What the accident is about: a fatal and non-fatal catastrophe

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Dream Interpretation - Airplane

Fly on an airplane. Such a dream can be both ordinary and indicative, as some people take flights calmly, while others are panicky afraid of them. For example, all American football fans know that the famous commentator John Madden never flies on airplanes - he travels around the country by bus. Many share his fears, although at night they may well dream of flying. In this case, it is an attempt to overcome irrational fears.

Flying a plane for a sleeper is full of adventure. The feeling of delightful delight is usually caused either by the flight itself, or by a dizzying speed and the realization of how air TRAVELs allow to bring together the most distant corners of the earth. In addition, you may experience the disturbing anxiety that occurs when thinking about potential dangers associated with flights, such as hijacking. At the same time, it is possible that you will cope brilliantly with the situation.

Fly a plane. There are various options for seeing yourself (or someone) as a pilot. Are you self-confident and in a dream, and in reality? If you are flying a plane, then you will be able and in reality to keep the situation under control.

If the plane crashes and crashes, it means that in life you do not feel confident enough and, as it seems to you, you do not meet the requirements.

Who is on board? In real life, you are responsible for these people, you have certain obligations to them, and your control of the plane shows how successfully you manage your duties.

What feeling - confidence or increased responsibility for the destinies of people - prevails during the flight?

How do other passengers feel about your presence - accept you, ignore or despise you?

Overall value

If in the world of dreams I had to become a member of an accident, then awake should be prepared for testing, danger. Difficult times are coming, the dreamer will face a series of difficulties both at work and in his personal life. This is not the time to take risks, get involved in adventures. The best thing that can be done now is to be extremely careful when refusing to travel.

A plane crash with a large number of victims promises serious financial problems, which is why it is impossible to lend, issue loans, make large purchases - all this will lead only to negative consequences. From the sleeper requires frugality and modesty, the only way he will be able to avoid danger.

Water accident related to health problems. It's time to relax a bit, go on vacation, give yourself a break from the frenzied rhythm of modern life, otherwise a visit to the doctor will be inevitable.

Prerequisites from Reality

The aircraft is considered the safest transport, on board of which much less people die in a year than in ubiquitous cars. However, almost every fourth subconsciously fears a steel bird, choosing other travel options. The paradox is explained simply.

According to established beliefs, the sky is an element not subject to people, controlled by wayward deities. Once there, we entrust our own life to someone else's space, completely losing control of the situation. Heaven, unlike the earth, is airy, ephemeral. The plane gives the erroneous impression of a total control of the elements, which instantly collapses at the time of an uncontrolled fall. Fear of falling into the abyss, without the possibility of escape, is peculiar to people.

However, seeing a plane crash in a dream is not always a bad omen. Scientists say: such a dream is a projection of prolonged internal stress. The body tells me: I suffer, I am tired, I will soon get sick due to overstrain.

Dream Interpretation interprets somewhat differently what a plane crash dreams about. To understand the secret message correctly, refer to the details, remember everything to the smallest detail.

Dream Interpretation - Accident

The dream accident promises a wake-up meeting and a long explanation with a short-sighted, but ambitious person - this is if you observe the events taking place in a dream as if from the outside.

Another thing is to be a participant in the accident. In this case, everything suggests that you may be in danger from the opposing forces.

If any land vehicle has moved you at the same time, you will surely avoid any complications and troubles.

If you yourself have run over as a result of an accident - in reality do not expect satisfaction from a vacation that you decide to afford.

If you were on the verge of a terrible accident, but happily avoided it - everything will be fine, you will be able to honestly avoid a collision with the enemy of your ideas.

The accident that happened on board the airliner promises you many new plans that can bring some confusion and concern to your life.

An accident on a ship is good news, to success in a difficult matter.

If you die during a shipwreck, a person very close to you will seek help, which will cost you considerable risk.

If the misfortune befell the sea is not you - therefore, you yourself will need the protection and help of a friend.

Interpretation of Wang and Miller

To find out what the car accident is dreaming of, refer to time-tested sources. So, the dream book of the Bulgarian blind soothsayer Vanga warns: you must be careful. However, the image is not interpreted unambiguously negatively, it can only promise a journey or a pleasant acquaintance on the road. The main thing is to pay attention to the atmosphere of the dream.

If the dreamer is frightened, has fallen into a panic, he is hurt or scared, then nothing good will have to wait - troubles and problems are coming. But in the case when the accident does not cause negative emotions, you can relax - nothing bad will happen in life, rather, on the contrary, a catastrophe in a dream will mean an adventure in reality.

Miller's dream book offers several interpretations:

  • Watching a car accident from the outside, not taking any part in the tragic events - to communicate with a difficult person, which will not bring any pleasure, but will be necessary.
  • A catastrophe with a fatal outcome, the participants of which were close dreamers, or he himself promises a faithful and strong friendship, which no external circumstances can destroy.
  • Seeing the death of strangers in a car accident is a series of minor troubles and difficulties that will significantly complicate life. Fighting them will take a lot of time and energy, but there’s no getting away from it.

At the same time, the interpreter notes that the failed tragedy indicates the possibility of avoiding problems. In any case, you should not despair, because any troubles will sooner or later end, giving way to a bright streak.

The nuances of the plot of a dream

A fall, a sharp fall down, an uncontrolled flight are evidence of relaxation of muscle groups. Sometimes a mild disaster is explained by the simple laws of physiology. There is an opinion among the people: if you fall in a dream, you grow in reality. Had a plane crash for a child? Most likely, the secret lies in age-related features that do not carry any negative background.

When such a dream comes to an adult, questions arise: why, what holds promise, what troubles to prepare for? Here the plot of dreams plays a big role:

  • The plane crash comes from the side, the dreamer observes, not being a participant,
  • A man is inside a falling plane,
  • The tragedy happened, but you were lucky to stay alive,
  • News reports the misfortune
  • The dreamer remains alive, watching closely the victims of the crash,
  • Repeated dreams with one, not changing plot.

What is happening forms the meaning of a dream, shows an important message from the subconscious, closed during wakefulness. Feeling right after sleep is one of the keys to guessing.

Waking up with an anxious mood, get ready for negative changes. Opening your eyes, you feel peace, despite the frightening dream? No serious negative events will happen.

What says Miller's dream book

Miller's interpretation of sleep is mixed. Car accident promises danger and the influence of adverse factors. If you yourself had an accident - it means force majeure will happen in the near future. If the sleeper does not ignore the prompts of the subconscious - he tries to remember all the details of what he saw and listens to intuition - there is the possibility of avoiding impending troubles.

And the receding catastrophe on the road, which was eventually prevented, is a good sign. A dream indicates that you will be able to find a way out even of a deadlock. If you drove past wrecked vehicles in a dream, it's time to think about something important in real life.

Interpretation of various dream books

Additional information about what events are expected in the future will help give other dream books. So, according to the interpreter of the Wanderer's dreams, observing a car accident from the side means financial difficulties. Moreover, the more widespread the accident, the more serious the trouble will be. You should be careful with money.

If the fair sex dreamed of a car accident, then she should be more attentive to her job responsibilities, there is a high risk of problems at work up to the demotion and even dismissal. Under no circumstances to conflict with superiors is the best solution in this situation.

The dream book of the Emperor offers the following interpretation: to become a participant in a road accident in a dream - in reality, you will encounter a problem that the dreamer himself will not be able to solve. Do not be ashamed to seek help, because you can always provide a response service, but to deal with the running situation will be much more difficult.

A car accident in the dream book of the witch Medea suggests that the sleeper has to make a difficult choice for himself, otherwise fate will decide everything for him. The spring dream book warns - after such a dream, you should not go on a trip or make major purchases. Nothing irreparable will happen, but the sleeper will be disappointed.

Dream Interpretation - Disaster

A catastrophe in a dream in general, as a phenomenon, is a negative sign, which in itself portends natural disasters, conflicts, tribulations, illnesses and misfortunes. A sea catastrophe predicts a wreck in the affairs of someone close to you to whom you hasten to come to the rescue. Being on board a ship that is in catastrophe - to bankruptcy and shame, which will entail the loss of friends and contempt of relatives, who at one time warned of danger.

A car accident in a dream portends a loss of property or illness. Plane crash - to the loss of a loved one.

A catastrophe on the railway is a sign of change in fate, that is, your well-being will end soon and you will have to pass serious tests. Such a global catastrophe as an earthquake or explosion at a nuclear power plant means a failure in entrepreneurship and many troubles in the family. If in a dream you miraculously managed to escape in such a disaster, then in real life you too will find a way to get out of any position.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

According to Hassa, having an accident, but not feeling pain, is a positive omen that promises to strengthen your authority and confidence in yourself. Such a dream indicates spiritual rebirth and personal growth. And if you watched someone else’s incident from the outside and had nothing to do with what happened, then soon you will profit.

Story development options

An accident in a dream does not always portend difficulties and problems. It often happens that this nightmare portends luck. It is important to analyze the events that unfolded in the world of dreams.

The most important of them:

  • Accident without victims and without the dreamer's participation. The dream says that there will be minor difficulties that a person will understand without much effort. The main thing is not to delay, otherwise the problems will accumulate and fall upon him like a snowball.
  • Get into a car accident and seriously suffer. The dream portends health problems, special attention should be paid to the genitourinary system and digestion, it is also worth fearing fractures.
  • Roll over by car - for the upcoming changes. If a person has received practically no injuries, then they will be favorable, but if his wounds were serious - not far off difficulties.
  • The accident with a bus with a large number of victims - to financial difficulties that arise due to the short-sightedness of the dreamer. They can be avoided if you exercise caution, live within your means, and not allow yourself excessive spending.
  • Drive to the place where the cars recently collided - to find out that a trouble has occurred with a loved one or loved one. The sleeper will not be able to help him, because the information will arrive too late.

Dream catastrophe from A to Z

A catastrophe in a dream in general, as a phenomenon, is a negative sign, which in itself portends natural disasters, conflicts, tribulations, illnesses and misfortunes.

Sea disaster - predicts a wreck in the affairs of someone close to you to whom you hurry to help.

Being on board a ship that is in catastrophe - to bankruptcy and shame, which will entail the loss of friends and contempt of relatives, who at one time warned of danger.

Car accident in a dream - portends a loss of property or illness. Plane crash - to the loss of a loved one.

A catastrophe on the railway is a sign of change in fate, that is, your well-being will end soon and you will have to pass serious tests.

Such a global catastrophe as an earthquake or explosion at a nuclear power plant means a failure in entrepreneurship and many troubles in the family.

If in a dream you miraculously managed to escape in such a disaster, then in real life you too will find a way to get out of any position.

Various vehicles

According to dream books, a car accident portends a change in life. However, other versions of the disaster are significant for reading the clues of fate. So, if you had to watch the plane crash, you should prepare for difficulties at work. One of the colleagues is trying to denigrate the sleeping in the eyes of the authorities, spreading gossip about him. This foe is strong and influential, his bosses listen to his opinion. That is why it is important to calculate it as soon as possible and tell the truth, which they will surely believe. Inaction in this situation is harmful.

If an accident occurs on a train:

  • The freight train means financial difficulties. Perhaps someone will refuse to repay the debt or the long-awaited premium will be canceled, and the deal will fail.
  • Passenger - to difficulties in relations with friends through the fault of the sleeping man. Dream Interpretations warn - now the dreamer is behaving incorrectly, deceiving those who trust him. The truth will soon become known, why friends and relatives will be very disappointed.

A fall from a motorcycle portends a break in relations with the second half due to treason. This period must be experienced, not fall into despair. Soon, fate will present a meeting with someone who is truly worthy of the love of a sleeping person.

Disaster on the Modern Dream Book

A catastrophe is the loss of a loved one.

If in a dream you become a witness to a disaster, then in real life some unforeseen events will occur with you, which, however, will not cause you much harm. If you dreamed that the disaster directly affected you, then in reality you should pay special attention to your own health, otherwise you risk permanently darkening your existence.

Car accident - how Wang interprets a dream

Dreams associated with accidents and traffic accidents, Wang sees in a positive way. The dream, as a rule, portends a romantic acquaintance and passionate relationships, a storm of emotions and love affairs.

If you yourself crashed in a car, significant events will occur related to you and the car. Perhaps you go on a trip, get a new car, or meet your fate on the road.

A black or dark gray car in a dream can warn of envious people and gossip

Outside observer

Do you see a plane crash in a dream without participating in the process? Expect financial difficulties that will force you to carefully plan your budget, tighten your wallet. On board the falling airliner were relatives, friends, important people? Material problems lie in wait for the listed passengers. In reality, the dreamer will render all possible assistance to the “victims”.

Depending on the victim

If in the dream world you had to see yourself, dead or seriously injured in an accident, then this image means the need to make a decision, to be strong regardless of the circumstances. Fate experiences a dreamer. If he copes, he will be generously rewarded.

Successfully avoiding an accident, not hurt yourself, but to see a large number of corpses from the side - someone close will need help. If relatives or friends became dead, then it is worth paying more attention to communicating with these people, they are very worried about the sleeping person.

If a woman dreams that her husband was killed in a car accident, then in reality you have to survive the gap. Relationships have become obsolete, feelings have cooled, the couple is not ready to go further hand in hand. You should put up with short loneliness, because very soon a meeting will be with someone who will take the place of an unfaithful spouse.

To bring down an animal in a car is to involuntarily hurt someone who fully trusted the sleeping man. It is necessary to apologize to this person, try to make amends.

The interpretation of dreams is a complex and responsible matter, because the smallest detail can completely change the meaning of interpretation. That is why it is important to try to remember as many nuances as possible and immediately after waking up to look into the dream books. To have information means to be able to change the negative consequences and not dance to the tune of others.

Crash survivor

The plane crash occurred, the person watching the daydream was not injured? To the correct overcoming of troubles, making the right decision, opening the way out of the crisis in reality. Late for a plane that crashed afterwards? Get out of trouble by losing almost nothing. Perhaps avoid problems with a well-chosen action plan.

The general interpretation, explaining why the plane crash is dreaming, insists on unforeseen circumstances that dramatically change everyday reality. A kind of push that launches a new mechanism. Often dream interpretation of the tragedy with air transport is negative, but immediately tune in to bad is unreasonable. Listen to your inner sensations. Sleep did not bring any anxiety? Most likely, the changes will be positive, long-awaited.

Dreaming is a way of speaking between the human subconscious mind and reason. The mysterious language is foggy, confused, carries thousands of meanings, decipherments, interpretations. The frightening plot of a daydream promises swift changes. Be prepared for future transformations, meet new conditions fully equipped. Then they will not scare, but will give an impetus to active actions that change the surrounding reality in a positive way.

Interpretation of Meneghetti

The accident, which you became the culprit in a dream, personifies your depressed, depressed state. And also a dream may indicate masked suicidal thoughts. If another person was driving the vehicle, a friend or good acquaintance is negative and can harm you.

It is believed that the red car in a dream portends the problems associated with jealousy

The catastrophe according to the dream book of Catherine the Great

Catastrophe - you see a place of catastrophe in a dream - you will not soon recover from a strong emotional shock, maybe you will have to do an act that goes against your conscience, but it will be good, you will never regret that you did so. It’s like you were in a car accident - a dream warns you of a possible illness, it is possible that you will lose some property - you will complain that part of your life has been wasted. A young woman dreams that she was in a car accident - having lost a loved one, this woman will worry for a long time alone. You dream of a catastrophe at sea - a dream - to some loss, if your activity is connected with the sea and shipping by sea, you will soon lose your job. You see a railway catastrophe - fate prepares you for severe trials, but this does not mean that you are on the wrong track, you will not be able to avoid the trials, however, if you are strong in spirit, you will be able to overcome them - the more tangible will be the satisfaction when you finally reach goals. You manage to avoid a catastrophe in a dream - you will get out of a very difficult situation without loss. You are like a witness to the death of people during a disaster - your relatives will send you unpleasant news, the irony of your friends will be on the verge of causticity. It is as if you suffered a disaster, an injury caused you pain - in real life everything will be fine, the danger will pass by, your enemy may experience pain.

Freud's Dream Intervention

Freud's car accident symbolizes emerging problems in interpersonal relationships. If you are a victim or a participant in the incident, then a dream indicates the likelihood of a quarrel in the family and may portend a crisis phase of relations between spouses.

For those who have recently found a soul mate, a dream indicates their dissatisfaction with a partner or vice versa. If you do not start working on your alliance, parting is inevitable.

Becoming a witness to an accident in a dream is a bad sign. "Family Friend" harbored resentment or envy, so it can recoup on you and your loved ones. And they can also substitute you and your colleagues, business partners.

Modern dream book

Seeing an accident and its consequences in a dream is a direct indication of the unexpected occurrence of problems in the coming days. For example, a chronic illness may remind you of yourself, or financial losses await you.

If you managed to avoid a car accident, then the dream promises a lightning-fast deliverance from all sorts of difficulties that have poisoned your life for a long time. As well as an accident can be a harbinger of a fateful acquaintance with the prospect of development.

Interpretation of a gypsy dream book

Such a dream indicates a tormenting guilt that has firmly entrenched within you. It seems that for a long time you reproach yourself for this or that misconduct, and this negatively affects your emotional background. According to the gypsy dream book, you must apologize or correct the situation in order to avoid depressive states.

A turquoise or blue car in a dream warns of an imminent meeting with influential people

Online Dream Catastrophe

According to the dream book, to be an eyewitness to a catastrophe - something unexpected will happen, but it absolutely will not affect you.

You became her victim - it is worth listening to your body, undergoing a medical examination, otherwise you risk not noticing the onset of a serious and difficult to cure disease.

To be at the scene of a catastrophe after its completion - you should only rely on your own strengths, otherwise it will be much more difficult to achieve your plan.

You managed to take her away from you - cope with any difficulties with brilliance.

I dreamed about a large-scale railway accident - now everything is fine with you, but in the near future you will find difficulties and various problems.

The dream in which the plane crashes - be bolder and more persistent in achieving the goal, then the highest bar for you is not the limit.

Accident on a dream book of Shuvalova

Shuvalova interprets such dreams as follows: a catastrophe in a dream is a destructive effect on your fate of the situations experienced and psychological trauma, most likely associated with the influence of another subject. In order to get rid of the unpleasant echoes of the past, you need to work out all the fears and experiences and start life from scratch.

Universal Dream Catastrophe

Disasters on our planet are always destructive. However, the consequence of the destruction is also the construction of a new one. What needs updating in your life?

The most common dream in which people see a natural disaster is a dream in which a tsunami is dreamed. If water symbolizes emotions for you, then a tsunami is a symbol of emotions hitting over the edge.

Are you in a standing wave, running away from it, or observing it from a safe place? How can this be correlated with your real life - your life has a tense situation, or are you experiencing very strong emotions?

If you were not dreaming of a standing wave, then what natural disaster did you see in a dream? An earthquake or volcano - they symbolize unexpected changes. Has your life changed dramatically lately? Do you feel that everything is out of control? Do you live in an explosive situation? Do you feel like a victim?

What do you feel in connection with a natural disaster in a dream - does this correspond to your behavior during a difficult period in real life?

The dream in which you saw a natural disaster also indicates that everything that you no longer need will be destroyed (in a natural way) and you can calmly continue moving through your life.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

The incident indicates the need for moderation and introspection. It seems that you are in a hurry and do not think about the consequences due to the fact that you have not decided on your own goals and desires.

An accident on the road is identified with a physical condition, in the air - with spirituality, and an accident on the water represents the emotional side of your personality.

Catastrophe in the dream book of characters

Transport (transp. Disaster, accident) - expresses the essence of our movement along the path of life. Public transport (train, bus ...) - current, minor, everyday events in the life of a sleeping person. The boat, ship, train are more significant personal deep experiences, behind which are more global, longer periods of life (hindrances or good luck depending on the nature of the movement). Metro - secret, hidden motivation, spiritual work. The plane is associated with the fulfillment of desires. And the majority of road traffic accidents, accidents in a dream should not be understood as actual incidents, but as life failures, collapse, frustration of the plans of a sleeping awake - like collapse and catastrophe in his own mind! Much less often, extremely rarely, catastrophes in a dream turn into misfortunes, literally waking disaster.

Dream Book of Azar

The interpretation of dreams is closely interconnected with the state of health: if you have an accident, it means that your family will recover soon after long illnesses, if you became the only witness to the incident, then your efforts to treat a loved one will not bring results.

And the car of yellow shades in a dream portends intrigues and slander around your person in a close environment

Indian dream book

If the incident happened without sacrifices, then the gifts of fortune will flood the river at you, you will remain in a state of joyful stupor. If the dream ended in tragedy, then you have to make certain sacrifices to equip your life and well-being. And if you die in an accident, it means that the game is not worth the candle, probably the goal is not worth your efforts.

A catastrophe in a 21st century dream book

A catastrophe in a dream on a highway - to loss of property, on the railway - to safety, at sea - to a difficult situation, loss of earnings, a plane crash - dreams of serious trials.

If you managed to avoid a catastrophe in a dream, this means that you will find a way out of a difficult situation.

Esoteric dream book

The interpretation of the esoteric dream book is very optimistic. If you dream of an accident, you will be able to achieve what you want. If you observe the incident from the outside, then you will be helped to deal with problems.

If you become a victim of an accident, it means that your efforts will bear the expected results.

Why dream of a car accident

A traffic accident, of course, can be a prophetic omen for a sleeping person. However, in most cases, according to the interpretation of dream books, such dreams try to convey to our consciousness valuable information regarding the internal state and current circumstances. The values ​​are interpreted in different ways, depending on the role that you play in a dream.

It is worth noting that if you experienced severe stress, survived a shock, suffered a nervous breakdown just before the ill-fated dream, then the image of a catastrophe does not have any prophetic background behind it. Thus, your subconscious mind is trying to cope with a negative emotional outburst, and nothing more.

It is believed that if a woman sees an accident in a dream, it means that she will face major disagreements and conflicts in the professional arena

Watch the car accident from the side and if a loved one gets into an accident

  • If in a dream you were an eyewitness to an accident, then this is a direct indication of a lack of faith in one's own strengths and lack of initiative. It is time to abandon the empty advice of others and build your own life.
  • A car accident involving a husband or wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, children, friends and girlfriends does not portend the sleeping man to serious negative shocks. On the contrary, if one of your relatives dies in a disaster, then his life will be long and happy. Other dream books decipher: these are dreams confirming that loved ones really love and value you, you can rely on them in any situation.

Being involved in an accident - interpretation of sleep

If a young girl had an accident in a dream, then in reality her reputation may be shaken: beware of new friends, do not be too trusting

To be responsible for the accident or to become an involuntary victim of an accident - each dream has its own meaning. A common interpretation reads: apparently, your actions and decisions are unnecessarily spontaneous, in the race for time and profit you do not notice the most important thing and run the risk of viewing your happiness.

  1. If your friend or acquaintance was driving the car and the accident occurred precisely because of his fault, a dream indicates the likelihood of problems that communication with this person will bring. Apparently, the sleeper will have to think carefully about whether he should hold on to this connection.
  2. You became a victim of a car accident and died? Such a dream promises a sleeping black streak in real life. However, by listening to Morpheus' prompts, you can prepare for the worst in advance. And a similar approach to problems is already half your success in the future.
  3. Was your car accident a minor one? Then you just need to treat your nervous system more carefully.
  4. If you dreamed of an accident in a car without casualties, and you escaped with injuries and survived, then you will be able to avoid large-scale problems, be able to strengthen your financial position, improve your health and improve your personal life.
  5. To become the culprit of an accident while driving a car, but at the same time do without death and tragic outcome - such a dream indicates your indecision, emotional instability, and complexes. It seems like it's time to unleash the inner potential and take the first step towards your dream.

If in a dream a man was a participant in the accident, then financial difficulties await him. It is necessary to reconsider your attitude to money, adjust expenses, and remain vigilant in resolving issues related to finances.

The meaning of sleep about a motorcycle accident

Had a bike accident? There will be obstacles to the goal

According to Miller’s dream book, not managing the motorcycle and breaking it means inner stiffness and self-doubt, inability to take on an important task because of the fear of responsibility. If the sleeping person was a participant in the accident, but was not injured, it means that some significant event is expected that will bring self-confidence.

A fall in a ditch on a personal motorcycle portends a successful resolution of accumulated problems, you will be able to take control of the situation. And if a girl dreams that her lover crashed on a bike, then in reality she has a strong and happy relationship with this person.

Watching an accident involving a motorcycle - you may be disappointed in someone from your loved ones.

The details of night vision are crucial in order to be correctly interpreted. More information on decoding sleep can be found here.

Get into a bus accident

Watching a car accident - an unpleasant conversation is expected with a stupid but ambitious person.

If you dream that you had an accident on a bus, then this is a direct indication of the negative influence from the outside, the active influence of envious people or competitors.

Caught in a car accident, and then any land-based mode of transport moved you? There is no cause for alarm, because the meaning of sleep is positive: it seems that you miraculously manage to avoid emerging problems.

According to Longo's dream book, the image of a bus promises a sleeping person a revision of life values ​​and a rethinking of experience

If the accident with the bus occurred due to the fault of the sleeping person, then he will face troubles and disappointment associated with untimely rest and refusal to do business.

I dreamed that you were close to death, but were you able to prevent a car accident? This is a good omen, promising victory over ill-wishers.

There is an opinion that a bus accident in night vision indicates hidden desires of a suicidal nature.

Why dream of a train wreck

The most common interpretation promises the sleeper great financial difficulties and health problems. However, there are other meanings of dreams about railroad disasters.

The railway in a dream is a symbol of the life path set by higher forces

  • Becoming a witness to a railway accident - to large-scale changes in life.
  • According to the esoteric dream book, an overturned composition indicates an incorrect decision, promises troubles and even troubles.
  • Being on the train during an accident is a bad omen. It is possible that woeful events await the sleeper.
  • If you have an accident with colleagues, associates or like-minded people, then night vision portends serious obstacles in the professional field.
  • Using a stop crane and preventing a crash is a good sign. The sleeper will be able to maintain sobriety of thinking in a dangerous situation, due to which it will be possible to avoid adverse consequences.
  • If you dream that a train crashed and you hear people screaming under the rubble, to the bad news.

If a dream does not cause fear and other unpleasant emotions, then such a dream is a peculiar way of self-defense. Thus, the brain gets rid of the accumulated negative experiences.

Dreamed that the accident occurred on the bridge? Dream Interpretations recommend abandoning the plan before it is too late

The interpretation of dreams is directly related to the type of vehicle:

  1. For example, to see the collapse of the freight train - to financial losses, poverty.
  2. The accident of a passenger train promises certain changes in the sphere of interpersonal relations.
  3. Had a dream about how a fast train crashed? It seems that your desires are not destined to be fulfilled now.
  4. The train had an accident - you have to sacrifice something important.
  5. Accident in the subway or with the participation of a tram - your efforts will not bring the expected results.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the time of year when the incident happened. It is believed that it is in this season that a negative prediction of sleep will come true.

A plane crash in a dream: if a plane or helicopter crashes

A dream plane crash almost always portends negative events. In some cases, this is just a response of the body to the stress experienced.

The generally accepted interpretation of such dreams comes down to the inevitability of problems in key areas of life: financial losses, complications in relationships with loved ones, loss of social status or loss of professional authority, poor health or emotional state, future difficulties for relatives and friends.

If the plane crashes regularly, it’s time to take a break from work and take a break, for example, take a day off or a couple of days off

  • Watching the crash of an airplane or helicopter from the side - to large financial losses, a dream as if encourages you to reconsider the usual approach to the budget.
  • To see relatives or acquaintances in a falling plane is a monetary turmoil among these people. Most likely, in reality you will have to provide them with feasible financial assistance.
  • If you had a dream in which you yourself had an accident at a height, then rapid negative changes are expected. It is possible that the sleeper already foresees a certain danger, guesses about probable problems.
  • To get into a plane crash, but to remain unharmed - to a successful resolution of the problem, making the right decision and leveling the crisis situation in reality.
  • Late for a flight that crashed? The interpretation of dream books is optimistic - the sleeping man will be able to overcome difficulties without significant losses.

A plane or helicopter crash in a dream makes us think about really important things. Learn more about the interpretation here.

Why dream of disasters with corpses and injuries

Terrible dreams, in which there are corpses, blood, injuries, indicate a transitional moment in life, indicate an unfavorable combination of circumstances. Dream Interpretations recommend temporarily refraining from any undertakings, paying special attention to health and budget.

If the accident occurred from Thursday to Friday, there is a possibility of problems in personal and family life. And also during this period those people who really are dear to us can dream of. The night vision from Monday to Tuesday, in which the disaster occurred, indicates the emotional instability of the sleeper and, as it were, tries to warn him against serious errors in important matters.

Often, Morpheus's clues are filled with hidden meanings. Believing dreams or not paying attention to them is everyone's personal choice. But do not go to extremes, because still listening to the voice of intuition is sometimes very useful.

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