Eyelash extensions: advantages and disadvantages

To facilitate personal care, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity now and then resort to the services of specialists of the “beauty factory”. Nails do not break, hair does not split, the skin remains fresh until old, and the look becomes expressive and enveloping. All this thanks to the salon procedures that women go for appearance. One of them is eyelash extensions. The main plus - a spectacular look without using mascara is provided for several weeks. With the help of extended eyelashes, the eye section is also corrected, making it almond-shaped, round or squinted. There are advantages and disadvantages, they should be weighed before deciding to take this step.

By attaching false eyelashes, you will not spend time on their makeup or twisting with special forceps. Extension consists in gluing bundles or single piece eyelashes to your own. If the hairs are attached one at a time, we are dealing with Japanese technology or classic. It is more complicated than gluing in bundles. If two or more hairs are attached to one eyelash, this type is called 2D or 3D extension. All methods require the master to be careful and scrupulous. If extended eyelashes are attached carelessly, they will look unattractive.

The procedure is usually done in the cabin. Eyelash extensions are possible at home. Do not save on tools and materials (give preference to natural fibers is better). Also get ready for the fact that the action requires patience, filigree, skill and time. The difficulty lies in the fact that the hairs are not glued to the eyelids, but to their eyelashes (to their base).

In this article, we consider some features: the advantages and disadvantages of eyelash extensions.

I must say that my blog already has an article that also touches and organically complements and develops this interesting topic.

Eyelash extensions are comfortable and beautiful. This procedure significantly facilitates morning gatherings, reducing the time spent on eye makeup. More and more girls have recently resorted to this procedure. And, accordingly, with the growing popularity of the service, many begin to professionally engage in eyelash extensions.

But, before deciding to engage in such a procedure, it is worth sorting out in more detail, what is the essence of this cosmetic service?

Is eyelash extension worth it?

When deciding on changes in appearance, prudent young ladies weigh the pros and cons. After reading the reviews, one does not need to follow someone else's example in such cases, since extended eyelashes are an individual matter. To whom they are contraindicated, we will figure it out later, first we will evaluate what victims the beauty of the eyes requires.

Pros of eyelash extensions:

  • Skillfully extended eyelashes look spectacular for almost a month.
  • There is no need to use mascara, which saves time and money.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers. After building, they acquire a beautiful shape and bend.
  • When handled properly, piece eyelashes are a salvation for those who go on vacation or visit the pool, since mascara will never leak from them.
  • Using the procedure, you can visually reduce or enlarge the eyes, give them a different shape. Take a photo before and after building to make sure of this.
  • Thick cilia always beautifully frame the eyes and give expressiveness to the look.

Cons of extensions eyelashes:

  • For centuries, glue harms, own cilia are exhausted and become brittle. After removing the pieces, they must be "reanimated" within six months.
  • They bring discomfort to women with dry skin, leave a feeling of tightness. Poorly cleaned.
  • You can not scratch and rub your eyes, avoid high temperatures (in the sauna, solarium, on the beach).
  • Before a trip to rest on the sea, they do not recommend the procedure, salt water adversely affects piece eyelashes. Do not advise them to those who go to the pool. Here the first enemy is chlorinated water.
  • Not suitable for those who like to sleep on their stomachs, face in a pillow. In the morning, eyelashes will lose their “salable” appearance.
  • You can not use waterproof mascara, this cosmetics is not necessary.

Eye care after eyelash extensions. Precautionary measures

Piece cilia are difficult to clean. Here are some rules for eye care.

  • You can not use fatty products, oils, alcohol lotions. They can split the glue on which the eyelashes are attached.
  • Thoroughly rinsing your eyes will be difficult, unless they get wet with cotton swabs.
  • Clean your eyes only with the help of low-fat compounds (lotions, milk) and very carefully.
  • You can not rub your eyes hard, try not to scratch them. False eyelashes are easy to damage or ruin.
  • Apply the shadows very gently, just as carefully remove them.
  • Less resilient cilia become under the influence of contrasting temperatures. Avoid going to the sauna.
  • Oily skin is cleansed more thoroughly than usual. Bunches fall off from it rather than from dry and normal skin.
  • To remove hairs, as well as build up, is in the cabin.

To whom and in what cases is extension not recommended?

Each cosmetic procedure has contraindications. False eyelashes are no exception. Who is at risk?

  • Girls prone to allergic reactions to glue.
  • Persons predisposed to conjunctivitis or eye diseases.
  • Weakened, brittle eyelashes are another contraindication. They risk not sustaining the extra load.
  • Infectious diseases (flu, SARS) - a reason to postpone a trip to the salon.
  • Very oily skin around the eyes is also a contraindication.
  • When wearing contact lenses, the risk of allergic reactions increases. In addition, daily removal and putting on lenses is unlikely to have beneficial effects on eyelashes, which require minimal intervention.

In these cases, a doctor’s consultation is necessary. Before eyelash extensions, it is worth curing inflammation and other eye diseases. If discomfort is felt in the eyes after removing the piece of hair, the visit to the ophthalmologist should not be postponed.

How to make eyelashes attractive without extensions?

Numerous negative reviews about the procedure make you wonder: is it harmless and is there an alternative? There are: personal care or the use of high-quality cosmetics for eyelash growth. There are many serums, balms and other hypoallergenic products on the market for effective lengthening, which are completely safe and hormone free. Mirra-Lux balm has a strengthening effect, American Advanced Lash activates growth, Kareprost gel is used to restore eyelashes, Almea Xlash serum will make eyelashes thicker and darker in a month. It is enough to apply them regularly for the specified time.

Unprofessional methods include castor, olive and almond oils. They strengthen the hair follicles, making eyelashes stronger, longer and thicker. Beauticians will also advise an oil solution of vitamins A and E. For the care of eyelashes, traditional medicine recommends decoctions of cornflower, chamomile, birch leaves, green tea. Of the available products, egg white and cosmetic vaseline are used.

Given the pros and cons of a simple procedure, the choice is left to every woman. A careful selection of the salon, an experienced master, the absence of contraindications from the ophthalmologist, high-quality raw materials are the key to success. Basic hygiene rules will allow you to save magnificent eyelashes without proofing for up to four weeks.

Scalability Benefits

- Having done this procedure, a woman becomes the owner of thick eyelashes with a beautiful bend. Entrusting the work to a qualified craftsman, the look will be transformed in just a few hours. It will acquire an exciting depth and charm.

- The extension allows you to visually adjust the eyes. Depending on the effect, you can visually change the shape, hide some flaws and emphasize the merits.

- A woman can forget about makeup for a long time. At any time of the day she will look charming. It is not necessary to apply mascara or use a curling tool. There will be additional time for a morning sleep.

- The owner of eyelash extensions does not need to worry about leaking mascara! Sports, swimming in the pool or the sea will bring more pleasure. Eyelashes will attract the views of others, while maintaining their original freshness.

- The build-up procedure allows you to safely experiment with the image. The color range of the cilia is diverse, so you can come up with an original image. For any occasion, whether it is a youth party or a gala event, a woman will be able to choose the appropriate image.

Currently eyelash extension procedure available to almost every woman. With the right choice of a qualified master, you can get chic eyelashes in the shortest possible time and at affordable prices. Of course, if there are pluses, there will always be minuses.


Cons of extensions eyelashes:

  • If you approach the choice of the master irresponsibly and frivolously, the final effect can be very different from the desired. So, eyelashes can be glued poorly, which will make the joints visible and very obvious. In addition, it will not be possible to achieve optimal density and length.
  • The procedure is quite lengthy. Since cilia need to be attached very carefully, it can take about an hour to process one eyelid, especially if the procedure for ciliary augmentation is used.
  • If you choose excessively long and curved cilia and use a large number of them, then there is a risk of making your appearance extremely unnatural, ridiculous and even vulgar. In all should comply with the measure.
  • If you list all the cons, then you can not fail to mention the potential harm of building. Firstly, if the correction is not done on time or not done at all, then the growing eyelashes can become tangled and damaged. Secondly, with independent, incorrect and too rough removal, the risk of damage increases. After him, some remain almost completely without eyelashes. Thirdly, if artificial eyelashes are too thick, heavy and numerous, then natural eyelashes may simply not withstand such a load. As a result, the follicles weaken, and the hairs begin to fall out. New ones either will not grow at all, or will become very thin, dull, brittle.
  • Correction required. It should be carried out approximately once every three to four weeks. It must be done, otherwise artificial eyelashes will start to fall out, and sometimes with natural ones.
  • Listing all the disadvantages of building up, the fact that finding a professional, experienced and even more talented master is not so easy can also be attributed to them. The specialist must have a diploma or certificate confirming the completion of the relevant courses. Moreover, it is desirable that there are several such documents.
  • There are some contraindications. So, these include the worsened condition of natural cilia. In this case, they will not withstand the load and become even more brittle and weak, and, perhaps, will begin to fall out. It is also not recommended to carry out the procedure if there is excessively oily skin of the eyelids. The fact is that sebum can destroy the adhesive, and artificial cilia will fall off. In addition, some eye diseases, their increased sensitivity and intolerance to certain components of the adhesive composition or the materials used can be attributed to contraindications.
  • The disadvantages include the presence of some restrictions. So, do not touch the eyelashes and especially rub your eyes, as well as sleep, with your face buried in a pillow. It is not recommended to visit saunas and baths, to dive headlong into pools and open reservoirs. Among other things, do not use cosmetics containing oils, alcohol, acids and other aggressive substances that can destroy the glue.
  • If you wear contact lenses, the duration of the effect will be noticeably reduced, since when putting on and removing lenses, the joints will be constantly exposed to mechanical stress.
  • There is a risk of side effects, in particular allergic reactions. So, burning sensation, itching, redness, swelling of the eyelids may occur.
  • Some experience discomfort due to unusual new sensations. They can intensify if the eyelashes are too dense, long and numerous.
  • The disadvantages include the high cost of the procedure. Depending on the materials and technology used, it can range from 1.5-3 thousand rubles. You will also have to pay for the correction. If you are offered a procedure much cheaper, this should be alarming, since a low price can indicate a low quality of the materials used, and this can lead not only to a mismatch of expectations and results, but also to a negative impact.

Be sure to weigh the pros and cons before deciding on eyelash extensions.

How do extensions

Every woman dreams of beautiful eyelashes. Beauty salons will help make the look more sensual and vibrant. The extension is carried out for centuries with the help of artificial hairs and adhesive composition. The procedure should be carried out only by a certified experienced master who does not harm the eyes.

Important! To make the result pleasing, it is recommended to take the choice of a cosmetologist seriously. The quality of work depends on the experience of the master.

Hair can be glued in bundles or ciliated (microcapsule extension). The result, time of wear will differ from technology. If the artificial hairs are attached one at a time, then the procedure will take longer.

Before starting, the master must highlight the following issues for the client:

  • How gluing will take place, how long will it take,
  • The desired length and volume are discussed, artificial hairs are selected,
  • The client needs to find out if there are any contraindications, tell you what are the cases in which the procedure is prohibited,
  • The cosmetologist tells how many eyelashes will hold, how to properly care for them,
  • What is recommended to do if the extended hairs fall out, where and how best to remove them,
  • When to do the correction, repeat the procedure.

For your information. If you decide to make your eyelashes voluminous and long, then learn how to grow hairs, and also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure.

Eyelash extension technology

Eyelash extensions are sticking small bundles or single hairs to your own cilia. After this procedure, there is no need to apply mascara on them or curl with a special iron. In the case when single hairs are attached, we are talking about the classical method. This method of extension is more complicated than the one when small bundles of hairs are attached immediately. If 2 artificial ones are glued to each of its cilia, then they talk about 2D volume, if three are artificial, then about 3D volume.

With any method of building up, the master requires great accuracy. If the hairs are glued inaccurately, then the appearance of the woman will be careless. In addition, improperly glued cilia can get on the mucous membrane and constantly irritate it.

Most often, the procedure is done in a beauty salon, although you can also build cilia at home.It is worth giving preference to natural materials, in which case the eyes will look more natural and attractive.

Having decided on such a procedure, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that it will take about three hours of time. The difficulty lies in the fact that the hairs are not glued to the eyelids, but to the base of their own cilia.

For such a procedure, you should choose a master with extensive experience. Only in this case, you can count on a good result.

Cons building

  • Many note the effect of the procedure on their own eyelashes. Often after the service they need additional care.
  • There is an individual intolerance to the composition of the adhesive created for this procedure. It is also contraindicated for owners of thin eyelashes.

Building Methods

The benefits of eyelash extensions can be noted immediately after the procedure. The modern beauty industry offers several technologies for hair extensions.

One type of technology

Most popular ways:

  • Japanese. This method of growing hair will require time and patience from the client. This is the technology of ciliary gluing of hairs to the bases of the century. The master must carefully and accurately stick each eyelash. The result will make the eyes more expressive, while maintaining a natural look. Used hairs from natural material: silk, mink, sable,
  • American. The technology is a micro-extension of artificial hairs to the bases of natural eyelashes. Differs from the Japanese used material. In the American way, rubber, silicone hairs are glued. The main advantages of building - resistance to high temperature, moisture permeability,
  • Indonesian. The method involves gluing new hairs on weak and thin cilia. All materials are hypoallergenic, natural. Suitable for girls with thinned or damaged hairs. The advantages of eyelashes extended in this way are that the special composition, on which new hairs are glued, nourishes the bulb of native cilia, restores and strengthens them,
  • Volume. The essence of this method in the beam bonding of artificial hairs. In this case, very thin artificial cilia are used. As a material, they often offer mink. Cilia from it turn out very light and look natural, a little hair extensions.

Which technology to choose depends on the effect you want to get. Eyelash extensions have their pros and cons. All details are discussed in advance with the master. He can advise the most optimal way, based on the condition of the client's eyelashes.

Benefits of the procedure

Before deciding on the procedure for eyelash extensions, prudent young ladies always compare all its advantages and disadvantages. Most of the girls read reviews on the Internet, but even negative ones cannot stop chasing beauty. Undoubtedly, this cosmetic procedure has a number of advantages, they are:

  • Cilia look attractive for about a month. That is how much time they do not need to be tinted or curled with a special ironing.
  • Artificial cilia are a real salvation for women who go on vacation or visit the pool. You can not be afraid that mascara will leak from them when moisture gets in.
  • Thanks to the extension of the cilia, the eyes can be made more expressive or even visually change their shape.
  • Thick eyelashes beautifully frame the eyes and give them mystery.

According to the girls, the advantage of such a procedure is that you can always look attractive.


The procedure lasts 2 hours. In some cases, it can last longer. The effect lasts up to 3 months. In order to avoid an allergic reaction, it is better to choose a natural material for eyelashes instead of synthetic. The length of the eyelashes is chosen independently. It is worth remembering the need to do eyelash correction.

How is eyelash extension

If the difficulties are not scary, you can go on building. The procedure is painless, and positive results are immediately noticeable. Distinguish between the ciliary and the bundle, Japanese and traditional, as shown in the photographs here.

Beam extension technology is used for important cases. The result of two days will last. Fasten the hairs to the glue base. After holding the cilia should rest for a month.

The ciliary mount (see photo) remains from a month to two. Distinguish between 2d and 3d technology, when they attach two or three hairs to their own eyelash. There is also a Hollywood volume with one eyelash mount up to eight hairs.

Stick cilia on family, not on the skin. But according to Japanese technology, for each native cilia - one artificial hair. The beam method involves fixing the onion-base of the cilia bundle without spreading their own.

The procedure begins with mounting the substrate on the lower ciliary edge. Native hairs are degreased with a cotton swab dipped in a special tool. Artificial hairs are placed nearby, drip resin-glue on the litter. From the outer corner, the master glues the hairs to the inner corner, stepping back from the edge of a pair of cilia.

A real professional will not attach a ribbon with artificial hairs to the client's forehead. The master works with a hand or from a tablet. Eyes cannot be opened so as not to get a corneal burn from glue fumes.

With tweezers, the cilia are pushed apart, highlighting the one to which the hairs are attached. The second tweezers take an artificial hair, hold it with glue, remove the excess funds and bring it to the native hair. It is carried along so that the glue passes to the natural eyelash, the tip of the artificial hair is applied to the natural base, the eyelashes are one on one.

After checking the correct mounting and gluing, you can begin to work with the next cilium. The procedure lasts one and a half to two hours. If the extension is 3d, attach another hair. Eyelashes will fluff, become much more voluminous. Discomfort will not occur if the tonic hairs are selected for gluing.

Before building the lower cilia, it is important to make sure that they are combined with the shape of the eye. The procedure is performed with open eyes. Often lacrimation. But with the right choice of hairs in diameter and length, the result looks very impressive.

To get rid of hair extensions, the cotton pad is generously moistened with oil and applied for a quarter of an hour to the closed eye. The glue dissolves, and the cilia are removed without effort.

To restore and strengthen your own cilia, you need to use castor oil, castor oil. It is poured into a washed old bottle and used with an old carcass brush. Oil is applied to the cilia after evening washing. The former form will be restored after a month. It’s very good to supplement the process with vitamins.


Eyelash extensions are performed using professional materials. The novice master, at a minimum, will need: artificial eyelashes, glue for eyelashes, a remover for removing eyelash extensions, two tweezers for working with eyelashes and many other materials.

All the necessary materials for eyelash extensions can be bought in specialized online stores.

Wizard selection

Before conducting it is worth assessing the condition of the tools. They must be sterile. Since all work goes near the mucous membrane, any shortcomings are dangerous to health.

The master must wear a mask, gloves. Minimum requirements are hand disinfection. It is necessary to sterilize two tweezers, it is worthwhile to find out whether the master will give a brush after the procedure is completed, because you can no longer use it for another client. And the workplace deserves attention: organization and cleanliness are required.

Glue is the most important item. Premium recommended. Hypoallergenic, without color. This option is ideal for light hairs. But let's say black. Artificial cilia can be called both silk and mink. The difference is in the diameter of the hairs and their length. Each client uses a separate brush.

It is very good if the substrate is collagen, gel or silicone. But in the salons they use tape, although tearing it off later is very unpleasant. The master should have cotton buds and a degreasing agent prepared. For the speed of drying, a fan or a pear is assumed.

How often can eyelashes be extended

Making artificial cilia is not recommended for more than 3 consecutive months. Then it is advisable to take a break. If your own cilia are badly damaged and become rare, then the recovery process can take up to six months. You should not resort to this procedure too often, since each time you remove the glued cilia, your own cilia also break out.

Eyelash Extension Methods

The growth is divided into 2 types: “bundle” and “single”. The second option is considered better and allows you to achieve a more natural result. It is worth considering that not all masters are able to work on two technologies at once.

“Beam” building is not so long in time, but it has a number of negative points. After such a technique, a girl more often has to make a correction. It is also possible the loss of their eyelashes and slow their growth.

Regardless of the method of extension, it is very important to use high-quality glue for eyelashes. The success of the procedure depends on it and how much eyelash extensions last.

Extension in the cabin and at home: what to choose?

You can independently undertake the building, but is it worth it? It is optimal to undergo training in a special center. Masters will tell and show how to act. And practice under the supervision of a teacher is required. At this time, all replacement errors and remedies are shown. This is the only way to learn how to act competently. Based on the results of training, a certificate is issued and recommended to suppliers of quality materials.

The result depends on the skill of the specialist completely. Therefore, the procedure should be carried out only by the master with a quality guarantee. Then you will not have to regret the bad choice.

If the master says that the extension will last forty minutes or an hour, it is better not to contact him. A quality procedure lasts much longer. It is not necessary to carry out building in three days and after critical reaping. Reduces the life of hairs colds, drinking alcohol a day before. But all the nuances are individual.

Correction - an optional procedure. Masters refuse to carry it out after three weeks, since after a half eyes can already look bald. It takes one and a half hours in time, and the cost is one third lower than the main one. If dirt accumulates between the cilia, it is better to remove the hairs, rinse the hole and carry out the extension procedure again.


Each cosmetic procedure has its contraindications, and glued cilia is no exception. Do not resort to such a procedure in the following cases:

  • If there is an allergy. Girls suffering from allergic reactions, at risk, quite often there is an allergy to glue. And although many masters assure that such glue is absolutely safe, it is better to refuse the procedure in order to avoid health problems.
  • With conjunctivitis and other ophthalmic diseases in the acute stage. Do not resort to the procedure and those girls who are prone to eye infections.
  • It is worth abandoning such a cosmetic procedure for those people who naturally have brittle and rare cilia. They may simply not sustain the extra weight and break off under weight.
  • For colds and infectious diseases, it is worthwhile to postpone a visit to a beauty salon. During this period, you should not build up cilia, since it is not clear how this will affect a weakened body. In addition, there is a high probability of infecting the master.
  • With oily skin, it is also better to refuse the procedure, since any glue does not adhere well to oily surfaces.
  • According to women, it is worth thinking about those who wear contact lenses. The fact is that the constant removal and putting on of lenses harms artificial hairs, they quickly fall out and the view becomes unpresentable.

Before deciding on the procedure for building artificial cilia, it is necessary to analyze the pros and cons. If there are any problems with the visual organs, then it is better to refuse from building. And if you really want to have expressive eyes, then you should first consult with your doctor.

If itching and burning in the eyes are felt after removing the glued hairs, you should not postpone the visit to the doctor.


Women who decide on this service have the opportunity to do it with the master in the salon or privately at home. Some also practice self-build without the help of specialists.

The effect of the service is different. Basically distinguish: full volume, half and doubled.

Eyelashes must not be exposed to water for four hours. It is also not necessary during the day is next to a hot steam. Also, minimize eye contact with oily creams and makeup removers. You can not rub your eyes and sleep face down.

Nuances of conducting: for whom and why

Before carrying out it is necessary to carry out make-up removal by a special means. Degreaser remove excess fat from the hairs. The primer is used as an additional hitch. Straight tweezers serve to highlight the native eyelashes, and an artificial hair is attached to the curved. Fixer - the final procedure. One lasts from an hour to four.

It is not recommended to conduct during pregnancy, taking a course of hormones, after eye operations. If you are allergic to glue or conjunctivitis, you should refuse to conduct it.

In order to maintain the results as long as possible, you need not to moisten your eyes on the first day. You need to comb the cilia from the middle to the tip. Cilia removal is trusted by the master: why provoke the loss of your own cilia?

The thinnest are silk cilia. They are soft, they pull the eyelid and look natural. It is with their help that the Hollywood volume is achieved. A little heavier than mink cilia. They are used to achieve 2D and 3D volume. The heaviest ones are sable eyelashes. They are thick and give full volume.

If the real master performed the procedure, if removal by himself was not carried out, then there is no need to fear damage to the state of native hairs. In short, they will not begin after removal, but it’s already unusual to look at your own without building up.

The perfect procedure is a lady whose eyelashes are naturally bent. After perming, the bend is too large, synthetic hairs evenly lay is not easy. With straight eyelashes, there is no connection: too light bending of the hairs prevents the connection. Too sparse, thin or thick hairs are also a reason for the problem.

The results of the buildup will remain with someone for a week. Someone will be able to go with magnificent cilia for three months. But modern masters do not use ready-made bundles. They are formed during building, immediately attaching to the native eyelash. The length is selected based on their own cilia, plus or minus a couple of millimeters. Too long add weight, cilia can sag.

If there are no glues, the cilia are separated, they are easily combed with a brush, then the procedure is carried out correctly. From sagging will protect the correct selection of the length of the hairs. To prevent discomfort, they recede from the eyelid. And from the glue strips should not remain, the more noticeable adhesive eyeliner on the eyelid.

To remove eyelashes at home is possible only as a last resort. The use of oil, cream, pulling out hairs is a sure way to part with your own cilia.Cross building - a sure way to stay without eyelashes.

Hair is selected by length, color, composition. The master will study the condition of native cilia and the shape of the eyes. The best option is selected based on the case for which the procedure is carried out, and taste.

Hollywood version - holiday exit. The average length is suitable for every day for rare and light cilia. It can do without carcass, and the view is magnificent.

The most popular are mink hairs. The leaders among synthetic ones are silk. And from nylon make the most affordable cilia. The difference between natural and artificial materials in cost and durability. Allergies can provoke both those and others.

Safety glue is close to medical. Black creates an eyeliner effect, while transparent creates a natural look. For everyday wear, five beams are glued on average; for evening wear, the number is increased to thirteen on the eyelid. When the last bundle is installed, the master asks to pat with cilia. They are imperceptible to the eyes, but look amazing.

The master advises necessarily on the care of cilia. But they will come off anyway. True, this happens gradually, others do not notice it.

Eyelash extensions - the secret of female beauty. Changing the not-too-winning form of manhole granted by nature will make it possible to become the owner of a look that is as expressive as the Hollywood star. It looks like fluttering butterfly wings, and attracts attention even from a distance. A true professional guarantees his help in creating the perfect look!

Eyelash Care

Artificial eyelashes need special care. They can not be soaked with water or oily cosmetics. After the build-up procedure, you must adhere to such recommendations:

  • Do not use alcohol lotions or oily creams to remove makeup around the eyes. They split the glue on which the artificial hairs are held.
  • Eyes can only be cleaned gently with fingers moistened with water or cotton pads, you can not rub them with makeup remover and wash.
  • They clean the skin around the eyes very carefully.
  • Do not rub or scratch your eyelids. Glued hairs are very easy to damage, in which case the view will be very unattractive.
  • Shadows are applied to the upper eyelids with great care. Eyes are also cautiously taken without stretching the skin.
  • You do not need to take a bath for a long time, take a steam bath in the bath and sauna. High humidity will cause artificial hairs to come out.
  • If the skin is oily, then it should be looked after more carefully. When fat enters the base of the eyelashes, they quickly peel off.
  • Remove glued eyelashes should be in the salons. You can not pluck them at home, as in this case they are removed along with their eyelashes.

If the procedure for eyelash extension is done for the first time, then all the rules of care should be clarified by the master. Usually he tells the client all the nuances. It must be borne in mind that glued hairs last about a month, then re-extension is necessary.

If a few hairs showered and eyelashes became rare, then correction is necessary. It’s better to do it with the same master.

The opinion of doctors

Reviews of doctors regarding pasted eyelashes are different. Some experts explain the harmfulness of this procedure by the following factors:

  • The possibility of developing a severe allergic reaction. In particularly sensitive people, the glue used can lead to Quincke's edema.
  • The likelihood of infection in the eyes when using a non-sterile instrument.
  • If the master is inexperienced and the hairs are not glued correctly, then they constantly injure the mucous membrane of the eye, due to which erosions and ulcers form on the membrane.

Other experts believe that the build-up procedure is completely safe, if all the rules are followed.

Alternatives to the procedure

Some women prefer to abandon the procedure by reading negative reviews. In this case, they resort to alternative methods that help make the cilia fluffy and long:

  • To strengthen eyelashes, you can use natural oils. They are applied to the eyelashes using the old mascara applicator twice a day.
  • You can use special serums and balms, which are in a large assortment on the market. Such funds do not contain hormones and are considered completely safe.
  • Can be used to strengthen the cilia and oil solutions of vitamins A and E. They are applied to the eyelashes twice a day.
  • For this purpose, you can use decoctions of herbs. Strong broth of chamomile, cornflower or birch buds.
  • Lotions with green tea help strengthen the cilia. To do this, you can use cotton pads soaked in strong tea leaves or used tea bags.

As improvised means, you can use fresh egg white or petroleum jelly. They are also applied to the eyelashes several times a day.

There is also a procedure for laminating eyelashes, in which a special composition is applied to your eyelashes, which gives them volume and expressiveness.

Castor and burdock oil are well suited as a strengthening agent. You can lubricate the growth area of ​​eyelashes with grape seed oil.

How to remove glued eyelashes at home

If for some reason it is not possible to remove glued hairs in a beauty parlor, then this can be done at home. To do this, use different methods:

  • Take a pot of hot water, lean over it and cover with a large towel. Under the influence of steam, the adhesive softens and the hairs fall off. Instead of plain water, you can use a decoction of medicinal herbs. In this case, the skin pores are well cleaned.
  • To remove glued cilia, they should be generously greased with oily baby cream and left for half an hour. After that, they are well removed without any effort, it is worth pulling them a little.
  • Castor oil can be used to remove glued cilia. The hairs are abundantly moistened with them, kept for about two hours, after which they are washed with warm water.

In the beauty parlor glued hairs are removed using a special composition. It is pre-applied, kept for about half an hour, after which the hairs are removed one by one with tweezers.

After removing the glued cilia, it is recommended to strengthen your own with a special gel or natural oil.

The attitude to glued eyelashes in women is unequal. Some consider them attractive, others think that they have an unnatural appearance. Before doing the building, it is worth weighing all the positive and negative sides. Do not forget that it is better to trust such a cosmetic procedure to a master with extensive experience.

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