cut the bangs, because visually it will make the face even more rectangular.
  4. Cascade haircut for seniors and women for 50 years refreshes the face, visually hides small wrinkles. The oval of the face that has lost its clarity can be corrected by the edging cut. Age-related changes are masked with a thick bang, as well as a contour line that is drawn from the cheekbones to the base of the neck. The total maximum length of the haircut should be just below the shoulders.
  5. For girls under 12 years old, a “Cascade” haircut is not recommended, as it requires care and styling after each shampooing. A complex style is cut for a long time due to the exact observance of symmetry in all details, and young children quickly get tired. In order not to spoil the eyesight, it is better for schoolgirls not to cut their bangs or make it up to eyebrows.
  6. For thin, deprived of density, volume hair haircut "Cascade" is performed only for short and medium lengths. Failure to comply with this condition will emphasize the lack of density more strongly, since a short-cut crown concentrates the volume in the root zone, while creating “gaps” in length. Rare hair is not recommended to be milled, and in order to “soften” the ends, scissors should be cut with a Point cut.
  7. Haircut "Cascade" on curly hair, regardless of the strength of their disulfide bond, emphasizes the texture of curls. When choosing the length of the curls, you need to consider that when shortening the hair, they become lighter, and the curl spiral shrinks more. Due to this, the final type of haircut on curly hair will be visually shorter. The spiral structure is not recommended to be milled, since the cut off tips at different levels will begin to break out from a single texture, which will give the curls a sloppy look.

Thus, if you follow the simple rules of combining fragments of haircuts, you can highlight the advantages of any face shape and type of hair, or hide minor imperfections.
Because of its versatility, Cascade entered all the textbooks of hairdressing, as one of the five basic haircuts.

Short hair cascade

A short cascade looks best in combination with a round oval of the face. On straight, even hair, this haircut looks perfect. There are a fairly large number of cascade options for short hair.

Double cascade for short hair

A double cascade for short hair is a great way to add a splendor and volume to your hairstyle. With this type of haircut, the steps are cut all over the head. Especially the upper part has a large number of layers in order to give volume. The lower locks remain longer.

Short Cascade

Cascade short crown - haircut that is suitable for shorter hair. The task when creating a haircut is the formation of a gradual transition from the occipital zone to the neck, repeating the smooth shape of the head.

Who is it for?

Nowadays, many young ladies choose exactly the cascade for decorating their hair. This hairstyle looks stylish, neat and expressive. It is universal and suitable for many girls. But still, before going to the hairdresser, you should make sure that the cascade really suits you and will not draw attention to the existing shortcomings.

There is hardly a lady who does not have beautiful long hair. It is in such an elegant mop that the feminine charm and femininity lie. Such a haircut, like a cascade, goes to ladies with any type of appearance. Individually selected only the haircut option itself.

If you do not want to remove the length, but really want to achieve a spectacular hairstyle, then a cascade can be the best way out of the situation.

What are the options

Properly trimmed cascade looks beautiful and modern. It is important to choose the kind of hairstyle that emphasizes the merits of your appearance. In addition to the classics, these are:

  • Graduated. Strands are cut at a certain angle, separating thin layers of hair to model the silhouette. On a long head of hair, the upper level almost always looks like a hat - if you want to keep the length throughout your head as much as possible, keep this in mind. The cascade is suitable for women with thick, dense strands. On fine hair, graduation quickly loses shape.

graduated cascade for long hair

  • Ragged. Bold and bold, very creative option. A sharp razor is used to create an intentionally careless hairstyle. Such a haircut can be chosen for women with a triangular face.

ragged cascade on long hair

  • Asymmetric. A variation of the previous cascade, designed for progressive fashionistas without complexes. There are several variants of execution: alternation of long and short curls throughout the hair, a combination of evenly cut strands with “feathers”, etc.

asymmetric cascade for long hair

  • Elongated. In order not to cut the hair from the crown, choose the option when the hairdresser begins to cut the layers from the level of the chin or a little lower.

extended cascade for long hair

  • Easy. Curls are cut a little only in front. The hair from this does not seem less dense or too straight. Graduation starts from the chin. If desired, such a cascading haircut is combined with bangs.

light cascade on long hair

  • Double. It consists of only two layers. The upper one is a “cap” on the top of the head, smoothly turning into the main length. The length of this volume level depends on the shape and characteristics of the face. For a young fashionista, the master will offer a bold variety of hairstyles when the “cap” and the rest of the hair contrast with each other.

long hair cascade

  • Triple. By analogy with the previous version, the silhouette of the haircut consists of 3 layers.

triple cascade for long hair

  • Volume. Suitable for women who, after changing their image, want to achieve extra volume and greater pomp from their thin hair.

voluminous cascade for long hair

  • Smooth. Transitions between layers are almost not pronounced. This can be achieved by increasing the number of layers or only due to thinning. A similar cascade is often chosen by mature women.

smooth cascade on long hair

Variety of hairstyle will help bangs. A straight line, barely reaching the eyebrows, is suitable for girls with an elongated or triangular face. A slanting bang is good for women with a round or square shape. Its shortened version looks fervently, and the elongated one is intriguing. A high forehead will mask the bangs covering the eyebrows. This variety is suitable for women with wide cheekbones.

cascade with bangs on long hair

cascade oblique bangs on long hair

cascade without bangs on long hair

Tip. If the hair is slightly curly, then the cascade is usually performed without bangs or its elongated version is chosen. The edges of the strands are most often milled, and the slices are not from the crown.

The classic cascade is most suitable for women with straight ringlets of light brown or light shade. Many hairdressers call the blond the most successful addition to this haircut is no coincidence: on bleached hair, transitions between levels are more noticeable. At the same time, asymmetry, parting and cold shades of paint should be abandoned.

But fans of other tones and staining techniques should not be upset, because the cascade does not have hard canons! For example, the black color of the hair is in harmony with the asymmetric parting, ragged haircut, looks great with or without bangs.

Other possible staining options:

  • golden tone
  • a shade of chocolate
  • "salt and pepper",
  • highlighting - a combination of several colors is possible,
  • ombre
  • shatush,
  • 3D staining,
  • bronding and other techniques that are characterized by a contrast between the roots and tips, a smooth transition of shades from the crown to the bottom, or an alternation of curls painted in several tones.

Mix of various techniques

Now it’s fashionable to mix different haircuts in one hairstyle. Smooth ringlets in the crown area perfectly combine with the waves created in different techniques. The main thing is to profile the hair contour in the crown region, this will allow in the future to create various styling. For a softer look, the ends of the hair are curled inwards, and for “torn”, bold styling, they are straightened and laid with gel or bent outward.

The complex multi-level volume of the cascade makes the image more subtle and elegant. Depending on the desired result, the master will select the technique and the type of cascading haircut suitable for the client.


This option characterizes the smooth alternation of strands of different lengths. At the top, short and long curls can be combined. Originality is added by the angle of thinning, the shape of the bangs, the frequency of graduation. The intensity of the change of "steps" also plays a prominent role. Shortening can be started from the crown or near the chin.


  • perfectly hides flaws
  • highlights the virtues
  • copes well with problem hair
  • easy to install
  • the alternation of layers gives splendor, volume.

Haircut cascade on long hair with bangs, made asymmetrically, suits girls with an oval, round face shape. She hides the puffiness of her cheeks. The model is decorated with catchy details. The original bangs, sharp corners distinguish this species from other varieties of the cascade. The only downside is the need for daily styling.

The benefits of haircuts "Cascade"

Cascade haircut, which can often be seen on girls wearing long hair without bangs, is always at the peak of popularity.

Cascade haircut, which can often be seen on girls wearing long hair without bangs, is always at the peak of popularity. It is easy to install.

Its popularity can be explained by the presence of its undeniable advantages:

  1. Quickly update an existing style without the need for radical changes.
  2. Easy styling.
  3. "Cascade" is universal, it is perfect for women of any age.
  4. It allows not only to create a harmonious appearance, but also to constantly change, styling hair in different ways.
  5. Looks great even on wavy hair.
  6. Perfectly corrects chubby cheeks and a rounded face shape.
  7. Together with innovative staining methods, it allows you to create a unique image.

Differences of Cascade from other haircuts

Each style has its own characteristics, by which it can be easily recognized. What parameters are characteristic for Cascade and what distinguishes it from other haircuts?

  1. "Cascade" and "Italian". The main difference is that the term "Italian" refers to a whole range of styles that are not interconnected by external similarities. “Cascade” is a single non-contrast haircut without the exact ratio between the total length of the hair and the crown.
  2. "Cascade" and "Aurora." They are easy to confuse, since both styles have a very similar smooth transition from the shortest strands on the parietal zone to the total length. But despite the resemblance, they can be distinguished by the edging line. Cascade has a clear outline, while Aurora has a gradient, because the edging does not stand out with a separate cut.
  3. Cascade and Debut. The difference between these styles is that the "Debut" is limited to the length of the armpit, and the "Cascade" can be anything. In addition, the edging line runs along different trajectories.

Cascade for medium and long hair

A cascade for medium and long hair can be performed with or without bangs. There are several varieties.

Torn cascade - haircut with more pronounced transitions. With permissible hair density, thinning is performed.An equal cascade allows you to visually increase the volume of hair. It gives splendor and airiness to thin hair.

Classic cascade - this haircut creates a smooth and even ladder along the entire length of the hair due to the many layers or thinning.

The two-level cascade is a haircut, which is distinguished by two distinct tiers. The first is in the form of a hat, the second is the main length. The intermediate transition between them can be both sharp and smooth.

Graduated - this is a haircut option that focuses on edging. It should be made in the form of a small ladder, and the whole haircut will be done at an angle.

Combination with hair types

A universal cascade that suits almost every fashionista is undemanding to the type of hair itself. Let's consider in more detail what type of this haircut is best for different curls.

  • For thin hair, a classic or graduated cascade is ideal.
  • If the hair is wavy, then a cascade for her will be the most successful solution. You can choose any type except ragged.
  • Straight curls can effectively be decorated with a torn or two-level cascade.
  • If a girl has expressive curly curls, then she can choose any cascade, but not a two-level one.

The thicker the hair, the deeper the thinning should be. Young ladies who have thin and not the most obedient locks (and even overdried) may well choose this beautiful haircut - there are no restrictions. The cascade will contribute to the renewal of the tips, make the hairstyle more stylish and greatly simplify the care of curls.

Torn cascade

This option is chosen by the rebels, the originals. A characteristic feature is the large difference in the length of the lower, upper strands. The function of cutting is to mitigate irregularities, hiding prominent cheekbones. Such a hairstyle looks beautiful on straight, wavy hair.

A round face requires an asymmetric, elongated bang. On the sides of the hair is stretched to visually lengthen the silhouette. Waving curls on the face visually expand it. The weight of the chin will hide the twisted strands inside. Short hair will create volume if you dry the strands from the roots upside down and walk along the entire length with an iron.

Reasons for popularity:

  • There are many performance techniques that allow each girl to look unique.
  • Increases the volume of weak, thin hair.
  • Carelessly falling strands easily correct flaws.
  • To do the styling, no special skills are required.
  • Ideal for any age.

The torn cascade creates a mysterious, charming image. The technique of execution is to create sharp step transitions. The effect of "raggedness" creates uneven tips.

Haircut technique

The Cascade is geometrically accurate. Any deviation from the drawing or cutting angle leads to the formation of "steps" instead of a smooth transition of length. Therefore, to avoid unsuccessful experiments, you need to turn to hairdressing professionals for such a complex haircut, and not try to do it yourself.

The Cascade technique allows a change in the order of the haircut. That is, you can start with a fringing, or with a fringe, or with the formation of the transition. The sequence of actions depends on the option selected. Consider the nuances of performing a cascade for different lengths.

On curly hair

Cascading long curly hair deserves special attention.

Features of the cascade:

  • curly hair does not combine with office style,
  • curls give softness, tenderness to the image,
  • bangs complement the haircut and frames the face,
  • if you dye individual curls, hard hair will look stylish, bright.

The cascade can be done on naturally curly hair and after perming. This type of haircut allows you to do styling in minutes. The advantages of the cascade on curly hair include versatility, volume, simplicity.With a cascade, thin curly hair can be made lush, and with a minimum of styling tools in a few minutes to give them shape.

Combination with different face types.

As mentioned above, the cascade is a universal haircut. She suits many ladies. We will analyze in more detail which options of this hairstyle are more suitable for specific face shapes.

  • Young women with an oval face can choose almost any type of cascade. At the same time, you can choose any one. The fact is that an oval-shaped face is considered universal, there is no need to adjust it using different hairstyles.

  • A square-shaped face can also be supplemented with a ladder. This haircut can soften the features of such a face, making it more gentle and aesthetic. It is permissible to make the correction of the contour with the help of the hook - it can be oblique or torn. Or you can just leave a rather long bang, laid to one side.

  • The faces of the angular triangular structure look unsurpassed in alliance with the original graduated cascade and smooth little bangs.

  • An elongated face will look aesthetically and harmoniously in tandem with a spectacular classic cascade, as well as a torn straight or oblique bang. Often, short but thick bangs are perfect for ladies.

Which are there?

There are several varieties of this popular and versatile haircut. Fashionistas have the opportunity to choose the perfect option for themselves, which will emphasize all their advantages and bring a unique twist to the image.

An elongated cascade is permissible, even if we are talking about thin and weak curls. With the help of this haircut it will be possible to make hair more “lively” and expressive.

Let us consider in more detail what subtypes of the cascade exist and how they differ from each other.

Execution technology

There are several cascade schemes, but not all of them are suitable for implementation in a home environment. In order to look stylish and modern after the haircut, as from the picture, you need to find a good master. User reviews suggest that this is not easy. Women often have to deal with the inexperience and unprofessionalism of masters. If for this or other reason you decide to cascade at home, Use this step-by-step technology:

  1. Wash and lightly dry your hair in a natural way.
  2. Comb them.
  3. Separate the top. Comb it forward.
  4. Select a central curl from this mass of hair and shorten it to get a control strand. How much to cut depends on your desire, but do not cut this part shorter than the level of the nose.
  5. Secure the curl with a hairpin, elastic or clip.
  6. Make horizontal partings throughout the hair. Secure each with an elastic or clip.
  7. Cut all levels sequentially, making them slightly longer each time than the control curl.
  8. Make a thinning.
  9. Hair dryer and brushing.

Video haircuts cascade on long hair.

Video haircuts cascade on long thick hair.

Women's haircut cascade for thick hair

Owners of thick and coarse hair are not recommended to choose a cascading haircut. Heavy, short hide and seek will be difficult to fit, the tips will not curl. Your haircut cascade will lose its aesthetic appearance. The only way out in this situation will be the implementation of an inflated cascade. With such a haircut, the main length remains the same, but the tips are given a ragged look. Such a haircut looks easy, catchy, neat and very attractive.

Which bang to choose

The basic rule of cascading haircuts is a silhouette step design, but there are no clear standards. Many options create room for choice. One of them is a cascade with bangs.

Bang Options:

  • torn
  • very thick
  • oblique
  • straight,
  • long
  • arched
  • french.

Any form of bangs will suit the oval type of face. For a large type, an oblique is ideal. It visually narrows the contour.Straight long bangs are chosen by girls with an elongated or rectangular face. With a triangular shape, oblique, arched, asymmetric bangs are suitable. Short, torn, laid on the side of the hair look perfect with fine features.

With a bang

A cascade is a hairstyle that looks very pretty in a duet with bangs. The following types are suitable for this popular step haircut:

Choosing how to make a bang, you need to build on the structure of the face. Incorrectly cut bangs can ruin the appearance and image of a lady.

  • If the type of girl’s face is oval, then the bangs can be almost any.

  • Ladies, whose face is more likely to be of a large type, it is advisable to give preference to an trendy oblique bang. With its help, you can visually narrow the contour.

  • The owners of an elongated or rectangular contour most often choose a standard straight and long bang.

  • If the face is triangular in structure, then asymmetric, slanting, or arched bangs are ideal.

  • A short, torn or laid sideways bangs are ideal options for fashionistas with small and not very expressive facial features.

The cascade blends wonderfully with different types of bangs. The main thing is to arrange the latter so that it emphasizes the merits and hides the imperfections of the lady's face.

"Cascade" on long hair without bangs

Cascade haircut made on long hair without bangs is ideal for women with an oval-shaped face. Even if the face is wide, Cascade without a bang will be a great solution, allowing you to slightly correct the flaws in appearance.

Cascade haircut made on long hair without bangs is ideal for women with an oval-shaped face.

Such a haircut is ideal for girls, the happy owners of a luxurious pile of curly hair. "Cascade" allows you to create some semblance of order on your head, which makes the hair lie in its place, not too shaggy.

Women with perfectly even hair will also enjoy this haircutcreating curls that gently frame the face.

Optimum is the length of the strands on the sides of the face, which begin from the chin and go down below.

It is this type of haircut that makes it possible to emphasize the beauty of the face as a whole.

With Cascade, as with a simple haircut, you can do hairstyles.

Haircut cascade: photo on curly hair

For owners of curly hair, a haircut cascade is not the best choice. After all, if you have very thick and magnificent hair, then all the outlines of the haircut become invisible due to the natural volume. If the hair just curls slightly, then this will add a haircut charm and grace.

Haircut care

Long hair in itself is not only a luxurious decoration, but also a source of female hassle. The cascade will not add much difficulty to care. It is enough to adhere to standard rules:

  • after washing your hair, apply balm or conditioner to prevent tangling,
  • use thermal protective equipment,
  • every 2 months to renew the haircut, removing dry and damaged tips,
  • at least to lay locks after washing. The hair is dried, twisting the ends towards the face. In addition to a hairdryer and brushing, you will need a foam or mousse.

If you need a festive or beautiful casual hairstyle based on a cascade, take note of the popular options:

  • straighten your hair, and twist the edges in or out,
  • make a pile in the crown area
  • use a corrugation curler to create wavy strands,
  • braid the braid and decorate it with accessories,
  • wrap medium and large curls,
  • make a sideways or zigzag parting for a change, etc.

For round face

Girls with this type of face look very feminine, however, it is difficult for them to choose a haircut that suits them. The main purpose of the selection is to visually smooth roundness.In this case, the length of the hair is very important. The best solution is to cascade on long hair. The hairstyle silhouette, consisting of many degrees, is created in different ways.

A haircut cascade on long hair with bangs will not give extra width, but will stretch the facial contour. A short flight of stairs on the front hair is the best way to mask excessive roundness. The first strand begins to cut no higher than the chin. Light waves cover the cheekbones, short, laid on its side, bangs will narrow your face.

An excellent solution for moon-faced women is the asymmetry of forms. Young people decide on a pronounced unevenness. Older women favor a barely noticeable inaccuracy. In any case, attention is distracted from excessive roundness.

Features of asymmetry:

  • uneven bangs,
  • short strands on one side, elongated on the other,
  • long hair on the side.

A great solution would be a haircut with curls falling on your face. Excess lateral volumes will hide under the hair. If the hair structure is curly, you should buy an iron and pull the strands on the sides. Smooth hair is considered a beautiful and relevant way, styling gradually tapering downward.

"Cascade" on long hair with bangs

Bangs are undoubtedly a very important part of the hairstyle, allowing you to give her new colors and elegantly complement the already fed up style.

What are advantages of such a haircut:

  • bangs, trimmed strictly in a straight line (it is also called French), which barely reaches the eyebrow line, will be an excellent choice for women with an elongated or triangular shape,
  • bangs, which covers the eyebrows, will help mask the high forehead and wide cheekbones,
  • a slanting bangs in combination with a haircut "Cascade" will be just the perfect solution for girls with a face in the shape of a circle or square. Moreover, if it is short, it will give the image of the missing enthusiasm, and if long, then mystery.

Bangs are undoubtedly a very important part of the hairstyle, allowing you to give her new colors and elegantly complement the already fed up style.

On short hair

It is better to start a haircut of this length from the parietal zone, and lock the strands from the rest of the head under it.

After completing all the steps for the formation of the transition, you need to make a border, and last of all proceed to the fringe.

Beautiful cascade with bangs

A cascade with bangs will not leave you indifferent. You can not only experiment with the texture and structure of the bangs, but also highlight it with a touch, making accents. The bangs give the hairstyle sophistication and showiness. Stylists suggest experimenting with bangs in the new season, because there are so many options!

Slanting bangs in a cascade

Oblique - the bangs smoothly falling to one side very elegantly and appropriately frame the oval of your face, giving femininity and tenderness.

Thick bangs in a cascade

Thick bangs look harmonious in combination with thick hair. Gives the girls a certain mystery and romance.

Torn bangs in a cascade

Torn bangs look quite bold and bold. Such an image will definitely attract the attention of others. This kind of bangs is characteristic for shocking and very emotional girls.

Arched Bangs in Cascade

Arched - this bangs in the form of an arc with an extension on the sides. This type of bangs is great for girls with pronounced cheekbones.

Long bangs in cascade

Long - a classic version of the bangs, which smoothly goes to the side. If you want the bangs to merge with the main length, then it should be longer.

Interesting alternative haircuts

Women with long hair can safely choose not only a cascade, but also other trending options. For the last couple of years, a shaved temple has been fashionable. A bold element is combined with different strands, but it looks especially impressive and contrasting on long-haired young ladies. To make the image even more bold, it is worth coloring the curls in bright colors.

The opposite of this bold hairstyle is the Sesson retro haircut. It is characterized by semicircular outlines, including in the bangs, and clear lines. Shortened front strands are combined with elongated occipital curls. With such a hairstyle, it will be possible to maintain the length of the hair to the shoulder blades.

shaved temple and session

For oval face

This type of face plus long hair creates the image of a real Russian beauty. "Ladder" will add volume to hair. In addition, the trimmed steps noticeably rejuvenate the image.

The main feature of the cascade is the ability to style your hair as you like, and now this feature will be available. You can style your hair freely or put it in a bun, releasing a couple of locks - in any case, you get a feminine tender image.

When choosing a haircut option, they are guided by the structure of the hair. The main thing is that they are not split, breaking. For an oval face, long haircuts with torn ends are suitable.

Such models are modern and stylish. The downside is a noticeable thinning. However, the owners of thick hair such a haircut, on the contrary, will save. Women with thin hair should prefer a different model.

A young girl prone to experimentation can put her hair to one side. Dark-colored hair taken as a basis will look catchy, on top of which light torn thin strands are scattered.

Another trendy option will be asymmetric variations with hair length. Any kind of cascade should be complemented by a pronounced oblique bangs. Preference can be given to its elongated shape - it does not require daily styling.

Who is recommended and not recommended "Cascade" on long hair

Cascade haircut on long hair without bangs suits almost everyone.

It looks particularly advantageous in the following cases:

  • long and straight hair will look just magical, framed by a "Cascade",
  • thin hair with a lack of volume will just save such a haircut option,
  • in the case when you want to grow bangs, "Cascade" will be an excellent solution that will allow you to mask it a little,
  • this haircut will make the round shape of the face more elongated,
  • the face of the correct form simply asks to be framed by a "Cascade" of hair.

long and straight hair will look just magical, framed by a "Cascade".

A haircut that extends hair in layers does not always have to fit in the yard.

There are times when you should not do it:

  • "Cascade" adds volume, so on very magnificent hair it is undesirable, especially if a woman has a thin constitution,
  • the classic version of "Cascade" will not look too good on thin hair, as a result of which the hair will dangle dully down,
  • hair having a natural wave of a very rigid structure is unlikely to gently fall if you cut it with a "Cascade",
  • brittle and too split hair, definitely not for Cascade haircuts.

Brittle and too split ends of hair, definitely not for haircuts "Cascade"

Styling features

It’s pretty easy to style your hair cut in a cascade. To do this, it’s enough to have a round brush, a hairdryer and fixing tools on hand. With the help of them you can create flowing curls that will beautifully frame your face and make the image romantic.

If you want to look more natural, then just shake your head, give the hair a basal volume and make a side part. Nothing better for everyday styling and you can’t come up with!

The cascade for long hair without bangs has a chic look both in the back and in the front. The features of this haircut are such that with any length of hair, with any design and format, it will look great. That is why in the coming 2019 the cascade will not lose its relevance and will continue to be at the peak of popularity!

On medium hair

The sequence of haircuts "Cascade" for medium hair depends on the size of the harvested length of the total length.
If you need to cut off no more than two centimeters, then first it is better to limit the length with a trim so as not to remove the excess, and then proceed to the formation of the transition.

The benefits of haircuts cascade

Great haircut cascade has many advantages:

  1. Haircut is suitable for different types of hair and absolutely any face shape.
  2. This haircut looks great both with a bang of any kind, and without it.
  3. Good for curly and even hair.
  4. After washing the hair, you do not need to spend a lot of time on styling.
  5. This is the best option for girls with sparse hair, so you can easily add a voluminous and voluminous hairstyle.
  6. Haircuts suitable for short, medium and long hair. It also looks harmonious in combination with an evening dress and sportswear style. The main thing is to choose the desired styling option.
  7. Lightly curled hair in combination with a cascade look very harmonious.

For a square face

The fairer sex needs to choose the right haircut cascade to mask the angularity of the cheekbones. Multilayered and voluminous are better, and smooth will only emphasize squareness.

Volume is created using graduated, ragged haircuts. An excellent option is asymmetry. The uneven length will distract attention from the features of the shape of the face. Hair should be styled by twisting curls: the waviness will soften, round the shape.

For a square face, an asymmetric, laid on one side of the bangs is perfect, but voluminous bangs should be avoided, they visually make the face heavier. Direct hair parting is also not suitable. It is recommended to opt for zigzag, side partings, as they visually change the proportions of the face for the better.

Tips for choosing a haircut:

  • avoid clear lines near the face,
  • do not make a sharp visual narrowing or expansion in the hairstyle,
  • pay attention to every detail in the hairstyle, evaluating how it affects the perception of the shape of the face.

Cascade styling options for long hair without bangs

Long hair without bangs, on which the Cascade haircut is made, will look great even without styling, if they are well-groomed and healthy. However, sometimes you can’t do without styling.

To bring to life a sweet and romantic look, you can blow dry your hair with hair dryers previously moistened with styling mousse.

Wherein you need to carefully twist the curls with a hair brush, making smooth waves. You can fix such a hairstyle with varnish.

To bring to life a sweet and romantic look, you can blow dry your hair with hair dryers previously moistened with styling mousse.

If there is any celebration, you can prepare in advance and wind curls with a curler or hairdryer.

Important! The hair that is directly in front of the face needs to be twisted inward, and the rest - towards the back of the head. The shortest locks, which are located on the crown of the head, can be slightly combed and fixed with styling products.

In the case when you want a calm styling, without a magnificent volume, you can just straighten your curls with a hot iron. After processing the hair, you can give shape to individual locks on the face using special hair wax.

In the case when you want a calm styling, without a lush volume, you can simply straighten your curls with a hot ironing.

The haircut "Cascade" does not require styling at all, which can be slightly diversified by making a side part or parting in a zigzag.

On long hair

Haircuts reaching the level of the waist and below are performed non-standard.

First, the edging limits the length. Then the size of the parietal zone is determined. After that, the ends of the upper strands with a total length are connected in an even cut.

Professional tips for choosing a cascading haircut

In addition to the positive properties, a cascading haircut has disadvantages that appear only in the case of improper haircuts.Do not cut hair with thick, heavy, or poorly fixed curls. The cascade looks best on blond and blond hair. Stylists unanimously say that the cascade is not suitable for a rigid hair structure. A haircut is not desirable when cutting ends. But the main disadvantage of a cascading haircut is that it takes a long period of time to grow.

Who makes of celebrities

The cascade for long hair is popular among famous women - actresses, singers, models. With successful hairstyles, Hollywood and Russian celebrities prove that this haircut is successful for strands of dark and light shades. The cascade is combined with slightly wavy curls and bangs of different lengths.

For an example, see photos of Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez, as well as Angelina Jolie. A longtime fan of the cascade is Jennifer Aniston. Some Russian celebrities also liked the hairstyle - for example, Yana Rudkovskaya and Vera Brezhneva.

Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez

Katherine Zeta-Jones and Jessica Alba

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston

Yana Rudkovskaya and Vera Brezhneva

Versatility and versatility are perhaps the main characteristics of the cascade for long hair, for which screen stars and other women love it. Choose your option to see all the benefits of a haircut and get the opportunity to do different styling at least every day.

For girls and teenagers

A haircut cascade favorably emphasizes the beauty of children's hair. It looks great on girls with an oval type of face. The contours of the face of another shape visually soften. You can put curls in the tail. It is great for teens. A haircut creates the effect of hair density

A thick straight bang can complement the romantic look. Straight bangs combine loose straight hair, a haircut with torn edges. Such a bang emphasizes the beauty of the eyes.

Cascade options for teenage girls:

  • layering
  • with a straight oblique bang,
  • classic
  • with a straight, oblique parting.

Properly selected teenage haircut with bangs will emphasize the beauty of the shape of the face. In combination with long hair, the ragged shape looks good. A fringe, smoothly turning into a ladder, will add romance, tenderness. The advantage of long hair is the ability to curl, straighten, styling.

How to revive a haircut "Cascade"

In order to give dynamism and brightness to the “Cascade” haircut, you can resort to dyeing the hair with modern fashion techniques.

In order to give dynamism and brightness to the “Cascade” haircut, you can resort to dyeing the hair with modern fashion techniques.

So, popular painting techniques:

In principle, any dyeing involving a gradual color change from the roots to the tips will very advantageously emphasize the Cascade haircut.

Even a slight highlighting, performed extremely delicately, will give harmony to the image.

The highlighting option is also popular.

"Cascade" with a bang

For a long and medium cut, a haircut with a separate, pronounced bangs starts with it. And for the short - ends.

This condition is especially important to observe when cutting a Cascade with a slanting fringe, since its long edge should harmoniously fit into the overall line of the edging, and not look like a separate element.

After the exact sequence of operations is determined, you can proceed directly to the haircut. Let's find out how the Cascade is done. Despite the change in the procedure, the ratio of the drawing and cutting angles is the same for any hair length.

For blondes

A haircut should emphasize the lightness and softness of the entire image, but at the same time solve problems such as adjusting the contour of the face, emphasizing the color of the eyes, the shape of the nose, lips.

The cascade gives blonde hair freshness, sophistication, and chubby women helps to hide the flaw.

Tips for choosing a suitable haircut:

  1. Strict asymmetry should be avoided, it will introduce coldness, deprive of naturalness, liveliness.
  2. Perfectly emphasized blond airiness, lightness, ragged edge.
  3. Highlighting individual strands will create a dynamic effect.
  4. Having an oval, narrow face shape, you should stay on a wide bang.
  5. Need to abandon the parting.
  6. When laying hair, you should adhere to the principle of slight negligence.

How to care for your hair to keep the Cascade haircut for a long time

Cascade haircut made on long hair requires the same care as any other. Only in the case of competent care for your own hair can you permanently preserve the charm of the hairstyle that the master of the beauty salon gives.

Cascade haircut made on long hair requires the same care as any other.

There are no special difficulties in caring for the Cascade haircut, compliance with the general simple rules is enough:

  1. Mandatory use of the conditioner after washing the hair so that they lie in neat locks and are not confused.
  2. The use of styling products with thermal protection, which will protect the hair from cross-section.
  3. After each hair wash, you need to at least create a styling. To do this, it is enough just to dry the hair a little, directing the tips of the strands inward, to the face.

Haircut "Cascade", the hostess of which cares about the beauty of her hair, does not leave them without attention and styling, is able to delight her owner for many weeks.

Haircut "Cascade", the hostess of which cares about the beauty of her hair, does not leave them without attention and styling, is able to delight her owner for many weeks. Permanent enthusiastic looks will be a real reward for the cares of hair care.

In this video you will see the nuances of the Cascade haircut for its correct implementation.

From this video you will learn how to make a “Cascade” haircut for medium and long hair.

This video will show you a “Cascading” haircut for different hair lengths.

Cascade haircut scheme

Before proceeding with a haircut, you need to wash your hair with shampoo. Wet hair should be easy to comb.

  1. Divide the head with a horizontal parting into two parts. Its edges should go from the middle of the ears, and the line should go through the highest point on the head - the crown.
  2. To cut out the edging semicircle, that is, Rhapsody.
  3. On the border of the parietal and upper occipital zones, isolate a strand one centimeter thick. Pull upward at a right angle to the head and with an even horizontal cut remove excess length. This shortest strand is the control one, and the transition to the total length will begin from it.
  4. Hair from all areas of the head is pulled at an angle of 90 degrees to the control strand and an extra length is cut off with an even horizontal cut. If the hair from the lower occipital part does not reach the control measure, then connect with the total length from the closest strand to them, trimmed according to the standard.
  5. To eliminate small irregularities and create a smooth, inconspicuous transition without "steps", you need to pull the hair horizontally with thin strands with a radial separation and remove everything that extends beyond the cut line.
  6. Make thinning ends over the entire surface of the haircut.
  7. Bangs for Cascade are made in the same way as for other styles.

A little deviation from the classic edging scheme is required for the Cascade men's haircut. The difference from the female is that in addition to the traditional semicircle, you need to draw whiskers and a machine to cut 2-3 cm above the ears.

For brunettes

The haircut cascade is characterized by a soft transition of the length of the strands from the crown to the ends. There are many options for long hair for brunettes with and without bangs.

Women with a round face opt for asymmetric bangs.Girls with an oval face make a ragged cascade. Classic lovers can choose a cascade starting from the tip of the nose, chin. Visually, you can increase the volume with a side part.

The Italian is considered a variant of the cascade - they are very similar in execution technique. Sensual brunettes, having made such a haircut, create slight negligence on the hair, using mousse for this. Perfectly emphasizes the correct oval of the facial contour cascade without bangs. You can do the steps only at the tips. This option is chosen by brunettes with a full face.

It is performed in 3 styles:

The cascade looks great on chocolate, golden hair color. And to emphasize the lines, highlighting is used. The play of color, delicate modulations gives emphasis to individual strands.

Cascade Hair Coloring

Complex multilayer styles lose their heterogeneous texture with a single color and look dull. The transition from one length to another reduces the density at the ends of the hair, which visually make up for using multi-color gradient dyeing techniques - Shatush, Balayazh, Ombre.

These types of coloring are used only for long or medium hair (from armpits). The transition from the dark color at the roots to light at the ends emphasizes the basal volume, and the addition of vertical sketches creates an emphasis on the main tone.

Classical highlighting on a haircut “Cascade” looks impressive on any length and density of hair. It can be done on a cosmetic base (all colors except black) or natural. A hairdresser foil is suitable for long and medium hair, and a special silicone cap with holes for short hair.

How to cut - step by step instructions

Cutting the strands in a cascade, choose one of the options:

  • along the entire length
  • at the face zone
  • at the ends.

Before starting a haircut, you need to prepare. They wash their heads, comb their hair thoroughly. Clearly defined with the final result.

Haircut Progress:

  1. Hair is divided into 4 parts.
  2. At the top, a control strand is isolated.
  3. They pull it 90 degrees and cut it in a direct way.
  4. Work on with each strand separately.
  5. Apply them to the control and cut.
  6. The strands located far from the control do longer.
  7. Go to the crown of the head, temporal zone.
  8. Allocate the main strand.
  9. The remaining strands are cut along the control length.
  10. The bangs are done in the same way as all the previous areas.
  11. Then the hairstyle is dried.
  12. Comb the hair with a round comb.
  13. Make a thinning.
  14. Browse the haircut, making sure that there is no sticking hair.
  15. Do the styling.


For non-contrast styles, there are no rules for styling. A variety of options makes it possible to find the best for your hair type.

For example, you can wind your hair onto a Cascade haircut. Making curls on a sheared transition is much easier than on one length. To do this, fit:

  • hair curlers - classic, thermo, Velcro, foam rubber, boomerangs,
  • papillots
  • bobbins - conical, spiral, classic,
  • brushing and hair dryer,
  • curling irons - conical, cylindrical, spiral, automatic, wavy,
  • hair dryer and diffuser.

To create creative small volume creases of the corrugation, at the root or along the entire length, forceps with zigzag recesses on the plates are used.

In addition to winding, "Cascade" can be straightened. This type of styling is more suitable for thick or fluffy hair. Smoothing can be done with a hairdryer and brushing, or ironing with flat plates.

Front and back view

The cascade helps to adjust the shape of the face. By rounding the strands outward in front, you can hide the massiveness of the chin.

If the hair is thin, it is worth doing a thinning of the ends. This manipulation will make them visually healthy, thick, resilient both front and back.

With each embodiment, the cascade on the long hair at the back looks different. At the peak of popularity, there is a graduated cascade.Behind the haircut looks gorgeous on thick hair. Execution can be divided into 2 options: direct, torn. At the first transition between the strands is almost invisible. The beauty of the second is emphasized by curls curling outward.

A cascade without bangs emphasizes the perfect oval of the face. Women with oily hair are not recommended for bangs. She ruins the front view. In other cases, it will be a wonderful addition to the image.

Cascade hairstyles

This style alone is sufficient and is worn as is. After all, it is difficult to collect medium or long hair after any non-contrast haircut. A short and completely impossible. For volume, you need rollers and hairpieces, and for combing the shortest strands you need a lot of invisibility and hairpins.

The classic smoothly “licked” high “ponytail” will be spectacular only with additional false hair. Therefore, with frequent wear of the collected hairstyles, it is not recommended to make such a haircut of a non-contrast type, such as "Cascade".

Frequently Asked Questions

The versatility of Cascade allows this haircut to remain popular for a long time. Interest gives rise to many questions that women ask their hairdressers. We will try to answer those that are more common than others.

  1. How to straighten hair into one length from the Cascade haircut? This can be done quickly, but short or long, but with the preservation of length. In order not to sharply shorten the hair, you can cut a few centimeters once every 2-3 months in an even cut. So the hair does not dramatically lose its length, and the transition will grow gradually.
  2. What haircut for medium hair can be done after Cascade? It all depends on the length of hair on the parietal zone and the willingness to shorten it. For example, you can make a haircut “Italian”, “Pixie”, “Bob”, “Shaggy”.
  3. How to grow hair after a cascading haircut? In order to discreetly get rid of the sheared transition without losing length, it is possible to build up additional strands in the interval with the shortest hair. Lovers of creativity are suitable for various types of afro-weaving.
  4. How to fix a failed Cascade haircut? It depends on its flaws. For example, elements are improperly combined, symmetry is broken, they are cut too short or, on the contrary, much is left unnecessary.

“Cascade” is a non-contrast type haircut with a complex texture of transition from short hair on the crown to the total length. This style is compatible with all forms of hair, suitable for different thicknesses and lengths of hair. By combining the elements of the “Cascade” haircut, you can hide minor defects in the shape of the head or minor age-related changes. This is a universal haircut without restrictions on age or gender, and a variety of styling will give a daily update to the image.

Watch the video: The Sexiest Layered Haircut - TheSalonGuy (April 2020).