Fast hairstyles for medium hair in 5 minutes

Making hairstyles for every day with your own hands is easy using step-by-step instructions. Every girl wants to look perfect always and everywhere. However, the modern pace that life sets is so fast that sometimes there is no time even to have a bite to eat, not to mention making a fashionable haircut or hairstyle. By adopting a few step-by-step instructions and a video, you can learn how to make hairstyles yourself at home.

Medium length haircut options

For owners of middle dyne hair and to the shoulders, there is an incredible variety of options for easy hairstyles. This length is optimal for creating volume, all kinds of beams and braids, their various modifications.

One of the easiest hairstyles for medium hair with your own hands is a braid hairstyle. To create it you need:

  • Separate hair into a straight or side parting.
  • Take a small strand on each side and braid along the braid, French, with a braid or ordinary.
  • Fasten the back of the braid with a rubber band or hair clip.

This option is suitable for every day. Also in the braids you can weave thin ribbons, chains or fresh flowers - you can use this option for evening romantic walks.

Advice! If the hair is thin, it is better to braid French braids, this will visually add volume.

With the help of a braid, you can perfectly diversify the bunch. To do this, you need:

  • Lower your head down, braid the French braid. If it does not work out, you can braid the braid by capturing a small strand in the middle.
  • Then make a high tail.
  • Then form a bundle from it and fix it.

You can complement the image with a beautiful bow, scarf or hair clip.

Another great everyday option for hair to the shoulders will be a hairstyle from the tail. To create it you need:

  • Tie a low tail without parting.
  • Slightly lowering the elastic, divide the tail into two parts.
  • Wrap curls inward.
  • Repeat the action several times.

The part of the curls that has remained free, wrap inward with a loop, and then fasten.
This hairstyle can be additionally decorated with decorative elements. It is worth considering that on thin hair styling will look easier and more airy. For thick dense hair, it will not work, as it will quickly fall apart.

A beautiful unusual bunch will turn out from a tail twisted into a plait. To do this, you need:

  • Make a short tail.
  • To twist a plait, having fixed it with a thin elastic band.
  • Form a bundle from the resulting bundle.
  • Use hairpins or invisible to secure the hairstyle.

This option will be a great addition to the business image and will not be disheveled throughout the day.

You can do one more interesting and simple hairstyle with your own hands by tying knots out of strands. To create it, you must:

  • Throw hair to one side.
  • Divide them into two parts.
  • Tie with a double knot, after applying styling.
  • Secure with rubber band.

It is very easy to make such a hairstyle at home in just a few minutes. She looks quite interesting and emphasizes the individuality of her owner.

Advice! On very thick hair, this option is better not to do, since the knot will always try to untie, and the desired effect will not work.

Beautiful curls on medium hair

Bulky large curls or small spirals give the image airiness and romance, therefore they have always been considered an original head decoration. With the help of them you can visually increase the volume of hair, hide split ends and they are suitable for any type of face.

Fast hairstyles for medium hair with curls create both for work and for parties and celebrations.Self-made styling can always be quickly corrected.

Stylish hairstyle shell

Shell hairstyle is suitable for office style and business meetings. However, if you decorate her with a beautiful hair clip, then in tandem with an evening dress, she will create a romantic and elegant look. The shell hairstyle has the right to be a little disheveled, and several curls on the face will complement the image.

To create it, it does not take much time, the hair must be twisted in one direction and fixed with hairpins.

Hair Stylist Tips for Long Hair

Long curls always look beautiful, so most of the fair sex spends an incredible amount of time and effort to grow them. Owners of long hair will not be suitable for all hairstyles, but you can choose suitable options.

All kinds of braids are considered very popular for long hair. Recently, they can be increasingly seen at fashion shows. Interesting and unusual they look in the "mixed" technique. To master it is not difficult, for this you need to do the following in stages:

  • Grab a lock on the top of the head and braid a few links of a regular braid.
  • After weaving one strand on each side and continuing to braid the usual braid.
  • Repeat the action several times depending on the length, securing the end of the braid with an elastic band.
  • Lower curls can be left loose.

Due to the fact that the hairstyle is relaxed, the locks will begin to fall out after a while. To prevent this, you need to sprinkle your hair with medium fixation varnish.

Using braids, you can create a simple but very cute romantic image. This will require:

  • Alternately, on each side, select thin locks and fasten with invisible on the opposite side.
  • From the remaining curls, braid the braid, then dishevele it.
  • Decorate the hairstyle with flowers or other decorations.

This image is suitable for long flying dresses and skirts, it will be nice to complement outfits in the style of boho.

Advice! For this option, it is better to create waves on the hair. Also, when creating "disheveled" hairstyles, it is better to use a texturing spray.

The romantic image will help to complement the voluminous "malvinka". To do it, you need:

  • Curl the ends a little, fixing the result with varnish.
  • Make a small parting, and comb the hair on the crown.
  • Fasten the remaining strands on the sides in the back in the middle.

Hairstyle for a business meeting and a romantic dinner is ready. To refresh it, just “beat” with your hands. Due to fleece, the volume will recover quickly.

Owners of long hair will also need this option:

  • Pre-collect curls in the tail and secure with an elastic band.
  • From the base of the tail, select a couple of strands and connect from below using a small elastic band.
  • Take the following strands from the bottom and each time fix with a new rubber band.
  • At the end, each of the resulting links to fluff.

Gum is better to take tight to the color of hair or colorless. If the elastic bands are not holding well enough, the links cannot be made voluminous. This is especially true for thick heavy hair.

Option 2

This is a very simple and fast technique that will help to slightly improve the classic braid. First of all, tie a not too tight tail with a thin invisible elastic band. Make a gap over the elastic in the hair and thread the tail into it. Then, braid your hair in a braid with any technique that you like. Thus, a simple everyday hairstyle is ready.

Curls with a curling iron

A convenient, quick and proven way to curl hair is to use a curling iron. To create beautiful curls, in addition to it, you will need a comb, a clamp in the form of a hairpin or clip.

For best results, it is recommended that you follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Before you start curling your hair, you need to rinse and thoroughly dry it. The balm applied after shampoo should not weigh down the curls.Otherwise, they will quickly decay.
  2. If the hair is thick, then part of it is better to collect on the top and fix.
  3. Curls begin with the lower strands. Too thick hair will be enough to slightly curl at the ends. This method will avoid the spherical type of laying.
  4. Separate a thin strand and clamp it at the root. Slowly, without opening the automatic clamp, lower the curler to the end of the strand thereby warming it.
  5. Creating tension, the strand is evenly screwed onto the styler to the desired height.
  6. The resulting curl is removed to the side. So strand after strand continue the process throughout the head.
  7. After the hair has acquired the desired shape, styling is fixed with varnish.

If desired, you can make a straight or zigzag parting, with a greater or lesser slope to the left or right.

Making curls with an iron

An iron straightener has long ceased to be used for its intended purpose. The manufacturer supplements it with such a variety of nozzle plates that it is not difficult to create hairstyles. The curls made by the rectifier are not too curled, but they look natural, but they do not break for a long time.

In order to keep the styling for a long time, and the hair is not affected, it is worth listening to some recommendations.

They are as follows:

  • To reduce the negative impact on the hair, it is better to choose an iron with Teflon or ceramic coating.
  • optimal work surface 3-5 cm,
  • in order to avoid brittle hair, the temperature timer is set no more than 180 degrees.

Quick hairstyles with a straightener are very easy to do. In addition to the tool itself, you may need any long object of a round (knitting needle) or multifaceted shape (pencil), a comb, heat-protective products in the form of sprays and mousses.


  1. While the iron will bask, you need to apply a spray or mousse to the hair. Means will protect curls from adverse temperature effects.
  2. Separate a thin strand and twist it onto a knitting needle or pencil.
  3. The warmed curl is carefully removed from the object on which it was located.
  4. A curled strand is pulled with a comb and varnish is applied.

Curlers, papillots and a diffuser are also suitable. The manufacturer offers a huge selection of tools for creating luxurious curly curls.

Tail to side


  1. Mousse is preliminarily applied to the curls and, using a comb with thick teeth, are collected in an asymmetric bundle. In the presence of an oblique bang, the tail should be on the side where it is longer.
  2. In the absence of a bang, a large strand is separated from above, which is formed separately from the tail. It can be curled, stabbed or sprinkled with varnish and left to fall on the face.
  3. The collected hair is decorated with a ribbon, a hairpin, or a strand is previously separated and a tail is wrapped around it, fixing the end with a hairpin.

Tail with harnesses


  1. To create such a hairstyle will require a minimum of skills and time, comb, hairpin, elastic.
  2. Hair is collected in a ponytail at the back of the head and fixed with an elastic band. The bundle is divided into identical strands (there should be no more than four), each comb well and twist. Twist should be either clockwise or counterclockwise. The resulting bundles are intertwined and secured with an elastic band below.
  3. The gum fixing on top of the tail can be hidden by a strand, wrapping it around and securing it with a pin from the bottom.

With a scythe

It takes a minimum of time to create a tail with a braid. You will need a comb and elastic bands for hair.


  1. Hair is collected at the crown and secured with an elastic band.
  2. The tail is braided in a braid and fixed from the bottom. If the braid is braided weakly, then it will look voluminous.
  3. The elastic at the top can be hidden using a pre-selected strand. I comb it, apply varnish abundantly and wrap it around the tail. A strand can be braided and decorated with a tail.

The fishtail will be neat if the hair is pretreated with a tool that removes their electrification.For speed and convenience, it is better to take a wooden comb with a tail on the end.

Invited hair is divided in half. With the help of a ponytail, a thin strand is separated from the outer left side and transferred to the middle. The next strand is taken from the opposite side and moved to the previous one.

Detachable curls should be the same thickness every time. To weave smooth strands periodically pull down. At the end, the braid is fixed with an elastic band. The high tail, despite the fact that the hair is collected, looks voluminous. To create it, you need a comb with thick teeth, a hairpin or elastic.


  1. Separate part of the hair from the forehead and do a pile in the root zone.
  2. Lateral and curls from the back of the head are neatly collected in the tail on the top of the head.
  3. Before fixing the combed strands, they are smoothed a little so that they do not stand out from the general view.

Volumetric styling with tape in the style of Brigitte Bardot

1. Separate part of the hair from above and after combing, fix it with hairspray.
2. Gather hair at the back of your head and grab locks from your temples, they will support our pile. In this case, do not pinch the tail with an elastic band, the volume should be preserved.
3. Tie a ribbon and once again fix the hairstyle with varnish - a light hairstyle for the evening is ready!


Suitable styling for every day for long, medium hair and even short caret. Basic design: locks of the front of the head from ear to ear or two temporal ones are wound back, stabbed or fastened to the tail. These options will take no more than a minute, but they are pretty boring.

Diversify the Malwink. For example, fold the strands into bundles or twist the tail and wrap a strand of hair that holds it with a gum to mask it.

Make a malvinka from two twisted tails: first the first is constructed from the parietal part, then the temporal strands are added to it and pulled lower with another elastic band. Malvinka can be formed from braids spikelets braided from temples or in the form of a bow.

Its construction is phased as follows:

  1. Grab two wide strands from the temples with an elastic band so that a small loop forms.
  2. Dividing it in half, make the bow petals out of the loop, fasten with invisibility.
  3. In a strand, wrap the middle between the petals, fix the structure.

Look at the photo step by step how to do it:

The hairstyle looks original and stylish.

What hairstyles are suitable for thin hair?

The owners of thin hair hold the volume perfectly, and curls, as a rule, are more obedient.

To make the bun look beautiful on thin hair, you need to use a special roller. To do this, you must:

  • Make a high tail.
  • To put on the roller and evenly distribute hair on it.
  • To put on one more elastic band.
  • Then form the two strands from the remaining strands.
  • Wrap the bundle in opposite directions and stab.

With the help of a roller, the bundle will look neat, even on thin hair a volume will visually appear. It is very easy to make such a hairstyle yourself, it only takes a few minutes.

Advice! So that the bundle does not “slip” after some time, the gum should be chosen tighter.

Another popular option is a sloppy bunch. Perhaps the simplest hairstyle for thin hair of any length, except for very long ones. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Shred hair with hands.
  • Assemble at the crown and twist into a bundle.
  • Secure the bundle with several hairpins and pull out some strands, adding negligence.

This option is perfect for a relaxed day look. Thanks to the knocked out locks, it will look gentle, and the hair will not interfere.

Light hairstyles based on a tail or knots can be made to complement business looks. To do this, tie the curls at the bottom with a thin elastic band. After wrap the tail inward. This hairstyle looks simple and neat.

To create a hairstyle from knots, the sequence of actions is also simple:

  • Select two strands just below the crown and tie them in a knot.
  • Taking new strands from the sides, continue to tie knots, gradually going down.
  • Fix the remaining curls with an elastic band and “hide” them under the hairstyle.

The remaining strand can not be hidden, but simply secured with an elastic band or hairpin if the hair is very long.

Even with thin hair, you can make one incredibly elegant and feminine hairstyle, quite complicated at first glance. It can often be found in Russian and foreign celebrities. In order to perform it at home, you will need:

  • Sprinkle clean hair with a texturizing spray, and then blow dry with a hairdryer.
  • Wrap curls “shell”, gradually turning to one side.
  • Secure with stealth or studs.
  • To apply a little varnish of average fixing.

To make a beautiful everyday hairstyle or even for a holiday, it is not at all necessary to go to a beauty salon or spend hours standing at a mirror. Following simple step-by-step instructions and a photo with descriptions, you can learn how to make beautiful and light hairstyles with your own hands, video tutorials will help to understand all the intricacies. And close people and acquaintances will be delighted in a new way.

Option 3

This hairstyle looks great on long hair. To start, tie the tail not too tight on the side. Make a gap above the elastic and let all the hair into it. To give volume, relax a few strands. A little lower, tie another elastic band and repeat all the steps again. The number of sections depends on the length of your hair.

Light hairstyle with weave and bun

For such a hairstyle, we need a special roller to create a volumetric bundle, if you don’t have a special bagel, then an ordinary sock will do, you just need to cut off the front part of the sock and twist it. If you liked the hairstyle, see also "Beautiful hairstyle bun with weaving step by step" 🧡
1. Tilt your head down and comb your hair.
2. Start from the bottom of the hairline weaving a French braid.
3. Around the top, finish weaving and collect all the hair, tighten the base with an elastic band.
4. Take the “bagel” and wind your hair over it to create a fluffy bun.


Elegant tall option on perfectly smooth long hair. Wrap the base of the tail with decorative tape, tow or strand.

Another type of design: to form “flashlights” along the entire length, fastening the hair with elastic bands at a distance from each other. Hands give the "flashlights" a rounded shape.

The low tail with velvet looks impressive on an average length. Before you collect it, comb on the top of the hair for volume. Mask holding rubber. Beautiful hairstyle is ready!

How to make one of the options for this hairstyle in stages, see this video:

Option 4

To get such a careless, but stylish braid, you need to wind your hair with light waves and make a pile on the top. Then braid the braid with any technique you know. When the braid is ready, pull it in different directions to give volume. At the end, divide the hair into two parts, tie a knot and secure with an invisibility on the inside.

Another version of a simple hairstyle with a bun and braids

1. Separate hair with even parting.
2. Braid on each side two identical braids. To do this, you need to start weaving a French braid, do a few stitches of weaving, grabbing hair, and then finish weaving the braid in the usual classical way.
3. Gather all the hair into a ponytail at the bottom of the head, including the ends of our braids.
4. Now twist the volumetric bundle with a roller or sock.

A bunch

A strict bunch of "teacher" has long learned to be romantic, sophisticated, careless, and this is the simplest hairstyle for long hair.Gather a high tail, on the last turn of the elastic, pull out the voluminous loop-pillow and wrap it in loose strands, creating a bundle.

Option for medium hair from a pair of high tails. Braid each in a pigtail of two or three strands and lay around the bases in one bundle. It is even easier to divide the hair into two parts, tie it in a knot on the back of the head and lay bundles of strands around.

You can collect the low tail, turn it out and thread free strands into the resulting hole, winding the volume roller. Half-bunches in combination with loose hair are also in fashion now.

They are made even on short haircuts, if there is at least a little length. Gather the parietal part in the tail and around its base lay a small bundle of bundle or braid woven from two or three strands.

See more options for this hairstyle in the video:

Fast beam

A quick beam is done as follows:

  1. Hair is collected in a ponytail with an elastic band
  2. They put a roller on top and evenly distribute hair on its surface,
  3. The distributed strands are fixed with another rubber band,
  4. Peeking ends are hidden under the roller and secured with studs.

Option 5

Separate one side strand at each temple (above eyebrow level). Braid them in a braid. Grab a curl next to each pigtail and fasten them to the back of the head with an elastic or a hair clip.
Repeat, separating the strands near the ears. Braid them in braids, grab adjacent curls and fasten on the back of the head. The rest of the hair can be left loose or braided.

Tail species

Everyone knows that medium hair is the most suitable length for creating different types of hairstyles, be it a hairstyle made for a festive event or for daily wear. It's no secret that the owner of medium or long curls every morning, looking in the mirror, collects her hair in a ponytail, and then goes to the shower. In general, for a home environment, a banal tail is considered the most convenient haircut, but if you look at this option for collecting hair from the other side, you can note several important features.

When creating ponytails with medium hair length, the capture of curls of any density in one fixing gum occurs without any hassle. In this case, you can not be afraid that the ponytail will turn into a "rat".

It is worth noting that the presented type of styling is very popular not only among women, but also among men. Not necessarily the guys must be representatives of various subcultures - many of them follow fashion trends, grow a beard and hair, which, by the way, are looked after much better than women.

Creating a ponytail yourself is a fairly common procedure., and each person can cope with the task without much difficulty. First you need to comb the hair, then grab with an elastic band, and then adjust the height of the created tail.

The main thing is that the collected hair is smooth and so-called roosters do not come out.

In one famous video, a young father makes a ponytail for his daughter using the suction rod of a vacuum cleaner. The video, of course, is ridiculous and has won many positive reviews, but still, this method is strictly prohibited to create the perfect tail.

It is much more difficult to reproduce the ponytail styling with additional fleece, especially if there is no experience in creating this hairstyle, and there is very little time for training. But do not despair, the main thing is to know step-by-step instructions and strive to make the final result beautiful.

The first thing to do is to separate the hair of the parietal part with a hairpin. Collect the remaining hair in the tail. Dissolve the hair of the parietal zone, and pile on them. For this procedure, it is best to use a comb with small teeth. After that, lay the curls back and fasten to the finished tail.The resulting high hairstyle to cover with fixing varnish.

In general, in order to learn how to create any variation of hairstyles based on the tail, it is necessary to determine the type of hair and carefully read the advice of specialists.

  • Particular attention should be paid to the length of the hair. For a beautiful styling in the form of a tail, curls up to the shoulders are suitable. Short haircuts in this case are not even considered.
  • Do not do this styling on very long hair: the finished hairstyle will look ridiculous.
  • A ponytail on medium hair is perfect for little girls and girls. It is better for women of the older generation to refuse to create such a hairstyle.
  • Unfortunately, styling with hair gathered in a tail will not work for owners of curly hair.

Having understood the important styling criteria, you can get acquainted with the most popular variations of quick and easy hairstyles.

It is worth noting that eminent stylists do not advise collecting hair with special trepidation - today there is a peculiar mess in the trend that looks much more attractive.

That is why tail styling has many ways to perform, which can be suitable for everyday wear, and for ceremonial meetings.

The first styling option is the most common, it is called the tail side. To create it, you do not need to make huge efforts and spend a lot of time.

  • Hair is pre-treated with mousse, and then with the help of a special comb with frequent cloves, they are collected in an asymmetric bundle. To continue creating styling, pay attention to the bangs. If it is oblique, then the tail should lean towards the side where it will be longer.
  • If the bangs are completely absent, a large strand of hair is separated from the top of the head, which will have to be arranged separately from the tail. In principle, it can be curled or just stabbed, but so that this curl falls slightly on the face. Then sprinkle with fixing varnish.
  • The tail assembled from the side is fixed with hairpins or ribbons. Although you can separate a small curl and wrap it with the thickness of a ponytail, hiding the elastic. Hide the remaining tip from the inside of the hairstyle and secure it with an invisibility.

The second most popular thing is laying the tail with harnesses. Its creation does not require any special skills and a huge amount of time - only tools, namely the comb and fixing elements in the form of hairpins or elastic bands.

  • Hair must be gathered in one ponytail on the back of the head and secured with an elastic band. The created bundle is divided into two equal strands, each of which is carefully combed and twisted. Curls should be twisted either clockwise or counterclockwise. Thus, harnesses are obtained. Then they must be intertwined and fixed with a locking element.
  • The locking element can also be wrapped in a small strand of hair, wrapping a ponytail around. To fix the design will help a hairpin or invisibility.

In third place in the list of popular ponytail-based hairstyles is styling with a braid. To create it, you only need a comb and several gum.

  • Neat combed hair is collected in the crown area and secured with a locking element.
  • The resulting tail is braided into a braid and tightened with rubber at the end. It is worth noting that the braiding method is largely responsible for the volume of hairstyles. From this it follows that loosely woven strands will look very voluminous.
  • The fixing elastic at the bottom of the braid can be hidden separately by a strand that has been set aside.


Retro hairstyle for medium to long lengths. Classic version: Separate some hair from the front and stab it in order not to interfere. Comb the rest on one side and fix with invisibles, collecting from them a straight line from the bottom up. Comb the separated front to give volume and lay back.Take the combed mane by the tips and wrap it around your finger. Fasten the formed roller with pins and invisible.

A classic shell can be modernized with a low tail, constructing a roller only from part of the hair. Or make two rollers towards each other.

Another option for this hairstyle is in the video:

Spectacular hairstyles on long and medium hair will be created by a craftswoman who knows how to weave a French braid. If there is a skill, styling will not take much time.

The braid can be braided thick or thin, let go from the crown to the back of the head or to the side, laid in a crown or half-crown, made several braids, combined with a tail or a bundle.

Weaving can appear not only in long or medium, but also in short hair, on the haircuts it looks unusual.

Check out this video for some beautiful hairstyles:

Low beam

The bunch is done in 5 minutes, while it looks pretty impressive:

  1. Hair comb and split in half.
  2. Both parts are knotted, preferably tight.
  3. To tie hair continue until it is possible.
  4. The ends are fixed with an elastic band and removed deep into the beam.
  5. The protruding small strands are sprayed with varnish and with their fingers give them the shape of spikes.

For a voluminous stylish bundle, hair is collected on the back of the head in the tail. Divide it into uneven strands. Each strand is wrapped around the tail in any sequence and at any angle, fixed with an invisible or hairpin.

Option 6

Comb your hair with a side part. Separate the lock near the ear and braid the braid with any technique. Do not braid too tight. Secure the tip of the braid with a transparent rubber band. Release locks from a braid so that to give them volume. The final touch: spray hair with varnish. Most successfully, this option will look on curly hair. If you have straight curls, spend a couple of minutes curling with a curling iron.

Fast and beautiful bunches

Medium hair is an ideal length for creating a huge amount of "jewelry" of the head. It is at this length that the twisted locks, braided braids, flagella, wavy styling look magnificent. If you carefully consider all the options presented, it becomes clear that the beam is the missing link.

Its uniqueness allows you to change styling details every day. It may seem to some that the usual and familiar bundle cannot have any varieties. However, the same method of laying can be presented in completely different forms, especially if you make it, for example, on the side or on the top. Side options of execution look rather harmoniously in a frame of curly ringlets. Creating a looser, the styling gets the effect of disheveled.

Another interesting option is a bunch on the side, decorated in the form of a rose, which is complemented by decorative hairpins. High styling of the beam favorably emphasizes the neckline of the beautiful lady, while lengthening her face. This factor must be taken into account so as not to spoil the appearance of the owner of the styling.

As a business image, a smooth crown on the top with missing jewelry will be ideal. But for formal hairstyles, strict lines are optional. You can lift the hair up, secure it with hairpins or hairpins, and also let go of several strands framing the face.

It is worth noting that the high beam located on the top of the head is ideal for girls with a long neck. It is this arrangement of the gulka that favorably shapes the round or square oval of the face.

Quite easily, a nodule laying is created, located at the bottom of the headas the hair itself grows downward. Just below the occipital area, the hair is collected in the desired shape. If necessary, the beam can be aligned and even fluff. To hide the free ends, often use decorative weaving.For example, pigtails on the sides, starting from the temporal region and passing through the entire head, frame the beam itself.

According to experienced stylists, the understated location of the muzzle is suitable for women with model growth, as well as owners of short necks.

The design of the hairstyle itself is classified by density. It’s easy to see the difference between tight weaving and a weak roller. A strong and tight mount looks quite strict and suits a serious business woman, but a slight mess, on the contrary, is combined with a laid-back and relaxed personality.

So, to create a stylish and elegant hairstyle based on a bun, there is no need to have any professional hairdresser skills. And for the process itself, you only need a couple of studs, in some cases a special roller and a pair of clamps in the form of rubber bands.

The most popular styling variation that can be done at home is a fast bun. It takes only five minutes to create it.

  • The hair must be combed and piled in a ponytail, fixed with an elastic band.
  • On top of the created tail, put on a roller, and then evenly distribute the collected curls on its surface.
  • The distributed strands must be fixed with another rubber band at the bottom of the styling.
  • The peeking tips need to be hidden under the roller and fixed under the entire structure with invisible or studs.

Second place in the list of popular fast hairstyles is styling a low bun. Its creation time will be no more than three minutes.

  • Hair must be thoroughly combed and divided into two halves.
  • Each individual part is fixed by a knot, preferably tight.
  • Strands on both sides must be knotted together. And so on, as long as it is possible.
  • The interconnected tips are fixed with an elastic band and hide deep into the structure.
  • The tips that have come out must be sprayed with varnish and with their fingers twisted into thin lines, creating a peculiar shape of the spikes.

The third option for styling in the list of the most popular hairstyles based on a bunch is called a flower. It is possible that the image of a long and complicated execution procedure arose in my head, but in fact, everything is quite simple. No complex elements are needed to create it - you just need elastic and studs.

The main thing is to follow the instructions and do the work in stages.

  • Hair is collected in the crown area and fixed with an elastic band.
  • One strand stands out from the common tail. Divided in half. Tied in a knot.
  • The lower part of the obtained ring is fixed with an invisible hairpin.
  • Separating another adjacent strand, also tie it with a knot, connecting with the ends of the previous strands.
  • The newly formed ring is also fixed with an invisible hairpin.
  • This process must be carried out around the entire circumference of the tail, thus creating petals.
  • After creating the shape of the flower, the remaining curls must be braided into a small braid and hidden in the depth of the resulting bunch.

Easy Gatsby Party Hairstyle

For hairstyles in the style of the 30s, you need a special bandage, it is better that it is decorated with stones or beads. Separate the hair with a side part so that on one side there is 70% of the hair. Put a bandage on your head and start twisting your hair around the elastic at the back, creating a slightly sloppy hairstyle. This should be done from one ear in the direction of the other. When you get to the second ear, create a small loose bundle, and also secure it with an elastic band.

Waves and chaos

In five minutes, you can have time to build a tail or a bun and add a romantic hairstyle, curling locks on the face with a curling iron. Such curls will decorate and just loose hair. By the way, if you wind a high tail onto a wide curling iron, it will look spectacular.

Curly curls in a new way will beat a short haircut.For example, curl a long oblique bang with a curling iron and contrast it with the smoothness of the rest of the hairstyle. Or twist the individual upper strands, for example, in a square. The haircut will look fresh and unusual.

Light hairstyles for herself in 5 minutes include a fashion trend - sloppy styling. To organize them on short hair, it is enough to apply mousse or foam and, without combing, disassemble, beat with hands, creating light chaos on the head.

By the way, and deliberately careless bundles, with seemingly randomly knocking strands, are now also very popular.

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You will find even more hairstyles and styling in these articles:

Option 7

Make a side part. Separate the strand at the parting and begin to braid the braid, capturing the hair framing the face. Use any technique. Reaching the neck, change the braid weaving technique and weave the remaining hair into the main braid. When finished weaving, put the elastic on the tip of the braid. Release the locks, from which the hairstyle will appear more magnificent. Finally, spray hair with varnish.
In the photo below you can see a combination of a simple braid and a fish tail. It looks very impressive.

Simple braid weaving

Eminent stylists claim that braids braided on medium-long hair look stylish and very impressive. Some women believe that only professional masters can create such variations of hairstyles, but in fact this is not so. While at home, each girl can create an effective braid styling from her hair both for the holiday and for daily wear.

The braid, or spikelet, in most cases is a securely fixed collected curls that do not interfere with everyday affairs. For a long time, the pigtail was very popular among little girls and schoolgirls. And all because the hair was completely collected in a single styling and did not interfere with little girls to play active games, and schoolgirls - to study. Since then, the hairstyle has passed a huge transformation path, and now the most ordinary spikelet can be styled in various spectacular ways. The main thing is that this does not take a lot of time, but you can do the laying at home with your own hands.

To create the perfect image, the fair sex can turn their attention to French braids. Of course, such a styling has a huge variety of modifications, but the classic version is considered the most relevant. To create it, you just need an elastic band to fix it, a comb.

  • In the frontal region, it is necessary to highlight a wide thick strand, and then divide it into three identical parts.
  • The extreme strand on the left side is placed in the very middle, the same thing is done with the right strand.
  • On the left, a strand of hair separates again and is shifted to the middle. A similar work is being done with a small part of the curls on the right.
  • Thus, the braid should gradually descend to the occipital area.
  • Now in the lower part you need to divide the hair into three strands and weave them in the involved curls.
  • At the end of weaving, the braid must be fixed with any accessory.

It is worth noting that if there is a desire to create a similar hairstyle on the contrary, then you must follow the same principle, only the side strands will have to be laid not under the central curl, but on top of it.

Among the huge variety of styling with a scythe, a waterfall styling, based on the classic weaving of three curls, is considered quite popular.

  • First you need to comb the hair, then divide it into three equal strands on either side of the head: either on the right side or on the left.
  • Work begins with weaving the most ordinary braid.Only in this case, the strand located on top does not weave into the main pigtail - it should fall down.
  • On the lower side of the falling strand, another curl is taken and woven into a braid.
  • The main work ends on the opposite side of the head, that is, if the beginning of weaving was on the right side, then the end will be on the left. The extreme lock must be secured with an invisible rubber band. The tip of the braid is preferably secured with an invisible hairpin.

In the next video, watch a workshop on weaving a braid-waterfall.

Crown of braids - a simple hairstyle based on weaving spikelets

A fairly specific hairstyle that is suitable for a particular occasion or style. Divide the hair into two halves with a straight part in the middle and braid 2 braids "fishtail" or spikelet. Do not weave too tight, it should be free and voluminous. Now throw each braid on the opposite side along the top of the head and fasten it with an invisibility behind the ear. The crown of braids is ready! Do you like braids for long hair? Check out our great article for which the editor of was awarded!

Classic shell

Fast hairstyles for medium hair are convenient to do based on the classics. "Shell" or "French bunch" is one of the classic universal styling. She makes a woman sophisticated and modest.

To create a “shell” you will need mousse, varnish, a set of hairpins, a skeletal comb:

  1. Mousse is applied to the comb and the hair is combed.
  2. Collect in a tail and twist in a tight tourniquet.
  3. A loop is formed from the tourniquet, and the ends are removed in the middle.
  4. From the roots to the middle of the shell, comb your hair and fix with varnish.

Fallen strands are made out in the form of curls or hide with invisible ones.

Option 8

A quick and easy hairstyle that even a first grader can handle. Despite all the ease of weaving, the final result is styling, which others will consider extremely difficult.

So, divide the hair into three equal parts. From each part we braid one braid, the ends of which are fixed with small rubber bands. Now we take one braid and turn it into a ball. We fasten it with hairpins at the base of the nape. We make balls from the remaining braids.

This hairstyle has only one drawback: true Rapunzel will have to tinker with braiding their curls. But the owners of medium-length hair will cope with weaving in minutes.

Options for Hairstyles with Loose Hair

Medium length hair is very popular among stylists. Curls to the shoulders are very convenient and easy to lay or make a fluffy mess. A sloppy hairstyle may seem like the easiest styling option you can create in just a couple of minutes. But actually this is real art. In some variations of the hairstyle at the ends of the hair, a pile can be made, due to which the hair will become slightly voluminous.

Some women have the opportunity to twist their hair on curlers in the evening, but it is necessary to do this in such a way that the ends are not directly twisted, but parallel. The resulting curls will be randomly scattered, will not have the same length, due to which the hairstyle will receive additional volume and acquire the effect of lightness.

During morning gatherings, the most suitable tool for creating hairstyles and styling on uncollected hair is a curling iron. But, besides it, it will be required: a hairbrush, hairpins and clips. To create a spectacular hairstyle, you must step by step follow the instructions of experienced stylists.

  • Before starting a perm, the hair must be washed and dried, which, in principle, every woman does every morning. It should be remembered that for styling you can not use balms that make the hair structure heavier, otherwise the resulting hairstyle will decay very quickly.
  • Thick hair is best collected at the crown, fixed with an elastic band so that they do not interfere with the work process.Perm is required to start with the lowest curls. The thick hair structure, unfortunately, can not always twist qualitatively, so stylists advise to do light curling only at the ends.
  • From the collected tail it is necessary to separate several strands. Each individual curl is wound on a hot element, after which with a slight movement the curling iron is lowered to the tip.
  • In the process of the presented movement of hair, it evenly twists, forming small curls.
  • Finished strands are pushed to the side. In the same way, you need to work out each individual curl.
  • After the hair has got the desired appearance, it is necessary to use a fixing agent - varnish for fixing.

It is worth noting that when creating a hairstyle, you can play a little with a parting: make it not even, but slightly zigzag or even remove it to the side.

If the girl’s native hair curls, and she wants to have straight straight strands, you should use an iron. Unfortunately, hair straightening cannot be called a quick procedure, therefore, it must be done in advance, that is, in the evening. But if suddenly there is a bit more free time during morning training, then you can use the subject of hairdressing. In addition to it, knitting needles / pencil, a comb, as well as mousse may be required.

  • First you need to connect the iron. While it will be heated to the required temperature, the hair needs to be treated with mousse. The tool perfectly protects the curls from the harmful effects of high temperature.
  • It is necessary to separate a strand from a common head of hair of small thickness and twist it onto a knitting needle / pencil.
  • The iron moves after the pencil.
  • Similarly, it is necessary to treat all hair.

By the way, with the help of ironing you can also make a perm. To do this, you will have to twist a thin strand of hair into a flagellum and support a twisted curl inside a hot device. Many ladies, using the aforementioned curling method, claim that the hairstyle turns out to be magnificent and, most importantly, resistant.

Option 9

An inverted scythe seems unusually complex, but in reality everything is very simple. The weaving technique is surprisingly simple and with its help you will create a unique hairstyle in a couple of minutes.

The first level: separate one strand above the forehead and make a ponytail. To prevent the ends of your hair from interfering with your work, wrap the ponytail on the crown and secure it with a clip.

Second level: capturing the side curls, make the second tail. At the same time, we retreat a little from the first tail. Now remove the clip. We divide the first tail into two halves, between which we draw the second tail. The tip of the second tail wind up and fasten with a clip. The ends of the first tail are left below.

Third level: grab the strand a little lower, connect it to the free ends (from the first tail). We make the third tail. Remove the clip, divide the ends of the second tail into two halves and skip the third tail between them. We fix the third tail with a clip on the back of the head. The ends of the second tail are left below.

Repeat the action as necessary. When you finish braiding the braid, fasten its tip with an elastic band. The turn of the last stroke: gently release the locks, starting with the very first. The higher the strand, the more volume we give to it. It is not necessary to braid the hair to the end - the hairstyle will look elegant even with three levels.

Using accessories

To create a high-quality and beautiful styling, a huge number of objects and accessories are used, allowing you to create an unusually vivid style from a natural and familiar to all image.

  • To create a volume of the root part of the hair, a skeletal comb is used.
  • To fix individual strands, which are the main components of the finished laying, various types of hairpins and invisibility are used.
  • When performing high styling options, you should use bombs or hairpins with pads on the tips.
  • To decorate the styling, designer hairpins, satin ribbons, beads woven into curls, various rhinestones that fix the hair while at the tip of the hairpins are used as additional accessories.
  • To create elegant beams, rollers are used.
  • Bright, summer and sensual decoration of light styling are the headbands. They can be decorated with flowers, can be wide or thin, also complemented by rhinestones and various sparkles.
  • When creating a Greek styling, a lot of different elastic bands are used.
  • In the process of creating a styling, it is required to fix individual locks of hair. Crab or banana hair clips are used for this.

It is worth mentioning about items that allow you to create the perfect hairstyle at home, because they are also accessories for hairdressing.

  • Special styling products. They can be presented in the form of foam or mousse, helping to increase the volume and protect against burns.
  • Curling iron. This item allows you to form unusual curls on any length of hair.
  • Ironing. Its capabilities include both straightening curly curls and curling straight hair.
  • Separate hair dryers. Particular attention is paid to the diffuser, which is able to create additional volume and emphasize the ease of curls.

Having these items in their arsenal, every woman who does not have special hairdressing skills can create elegant, and most importantly, fast styling on her hair.

Special gratitude is expressed to stylists, who every day invent more and more new and unique hairstyles that can be done five minutes before going out.

Easy romantic hairstyle with do-it-yourself curls

Such a gentle hairstyle is suitable for medium length hair. Build a low ponytail at the back, while leaving your face two wide locks of hair. We make a bundle from the tail, it can be made in the usual way by twisting the hair into a braid or using a roller to get a volumetric bundle. Then we wind the front strands with hair tongs, fix several strands around the bundle, and also leave several strands in the face in a free position.

Greek bezel

The rim in Greek is one of the popular and simple hairstyles. In the warm season, you can meet girls with different options for the Greek rim. You can create it using the gum-rim and hairpins.


  1. Foam or mousse is applied to the hair and combed.
  2. From above put on a dense elastic band.
  3. Under the rim of the face, the hair is twisted into bundles, pulled back and passed under the elastic at the back of the head.
  4. From the bottom, two identical strands are distinguished and a rim is wrapped around them.
  5. So continue until the hair ends.
  6. Stacking is fixed with varnish.

If the front strands are short, you can leave them. This will add romance to the image.

Good examples

To create an independent image, many ladies spend many hours near the mirror, but if after five minutes you already need to be on the street, you have to connect your wit and put a quick order on your head.

The presented variation in the stacking of the beam has no straight lines. The created form does not seem serious at all, but even on the contrary, speaks of lightness and airiness. The styling volume is significantly increased, and all thanks to a small pile at the front of the curls. On the sides hang neat curled locks that frame the face and emphasize all its advantages. To create a styling, a rubber band and several invisible ones were required. The main thing is that the creation process itself does not require a huge execution time - a couple of minutes and you're done. And the effect of the hairstyle will be noticeable on the faces of others who can’t look away from the fashionista.

Here it is, the same ponytail mentioned above. The execution time is 4 minutes, but the image is majestic and exciting.With this unique styling, you don’t have to worry about pre-selected clothes. Volumetric bouffant, smoothly flowing into a neat ponytail, successfully combines with both dresses and jeans. In this case, there is no need to supplement the styling with special accessories, except on a sunny day to put glasses on your head.

In this case, a chaotic stacking option is presented. Curled curls randomly hang over the entire head. As an addition, framing flagella were used, emphasizing the volume of the hairstyle. In general, one feels lightness, airiness, sophistication and femininity of styling. With this hairstyle, you can go to school or work. Here are just for serious celebrations presented styling does not fit.

French braid loose hair

The hairstyle is very light and at the same time looks very stylish. Before creating a hairstyle, hair can be twisted slightly. The hair is parted side part. Start weaving the French braid from parting along the hairline towards the back of the head. Having completed several hair grabs, finish the weaving in the usual way. Then separate the small strand on the other side from the parting and connect this strand and the tip of the braid on the back of the head. Fill a loose strand, as it were, under a pigtail and secure it with an invisible one, do the same with the tip of the pigtail. Fix the hairstyle with varnish and catch admiring glances on yourself.

Hairstyle "Bow"

When performing styling, the hair can be collected completely in a bow, or you can leave the part loose. For the bow you will need elastic and studs.


  • Hair is collected in the tail where the bow will be.
  • At the second turn with an elastic band, the hair is only half removed, leaving a small tail.
  • The resulting beam is divided exactly in half, in the future it will be a bow loop.
  • The left tail is combed well and fixed with hairpins between the hair loops, forming a bow knot.

  • Carefully straighten the "loop", apply varnish.

Volumetric tail with weaving spikelets - easy styling for every day

1. Separate the hair parted at the side.
2. From the side where most of the hair begins, weaving braids spikelet or fish tail.
3. Braid the braid to the end and fasten the tip with an elastic band.
4. At the back of the head we collect hair and fasten with an elastic band, capturing the braid there. Position the braid so that it lies beautifully on the head and goes to the tail. From above you can make a small pile for volume.
5. Wrap the base of the tail in a small strand to hide the elastic.
This hairstyle looks very beautiful and elegant, so with it you can go to a celebration or a romantic evening.


Just loose hair is certainly attractive, but very dreary and mundane. In order to look elegant - the hair must be shaped. One of the fastest styling options is Babetta. To complete it, you need a comb, an elastic band.


  • At the top of the head, a strand of hair is secreted and a root pile is made.
  • Separate the next strand moving in the direction of the forehead.
  • The last strand just needs to be combed.
  • All strands with velvet at the root along with the last are collected with an elastic band just below the crown.

  • There was the last touch - apply varnish.


A bezel is an accessory that can be matched to the tone of a handbag or to the style that a woman is wearing. Combination of a rim with braids will look quite attractive. To do this, the hair must be divided into two parts with a zigzag part. Braid each of them and fix with an elastic band. A braid is put on top of the braids.

Evening simple hairstyle for long hair

Make a low tail and twist it inwards as shown in the photo. Comb your hair so that it doubles in volume. Now we carefully collect the hair and fill it into the resulting hole, so that a volumetric bundle is formed from below. Place a beautiful jewelry or hairpin over the beam.

Harness laying

If the girl has an asymmetrical haircut done on medium hair, then with the help of bundles, completely collect all the naughty curls. Laying with harnesses takes little time, and their diversity is limited only by the imagination of the person who creates them.

A quick hairstyle with harnesses is performed as follows:

  • large temples are secreted at the temples.
  • each of them is divided in half and all four strands are individually twisted into bundles,
  • they are connected at the back of the head with an elastic band,
  • the lower part of the hair is collected and twisted,
  • The ends of the twisted hair are fixed with an elastic band, removed to the bottom and fixed with hairpins.

Quick hairstyles for work

Any woman for a daily look wants an elegant, but quick and easy to create hairstyle. To perform them, you need studs, invisibility, elastic.


  1. A horizontal parting is made on the head from ear to ear.
  2. On the right, the hair is combed to the middle and secured with invisibility.
  3. Gather hair on the left side next to the invisible and twist.
  4. The tourniquet is formed in the form of a shell, fixed with studs.
  5. Below, the hair is collected in a ponytail and fixed with an elastic band.

If you need to completely collect hair, you can try the following option:

  • the hair is combed and collected in a tail at the top of the head,
  • separate part of the hair from the tail and twist,
  • the tourniquet is rolled into a ring, the tip is removed deep into the tail, secured with invisibility,
  • the next curl is twisted, the end is passed through the ring from the previous bundle,

  • so continue until the strands end, the tip of the latter is removed deep into the hairpin.

Elegant evening hairstyles in 5 minutes

On medium hair, you can create fast hairstyles not only for work and office, they are also suitable for going to the theater, weddings and other celebrations. To perform them, you need a curling iron, hairpin studs.


  1. From above I begin to weave the French braid and continue to the back of the head.
  2. Hair is collected in a ponytail and curls are made using a curling iron.
  3. Each curled strand is fixed with a hairpin in a chaotic manner, forming a bundle.
  4. At the end of the process, the hair is sprayed with varnish.

The following hairstyle allows you not to collect hair completely:

  1. If there is a bang, then it is simply combed, if not, the strand is separated from above and temporarily removed to the side.
  2. Hair is collected in a ponytail and divided into two parts, one of which should be much smaller than the other.
  3. A large strand is braided into a braid and wrapped around the tail, fixing the end with a hairpin.
  4. A curl is created from a smaller lock with the help of a curling iron and I leave it fixing with varnish.
  5. Early forehead hair also frizz and create a wide curl.
  6. The upper curled strand is sprayed with varnish.


Various styling related items are striking in their diversity. They are not only an adornment, but also help to create real masterpieces without any special effort.

Accessories List:

  • A skeletal comb performs not only its direct function, with its help and a hairdryer you can create volume at the roots.
Fast hairstyles for medium hair can be done with a skeletal comb.
  • Hairpins, invisibility fasten individual strands, which are part of the hairstyle.
  • Bumpit hairpins with a pillow on the end are suitable for performing high hairstyles.
  • Designer hair clips made of ribbons, beads, rhinestones fix the hair and serve as decoration.
  • Roller, heagami allow you to create fast and elegant beams.
  • Wide, thin, with the presence of flowers, petals, headbands - an excellent hair decoration.
  • A variety of elastic bands for a Greek hairstyle.
  • Crabs and a banana hair clip fix hair and are an ornament.

Hairstyles Helpers

The beauty industry has created a huge number of various devices and appliances for creating a quick hairstyle.

They are as follows:

  • Means for laying in the form of foam, mousses help to create volume, reduce electrification.
  • The curling iron forms chic curls for any length of hair.
  • The iron slightly curls hair, giving the image a natural look.
  • Using a special nozzle on a hair dryer, the diffuser creates volume, as well as light curls.
  • Changing the corrugation tips will instantly change the bored image.

Each woman can create elegant and fast hairstyles on medium hair without special skills. A large selection of offers from the beauty industry allows you to realize any fantasies in their implementation.

Article design: Lozinsky Oleg

Focus on accessories

With the help of ribbons and scarves, you can even turn the most ordinary tail into a work of art. Someone will think that hair with a scarf resembles a collective farm style. And make a mistake! It's fashionable and beautiful - even Hollywood stars flaunt in branded scarves, skillfully tied to their hair. In summer, the scarf will protect you from the scorching rays of the sun. He has other pluses: with the help of a well-laid scarf, you can hide hair imperfections, overgrown roots, gray hair or a rare parting.

Triple ponytail - a light hairstyle for every day

The hairstyle is suitable for girls in school and kindergarten, it is quite strong and can be stored all day.
1. Separate the first part of the hair from above and make the tail. Using the strands of their tail, wrap the base to hide the elastic.
2. Separate the second part of the hair a little lower and make the second tail, while grabbing the tip from the first tail into it as well. Also wrap the tail with a strand.
3. We do the same with the remaining hair and again wrap the tail with an elastic band. The triple tail is ready!

You can also make a tail not of 3, but of 5 or more parts. To do this, take small strands of hair and add the previously collected hair to them.

Delicate look with a high ponytail and flowing hair

1. Wind the curls with a curling iron or tongs.
2. Separate from above a small lock of hair from the temple to the temple and make a light pile.
3. Gather the ponytail on the crown and secure it with a small rubber band.
4. Using a thin strand, wrap the base of the tail and secure it with invisibility.
5. Spray your hair with hairspray and enjoy the princess's delicate look - easy, fast and easy!

Scythe twist - a light hairstyle based on the tail

1. Carefully comb the hair and collect it in a ponytail on the back of the head.
2. Divide the hair into two equal parts and twist them into two braids
3. Then twist them together and fasten the tip with an elastic band. In this case, the strands need to be twisted in one direction, and twisted the braid in the other, then it will be in the form of a beautiful spiral.

Add decorations

The most common styling can be transformed if you decorate it with a beautiful hairpin. Interesting decorations in themselves create a unique image, add sophistication to you. Here is one of the options for hairstyles with decoration.

Easy hairstyles for every day - step by step photos

Create light hairstyles and be beautiful every day!

1. Low tail with harnesses

Separate the top of the hair and make a low tail. Twist the strands remaining on the sides with bundles and secure with invisibles: the left one is on the right side, the right one is on the left.

With this hairstyle, you can go to work and study, and if you insert flowers or decorative stilettos between the bundles, then you can go to a social event.

Of two braids

Curls are divided into three identical parts. From the side - braids are braided, and the middle ones remain loose. Everything is tied with an elastic band, wrapped up and a bundle is formed. It is fixed by invisibility, you can add a hairpin.


Using a curling iron, curls are wound. To add volume to the roots, you need to do a pile. Alternately, the strands rise up, twist in the form of a loop and are fixed with hairpins. Such a bundle can be braided both on the back of the head and on the side.

Tails are considered the simplest idea. However, you can combine beautiful, attractive and unusual images in 10 minutes.

  • Romantic. The upper part is tied in a tail, and the lower part is braided in a regular braid. The braid is wrapped around the base of the tail and secured with studs.The hairstyle can be complemented with a hairpin.
  • Horse. It is considered an everyday, but the most attractive hairstyle for medium-length hair. At first glance, the execution technique is simple, but the styling has features. Instead of a comb, a regular toothbrush is used. This creates a smooth effect. It is better to choose an elastic band with two hooks. The tail is tied, bowing its head back. It will look great if done on the second or even third day after washing your hair.
  • Low. It is an ideal option for every day. It takes 10 minutes to create it. Mousse or wax is applied. Light curls are wound. In the occipital part, an elastic band is tied. To give it splendor, curls are combed with a comb with small cloves.

One of the most popular hairstyles for medium hair is braiding.

  1. Braid dragon . Braiding begins on the side. Gradually getting strands, a dragon is obtained across the head. At the base of the neck, elastic and beautiful hair clips are fixed.
  2. Basket of braids . The strands are divided into two halves. Each of them is braided into a braid. Then the right pigtail must be thrown to the left and fixed, and then vice versa - the left to the right and also fixed.

On medium hair, you can quickly make various curls. They look very fashionable and stylish.

  • Aerial. The strands need to be combed and mousse applied to them. Next, you need to divide everything into equal parts. Each strand is tied with an elastic band and curled with a curling iron. The curling iron is held no more than 20 seconds. The result is beautiful light curls.
  • Romantic. To create such curls you need a brush-brush. A styling agent is applied to a clean head. With the help of brushing, strands are wound, while the comb needs to be positioned from the bottom.
  • Curls on the side. The strands are wound on a styler, iron or curler. Then everything is combed on one side and secured by invisibility. Invisibles need to be hidden using one lock, the end of which is covered under the entire hairstyle, and is again fixed by the invisibility.

Classic babette- beautiful hairstyles for medium hair. It takes them 10 minutes.

A tight tail is tied at the crown of the head. It is divided into two halves: upper and lower. The top is removed for a while, and the bottom is combed with a comb. The combed part is collected in a bobbin and fixed with hairpins.

The upper part is divided into two more and wraps over the combed one. The result is fixed with studs.

Bezel styling

It is done very quickly, in about 20 minutes. The strands need to be combed and sprinkled with a thermal protective agent. Further, using a curling iron, iron or curlers, light waves are created. The resulting curls are combed. A rim is put on and strands are combed from the tips to the roots. Then, in turn, the strands need to be lifted up and pushed under the rim. Fixed by invisible styling.

Even on your own you can quickly create various images. They are original and require 5 to 20 minutes to complete. Medium hair is one of the most convenient for the implementation of all ideas. The most important thing is to choose the perfect options and admire your own beauty.

4. Original tail with a heart-weave

Separate the side locks on the right and left and connect them with the elastic at the back of the head. Then pass through them one more side strand on each side as shown in the photo. You will get the top of the heart.

Fasten the ends of these strands with an existing tail with an elastic band. The heart is ready.

The hairstyle looks romantic - a great solution for a date.

5. French braid inside out

Make a vertical parting, dividing the hair into two parts. Start weaving a French braid under the chin, gradually adding ever larger locks. When you reach the end, fix the braid with an elastic band. Now do a little trick: take the braid by the tip and throw it over the head to the back of the head.

Such a hairstyle will easily pass the office dress code, and after working with it you can rush to the concert.

9. Hair bow

Take the strands on the left and right and connect them with an elastic band at the back of the head, but do not stretch the hair completely. Divide the resulting bundle into two equal parts: temporarily fix the left one with a clip, gently attach the right one to the strands forming the tail. Do the same with the left side. Take the lock from the center of the tail and wrap the resulting bow to hide the elastic.

11. Sloppy French bunch

Make light hair over the entire length of the hair. Then comb them slightly with your fingers. Gather the hair in your hand, pull it out and, starting at the ends, curl it with a snail. Having reached the head, fix the beam with the help of pins and invisible.

If some strands are knocked out of the snail, fearless. This hairstyle should look a bit sloppy.

14. Basket of braids

Make a vertical parting, dividing the hair into two parts. Braid each of them in a French braid, moving from the back of the head to the face. Fix the ends with elastic bands. Lift the resulting braids up, lay around the head and secure it with hairpins on the back of the head.

In combination with a business suit with such a hairstyle, you can safely go to negotiations, and with a cocktail dress - to a party.

15. Greek-style haircut

Put the bezel on the top of the head so that the curls hang from under it. Wrap the side and back strands around the rim - you should get a volumetric low beam. If necessary, fix it with studs.

If you decorate such a bunch with artificial flowers, you get a hairstyle for graduation or wedding.